I Need to Find Someone with Good Result Operated with Dr. Hossam Foda - Egypt, EG

Hello everyone! I am looking for someone who has...

Hello everyone! I am looking for someone who has had good results in revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Hossam Foda (Egypt). I read two comments not too positive. Thanking someone could give me a hand, and I could say something of this doctor.

Millions of thanks.
I want to achieve the ideal result for the image to fully cover the nostrils and put the columnela straight nose.

Hi ionares, I'm from the UAE and i'm also considering a revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Foda. Please let me know if Dr. Foda is good or if there is anyone else you recommend for revision rhinoplasty.
A friend of mine in Egypt had a pretty stunning result with Dr. Foda but it was her primary surgery and she recommended him but I couldn't travel.
Katy45. Many thanks for answering. I am very pleased that his friend has been good. I'm really very worried for my third operation. I'm afraid of not being good. I am looking for information because I really like this doctor. I do not know what will. I need more opinions ....! Thank you. Greetings If you need anything tell me. I will keep this updated with my progress. Kiss

Hello. I am looking for the names of the best of...

Hello. I am looking for the names of the best of America surgeons a third revision with rib cartilage.
I need your help. Please!
I am also Spanish and I go to America to perform my operation. Here there are good surgeons.
I need extend my nose. Hyper correct projection of the tip nasal.Correct my scar columnela nose and nasal asymmetry.
Many, many thanks
Anybody had a recent experience with dr Foda ? I ll ve a forth revision with & very scared from the comments
Any body has any Experience with dr Foda recently
Hi I am curious abuot your pictures. What are you going for in your revision? It looks like you just rotated your tip downwards but it is hard to tell from the front. Personally I don't think it is an improvement. This is just my opinion.
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