My Breast Reduction Experience - Edmonton, AB

I am just shy of two weeks away from my breast...

I am just shy of two weeks away from my breast reduction surgery! I have wanted one since around age 18. I was always average sized until about Grade 11 when they seemed to grow and grow! I wanted to share my story to help other women considering a reduction. I am very analytical and have been researching the procedure ever since I decided to get one.

I had met a Plastic Surgeon a few years ago who I wasn’t all that comfortable with. I lived in a pretty small town and the pickin’s were slim! He had a one year wait list, so I diceded to put my name on it and see what happened in that year. I ended up moving away and when I got the call to book my surgry date, I ducked out.

Fast forward 2 years and my boobs are bigger, heavier ans saggier! Now I want it more than ever before! Since I’m in a big city now, I figured there would be more Surgeon’s to choose from. I went to see my Family Doctor in July to get a referral to a Plastic Surgeon. I had one in mind that I heard really good reviews on and was really hoping my Doctor could get me a consultation with him. The day the surgeon started accepting new patiens, my Doctor’s office called and called until finally THEY GOT ME A CONSULTATION! I was so excited! To top it off, my consultation was only a month later!

 The surgeon also suggested a form of liposuction called Bilateral Axilla. This will be to reduce that “second boob” that spills over the side of your bra strap and the bulge you see near your armpit when you are wearing tank tops. Since the procedure takes tissue from the bottom of the breast, the reduction will not reduce my sides. This was an optional procedure, not covered by Provincial Health Care. After my obsessive research of any picture or YouTube videos I could get my hands on, I decided to go ahead with the lipo. I figure I will be in all that pain anyway…May as well do it all at once! I feel the results will be much more attractive too! Like, who wants ittie bitties with side spillage?! EW

Although I wear a 34G bra, my surgeon claims, in his medical opinion, I am a DD. I still don’t understand how the “medical size” and the “bra store size” differ… but oh well… He wants to put me at a C. I sometimes worry that this will be too small. I do enjoy having a large chest – just not ENORMOUS! I’m also factoring in the fact that when I have children later down the road that I will gain some boob back. So I think the size will work out good. I have also become obsessive with looking at every woman’s boobs that I see. I really hope they don’t catch me one day, but sometimes I get such a strong urge to ask them what size they are then realize that would be totally creeper style. So, I just sit back and evaluate.

I put my name on the waiting list for surgery. They called me within a few weeks to say that I was booked for November 15th! I was ecstatic! It’s a good thing it was a short wait becasue I would change my mind a gazillion times and I think I’ve read nearly every Breast Reduction site out there. LOL I find that I still second guess the desicion but am able remind myself of the positive reasons of why I’m choosing to do this. (Strap indents on the shoulder, chaffing under the boob, wires digging into your sides, hunching, constant sore neck, boobs near your knees, can’t go braless(that would be a horrific sight)…etc…etc..) UGH you ladies know what I’m talkin’ about!

Everything has been pretty easy up until now. I had to go in for a Pre-Op check up with my Family Doctor, fill out some Medical History forms and go get some blood work.

My mom will be flying out to stay with us for a week. This will be a great blessing since my boyfriend cannot take time off. I’m sure he will appreciate the extra hand as he gets a little queazy when it comes to blood and surgery. Plus, he is going to have a hard time seeing me in pain.

The funny thing is… I’m not so worried about the pain…. I’m just wondering how the hell I’m going to be able to sleep on my back for a month!

Anyhow…. I hope lot’s of you join me along my way…. Share your thoughts and experiences! Let’s be here to support each other!!

I’ll update soon….

So, on Tuesday I will be one week away from...

So, on Tuesday I will be one week away from surgery!! I'm loving being on this site. I am getting great feedback and lot's of support!! It's relieving to talk to all these women who are in the process like me, or have already gone through it!

I am excited and at times very nervous. I have to make myself stop thinking about it sometimes.

I had a dream (more like nightmare) the other night that I showed up for surgery and this man was interviewing me before hand. He had a name tag that said "Pharmacist", then went on to explain that he was going to perform my surgery because my surgeon had double booked me! I couldn't understand how he was qualified to perform my surgery but he told me he had done about 7 already. I started freaking out at the hospital and to see the surgeon. I started to get mad because of all the build up to the surgery and now I wasn't going to get it... At that point I woke up almost crying! LOL

Such an odd dream but funny how our thoughts/fears come out in our subconscious mind!!

Did any of you experience this?? LOL

So I am only a couple of days away now!! I am...

So I am only a couple of days away now!! I am unbelievably calm about the surgery too! I'm really surprising myself. I hope this lasts! It is totally my style to get MEGA nervous the night before/morning of.

I ordered two post surgical bras online. One came and the other hasn't so far. I went to Wal Mart today and bought one more just in case it doesn't show up in time.

My mom will be showing up tomorrow night! Can't wait to see her!

My boyfriend is really helping me out so far. I woke up late this morning and he already had most of the house all cleaned up!!! :) How sweet!! So I only had to mop and do a bit of dusting.

I'm am going to work tomorrow and will need to call the hospital in the afternoon to find out the time of my surgery on Tuesday.

I hope I have enough energy to update the few days following my surgery!! Am I being over positive?? Will I be a zombie??

I hope and pray that I have gorgeous results. Thanks everyone for following! I'll post again before surgery!!

Night! :)

So. Almost midnight and can't sleep! Very...

So. Almost midnight and can't sleep! Very anxious/excited/curious!! I'm having a hard time imagining my boobs being gone! It somewhat doesn't feel real! I started my fasting which I'm already freaked out about! What if I get thirsty, or need gum?? ( I chew gum when I get nervous)
I put a towel over my bathroom faucet so I won't drink water by mistake in the night. I also hid my purse so I won't get gum. (I chew gum in the night!) Weird, right? LOL
I need to be at the hospital for 7am, surgery at 830. I'm really freaked out to see my chest bruised and stitched!
Everyone in my life has been so supportive and so have all of you! Thank you all for your kind words and encouraging comments!

Hi ladies!! I had my BR on Tuesday and everything...

Hi ladies!!
I had my BR on Tuesday and everything went really well! Since I am updating from my phone, I will post camera pics tomorrow!

Surgery Day
As you can read fromy earlier post, I was very nervous, but excited the night before. I had to arrive at the hospital at 7, then surgery was scheduled for 830.
When I first got there they gave me a bed and got ne to change into a gown. As soon as i layed down i started crying! I was so scared. After a while They checked my vitals, weight, height etc. The nurse explained what was going to happen before and after my surgery. I started crying again!! She went to see if the anastesiologist (sp?) would allow me an ativan. She said she would prefer if I didn't since it would slow my recovery from the anastesia. But said I could if I felt I needed it. I decided to "man up", not take it and was able to relax myself.
At around 815 the porter came to wheel me into the surgery area. They allowed my mom to come but not my bf. We waited in a room for my surgeon to come mark my chest. He answered all of my last minute questions and concerns and reassured me that everything was going to go well. The anastesiologist then came and met me to ask any last minute questions as well. About 5-10 minutes later the porter came to wheel me into the OR. O said bye to my mom and started crying again!
Once in the OR the nurse helped me onto the operating bed. The anastesiologist then put my IV in. I was looking around the room then the next thing I remember I was waking up in post op!! I didnt remember a thing! As soon as I woke up i mumbled to the nurse about having a very dry mouth. They gave me a sponge on a stick to suck on and it was heaven! The next thing I remember was being wheeled back to the room I started in. I had an IV and oxygen tubes in my nose. It was about noon and I continued to sleep off an on for the next few hours. I felt a bit sick so they put Gravol in my IV. This helped. They wouldn't let me leave until I got up and went pee on my own. I was very dizzy when I stood up and had a hard time peeing e en though it felt like I had to go so bad'! I asked if I could go back and lay down. I slept for about another hour then tried to go again. I was less dizzy this time and forced myself to pee because I wanted to go home!! It was around 6pm.
When I got home I layed in the recliner for a few hours. I got terrible heart burn so i had some Maalox. At around 9 I went to bed with my pillows propped and some under my legs. I woke my mom up every hour to help me get out of bed to pee. The nurses said the anastesia messes with your bladder. That's why I had such a strong urge to pee but only a little came out. Each time I went got easier. My face was also very hot and flush all night. No fever though! My pain level was not too bad. When I got to post op they gave me morphine. I still feel the effects of it today! I have been getting by taking extra strength tylenol every 4 hours. They prescribed me T3's but I have not needed them yet.

Day 1 Post Op
This morning my mom made me some eggs and toast. I ate about half. I slept off and on until about 1 when I had to get ready to go back to the hospital. I needed to get my drains out and dressings changed. The nurse I saw was very nice and very gentle. She pulled out the drains at the same time she pulled off the tape. I didn't even feel them come out! She then cleaned me up and got me a mirror. All I can say is WOW! I couldn't believe I was looking at MY boobs! They were so perky! The doctor said he made them a full C which is great because I was worried they would be too small. Even my mom and bf were in awe of how nice they were. They are pretty bruised but not too swollen. The nurse fitted my new bra on me and stuffed some gauze in it. One side is leaking which she said is good!
After I returned home I became very nauseous!! I think the car ride and being overwhelmed did it. I took some gravol and was able to sleep. I have been sleeping off and on until now. My mom wakes me up to feed me a bit and give me my meds. I call for her or my bf to help me get up when needed. They have both been so great and patient with me!!

I will post pics tomorrow and please let me know if you have any questions!! Good night.

Post Op Day 2 & 3 Yesterday was Day 2. I stayed...

Post Op Day 2 & 3

Yesterday was Day 2. I stayed awake all day and was eating a lot more. I'm eating light and drinking apple juice, water and Ginger ale. I got up and walked down my hallway a few times. In the afternoon I moved from bed to the recliner and stayed there watching TV for quite a few hours. I went to bed around 9. My throat was very sore from the breathing tube and my neck, ears and head were aching really bad. I'm still only taking extra strength Tylenol. 2 at night and one during the day. I woke up at about midnight, very hot and very nauseous. My mom got me a cold cloth and I was a little gassy. I ended up falling back asleep.

Day 3

I woke up about 530 this morning to take my antibiotics. I was not feeling good in the tummy and had hot sweats in the night. I fell asleep for another few hours. I was able to have a few bowel movements which helped the gas. The nurse from the hospital called to check on me. She said I shouldnot feel nauseous still and that it may be my medication. I called my PS office to see if I could get my anti biotics switched as I think they are making me sick. She's just waiting to talk to the PS and should get back to me soon. They put me on a very strong type so I will be glad if i can go on a new one.
I was allowed to have a shower today which was great. My mom changed my bedding and washed my bra. She helped me wash my hair. I blow dried my steri strips a little then let them air dry before putting on another bra. The bruising has turned yellow and is starting to dissapear. I have been laying propped up in bed today and will move to the couch later. My sides aren't as swollen and I'm not as tender feeling. I have not taken any pain meds since last night. The only pain I feel is when I stand up, my sides and underneath my boobs feel tight and I feel pressure. I am still a little bit dizzy but may be from the anti biotics as well. I have taken gravol a few times today and it is helping to ease the nausea.
Talk to you soon!

Day 3 Cnt'd So, I just heard back from my PS...

Day 3 Cnt'd
So, I just heard back from my PS office. He wants me to stay on the anti biotics. :(
I understand, but I'm having really nasty symptoms, so its tough news. I guess I will stick it out for the next 4 days!

Did anyone else experience bad antibiotic symptoms? I know most of them tend to cause stomach upset but this is worse than most..

Day 4 Post Op I stayed up until about 11 last...

Day 4 Post Op
I stayed up until about 11 last night to take my dose of antibiotics. I woke up around 3 due to coughing and being cold. I am able to get out of bed with no help so I turned the heat on and got some cough drops. I woke up again at 7 to take more antibiotics. I slept again until around 11. I have been watching movies and pacing around the house as much as I can. I may take a nap now. I am gaining my appetite each day and my pain is very minimal. No pain killers in two days now. :)

I am just about 1 month post op. I am starting to...

I am just about 1 month post op. I am starting to get my energy back. I started work on Thursday and by did it tire me out!
I had my 3-week check up last week and my surgeon is pleased and said that everything looks great!
The areas that were liposuctioned are still swollen and tender. This is normal at this stage. He recommended I start massaging my sides a few times a day. This has definitely helped to "loosen" the area. It felt very tight when I would reach my arms and it has gotten easier to do over the last few days.
I am continuing to tape my insicions. My surgeons feels this is the best for scar management. I use paper tape and change it every three days. It's ok to shower with it on, I just make sure I blow dry them a little before I put my surgical bra back on.
I am still not able to work out and I am getting restless. I feel like all hard work before surgery is starting to go to waste! I'm losing tone in the areas I worked so hard on! It will be nice to get back into the gym!
I am still not able to lift anything heave or reach above my head and my boyfriend and co-workers have been very helpful with this!!
I will go back to my surgeon in the beginning of January for a 6 week check up and he will advise me on activities, etc. at that point.
I am so very happy that I went through with this! My results surpassed my expectations and has been exciting to try on new clothes!! The count down is on until I can hit up Victoria's Secret for some cute bras!! :)

It has been almost 2 months since my surgery. I am...

It has been almost 2 months since my surgery. I am very pleased with everything!!
I just had a check up with my surgeon last week and he said everything looks great. I am now able to return to all normal activities.
I am still taping my scars and will continue for the next few months.
I went and bought my very first bra since surgery!! I am not a 36-D. YAYYYY!!! I even bought my very first push up bra. For the first time ever it was FUN to go bra shopping! I have really been enjoying shirt shopping as well!
This surgery has been the best thing I have done for myself. My neck/back pain has been severely alleviated and my confidence has gone wayyy up!
I am not sleeping on my side. I still get a little bit of pain from the lipo of my sides. They sometimes swell up and a little numb still.
Please let me know if you have any questions and if you are going through this procedure please do not hesitate to contact me!!!

It is almost one year post op and things have...

It is almost one year post op and things have healed up great!
I still get a sharp pain sometimes in the sides where I had lipo. I try to stretch as they start to feel tight.
My breasts have dropped quite a bit. More natural looking. Still very perky and smaller nipples.
Please feel free to message me with any questions!
Dr. Feng Chong

Dr. Chong is a great surgeon. He met me before surgery to answer any last minute questions or concerns. I did not feel rushed and he made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Chong came to check on me twice after surgery before he left the hospital! His assistant Michelle is very friendly and quick to answer any questions. All in all Dr. Chong is very caring, professional, has a great sense of humour and takes a lot of pride in his work. I would recommend him 100%!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Really liked reading your review. It made me be more at ease. I am getting my surgery April 14th! I am just super nervous because I have bad anxiety. I am on medicine for it but Im nervous my heart will be racing way to fast and they will be like "nope sorry cant do the surgery". haha its silly to think but its one of my worries! Was your heart beating super fast?
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Hello. Are you getting your surgery done in edmonton Alberta? I'd also like to get a reduction, what is the timeframe from when you went to your doctor for a referral to actually getting your surgery date? I would love to not have a long wait and get in as soon as possible.
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your results are lovely! thanks so much for sharing! I had my consult with PS yesterday and she recommended doing lipo on the "sideboob spillage". You mentioned that your discomfort post lipo lasted a long time. Do you still think it's worth it or should I just skip the lipo? My insurance will not cover the lipo but I can just pay for it out of pocket.
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Hi tat. I cannot say for sure, but in my situation I am very glad I had it done. It really attributed to the great results! It was a long healing process. You need to be realistic about your expectations. Ask your surgeon what results you can expect if you don't get it, etc. Then make an informed decision. Everyone is different in their reasons and healing process. My results were great and although I had discomfort I do not regret doing the lipo. (Insurance didn't cover mine either and I had to pay out of pocket.)
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The reason I ask is bcs my breasts are so big, it's hard to determine where the lateral axilla begins and to imagine exactly how it will look after a reduction. I don't really have any spillage (side boob) but that could be bcs they are so heavy and gravity pulls enough to make it look this way, if they become smaller, it could very well end up looking squishy and weird. Lol. My PS said she recommends the lipo bcs she has been doing it this way for 17 years. How much did the lipo upgrade cost you, if you don't mind sharing? Sorry for the weird question
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Hi life! I'm 16 and have 36JJ sized breasts. I know I'm not done growing yet, but it's getting to the point where I am having severe shoulder, neck, and back pain. I'm currently in the process of making an appointment for a consultation for a breast reduction. I've never had surgery before and I'm really excited/nervous/scared of what is going to happen. What should I expect on the day of surgery (considering that I might be getting a reduction)?
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Hey tinydancer. I had never had surgery before my reduction either. On the day of I was excited/scared/nervous... You name it! Just be confident in your decision and have faith in your surgeon. There are always risks but if you feel the surgery outweighs the risks the. Ride the flow of emotions and go with it! When you wake up it will all be over!! Good luck xo
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I'm so happy I got to read you're journey! I have a couple questions, I live in Fort McMurray and am looking for a surgeon to get the ball rolling for my BR surgery. Just wondering if you looked into any other surgeons and if your procedure was covered because of medical reason. If so, how does that process work?
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Hey kbne! I researched all the surgeons in the city. I found a site called Rate MD's to be helpful too. It was covered through medical. I made an appointment with my doctor who sent the referral into the surgeon. Thanks! :)
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I'm really glad I saw your review out here! I'm going to finish reading everything after work tonight but have a question for you. My friend is going to schedule her own BR for August. Is there anything you can recommend I do for her while in recovery that might be a nice thing to help her out with? She is married and I know her husband will step up to the plate too, but your thoughts on making her recovery easier would be appreciated as I'd like to do something to help her! You look awesome!
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Hey finance! That is really sweet of you! I had my mom with me and it was great. There was little things we didn't think of. Like taking plates out of the cupboards because I couldn't reach up. Making me meals. Helping me out of bed. Cleaning. Keeping my meds on schedule. I did sleep a lot so it was nice just knowing someone was in the other room if I needed something and my mom got some quiet time to relax too :) lots of women won't ask for help so just try to cover all angles so she doesn't injure herself or pull her stitches. A lot of women try to get back at it too soon so anything you can do so she can relax is wonderful. What an awesome friend you are! Good luck :)
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Thanks so much for the advice! All good stuff. :)
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Your results came out amazing!!! Did you do anything besides taping the scars? i.e. vitamin E or cocoa butter or bio oil? Also, was there anything you did to manage the tightness on the underneath incision? I just took the tape off after having my procedure done last wednesday and this is the most discomfort i've experienced so far :(. If you could suggest anything I'd really appreciate it!
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Thanks upgraded! I didn't do anything else to the scars. Just tape. Surgeon said tape would work better than any oil would. The tightness will go away on its own. Your cheat has been through a lot! Mine changed and tingled and hurt for about a year. :)
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Thanks for getting back to me Life! I appreciate it. The tightness has gotten a lot better the last few weeks :) And as far as taping, I just started doing it yesterday but its super annoying lol...How long after surgery did you continue to wear the tape?
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What tape are you using? I taped for 6-7 months! I started to feel very secure when it was on though.
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Hi Life! I just purchased Nexcare Surgical Tape last week and started using that. I also have the steri-strips at home as well but they're the 1/4 x 4 ones and they're too small for the bottom incisions. The 1/2 x 4 steri-strips have been hard to find in my local drug stores, so I opted for the surgical tape when i stumbles across it last week. Would you suggest one over the other or is it basically one in the same?
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I recall the steri strips to be quite thick? I used 3M Micropore Brown Paper Tape. I bought a few rolls of it at the local medical supplies supplier. Pretty cheap and you can tear to for your incisions. It was very comfy and flexible. I showered with it on, blow or air dried before dressing and changed every few days or when it started to fall off. :)
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your boobies look absolutely perfect!!!!!!!!!
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hey you look great! what size are you now! and during this process did you ever feel like discourage or like you made the wrong decision...Im five days post op and my emotions are crazy...i love the result but they do look small..I suppose to to be d/dd but they look more like a b! lol...smh
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Hey kreative. Yes, I was emotional the whole time. Wondered whether I had done the right thing or not. It didn't take long for me to realize it was the best thing for me! I also had a great surgeon and a good healing experience so it wasn't hard to know it was the best decision.
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As i said earlier, you look great! Dream boobs -- full but perky:) Would you mind posting side pics of your 11 month old girls? I'm curious to see how the shape shifted. It's fascinating.... In just one week since my op, I see mine dropping!!!
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You look wonderful. Thanks for posting. I'm 1 week post op an see scabs already my Dr used dissolving stitches an glue an a tiny part ripped this morning I think I want that sterile strips to help with my scars an prevent anymore scabs coming off exposing me an making my healing take way longer. I'm glad I read your profile
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Thanks Nellie! How did your scabs come along? How is the scarring? Did you tape?
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You look perfect!! That's the size I'd like to be but am afraid I'll be bigger - I'm 34G too. What size are you wearing now? Do you know how many grams your PS took out? Thanks for sharing!
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