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Dysport vs Botox - I've had both - El Dorado Hills, CA

I had a coupon and a rebate so I went for it! I...

I had a coupon and a rebate so I went for it! I had a deep line developing in the brow area. Just a little poke here and there, in between the brows and along the brow line, but no big deal. It took a few days for the area to relax, and its very difficult to squeeze my brows together now. The area feels slightly numb, is the best way I can describe it. I go back tomorrow for a follow up 3 weeks after and he will inject more at no cost if necessary. Will post a pic!

About a month after injection and so happy! YAY...

About a month after injection and so happy! YAY YAY YAY! Feel much better and forehead is smooth and relaxed, looks like a I got a brow lift - bonus! I didnt do a before pic, didnt think about that! I did do a video journal, so once I figure out how to edit will see how to post it . LOL...

I got another coupon for Botox at a competing...

I got another coupon for Botox at a competing center. Four months, in July 2011 after the above Dysport injection, I went to try Botox to see for myself what the difference was. The RN who did the injection said that the effects of the Dysport were gone -

It has been over six months and I can still feel the effects of Botox. In fact, they just started wearing off and I can frown again. For me, they seem pretty comparable, but I guess the Botox did last a bit longer. Could be the amount injected, the concentration or just a person's individual situation.

I went back last week for another Dysport, as I purchased a future injection and was unable to switch. This one seems to be kicking in rather quickly - my forehead is smooth again and I no longer look angry or confused all the time - LOL. Now I keep my anger on the inside, where it belongs... ha ha...

UPDATE: I had a negative reaction to the last...

UPDATE: I had a negative reaction to the last Dysport treatment - which I didnt initially realize was from this injection. My vision got funky, I thought my glasses were needing to be updated or something was wrong. I had a slight headache. Later, I developed a red itchy bump on the back of my thigh, I thought it was a mosquito bite, but then I looked and there were like four or five in a row, that was one hungry mosquito I thought! Then, I got a red blistery looking bump on my boob by my cleavage, I thought it was that dang mosquito again, they must be getting in the house. Over the next few days, these red bumps started popping up in a cluster only on my right boob, as soon as one would go down, a new one would pop up.. they didnt look like bites and they didnt really itch.. they were not pimples.. I was baffled. OMG, what is this? Too much detergent, soap..?? Are these chicken pox? Shingles? Herpes? I did some research and noted that many other people had similar reactions with the blurry vision, rash and headaches. Perhaps I had it too close to the previous Botox injection and it was too much in my system - who knows. I am apprehensive to do it again now.

Sticking with the Botox - I like it more for me...

Sticking with the Botox - I like it more for me personally.
Dr. Timothy Rosio

Dr R was nice, explained everything and I like that he did the treatment himself (as opposed to leaving after 30 second intro and having a nurse do it, not that I dont like nurses, I love you gals, but just an observation). He did mention some other products that I should buy, like better sunscreen and a night lotion with Vitamin E and something else etc., but I didnt feel forced to buy it. I actually like it too.

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Thank you for posting your results for both!
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You may be a candidate for Botox® if you would like to treat facial wrinkles in the forehead, between the eyes and in the "crow's feet" areas. Botox® works by weakening the muscles that cause facial expressions. Once the treated muscles are weakened, the pull of the muscle relaxes and the overlaying skin flattens. Botox® is utilized to enhance your appearance, and lessen the wrinkles in the upper part of your face.
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I had Botox many times with no problems, and then I got DYSPORT, my reaction was catastrophic, I couldn't breathe swallowing was hard my body went numb hives and rashes and welts all over bladder control problems vision disturbances vertigo like mad very dizzy just a general feeling like I was going to die, I was hospitalized and I was in and out of the emergency room and doctors offices for the first two years, my injection was three and a half years ago and I am still not well. I am wondering seeing how I had Botox many times before that with no problems if I could go back to using Botox or if I should just not risk it?
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I am gonna stick with the Botox. I think the Dysport is fine too, but I had a rash and not going to risk it again. I used to just do the brows, but last time I did the whole forehead - I love it because I feel so relaxed, its soothing to me.. and no wrinkles, of course is the maiin benefit.
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OMG! I had the same exact reaction to a botox injection that I had received through a groupon type deal. I had no idea what it could be, thought the same thing, mosquito bite, bed bugs??!! It scared me, and I also had the bite like bumps in the same areas. I am not sure if all these places are legit with their 'dosages', and what is actually in the syringe, period. I have decided to go to my personal dermatologist as it is more important my health, etc. and to have everything documented. Thx for the updates and info...I should have been more proactive in all the reactions that occured.
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Thanks for sharing this post really giving some hope and inspiration for us also. YOu look good now.
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I am 38 years old and Just got Dysport yesterday. Went to a very highly accredited plastic surgeon. I went for Botox but after speaking to the dr. He felt I would do better with dysport. It seems that it spreads more than Botox and would be more beneficial for the fine lines across my forehead. He explained all the possible side effects and I'm happy to say I had none. I feel great. He said it would take a week to see the full effect but only one day later my forehead is relaxed and wrinkle free. I can say I will be back every four months. I feel great and look great!!!!
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"Daw " In Boca Raton I Am 84 Years Old, Had My First Forehead Injections And The Creases Ouside My Eyes Done 3 Days Ago .. The Plastic Surgeon Said, That He Uses Dysport Over Botox, That It Kicks In Faster And Spreads More .. So Far I've Had No Ill Side Sffects And My Fore Head Creases Are Smoothed Out And The Outside Eye Creases Are Gone, Wow ! .. I'm Told That Way Down The Road I Might Have To Do It Again, Which Is Fine With Me, As "Nothing" Lasts Forever .. But For Now I Can Only Say I'm Happy I Did It, But Will Admit At First I Was Sorta Scared To Have It Done After Reading All The Ill Side Effects It Can Cause , But Like I Said, I Haven't Had Any, And I Feel Great !!!!!!! And Look Great !!!!!

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Wednesday, JANUARY 23 / 2013. Hi, This Is My Follow Up. It Is Now 5 Days Since I Had My First Forehead Injections And The Creases Above My Eyebrows And The Creases On The Ouside Of My Eyes With Dysport. I Have Now Noticed, That The Creases Above My Left Brow Are Still There, But Very Faintly, Where The Creases That I Had Above My Right Brow Are Gone. The Forehead Is Very Nice And Smooth. The Creases On The Outside Of My Eyes Are Still There, But Very Faintly, I Have Had No Drooping Of My Eye Lids, Or Any Ill Side Effects, I Feel Good, And Would Say Thay I Do Look Much Better. The Nurse From My Plastic Syrgeon's Office Here In Boca Raton, Florida Called To Check On Me, And To Say, That If I Thought I Need A Little Touch Up That There Would Be No Charge, Which I Thought Was Very Nice  But I Didn't Make An Appointment Even For Free, I Think That I Will Just Leave Well Enough Alone For The Time Being, When Reading All The Ill Side Effects That Some Have Had, I Don't Want To Push My Luck ... I Tried It, And I'm Glad I Did But !! Would I Do It Again? I Don't Know! I Hear It Will Be About 4 To 6 Months Before This Wears Off, I'll Wait Until Then Before I Decide, Sooooo We Will See....

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I Forot To Mention, That I Also Had The The Creases Between My Eyes Injected At The Same Time With Dysport And The Creases Are Completely Gone ... My Plastic Surgeon Only Uses Dysport, He Says It Is Better .. The Plastic Surgeon I Used Here In Boca Raton, Is Dr. Arthur Handle ...

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I also am relieved to not have so much angry look on my face thanks to my brow muscles getting tamed by botox and dysport.  I thought the botox lasted longer at first too but now that dysport has been around for a bit, it seems as though the unit recommendation has changed slightly so maybe I wasn't getting enough.  Was told it was 2units to every 1botox but after some research, seems less black and white.  It's estimated at about 2.5-3units per 1 botox unit but it varies on the individual as everyone processes it differently.  I have adjusted the amount I get accordingly and it definitely seems to be at least 2.5. It does have the great advantage of working in about 24 hours too though!
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Hi Annie,

It's great when you get to try things with coupons. How did your follow up appointment go and how is everything going today? We would love to see pictures. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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