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Hello all you lovely and brave ladies! I'm new to...

Hello all you lovely and brave ladies! I'm new to this and was just looking for advise on anything that may help prepare for a rummy tuck. I've read a lot of stories looked at so many before and afters and can't wait to do it. I have a consult Aug 25 and hope to book my surgery that day. Wish me luck! Thanks in advance!! : )

About me

I thought I should tell you a little about myself, so here goes...
I'm a 48 year old single mom of two grown kids, my daughter is 23 and my son is 20. I raised them both on my own and had many struggles throughout the years as any single parent would know, actually any parent would know. Anyway, they are the absolute joy of my life and wouldn't trade in one stretch mark for them. As they have matured into adults I enjoy them more everyday and we are best of friends today.
Raising them was a struggle and a joy. To support them I had many different jobs and enjoyed most of them. But in the past 14 years I went from running an over head crane in a lumber mill to going back to school to become a graphic designer then onto a nail technician and lastly my most loved job now a mobile crane operator. Which I'll stay at until I retire (hopefully in about 7-8 years)
I have always struggled with my weight since after having my kids. I did the yoyo thing a lot. My heaviest being 198. Oh I'm 5'8". I lost that weight doing WW and kept it off for sometime. Right now I sit at 173 and and an ideal weight for me is 150-155 so I'm in the process of getting rid of that before surgery. I feel that's manageable. But as we all know having babies is hell on the ol'bod and I too have the saggy bag hanging off my gut and I'm so sick of trying to hide it!
So this is for me and only me. Of course the bf says he loves me as I am but he doesn't have to pack it around, try to hide it, squish it into spanxs or wear a one piece to the beach. But he is supportive to what I'm doing. Last night he even said he was happy for me for getting what I want, I said he will be happy with the new me. I've saved my money and am so ready for this!
Like I said in my earlier post I have yet to see the PS for my first consult but reading about him and having knowing someone who had his work done (my sister had a breast reduction) I think and hope he's the one. I go Aug 25 and can't wait!
I've been watching YouTube videos, reading reviews, looking at b&a pics, watching actual surgeries of the procedure, you name it I've been doing my research. Even the recovery doesn't scar me. I had back surgery a few years ago and that was not so bad. I was up waking that day and healing process was about 3 weeks and got the go ahead to go back to work 5 weeks out. So I'm hoping for the same with this tt.

Ok I've rambled on enough so might share my thoughts once a week as time and research goes or if something comes to mind.

Oh and I must say I admire and respect every woman on this site and wish them all the best in their personal journey.

Weight coming off.

My last post was July 19th and I was at 173, today I'm at 168 so it's coming slowly but surely. It's coming off at a healthy rate I feel, an average of 1.5 - 2lbs a week which works just fine for me and I should have shed it all by surgery time, which I'm hoping will be Oct or Nov. My consult is in 23 days and I can't wait to hear what he has to say and hope I'm a good candidate for the tt. Fingers crossed.
Happy healing everyone and have a great weekend everyone! Be back in a few weeks.

Consult change

Hi everyone. Just a quick update, my consult was changed from the 25th to the 19th of this month so that makes me happy and closer to setting a date for surgery. Yay!! I just know he will be the doctor for me, if my sister was happy from his work I'm sure I will be too.
On another note, I have all my money saved for this and then some for while I'm off work and I even paid off all my credit card debt yesterday so that's not hanging over my head. So all I have for debt is my mortgage and boy does that feel good!

Happy healing ladies and, like me, welcome all just starting this journey.

Date booked!

Well had my consult today and it went very well. I'm happy to say I booked my surgery and put down a deposit. My date is November 7th, and I'll be the first surgery of the day. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. This is real it's going to happen. Omg!

Wrong date

I wrote the wrong date, it's actually the 6th of November.

60 Days!

Hello RS ladies!
Well today marks the 2 month pre surgery day. So far I'm not excited or nervous, maybe because it's still a ways off but I know it will be here quick and I know I'll have emotions as the day gets closer. Probably more excitement than nervous.
I've been quite busy with work so that keeps my mind off of it, just my big concern is my house. I'm in the middle of renos and for some reason I feel I need it all done before surgery, highly unlikely that will happen. Just a few things I'm wanting done before surgery are new carpet upstairs, the spare room painted and decorated (for my mom as she will come stay with me for a few days) the whole house inside repainted, my garage roof reshingled, and I need a new garage door and opener and a major cleaning! I'm the type of person who loves renovating so most of will be done by me. After I'm all healed I'll be getting a new kitchen and redone bathrooms, can't wait for that! I need a magic wand! Anyways that's were my mind is mostly.
I'm off for 4 days starting next Friday so I'm going to go and pay for my surgery that day and it will be no turning back then. WOW!
I've gotten the time off work, taking 3 weeks off, then light duty for 2 weeks. Hope that's enough time. I'm actually looking forward to the time off, even if it is just laying about. I haven't had a holiday in over 2 years so this will be good.
I've rambled enough so happy healing everyone.


Thought I'd share a few more pics. Yuck! Gross! TT day please hurry up and arrive! 50 days and counting.
Dr. Paul Schembri

Dr. Paul Schembri

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Good luck! I will be on a plane on Nov 6 to Mexico for 10 days. But I'll be thinking about you. You've accomplished so much and have spent your life doing for others. I'm so happy for you that you are doing something for you!!! Just takes time to heal.
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Oh how nice, have a great time in Mexico. I'm hoping to go away just after Christmas, just not sure if I'll be healed enough for that. I agree, it is time for me. Thanks
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Good day. Am 51 grandma 5 days post op. In edmonton. Had tt, bl with ba. Not as bad as i expected. Took advise from other ladies in taking stool softners before surgery and Dr prescribed some after. Keep the positive attitude and work on your back and upper leg muscles. As you will need them. I have not experienced any back aches.
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Hi willyc. Thanks so much for the advice. Which doctor did your tt? I look forward to seeing some pictures.
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Dr. Wilkes. Fabulous Dr. Am now 10 days post off. Doing great. The first week is the toughest mentally, and limitations physically. But worth it . Just remember that we are not 20 anymore and will not have a 20yr old body after. But will be tight, smooth and sexy.
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Morning. Your consult is tomorrow. Praying all your questions are answered and you have that inner peace or intuition that says "this is it". Be blessed.
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Thank you so much. Yes it is and I'm very excited for tomorrow and have many questions. Fingers crossed.
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Good luck, u will do great
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I'm 61, and had my TT in March...the BEST thing I did was rent a walker, which totally prevented back pain and sure helped me get around. I did not have constipation issues because I only took pain killers for the first 3 days but after that, since I had no pain at all (just some soreness when getting up) , I stopped taking them; the doc put me on one week of antibiotics and since those help one have a bm, I was regular as usual. I wasted $$ buying things I thought I needed but didn't, so all I can say is, get a walker!! Good luck!
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If you can try to get as close to your ideal weight as possible by surgery day for optimal surgical results. (Definitely easier said than done). Most of us don't have a great appetite for the first week or two after surgery and lose some weight then too. Thanks for the update!
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Hi. And good luck on your surgery!!
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Read nevertoolate2014newme latest update. She's got some great tips which I totally agree with. I myself have had two tummy tucks since September 2013. I probably would not have needed a second one IF ONLY I had confirmed with my surgeon just prior to surgery that we had agreed on a FULL TT at the first consultation which occurred more than a year earlier! It's possible that my surgeon didn't check his notes that morning and mistakenly gave me a mini TT!! I'll never know!! Just remember that surgeons are human too and mistakes DO happen! Good for you for making this big, life changing decision!!
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Hi and thnks for the info. I looked at your profile and I'm just amazed! You seemed to have faired very well considering having two tt. You look amazing!!
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Thank you! Yes, luckily for me recovery really wasn't bad BOTH times but not everyone is so lucky.
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Hi 20YearWait, are there any questions you have that you would like to ask, I had my tt back in February (in Toronto).
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I must say you look amazing! I snooped at your pics. I look at your before and we are somewhat similar, it's nice to see your results and hope mine turn out that good. As far as questions go ... Did you have a hard time climbing stairs when recovering? Reason I ask is my for my job. I'm a crane operator and am hoping to go back to work after 3 weeks and I have to climb a ladder to get in my crane and I worry about tearing something. I also want to sleep in my bed from day one, how painful is that in the beginning? Also I was wondering about swimming after, how long do you have to wait? I heard 6 months! Too long a wait for me. Thanks for taking the time to read and answer my post. Now I wait for my consult, it can't get here soon enough.
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Thanks - I went for a follow up appt today and he was very impressed. He even said he can see ab definition :-) Your before belly does look very similar to mine - I will be posting a few more before pics later today (I asked the clinic to send me the ones they took - they really show my belly hahaha). I didnt have a hard time climbing stairs - the first week is always the hardest. After 3 weeks I was pretty good to go. I went back to work 10 days post op and was pretty much walking straight. I was at the gym walking on the treadmill at week 4 I believe. Listen to your body for sure. I slept in my bed from day one - my surgeon insisted on it actually - said it would be best for me and I have to agree. My husband was next to me if I needed anything - he would get me my meds and water during the night and help me with my binder when I had to get up during the night to pee. Definitely sleep in your own bed (thats my advice anyways, others may say differently). I used a step stool because my bed was high. I would have all of my pillows propped up where they had to be before I backed myself onto the bed. Swing your legs and use your arm strength to position yourself. Once you get the hang of it its not so bad. I believe swimming the surgeon told me 8 weeks post op. keep the questions coming if you have more, I am happy to answer. Oh and check later to see "the gut"
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I slept in my bed from day one. Had lots of pillows to sleep almost in a sitting position with more pillows under my knees. Was able to sleep on my side too although changing sleeping positions is slow and painful for several days ( weeks for some). You should be able to swim when your incisions have healed completely. I did after about three weeks.
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You should be able to climb those ladders to get into your crane. Sitting for hours will probably cause you to swell quite a bit and after only three weeks post op you will likely be very sore all over your midriff by the end of your shift and feel fatigued! I say try to get an extra week off from work!! Even if you have a great and easy recovery (like me) you should have at least a month off from work! You'll be short of breath quickly from climbing those ladders!
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