After Day 3 Post Op Everything Went Down Hill - Edmonton, AB

Day 1, 2 and 3 post op I looked awesome and was...

Day 1, 2 and 3 post op I looked awesome and was extremely happy with my new flat tummy however this was short lived. By day 5 post op results look horrible, I look huge and have no nice curve and tummy as on the first few days. I recovered well though. Was off paid meds on day 3 and driving and doing modified housework etc by day 4. I am day 10 post op today and feeling ripped off and worse then before I spent $9000 for this TT. Wish I'd saved my money. Got one drain removed today. I don't feel swollen or anything. I don't feel any pain anywhere or any hardness anywhere but I look and feel fat bulgy with loose skin that temperarily seemed to be resolved the first few days post op. This sucks and I am not too hopeful that this will change. Could've found many ways to spend my hard earned money such as on my 3 children!

How are things progressing??
I really believe you have pushed it too early. Then comes swelling and thats what it totally looks like from the photo. Surgery can be so stressful and emotional. We want it so bad then think the results are not what we envisioned. Give yourself 6 months and they wont do revisions until that time or longer..Hope you are feeling better this week?? I am now just over 1 month and so irritated with soreness and the garment and the whole process as I cant really work out. But the results will be wonderful
My doctor wouldnt even let me out of bed for 4 days after my TT...didnt want stress on the wound. I had a catheter in until the 5th day and then had drainage tubes out as well. He then put me in the private hotel rooms at the hospital so i could get used to the bed and getting used to normal living again. What you have had done is HUGE and stress on your body is intense. As most the ladies have said....make sure you wear your support garment..24/7 except when you shower. I wore mine for 12 weeks and no swelling but so much support. Im 2 years PO and still have the flatest stomach that all my friends are so envious of. And above all..REST. Dust dont rust and it will be there when you are feeling better.Dont know how old your kids are but get them to help you out and if Dads around get him on the broom and mop. If you are not happy with your results after a few months then head back to your doctor and get it sorted but dont over do anything in the beginning as you wont have a leg to stand on if you havent followed your recovery instructions. Best of luck
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