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Under Going Smart Lipo on Sept. 1, 2011 - El Cerrito, CA

I am 26yrs. old, I weigh 180lb, I have two...

I am 26yrs. old, I weigh 180lb, I have two daughters. I have always struggled with my weight, I loss the weight and gain it right back and so on..I believe that with the procedure it will give the extra boost to continue being healthy not only for myself but for my daughters and husband.

On 8/20 I had an appointment to do lab work &...

On 8/20 I had an appointment to do lab work & to check if I was ok health wise, they took my blood pressure and to my surprise I was 137 over 125, Yes, I had high blood pressure, first time in my life! so now I am taking meds. so my blood pressure goes down, and taking extra care of myself, I need it to go away soon, so I can continue with my procedure, plisss go away! ;D

F.Y.I, I had lab work done today, and had my blood...

F.Y.I, I had lab work done today, and had my blood pressure checked and It went down to 115 over 85..yeeyee! now have to wait for the lab results..

Just posted my before pics, I'm still tying to...

Just posted my before pics, I'm still tying to control my high blood pressure, I also forgot to mention that I will be having smartlipo on my upper and lower abdomen and my under amrs.nervouseee!! but excited! not to sure regarding the out come..

So I'm resting and later on will be going for...

So I'm resting and later on will be going for walk, so everything is running smoothly, only think that I have trouble with sitting & getting up, it hurt!! & taking about 6 meds!! I also saw the Doctor today and said he I was still swollen! Can't see any differents at the moment, hope fully by 3weeks, I'm really patient! & But anxious! For the results.

Today is the 2nd day post-op and I have no pain...

Today is the 2nd day post-op and I have no pain unless i am siting, or laying down the painful part is getting up! 2 full size containers.

Day 6 my abdomine and my arms still feel swollen,...

Day 6 my abdomine and my arms still feel swollen, I really hate the garmet for my arms it hurts! I'll be posting more pics.

Today I am on my 28th day and I have seen already...

Today I am on my 28th day and I have seen already changes on the way my clothes fits, I'm still wearing my under garmet as much as I can, I'm still a little sore from my stomach and my arms, Im useing less my car and taking long walk and looking forward in purchasing a manual treadmill to work out at home, I have posted pictures today.

So its been 2 months, I just have one concern, My...

so its been 2 months, I just have one concern, My right under arm looks great I have very little skin hanging not too noticeable, but my left under arm still have a lot of skin hanging. Spoke with Doctor regarding this issue he said's that just like we have one arm longer then the other, and a breast large then the other, I just it changes by the 6 months the Doctor advises me to wait for 6 months cause I am still swelled. Hopefully it evens out like the other right arm & hopefully it wont be an additional cost to fix it if there's any problem..Other the that I still feel a little numbed from my ab and a little bit of loose skin but its not hanging need to keep up with exercise and eating right.
Dr. Patino

Dr. Patino as answered all my questions, gives you options and his opinon. Dr. Patino is every friendly he meets you expectations.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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You look great!!
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Hi! My skin is a lot tighter, no more skin hanging, yeyyee!! still hurts a little around my belly button & my arms on my arms. But love the result now & can't wait for the final results!
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could you please post your final pics? i saw Patino a couple of weeks ago and am thinking to actually go and do it with him.
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How are you doing?! I am super lumpy under my skin. It's weird ....
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good to hear! I am also going for walks but its kinda of hard cause out here in the morning it gets cold and during the day it gets really hot, n it makes it hard with the abdominal pain, trying my best!
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I am on day 2 of steroids so it's too soon to really tell if they are helping, and that it is indeed a rash. I know I'm not supposed to exercise for another week but I did just bike about 9 miles and it wasn't bad at all. Good to get out of the house since fall only lasts a couple weeks here in Kansas :)
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I know! there was definitely a change a good change of shape. Same here, I am seeing a different shape hopefully my abdominal goes down a little more, but at least my lower ab that was hanging is gone. As long as I don't put pressure on my abdominal or on my arms it does not hurt. Sure hope so it will be a lot easier from now on. How are you doing? any update on the rash? hope you feel better
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I am super puffy. My waist measures exactly as it did before the procedure but it is definitely a different shape. My lower back is in so much pain, I am guessing bc I am sleeping on it now, and I am putting more pressure on it with my new posture as well...who knows. Ouch! I can't imagine having sore arms as well :(. You poor thing! At least you got it all out of the way and recovery should be all down hill from here.
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how much did they get out of your abdomen?
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great puctures! do you feel swollen?
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Glad to hear you are doing well. I am pretty puffy too but I can tell my tummy is flatter. It measures an inch smaller. I am still oozing steadily though. I have a rash covering my tummy. I don't think it is normal. Maybe I am allergic to iodine. How is your skin? Are you bruised?
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i want to hear all about it!
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Good luck to you too Jess!
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Good luck! I'll be thinking happy thoughts for you. :)

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today is the day Laurie! thanks Ladies!
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Good luck tomorrow ladies(Jess and Laurie)!!! :)
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I'm starting to prepare myself mentally, I have not done any kind of procedure except for 2 c-sections, So I'm really, really nervous. I wish you the best of luck too!
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I had a c section too and i am thinking this will be a breeze in comparison!
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My surgery is scheduled for this Thursday too Jess! I am getting upper and lower abs and flanks. Best of luck to you! Keep us all updated.
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So excited to see your results!
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I know!! I'm excited but nervous to see what kind of results I will be getting, I am being realistic of my outcome. Will c!
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post before oictures if you are able and willing :-)
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Hopefully this weekend I will post pictures, I'll keep you posted! :0
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Hi Jess -- Thanks for sharing your story so far. I hope your surgery goes well. :) I'll be following your progress, so please keep us updated.

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