Mixto SX Treatment Yesterday - Edmonton, AB

Went into this procedure feeling very nervous and...

Went into this procedure feeling very nervous and it turned out surprisingly well. Pain was minimal! This is now the end of the first full day. Face is red and a bit tight but other than that there is NO pain. I think my skin is feeling tighter. I am 58 years old so while I am optimistic about the results, I do not expect to look 25 again. I am really grateful that Ultra Medic came to town and can offer such great rates.

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Day Three: Woke up in the middle of the night...

Day Three:
Woke up in the middle of the night because my chest was very sore and itchy. Took some ibuprofen and slathered lots of numbing cream. Started to peel today. Skin looks very red and raw. I am glad I did this procedure but I don't know if I would ever do it again. It hasn't been too painful but it has certainly been uncomfortable and messy.

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Day Four Very red in some areas and my right jaw...

Day Four
Very red in some areas and my right jaw / cheek area has blistered and some are open and oozing. Am now using polysporin antibiotic cream and feel quite concerned. Face is somewhat swollen and honestly cannot see any changes with regard to the tightening or wrinkle reducing as claimed by the Doctor.


Hi K2E,

Ohh, I can understand how you thus far only judged this as "not sure" because right now it sounds a bit painful. I'm hoping over the next few days you will peel and heal and your skin will be fantastic. When everything heals well and if you are comfortable sharing we'd love to see pictures. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review and enjoy the weekend!


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Day Five. Pictures aren't great but the red...

Day Five.
Pictures aren't great but the red marks are the blisters. Is this normal. Chest is just starting to peel. Not so painful now that it's cracked.
Just need to know if this is normal and will it go away. Right now the blisters are weeping a bit. Would hate to have scarring.


Thanks for the update and pictures K2E. As for the blistering some community members have mentioned they had a bit of blistering, but if it gets to bad you might want to go check with your doctor. Please continue to update.



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Today is day eight. Still can't go out without a...

Today is day eight. Still can't go out without a LOT of makeup over the red bits. My chest is especially messy and finally started using aloe vera rather that ointments as I need these sores to dry up and go away. I feel a lot better but LOOK a lot worse because now I have real scabs on my face and chest. Have not seen any difference in tightening but the skin on my cheeks looks a lot fresher. Still not sure if this procedure was worth it......

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Two and a half months later. So my skin feels...

Two and a half months later. So my skin feels better but I have some serious scarring and the waffle marks have not gone away especially on my left cheek. I decided to go back to Ultra Medic and I am happy to say that the "doctor" was very much humbled I think. He had taken a lot of flack over the past few months and seems to be much calmer. He has offered me a series of micro dermabrasion sessions to get rid of the remaining damage.

I don't know that I would ever have such an aggressive treatment again no matter how good of a deal! I think the concept is great but the Mixto machine has to be turned down. More treatments, a slower process but I am sure...way less down time and less damage.


Had the mixto procedure done at ultra medics in July, was told it would not hurt. It was the worst pain I ever felt, and I've been in labor 3 times!! It felt like my face was on fire a few minutes after the procedure, and lasted about 4 hours after. I asked the doctor why it's hurting so much and he told me after the procedure that he ran out of numbing cream. You would think he would of told me BEFORE the procedure, that he was out of the cream. Anyways all the way home I was crying but trying not to move cause it hurt so much. I had to go buy Auquaphor( its like vaseline), and try to cover the whole face to keep it moist. During the mixto procedure the skin was really tight like a sun burn and I asked the doctor if my skin would stay nice and tight like that, and he assured me it would, aswell as get rid of my large pores and a dark spot I had on face.

It took about 5 days for my face to peel. After day 5 my face did look more refreshed. But by the 10th day it looked just like it did before the procedure.

Now about 7 months later I am noticing fine lines around my mouth and under my eyes, and there is no change in my pore size and the dark mark on my face seems more noticeable now.

This may be a good procedure, if a certified doctor did it, but don't go where I went, I heard after he's not a real doctor. Save your money...
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I had the Mixto procedure around my eyes and mouth 7 days ago. I'm miserable with itching. I've been reading people's posts that they're back to work in a week, etc. I'm bright red and raw. The doc said today I was doing very well. I'd hate to see what poorly looks like. Night time is worse with the itching. Benedryl helps, but only so much. Does anyone have any advice to get me through?

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Ultra Medic

Very busy new clinic. I had to wait three hours for the procedure and then, thank goodness it only took forty minutes. The Doctor was very personable and apologetic. I plan on going back and I hope others can take advantage of these great deals! Now on day four and not so sure about this procedure. Plus I think now in retrospect, I wish this Doctor would have taken the time to explain this process FAR more thouroughly.

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