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I am a 32 year old married mom of 2 boys (15 and...

I am a 32 year old married mom of 2 boys (15 and 11).

I have been considering breast augmentation for about 5 years. The TT was an afterthought at first but after losing 35 lbs, it became the the priority. My first inquiry with my family doctor left me embarrassed for asking. He made me feel like this was what a mom's body looks like and to get over it.

So After 5 years of it being in the back of my mind...I decided to go for it and booked my consults. I found a doctor that I have great rapport with and I feel comfortable with every step thus far...

Before and After pics coming soon

I truly hope you find a doctor you feel comfortable with through this journey. A good surgeon makes all the difference. Our wonderful Tummy Tuck community here on RealSelf can support you and help you through, as well. Please do keep us updated and let us know when you schedule your surgery.

If you get a chance and are on Facebook, I've started a page over there called Moms Who Want Their Bodies Back, where we discuss plastic surgery, exercise, healthy recipes, and beauty.

I'll be following your story with interest!

Congrats and good luck today!
All the best today! You are going to do great!

I've made it... Its now saturday and I'm off the...

I've made it... Its now saturday and I'm off the T3's. I still take an occassional robaxacette for the muscle fatigue in my back. I was not sleeping well initially after surgery and I thought the meds would knock me out, turns out that T3's have caffeine in them and I could not sleep! I saw the results yesterday for the first time at my post op appointment, My tummy is amazing- cant wait to see the final results of the BL/BA. I was surprised after surgery to find my drains located below the stitch line - It never occurred to me that they would be anywhere other than in the TT line. Its okay there except I will not wear any panties or pants until there are removed because of the pressure on them.
I was told I could shower, but I would have to "rig" something to hold protect the drains. I will wait until wednesday when the drains are out. So all in all when it comes to the staff they were okay...I was not impressed about "the rigging" or the fact that my doc was not there yesterday for the post op (maybe thats normal?) but the big beef was when she told me my husband had put my binder on upside down and backwards, I told her we didn't remove it at all...but she insisted their staff would not have made such an error. Other than these issues they were very informative and put me at ease before surgery. I am pleased at how well I am moving around. I can do most things without my husbands help now...I think he is relieved more than I!!!

I have not taken any PO pics yet - maybe today?!!
I'm also in Edmonton ... Which surgeon did you use?

Here it is 8 weeks later and I have loved this...

Here it is 8 weeks later and I have loved this summer with my new tummy. Having never worn a bikini or anything revealing...I finally got that privilege this year! I will likely have to have a second surgery on my left breast as it did not "settle" like the right one. I will find out in the fall when that will be. For anyone considering this surgery - I would do it over again. I dont even blink when I think of the money I spent. Worth every dime!!

That is awesome you have had such a great experience!  You should post some pictures when you have the time.  What surgeon did you use?

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