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So far today I feel great - tummy tuck - Edmonton, AB

I had smartlipo done yesterday, so far today I...

I had smartlipo done yesterday, so far today I feel great. Not very sore although have not taken the garments off yet. My doctor was very gentle through the whole procedure although it was only roughly a half an hour.

He removed a total of 700cc which he didnt talk to me about so I am nervous that maybe it wasnt enough. I have been watching so many youtube videos where the doctors are takin more along the lines of 1500 to 2500 so it makes me wonder...... I will post pictures soon.

I had this procedure done a few years ago in Edmonton.took about the same amount out.I was very happy initially,but when I went back for my six week checkup I thought he could have done a little touch up to my muffin top.he told me that I had a curvature in my spine and that was why it looked a little lopsided...he was willing to fix it of course,but had to charge me again$$$ beware of the "touchup" costs!!
I was sooooooo nervous it was crazy, but i was awake and the worst part is the freezing. its a breeze from there. My doc actually hit a funny bone I guess and I laughed the whole time. I am a little tender today. I got very queezy when I took off the padding. I know every one takes pain differently but I dont take pain well am Im awesome.
lipogirl ab, you were awake? did it hurt? I am going at 6AM tomorrow very nervous. How do you feel? I have clinicals Tuesday and Wednesday ad will be on my feet. D you think I will be physically ready? You look good..

So I went to work Sunday I was having great...

So I went to work Sunday I was having great progress, I was getting shape. I dont think I have ever seen myself that small.... So I figured I would go to work. I dont do alot there walking mainly but it's a 12 hour shift. well holy swollen. The garment is making one side more curvy I think, because the one side dips in all the time the other side is straight, but here is a couple new pics.

Is there anything you can take to help with the...

Is there anything you can take to help with the swelling? It feels like this garment is just getting tighter and tighter....

So I am on day 5 and feeling discouraged. I am...

So I am on day 5 and feeling discouraged. I am more swollen then I was on day 2... I think that is normal. I dont have any pain but just a little bit of tenderness. I am not sure what to do about my garment, the zipper on the right side is constantly poking inwards so I am not sure if that has anything to do with why I am so curvy and the other side is just straight. I have probably read every review on here and seen all the pics but it seems like everyone is smaller then the before pics and I am the same size or bigger... all in good time I guess.

I was advised today that I no longer need my...

I was advised today that I no longer need my garments... That doesn't seem right does it???
Lipo girl, I agree it wasn't bad. I went to clincals a six hour day on my feet and was fine. I am a ittle sore but it is easy. Hope its worth it.
Hello Lipogirl, I had my procedure done 5/26, four weeks today. I've had amazing results, haven't posted my story or pics yet, but I will soon. At my one week check-up my Doc told me I could stop wearing my compression garmet at 2 weeks, but if I was ok with it she recommended wearing it for six weeks to get the maximum benefit from my procedure, she said it would help considerably with swelling, lumps and bumps. I can totally see a difference when I take it off for any length of time, swelling is much worse, and I have not had any lumps or bumps. (it feels better on too!) I personally see a difference with it on, if I were you I would wear it at least for the two weeks just to keep the swelling in check. In looking at your pics, your day one's look great, but on your day 3's I can see a lot of swelling which is normal, I had it too. Good luck!

Today is one week.... I am so swollen it's crazy....

Today is one week.... I am so swollen it's crazy. I was advised not to wear garments anymore but have continued to wear them. There is no point in the day that the swelling gets better or worse it is just constantly bad all the time. I am not sure that this is normal and don't have a check up app. until the 20th of september. Is there any way at all to help with the swelling? Although I don't have any pain what so ever, it's hard trying to constantly hide what looks like a 6 month pregnant belly. :( so sad right now.

Day 9.... No change, I am roughly the same size as...

Day 9.... No change, I am roughly the same size as when I started. very disappointed :( not exactly sure what to think I am healing nicely and the itching is starting to go away. New pics although they look the same as the last ones.
I am interested in getting smart lipo and wanted to find out more about it. So did you have any more pics that are updated where your swelling has gone down yet?
Ok I will go look for sure, anything to help the swelling;) it just seems to take forever:(
I am 18 days out. Still swollen, too, and prob just as impatient! My doctor said between 6-8 weeks things start to tighten up. I got the Arnica at The Vitamin Shoppe, a supplement chain, but I'm sure you can find it in any supplement store or on Amazon.

It is day 12 today, I am still the same, I spent...

It is day 12 today, I am still the same, I spent alot of time walking on sunday there fore swelled alot. I seemed to get bigger with every step. I have not changed at all. Everything remains the same. I look exactly like my before pictures which is disappointing, but I did have a feeling my doc didnt take enough out and I must have been right. I dont see him until the 20th of september and we can go from there. :(
there is definitely a difference in the flanks. just be a tad more patient because it can take a couple months for the swelling to subside for some. but i would also ask why he only took out 700 cc....in CA there is a law that they can safely take out up to 5000cc, or 1 liter.
i meant 5000cc or 5 liters
My ribs and waist are both measuring 1 inch bigger than the morning I went in :( but I do agree with the back view. I know these sort of things take time but it just sucks waiting for it. I am starting on my ab circle today and have been going in my hot tub which takes ALL the itching away for a little while, it is such a relief lol

3 weeks today... No change I am roughly 1 inch...

3 weeks today... No change I am roughly 1 inch larger than the day I went in. I havent changed any habits because I was on track with healthy eating long before the procedure. I am disappointed with the whole process right now. My skin still hurts alot so I cant wear any tight cloths and with being bigger than before they are all tight, so thats sucky... Just spending my time venting lol hoping it will make me feel better.

So I am no longer waiting for results as now I am...

so I am no longer waiting for results as now I am being asked when's the big day... I feel like crap. And I feel like I look like crap. My poor hubby is taking the brunt of it. I called my doc's office because my swelling is almost unbearable, but nothing till I see him on the 20th. it is 2 days short of 4 weeks and is there even a point for me waiting to see swelling go down because there hasn't been a change in the healing process

So I went for my one month check up. The Doc is...

So I went for my one month check up. The Doc is not very happy with my results, but figures I have done something to slow down the progress. They took 3 sets of after pics, I guess trying to find the best ones and unfortunately they all look the same as the befores. (except my back) I feel that I have just wasted my money which is sad because it's not just a little chunk of change laying around. It was five weeks yesterday, can I still be swollen because to be honest with you I cant tell the difference anymore. My tummy is very jiggly, I have been working my butt off at the gym, and It hurts by the time I'm finished. It kinda bothers me to go to the gym because I don't want him to think it was him that did an amazing job when it is me doing all the hard work and spending all my money on well nothing. I would have been fine with the cost and the pain if I had gotten any results.

Soooooo i must say I woke up Yesterday and I was...

soooooo i must say I woke up Yesterday and I was skinny... Well skinnier, big change the swelling just disappeared, I am not sure why or how. Maybe the gym I dont know but liking it. :)

So I went for my two month check up. I am very...

So I went for my two month check up. I am very happy to say that my doctor is as unhappy with my results as I am, so redo.... Hopefully the second time is a charm. My back side looks good, smaller but no change in my stomach. I go back on November 30 to redo the front.
Lol so true they try and make it a fault of yours when your not happy, even though it is their fault for not taking enough. But my case is not a touch up but a redo because there was no change at all.
Funny how you had a curvature in your spine...so did I!that must be his "go to" line when he knows his patients aren't 100% satisfied. He of course offered me a redo and he would"donate" his precious time , but I would have to pay for the use if his facility...
No extra cost, it is free of charge because neither of us were happy. The first check up I went to he told me I might have an additional cost because I have a slight curve in my spine but when he looked at my stomach he saw that there was clearly no change to it he decided we need a redo. I am so happy I thought I would have to pay.

I had my redo done one week ago today, and wow...

I had my redo done one week ago today, and wow what a difference, it is nothing like the first time. I am not sore at all and didn't have to take anything for pain. I don't have much swelling at all which is awesome. I will post new pictures soon.

What doctor did you go to in Edmonton?

I know the first time I did it, he took 750 cc from everywhere, so this time he took 700cc just from my lower abdomen and extra lasering in my lower abdomen also. I still have 7 lil holes but it hasn't hurt at all. I have started exercising already because it's as if nothing happened. Looking at myself the second day I thought I would be huge, but I've just gotten flatter and flatter every day. I seem to have misplaced my laptop or I would post pictures. I am sure I can by tomorrow.
Sorry about the typo's lol... I phone does it every time :)

After having the smart lipo twice with no results,...

After having the smart lipo twice with no results, I have decided to have a tummy tuck. I found the lipo did not give really any results what so ever. It was disappointing, so after a lot of thought this is my decision. I am having it done on the 16th and I am so excited and nervous. I have been having a lot of nightmares lol on just having the surgery. My PS said he is almost positive he will be able to remove the whole tattoo so that in itself is worth every penny I will pay!!! I am having it done in Puerto Vallarta with dr. Alejandro Enriques. I will be having a full tummy tuck with lipo on the back and thighs. I will not add any pre op pics because I haven't changed a bit since the last time I was on here so I am using those ones. Anyways just 6 more days, wish me luck!!! :)
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