Planning to Implant Removal After 1 Year of Initial Surgery - Egypt

I wud like to remove my implant coz i never felt...

i wud like to remove my implant coz i never felt like me i miss my old shap i was cute with so nice skin now i have scrs under my breasts and i donlt love them i can not sleep on my tummy and always feeling no comfort with being with fake boobs ,today i called the doctor who did the implantation to get my photos before and after and as soon as i get them i will post them here ,,wish me luck girls.

thaaaaaaaaaaaank u i am in now :)
thank u !!! i felt i was talikng to myself and was getting maaaaaad u kow in egypt we have a stress of elections and i was totally disressed thank u again wish i can get into my account sooon :)


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