Jessica's Mission to Get Some Smaller Boobs - El Paso, TX

Pros: Less back, shoulder, and neck pain. Easier...

Pros: Less back, shoulder, and neck pain. Easier time finding bras and to stop being known for my big boobies.
Cons: Have to let you know later.

I am 31 years old with one child. I am 5'5 and 165lbs, with 34G's. I think I set myself up when I was in Junior High. I was pretty flat chested and decided to stuff my bra one day, because I was wearing a bodysuit. When I reached High School my boobies wouldn't stop growing. I was known for having a big chest and I knew that because all the boys use to talk to them and not my face.

In my 20's, I have been complaining and talking about wanting a smaller chest and as most of you know, a lot of people don't support reductions. My dad would always say, "ain't no man want a women with little boobies". Most of the men I dated didn't have a problem with it. Most of my friends just say that they aren't that big, but none of them are as big as me. I was in the Army for 13 years and was getting pretty tired of strapping them down to workout and whenever I removed my jacket everyone would look. I am finally at the point where I can't take the neck aches and back pain, so that's when I decided to see the PS. I always thought I was to small to get a breast reduction, but I knew my braest are weighing me down. Shopping at speciality stores for bras is finally going to come to an end.

Present day,I met with my PS on the 19th of July 2011 and brought every last piece of paper I had from a doctor. The PS told me I was very organized and I even wrote a bio on myself. It took about three weeks for BCBS Federal to approve my proceedure. I am scheduled for 16 September 2011 for my reduction to hopefully a C cup.

I hope your surgery is going well!

my prayers are with you

Thinking about you and hope you are resting and feeling well.  


You're going to do great tomorrow! Keep us posted.


Well I am home resting. Don't know what they look...

Well I am home resting. Don't know what they look like until Mondays follow up appointment. I am wrapped up and have drains, so looking really flat chested and so not complianing. I felt like crap when they first woke me up and having a slight headache today. All is well and thank you guys for keeping me in your prayers.

Looking forward to hearing more when you're up to it...

So happy everything went well....
Glad to know everything went well. Good luck Monday at the unveiling!

I go for my first follow up today and get to see...

I go for my first follow up today and get to see the twins for the first time. Wish me luck.
Hope everything went well today, Jessica!
Hi Jessica, hope you are feeling much better by now. I too, was flat chested and I tell young girls "be careful what you pray for when you are young". Well, I got them but not until I was too old to really care anymore and along with them I got a lot of pain in the neck,shoulders and upper back. I lived with them for a long time but have recently seen a PS and am waiting for approval. I hope everything you have hoped for, happens. Best to you, Nancy
Jessica I am waiting on pictures....

I went to my pre-op Monday and everything went...

I went to my pre-op Monday and everything went well. My PS told me that he got scared when he opened me because I had alot of dense breast tissue and barely any fat. He didn't know if he was going to find some fat on my sides to lipo so we could get to the insurances requirements. I had 695 removed for left breast and 700 from right breast. I look wonderful, went out and bought some tops I would never bought before. My boyfriend is telling me, HE HAS NEVER MEET SOMEONE SO HAPPY TO HAVE SMALLER BREAST.
I have a waist line and I can see my feet:) One of my friends came by yesterday and was like WOW. I want to thank God for keeping me safe and healthy and Thank All of You for keeping me encouraged and prayed up.
Post pictures real soon......
That's wonderful, Jessica! God does answer prayer and am hoping for a favorable answer too. I know you must be so relieved. God Bless!
So glad to hear that everything went so well. Can't wait to see the pictures!

Well I have been back to work now for three days....

Well I have been back to work now for three days. Everything is going well and I feel wonderful. PS told me I don't have to see him for three weeks. I love my new boobies and keep getting compliments on how good I look. Should of done the surgery years ago:)
Glad to hear everything is going so well for you!
I am glad to see that you went back to work about 10 days after surgery. I have to do the same, the field that i work in is not really favorable for long absences! i am with So ready, where are the pics???
Congrats to you, Jessica. Back to work,that's great. I wondered how long you would have to be off for this type of surgery. So happy you are no longer in pain,as I think that is why the majority of us do this. I too was a "bra stuffer" but I now say "Be careful for what you pray for" because I sure got them down the road. Bless you and am grateful the Lord watched over you and brought you such a happy outcome. Nancy

My first full week of work went well. Not having...

My first full week of work went well. Not having any pain, just my niples feel like they are starting to get a sensations. I wore my first sun dress without a bra on and it felt wonderful. I didn't have to worry about my breast falling out or spilling over. I am in love with my new little twins. I am finally posting after picture, sorry it took so long.
Has it really been two wks. already, They look Marvelous and the healing seems very progressive :D

You are looking fantastic!

Daaaamn they look really good!! ur abs look good too!!

I am still loving my new little twins but, they...

I am still loving my new little twins but, they are itching like crazy. My nipples feel everything and I cant seem to put enough stuff on my titties to get them to stop itching. Any advice or best remedies out there?
Jessica, thank you so much for posting/sharing your experience and photos...I am scheduled for Feb 28, nervous but beyond ready to reduce my girls...I hope and pray the end result is as good as yours! :)
What worked with the itching in the end?
How are you now? Any chance you can post a pic to see the longterm healing?
Many thanks!!
Wow, I'm having my consultation on January 9th 2012 and after reading your story, I know I'm doing the right thing. I am a 34G now and only 5'2 and 135lbs, my body is really out of proportion, thanks for sharing your story and pictures.
Cazzer, welcome to RealSelf. This is a great place to come for support and information. Just holler out if you have any questions!
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