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As a formerly super-freckled kid with large pores...

As a formerly super-freckled kid with large pores (my dermatologist told me they're like large feet...you either have 'em or you don't!), I was noticing some real blotchiness on my face and hands at age 57. I had dark sun spots, thinning skin and prominent veins on my hands and my jawline was getting saggy and crowsfeet were getting deeper and deeper.

I had thought about laser resurfacing for awhile but when my husband went in for Lasik eye surgery I noticed that the clinic did laser skin treatments as well. Boom! A week later I was getting my face, neck and hands done...all at once.

The stinging sensation of the laser was more intense than I had imagined. I did notice a rhythm to each pass of the laser and I could anticipate how long the zing! would last (6 seconds). That helped me endure. I also kept telling myself I would soon be gorgeous. Fortunately, that was my result.

Immediately after the procedure I was bright red and had amazingly dark freckles all over my face. The second and third days my skin was crusty, bright red and hot, hot hot. I followed my Dr.'s treatment plan to the letter -- water gel and spritzer, anti-inflammatory cream (Cicalfate), and Aquaphor. I also took a couple of Tylenol before bed. The fourth day, the freckles started to wash off!! New, bright pink skin was revealed with every face washing and after just one week I was completely transformed. My pores had shrunk, the age spots were done, I have a nice, natural blush to my cheeks and my neck is completely smooth. Everyone who sees me thinks I'm using a new, fresh makeup BUT...I'm not wearing makeup!

I'm going back tomorrow (5 weeks post-op) for a checkup and possibly Juvederm around my lips. (But I have been amazed at how much the Mixto CO2 has eliminated the feathering of my lipstick already.) My doctor has taken extensive Before and After photos and will be posting them online. I have fair skin and am a good candidate for this type of procedure. I've had no hyperpigmentation issues but I do have a little of the "itchy skin syndrome." I just apply 1% hydrocortisone cream to alleviate it. I hope this helps someone.

I´m glad you´ve seen my post and want to go ahead with the treatment. I´m pretty laid-back in my approach to pre and post "operative" care. I had no antivirals or antibiotics before the procedure. I went in mwith a cleansed face and the doctor swabbed my skin with an antibacterial wash before we began. I was given a topical gel anesthetic to dull the zapping sensation but you´re still going to feel it. I left the office, walking and driving, after the procedure with nothing on my face. I bought a treatment kit from the doctor that included just the 3 items I mentioned in my post. I spritzed with the purified water (Evian) whenever my skin felt hot. The water gel could be applied twice a day or more, depending on my level of discomfort. The cream I applied was to be used just twice daily, after washing my face and hands. I did experience itching. My doctor recommended an OTC cortisone cream (like Cortaid) if the itching was too distracting. Almost a year later I still get little itches from time to time. My face started peeling the 3rd day. Just like with sunburn, the skin sloughs off with your washcloth. The emerging skin is bright red and brand new. I felt sort of sad when it started to look more "normal." It´s funny...when I saw the red skin I knew I was starting fresh. Now it´s old hat. I look so much younger than my chronological age. There is not one person who believes I´m 59. I´m going to just start lying about my age and enjoy knowing I can get away with it. My neck is especially "young" looking. That area always gives us girls away but I can honestly say that mine is smooth and unlined. I recommend the hand treatment as well. The results are more subtle and the slsoughing of skin takes longer to happen, but the results over time are great. Good luck! I´m not a bit sorry I did it!
SF1951 - Your results are amazing, just what I'm looking for! Can you please share your pre and post-treatment regimen in detail? I am concerned with reports of infection and want to do this procedure but want to be proactive about preventing any problems. Were you given any oral antibiotics or antivirals? Any anti-inflammatory medications? You said that you used "water gel and spritzer, anti-inflammatory cream (Cicalfate)", can you expand on the protocol? I've been reading about how vinegar soaks help, did they have you do that or just apply aquaphor? Also did you itch? I've been reading a lot about itching too. Any info would help. jh2468 - your experience would help too, looks like you did use the vinegar soaks. How long after the did the crusting begin and how long did it take to peel off? Thanks so much!!
You really do look amazing!! I am on day 3 after doing the Mixto. I really appreciate everyone who posted day to day pictures because they are hard to come by. This is not an instant fix. It reqires days of recovery- I would not be caught dead out in public. My doctor and his staff are the absolute best. You had a really fast recovery. I would bet it is not typical. At day 3, I am still looking like I have a terrible sunburn. I am not in pain. I have kept the aquafor and Skin Medica ointment(my DR. gave me a whole post laser packet of Skin Medica products) all over my face and re-apply several times a day. Still patting my face with a mix of a little vinegar and water applied with gauze. I would be happy to answer anyones questions- I know I certainly had a lot. Thanks again for posting your pictures.

September 30, 2010 I'm still thrilled with my...

September 30, 2010 I'm still thrilled with my Mixto results. With or without makeup I look young, have a natural glow, and feel very self-confident. Of course, I'm one of those nuts who exercises, eats her veggies and practices positive thinking. I think it's all tied together!

Wow! Pretty amazing. I wouldn't peg you for 59. If anything I would have thought 40!
Thank you. I'm 61 now and my skin still looks terrific (for a woman 61!!). My new doctor said to me during our initial meeting, "Have you had any surgeries? You don't have very many wrinkles!" It's the laser, AND sunscreen!!

May, 2013

This is me at 61...4 years after my laser treatment. Obviously it was worth it for me.

Photo update

May, 2013 photo
If the dates on her pictures are accurate... then Houston we have a problem. The first minor discrepancy is the length of time between her first and second picture. The first picture is dated 2005/4/26 and the second picture which she says is day 4 is dated 2005/5/02 which would be day 6. But the real deal breaker? According to the mixto site, http://mixtoskinresurfacing.blogspot.com/ "The MiXto SX was the first Micro Fractional CO2 Laser introduced in 2007" which was two years after the date of her pictures. Her after procedure picture looks like IPL to me... Not enough swelling or redness for a Mixto procedure.... I could be wrong.. or perhaps she made an honest mistake as to what device she was treated with... or maybe they told her she was treated with a laser to justify the $3720 price? The procedure was impressively successful whatever it was... And i would gladly pay the same money for an equal result.
I am sooooo going to do this! I don't have msny wrinkles, however, I do have the beginning stages of some sogginess. Your results and those of others I have seen on this forum convinced me that this is a great alternative to invasive surgery. Thank you!
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My doctor is caring, professional, experienced and cautious. She is always just a phone call away.

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