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I'm 36 years old 5'5 155 lbs. 2children 9...

I'm 36 years old 5'5 155 lbs. 2children 9 & 15 years of age. I am having a TT because being pregnant with my second child I gained 45lbs and have since lost it but now have a saggy yucky trophy of pregnacy. I work out religously and go to the gym regularly but no matter how much I do its hanging on. I am also having a breast lift at the same time to perk up my droopy twins from the weight gain/ loss.

I have anxious moments thinking about the surgery, but not having to wear granny panties to tuck in and hold back the trophy keeps me excited :)

Hi! Congrats on scheduling your surgery! I'm in the consult phase of my journey...had on consultation based on the referral of a friend who had a BA, have two more coming up over the next two weeks. I'm really hoping to get something scheduled soon so I can rock a nice bikini by my 10th anniversary this summer. Wishing you the best! Be sure to keep us updated :)
Hi Pink, I went to Dr. Chong for a consult and thought he was fantastic. Good Luck on your journey...you are going to look amazing

Trophy! Hee hee. You look like an awesome TT candidate. And the lift should perk things up nicely too! Please do keep us posted as you begin this journey!


Yep, I'm freaking out 2 months away till the big...

Yep, I'm freaking out 2 months away till the big day. I couldn't sleep last night, all I could think about was "do I really want to do this", "what about infection", aughhhh. The pain and the breast lift don't worry me at all,it;s the TT;I'm so worried about infection since I had a nasty infection once before from back surgery 7 years ago that almost killed me. My PS assures me that the risk is there but being in a private clinic and going on antibiotics , plus I don't smoke that I should be ok. "Deep Breath" I can just imagine how I'm gonna be right before surgery...can you say " nervous wreck"..lol Anyone else feeling the anxiety so far from the date?
@pinklipgloss, luna llena, and Working Mom40 - check into the "January Tummy Tuckers Check In Here" forum! Looking forward to following your journeys!
So excited for you. My TT & BA is scheduled for Jan. 5. After gaining too much weight with my 3 kids I ballooned to 234 - now I am back at 167. I am 5'8 and tired of this saggy pouch. Pain will be a distant memory years from now. We can do this!
Mine's is schedule for january 31st 2012 in vancouver, BC! we are getting so close. good luck to you!!

Today was my pre- op and I got my prescriptions (...

Today was my pre- op and I got my prescriptions ( Tylenol 3 , antibiotic, and blood thinners) all I take after surgery. Paid for the remainder so no turning back now.. Actually I'm feeling pretty good all the anxiety has faded ( thanks to all who have gone through this month, reading their stories sure have helped)and now I'm just ready to get on to the recovery process.

My ps told me the surgery( breast lift, Tt with muscle repair) will take about 4 hours. I won't know the time until the 24 of January so that kinda playing on my mind as I like to have things planned and organized... Must be that Virgo! I have everything I need extra pillows for my bed , snacks, meds, paper tape for the healing process ..my mom will be playing nurse and my husband love him to death is taking 18 days off work to take the kids to their sports and be there for me.. Well I'll try and update before I go in :)
You are 5 days before me and we look alot the same in shape. I will post my photos this weekend. Best of luck to you in the process, i look forward to see how your post op pictures look.. Happy healing!
Your before photos look great can't wait to see your after ones they are going to be phenomenal. I bet some abs come out and play since it looks like you've been hitting the gym;-)
Thanks, your too kind!

Day before surgery, Got the call today to be at...

Day before surgery,
Got the call today to be at the surgery centre at 730am and surgery starts at 8am. Had a light diet today (to nervous o eat anyways)protein shake for breakfast, strawberries and yogurt for lunch, turkey & quinoa soup for dinner...nothing to eat or drink after midnight. I have been drinking water like crazy today as well. Feeling excited and nervous. My first po is the 27th of Jan.
i cant wait to see some pics!!i am 2 months away from my surgery and scared shitless! i cant wait to here how everything went!! good luck!
Wishing you the best today and speedy recovery!
Good luck tomorrow! It'll be well worth all the effort and worry!

Well today started off very nauseating (thank u...

Well today started off very nauseating (thank u gravol). But all is well this evening, I'm starting to get up and move around on my own. Had my first po and my doc said things couldn't have turned out any better.. Got a sneak peak at my boobies and they're so cute!
Get to shower on Sunday and get my drains pulled on wednesday .
Glad to hear you are feeling up to moving around!

Day 2 po: feeling pretty good pain is about 2,...

Day 2 po: feeling pretty good pain is about 2, keeping up with pain meds. I'm getting in and out of bed on my own, going pee every 1-2 hours and making sure to walk around. My back is starting to get achy so I've been using a heating pad an having the hubby rub my lumbars. Appetite has been good just eating small amounts ( egg whites, fruit, toast, low sodium soup).
can't wait to shower tomorrow and to see what everything looks like:)I would totally recommend a travel pillow for sleeping. I had a good sleep last night.
THank you for the travel pillow tip. I will add that to my list of items I need. Glad you are feeling ok and healing nicely.
Thanks for all that... Much appreciated!

Day 3 po: feeling good today.. Had my mom wash my...

Day 3 po: feeling good today.. Had my mom wash my hair at the sink, dont want to be in the shower longer than I have to. I did have a shower this afternoon after much hyping myself too, I was afraid to take my binder off for the first time. I felt a little weird with out.. I pinns my drains to ribbon i had draped around my neck. But love the results so far.. I actually have a belly button! Showering took a lot if my energy today so I'm just relaxing and getting up every 2 hours for my walk about. I go for my second po on Wednesday to get my drains pulled. Will updated again then... I'll try and get some pics up if I venture downstairs to my computer :)
The day 3po pic is showing a flat tummy! woohooo. You look fantastic.
Looking great, Pink!

Day 5 po Had a pretty rough day today... I cut...

Day 5 po
Had a pretty rough day today... I cut back on my meds 2 days ago and switched to extra strength Tylenol today. Must be going through mild withdrawals , crabby, tired, headachy, binder getting to tight( gave me a little sore on my side)irritated..ugh! Hoping tomorrow will be a better a better day :) The only good thing is having a BM, hoping I keep up the regularity from here on out.

Day 6 po Drain free today! Don't hurt at all...

Day 6 po
Drain free today! Don't hurt at all getting the drain removed, just a little squiggle feeling and it was done. Dr said everything looks great , incisions are nice and the nurse retaped all incisions.. I must use paper tape starting next week for the next 3 months on all incisions to help keep the scar flat and fine. Also I have to sleep propped up for another week or 2 as well as no standing straight for another week or 2. Need to walk lots and no tanning the scars for 1 year. I go back in 7 weeks for a follow up.

Loving memory foam pillow for my butt in bed last night as my tail bone is getting a bit sore from sleeping propped up:)
Hi Pink! Just wanted to tell you you look absolutely amazing-really great results - congrats! :)
Thank you :)
Your after photos make me want to cry, cuz I only hope to look so good after my surgery! Wow..!!! We are about same height and weight (i think u look better than me tho in ur b4 pix)so I follow your story and gosh, you look so good!You are definately an inspiration!

12 days po Today ha been an emotional day. I...

12 days po

Today ha been an emotional day. I got to change my stereos trips today to paper tape and it was the first time I got to see the whole incision (breast and tt ) I was taken back a bit and started to get very overwhelmed almost to the point that felt faint. After I got emotional, not sure if I was worried that I was doing something wrong or contaminating the tape and end up giving myself an infection... My wonderful husband assured me I was doing everything right ,that I looked beautiful and my incisions were healing nicely and reminded me that I have months of healing still to go, it's not gonna be overnight. I felt a bit better and look forward to my 1 month mark!
thanks girls!...i'm so new to this..i was waiting for a message in my "message folder"!lol
had my second consult with him. I really like him, but think his prices for the lipo are a bit high! i'm 5'5", about 140 lbs, but i want the nice sleek tummy! I asked to show me where the scar would be and it's almost where my top of my jeans would sit! was expecting it to be a little lower. Can u guys wear jeans or a bikini w/o the scars at the hips showing?
My husband will be with me the first 14 days, after that do u think i can handle my 3 kids (6, 3, and 21 mths) on my own? don't have family here so i don't know if i should be nanny shopping for an extra week of help??
did u guys post recent pics?

Thank you guys so much! My stomach is in knots!! Such a big decision!!!
Angelmom, my Tt was just under $9000 and I didn't have lipo, my ps said I didn't need it and I am happy with the results:) I'm doing good at two weeks.. Need help with laundry and cleaning but whatever I'll be back to myself in a month. Good luck with your journey
Hi there,
Reading your story is so inspiring!! Am 95%sure i'm get a TT as well. Can i ask how much the TT was? and did u get lipo on your flanks? and if u did how much extra do they charge?
Still not sure if i need the lipo on my flanks, going back and forth about it!
Also, i have 3 small children ages 6, 4, and 2 yrs old. Do you think i still need help after 2 weeks? Please help!!

2.5 Weeks PO: Wow where to begin.. Today has...

2.5 Weeks PO:

Wow where to begin..
Today has been an emotional roller coaster. My mom went back home yesterday and my husband goes back to work on monday and kids go to school so I will be left alone for the first time since surgery and I'm a little worried.
Also I feel so fat not being able to do much, my thighs are huge (swelling) and I didn't even have lipo ..WTF? I'm so sick of sleeping on my back propped up ..I wish I could just sleep on my side..my legs gets so numb having a pillow under my knees and my butt and lower back are protesting.
I've been putting off changing my tapes on my tt incision, as I get so anxious about seeing the incision.I read somewhere that these feelings are normal and should pass..Soon I hope! My husband has been so wonderful with keeping me positve during these bouts of depression, I can't wait for life to be normal again....
Even knowing the things i'd be going through, I still would do this again.
did u say you posted more pics? I still can't see them? and how long has it been now since sx?
i go on tuesday to finalize everything with Dr. Chong!! Still nervous!
Thanks TT! Your looking fabulous as well :)
Hi Pink, just wanted to let you know I just read your review and saw your o=pics. You and I had the same procedures. You look wonderful. You are rocking that blue bikini top and your incison looks great...nice and low and thin. Flat belly!!! Love seeing the befores and afters. I would do this again tomorrow if I had to...but glad I don't!

5 Weeks PO I can finally fit back into my jeans...

5 Weeks PO

I can finally fit back into my jeans as the swelling in my thighs has gone down, I'm so excited about that. I was getting tired of sporting lounge wear. I'm still not allowed to do any lifting or cardio, so Im just walking on the treadmill. It would be so nice to do some walking outside but its so snowy and icy, my poor dog is depressed, maybe I should tie him to the tredmill.

I dont have any pain other than sneezing but that seems to get better each time.
My next PO apt isnt until the 20th of March .
Just be careful you don't do to much, you wouldn't want to tear your stitches or something.. I go see him tomorrow and I'm so hoping he tells me I can burn my binder.. I seriously have had enough of it, adjusting, things poking my sides , and it's slowly self destructing... I'll let you know how it goes.. Get some rest!
soooo, how did it go??!!
she gave me some other pills ..starts with a t, lol..but i can't take those either, they make my heart pound out of my cheast and anxious! i'm hoping he'll give me a couple more days worth or perc's until i see him on wednesday to take the drains out!
i also think i'm doing too much around the house..but i'm trying to help my hubby out so he doesn't snap on the kids! i bent down on my knees to the floor to put laundry in the dryer and pulled myself up...now i'm paying for it i think!
when do u see him this wk?

7.5 weeks po Had my 8 week check up today and...

7.5 weeks po

Had my 8 week check up today and got the ok to go back to my normal routine ( all restrictions lifted). I no longer need my binder .. Happy dance!
I do have to keep my scars taped for another 2 months. Dr Chong is very pleased with everything a am I. I am so looking forward to hit the gym, he did mention spanx should I feel like I need a bit of support for the first few weeks at the gym so I will be searching for spanx.

I go back to see the ps in August for another follow up
Good for you!
don't know if u saw, but i posted some pics of my 4 days po. i hope i'm swollen, because to me i still look thick & a lil flabby? and i noticed in your pics, u had no gauze in your belly button. Mine is still in there..?i have a hard time looking at everything!
Youre definately swollen... I was taken back by everything when I got my first look at my incision, I got all hot and faint. As for my belly button, I had gauze in it but It fell out the first time my binder came off and I never put it back. I have a very tiny belly button to begin with so Dr Chong said once OT heals I can start massaging the inside and it will be normal looking. The problem is my belly button is so small I can't even get my pinky in it so I have been using a latex ear plug (new) ( I roll it really slim and once in it expands and forms a nice round fit) and its been stretching it out a bit and making it nice and round.. I'll post a pic later this week
Congrats on your positive 8 week check up!!

2 months po Went to the gym first time since...

2 months po

Went to the gym first time since the surgery..Felt good to get back but I must of looked silly since i had to roll myself on and off the bench to do chest..lol I am swelling up like a marshmellow since getting home from the gym. My ps said this is normal and not to be alarmed. (baby steps)
Well thats great to hear! Happy for you!! Ya, i'm just trying to think of things i can do with my kids especially my 22 month old w/o being too straining on anything!
did u sit up lots like at the kitchen table for long periods of time? that shouldn't do no harm to the incision right?
Cardio is a breeze, running feels weird just because the abs need to stretch so it kinda pulls. No problem with weights as long as I dont have to lay down or go to heavy. i dont think it will take long to get back to normal.. Everyone is differant , and we all heal differantly so you may not have any problems getting back to working out.
really! i know it's a major surgery but wow! i was hoping i'd get my old life back by 8 wks!
how about Cardio? You able to run yet?
me and my girlfriends are attempting our first 1/2 marathon in November in Malibu and i have to start my training for that as soon as i can!..hoping by mid june at least!?
so lets say you were standing up straight and wanted to do some bicep curls...u think your able to do that w/o it hurting?

thanks for the gauze tip...i so didn't think of that! gonna do that right now!:)

One year update! I am very happy with my results...

One year update! I am very happy with my results the breast lift was amazing the scars are thin white lines hardly noticeable. My nipple sensation has gone back to normal ( they were extremely sensitive after the surgey).
My tt scar is healing nice very flat and thin. It has a slight purple hue to it but not very noticeable. I have normal sensation around the scar and belly button except for an inch just in the middle above my scar it's slightly numb.
I'm so glad I had such a great outcome, and great support !
Will try and post pics soon
wow your results are great! You look amazing!
Love ur results!!!!
I am booked for August with Dr. Chong, I'm happy I found your review!! You look great! Did you get any option in your scar placement? Yours is nice and low, I'm hoping mine will be super low.
Dr. Chong

Dr. Chong is wonderful surgeon. He is very caring and honest. I have never felt rushed in office even when he was running a bit behind. He made sure I understood everything about my procedure and always answered my questions professionally even when I thought they might be silly. Dr Chong takes great pride in his work and I would recommend him 100%. The office staff is wonderful, always there to answer questions and they make you feel at ease.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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