260 Cc Silicone Implants undermuscle

I am a 40 year old mother of 4 and breastfed for...

I am a 40 year old mother of 4 and breastfed for 10 years ( not a fanatic, it just worked. I breastfed all trough my last pregnanct). My breast looked still ok after this ordeal, but could do better. I didn't want something big, just firm again. the doctor told me she would have to put at least 250 cc in because of the loose skin. I think i'am happy after the operation though to european standards they are quite big. Hope the swelling will decrease the size...
I've been implant with 260 cc silicone round implants on both sides.

An evaluation on the first 9 days.

Thanks fot all the kind messages. I will try to answer as many questions as possible. Please forgive my spelling, english is not my native language.
About the pain: i really underestimated it. I thouth that the first day would be difficult but i din't think any further... After 4 c-sections i was thinking that nothing really would blow me away. So here is the truth: it hurts! The first 3 hours post op were horrible although the doctor said i was still on a lot af painkillers. Going home about 6 hours later i was ok but i could defenitly not drive a car or cook a meal. I din't have too thanks to my husband, it’s just that i din’t consider it. The doctor did tell me it would hurt, but apparently my brain doesn’t record that kind of message. Luckyly I had vacation for a week but I’m very sure that working the first days is not a good idea. The second day I did some windowshopping, it didn’t feel good, eventhough I took my painmedicine. And my handbag felt way to heavy. Third day I went to a grocery store for some arrons and it was ok, but still painfull to carry whatever. Fourth day: a little tour by bike not without pain but bearable. If I write it all down like this I can only tell you that every day is a big improvement.
An other stories is the NIGTHS!! At night it really hurts and I could not sleep once my medication wore off. According to my husband I had that much pain because I was far to active during the day. Sleeping on a any side hurts.
Now we are at day 8 post op and I did sleep very well without medication. I stopped the painmedication during the day the fifth day.

So I went back to work after 6 days post-op. I work in a all-boys-school so I was quite nervous for anyone noticing anything. But nobody said anything or starred at me in an ‘unpolite way’.
I went from a small b-cup to a large c-cup ( In agent provocateur even a d-cup, yes I quickly went shopping yesterday but din’t buy anything because I learned on realself to wait 6weeks). All my dresses and shirts still fit ( some a bit thight and way to sevy to go to work)
I add a picture of my cleavage before going to work but at work I had a cardigan hiding things a little.

I'am at day 9 now and slept very well and during the day everything is ok too. I would really like to run 10 miles on sunday but we'll see.

day 12

A lot less pain this last week so decided on day 12 to do a little running. NOT a good idea. It hurt and i hardly did 5 k. Guess i really should take this recovery serious. But i have no patience whatsoever and i always think that things are a bit different for me then anyone else (NOT). later on the 12 th day went to the doctor. She took out 300 ml of seroma on both sides...again i have to take this recovery seriously. That din't hurt but at nigth while sleeping the pain was terrible again. Really strange. Is it because of the seroma taken out? Probably next week again...
In the mean time nobody noticed anything (luckily) but it's cold here so i'm wearing a lot. I am very happy withe the results. I think they look natural and not to big. They migth have been a little smaller but the PS told me she really had to put in 260 cc because of my sagging skin. And to be natural in all positions : ending down, laying flat on the back or on one side.
No running for me this week :-(((((( and i will also be carefull shopping groceries to not carry to mush .

3 weeks post op, ran 30 miles this week=back to normal

Pain is almost gone, reaching high sometimes hurt and sleeping on my tummy isn't very comfortable but otherwise i have no complaints whatsoever.
Forgot to mention that from day 7 till approximatly day 17 my nipples were extremely sensitif. I could not even bear my husband watching ;-) Read somewhere that it's the nerves "waking up". Went to the doctor on monday and she was all like: go shopping!! So i did. Also started to run again. 10 miles on sunday, 7 on wednesday and 13 today, each time is a lot better. Last week end two parties and everything went well.
For all of you who are going for undermuscles i wish you the best of luck. After 3 weeks there is nothing else than hapiness!


Dokter Kinsbergen

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they look great! now I'm wondering if 286 is too big for me?? I'm so nervous so I am not going to do 304cc's anymore. I don't want to be big!!!
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Thank you for sharing! It's very helpful to those of us that are planning to have the procedure. I don't know if you mentioned it and I missed it, but what are your stats (height and weight), and what's the profile of your implants (mod, mod+, high)..?
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You are making a good choice to leave the exercise alone for the first 2-3 months. It's major surgery! You want your incision to fully and completely heal up, like concrete! No tears or ripping of the incision area, let it heal, you won't regret it!! Thanks for the updates glad everything is going well!
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You look fantastic. I am gng to get 265cc Silicone moderate profile plus so really hoping to get an idea of what that may look like on my frame. Thanks for sharing!
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You look great and very natural.
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You look good! Congrats!
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Hey Marie73 I think your new look is beautiful :) Fits your body well :) You claim that your size is big compared to european standart? my impression is quite opposite ;) On Danish internet forums about breast argumentation, you will find that 500 cc is more common than our small ones - I have 275cc myself ;)
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You look great! Thanks for sharing. It is interesting how different cultures have different norms. So are most European woman smaller chested? You said your implants were large for European standards.
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Hi Iris, I really don't want to generalise things but i think that women in the north of Europe tend to want a B or C-cup maybe D but very seldom more than that. In the UK it seems to be "the bigger, the better". But that is just my point of vieuw...
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Oh ok, just curious. I want to be a C and maybe up to a D cup but nothing bigger. Anything double or triple just seems too big to me.
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I looked just like your post op. The best thing I ever did. :) You look great! Congrats !!!
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THANKS! I just hope the swelling will lessen. Will post new pictures on monday.
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You look wonderful!! Thanks for sharing, even the little details help those of us who are seriously considering BA :) THANK YOU! by the way, 10 mikes on Sunday might be overdoing it, check with your surgeon, as that may set recovery back quite a bit. Coming from a fellow health fanatic ;)
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Thanks a lot for your message. I miss my running so much... But you are very rigth, patience in healing is so much smarter then worrying about my my runtime. Just wondering hom much slower i will be on the ten miles after a two/three wwek break...
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Great results Congrats
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Thank so much!
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Your breasts look really good!:) What size were you before implants?
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Hey there, I was a (very empty) b-cup. Rigth now very full c! Kind regards Marie
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You look great! Hope you're healing well.
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