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I'm 5'4", a Mother of 3 kids, 5,3,...

I'm 5'4", a Mother of 3 kids, 5,3, and almost 2. After putting on the most weight with my 3rd (last weigh-in before having her was 220lbs), i lost my weight and got down to 140 lbs - (but now because i'm nervous for surgery i can't stop eating and now am up to 149 lbs) so when i'm lean and eatin clean...my stomach is so saggy and horrible looking! can't wear any tight shirts with jeans because my skin hangs over.....very attractive!

I've decided to get lipo on my flanks because i want the best apperance as possible. My doctor kind of tried talking me out of it, but i insisted. I've also been blessed with the saddlebag wings like my mother, so i'm getting lipo there as well...taking advantage of this opportunity! I'm registered for my first 1/2 marathon in November in Malibu with some girlfriends, so i'm hoping it'll be a speedy recovery so i can start my training! wish me luck! i'll keep you posted...surgery is tomorrow!

So i survived! When did you guys take your binder...

So i survived! When did you guys take your binder off to take a peek? I don't think i'm in any rush because it seems so complicated to put back together!

I've been able to cuddle and read a book to my oldest (51/2yr), but she turned and looked to me and said," mommy, i sure wish they didn't do what they did to you"! - broke my heart:(
and my 22 mth old keeps on banging on my door yelling mommy, not understanding why i can't be with her!
Go for my f/u today, trying to think of what questions to ask him? I already feel like i have bed sores and so badly want to sleep on my side.
I find it very difficult to, to try to get in/out of bed w/o using my stomach muscles? me and husband r trying to figure this out.

4 days po, i still have a headache from hell, and...

4 days po, i still have a headache from hell, and a backache, i think i'm trying to do a little too much around the house. i put some laundry in the dryer, and i loaded up the dishwasher, i think i just need to let things go! I'm gonna have to spend more time in my room so the mess doesn't drive me crazy!lol
showered for the first time yesturday...wow, felt light headed...i don't want to do that for a bit!
go on wednesday to get my drains out. i still have a hard time trying to peak at the results...hopefully i'll take some pics on wednesday!

Added 2 pics of my 4 days po. Swollen and hard to...

added 2 pics of my 4 days po. Swollen and hard to see what it's gonna look like? He said the creases will smooth out, just because its swollen right now?

Well i'm offically drain free and it feels fricken...

Well i'm offically drain free and it feels fricken fantastic! ah, those things creeped me out a bit! the nurse cleaned my incision and the felt weird too! i get creeped out anyone touching my stomach at all!
He said everything looks good! Have to wear the girdle & binder until i'm 8 weeks post.
last night i kind of had a melt down... by day 3 po, i was kneeling down to put laundry in the dryer and loading the dishwasher, picking up toys and stuff off the floor and told this to my friend...and she said i was gonna screw everything up and tear my stomach muscles! Also swelled a lot last night i even had a hard time breathing with all my gear on. So last night was my crying of i hope i didn't screw things up night! At the time i felt fine doing all of that but maybe it was the painkillers?

Dr. Chong said no lifting for 8 wks (of course which i knew), but the no bending down to pick things up and lifting my own legs into bed for 8 wks?....When did everyone else start bending down to pick things up? and being able to throw a load of laundry in etc?
Starting to feel a little burning on my sides and wear the side of the girdle zips up. he says its from the lipo and all the nerves that were damaged from the lipo.

so next check up is in 7 wks.... in the meantime i'll keep updating and probably be asking everyone a million questions!

9 days po...had a laughing fit last night with my...

9 days po...had a laughing fit last night with my husband..tried to stop and ended up sounding like a donkey! Paying for it this morning! I'm tempted to call my ps and ask if its possible i blew all my stitches!
My knees are so sore as well. Not sure if its from walking bent over all the time and sleeping with the pillows under my knee or what but holy!

Still find it hard to see what i actually am gonna look like? i have above my bb and spot of rippley fat it looks like? hope its just swelling or fluid!!
I'll post pics when i'm due for my next shower!
also black and blue from the lipo.
I hope the lipo will be worth it because man it's painful!!

Awwww Maaaan……..guess what’s back! My...

Awwww Maaaan……..guess what’s back! My fricken appetite!!
Was so hoping to get another week or 2, taking advantage of nothing appealing to me so I can lose another 4 lbs!! This was helping me loose the weight I gained from Mexico:(
Oh well, back to reality and portion controlling now!

Awwww Maaaan……..guess what’s back! My...

Awwww Maaaan……..guess what’s back! My fricken appetite!!
Was so hoping to get another week or 2, taking advantage of nothing appealing to me so I can lose another 4 lbs!! This was helping me loose the weight I gained from Mexico:(
Oh well, back to reality and portion controlling now!

So i'm 2 wks 3 days now, and i'm sooo frustrated!!...

so i'm 2 wks 3 days now, and i'm sooo frustrated!! Noticed my incision had a horrible smell and saw yellow color insided the tape.
called my ps and he said to remove the tape clean it with peroxide and put gauze & polysporn over it.
So i did and yeah, right in the middle of my stomach was yellow pus and was bleeding! WTF, it was like it looked from day 1 of the fricken surgery!! I'm so discouraged and freaked out because now my husbands back at work! i have a little babysitter helping me for 3-4 hours out of the day but seriously!!
Going to see him on Monday. he says to dry it out, but then putting the polysporin on it still makes it goopy so i'm a little confused on what to do?
So i'm just laying here for the next couple of hours to dry it out, but then i'm paranoid about my swelling to get out of control because i'm not wearing any of the cg or girdle!!
My doctors not worried, but i am! he said sometimes your body rejects the sutures and maybe that's what happened? (am also wondering if it's me that fuck things up because i felt good and was reaching into the fridge or the odd time bending a bit)?

just anxious for monday to roll around so i can see him...i'm scared i'm gonna break down and get into the ugly cry when i see him!lol

So 4 wks now, and my incision opened up again and...

so 4 wks now, and my incision opened up again and with bad smell and fluid came out! So discouraged and scared that my scar is gonna be F***-up!
Have to just gauze it again, no tape for a couple of wks....
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Feng Chong and his staff has been amazing! He makes you feel comfortable and will tell you his honest opinion. Not trying to upsale you on anything! So compasionate and thats hard to find these days!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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Any updated pics? Hows that scar?
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Did it all really cost $17k?
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Hi Angel, iv been where u are, just make sure u keep it covered w gauze at all times until it dries and scab over, it may take awhile bcus mine took 3 1/2wks but it will close, and be very careful and limit ur bending until it close, its very depressing and discouraging but it will get better...trust me I know, mine were open wide bug they did not smell and were not infected but just were very gross and ugly to see lol, keep ur head up, it shall all pass
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Oh...and change ur gauze at least 2-3 times a day, even if there's not much on them, change them anyway
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not any leaking anymore, since about 1 week, but i'm still scared to tape it b/c i find when i peel off the tape to change it, it still pulls hard on the incision and i'm scared will peel off that little layer of skin i just spent a week building it!
BUT at the same time, want to start taping it b/c they say the first 6 wks is when its most beneficial to tape it for scarring purposes?
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Maybe it would help to not take the tape off too often. And when you do - do it slowly in the shower?? best of luck!
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Angel, just put a small piece of tape at the top of the gauze on ur stomach above the incision but don't put any at the bottom of the gauze bcus ur underwear will hold it down in place, that should help bcus it did for me
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no, he said he doesn't think it looks infected (sent him the same pic i posted)...healing from the inside out and my body maybe rejecting the sutures?
told me to stop using the paper tape on my incision for a couple of wks b/c when i peel it off the tape to replace it, it kind of reopens the wound again. but then i'm scared that the scar will look like ASS:(
But i know it's more important to heal my incision!
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The nurses at the Royal Alex told me not to use peroxide full strength and to use saline solution. The peroxide kill the good bacteria so be sure to dilute It. She said I could use the diluted peroxide on my BB but not on the TT . Just a little info I recoeved yesterday and thought I would pass it on. All the best to you!
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Does your ps have you on antibiotics ? That's horrible that your going through this! On a good note it does happen and I've seen women heal beautifully after it finally closes up! 
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ya, its crazy busy in my house, i def didn't get to watch daytime soaps and movies like some people.lol (i wish, would have made this experience so different for me!) My poor husband was taking care of the kids and me for 2 wks straight!

I just got to stop with the salty snacks at night!! Had chinese food on the wkend with my parents and i had a hard time breathing after! But i'm still in my cg and girdle? he wants me to wear both until 8 wks, so i can barely breathe eating normal never mind if i have salt!
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Glad your doing better. and DO stay away from salt. MAN I ate chineese one time and I felt like a balloon.. I had to wear my CG and Girdle for about that much time too. Funny when your told you DONT have to wear it anymore.. you (or I) tend to find a bit of comfort in wearing it  still..
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My VJ is sooo swollen it is not even funny, I will be 6 weeks on Friday but I had a lot taken off, my scar goes back around to the top of my butt, I can lay on my one side for only 2-30 minutes, I am still sleeping propped up, I have that huge seroma on the left so cant lay on that or my belly! My belly still get horrible swelling and the lower belly is so numb and strange feeling, I am not in any pain, more unrest from not being able to do stuff and still not sure of my body I want to exercise, due to the seroma I cant.
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ya, i have a 22 month old, 3 & 5 yr old. I find i'm still swollen! My Vajay-jay is still really swollen and i my sides are not even.
i ended up doing peeling the tape off and cleaning it with peroxide, (think it was the begining of infection and i caught it in time). had to cover it with non-stick gauze and it took a week to close back up. - Will be 4 wks tomorrow!! Can't wait for these next 2 wks to fly! Still having trouble sleeping! When did u start sleeping on your side or w/o being propped up with pillows?
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Omg you are even more busy then me! I have 11 3 and 2 yr old ! It was awhile before I slept on side at least 2 months or more don't really remember but I'm pretty sure its When your comfortable doIn so ! For me it sucked bad bc I not only sleep on my side but I sleep kinda in a twisted positions! Very strange ... Anyhow glad all is well with you!! Got me scared when I read your last update ! 
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Hey what is happening, you last posted on 4/1 how are you doing now with the incision? Is it all healed up? Let us know! We are thinking of you!!
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I just read what happend! Did you see dr? How is it now ? You look very swollen in last pic ... Not trying to alarm you but that's what i looked like day 4 post op and it was from walking up and down steps second day. Make sure you take it easy . I know easier said then done but you have to! Do you have little kids ,???
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How did your appointment go today?
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Angel-dont worry I think most of the reason the incicions open is mor form the garments pulling on them versus actions we are doing, I have a tiny little spot that is like that and its true sometimes it is just a stitch nothing to worry about just clean as he said I know you will feel much better after you see the doc I always do, we get all worked up in our head that something terrible is happening!
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Angel-now I found you, you look super! I think listen to your body it will tell you what you can and cannot do, I went back to work I sit at a computer but when I get home I am ready for a recliner and a lay down, I guess that has been the hardest thing, getting my energy back. I am so regimented with diet and exercise and now missing the whole exercise piece I feel off base sort of! It gets easier be glad for the boredom, I would have loved one more week off work!
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congrads you look gr8t already!!
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i know the recovery time is gonna kill me! i'm alrady so bored! Can't wait so i can just do my normal everyday things again around the house even!
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My doctor told me at my one week check up that bending over is okay if you are able. I wasn't able for the first week. I have stairs and my bedroom is upstairs. I made it to my bed just fine on day 3. I am concerned that you don't go back for 7 weeks?? I am one month post op and have had 4 appointments already. Boredom drove me nuts for the first couple of weeks and I had a couple of melt downs. But now I am working on accepting that it may be 3 to 6 months to be back to normal. Hang in there! You look great!
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ya we have one of those grabber things...we use it for when we travel in our van to pass our daughter snacks!lol
so what about the tummy pain? do u think i blew some stitches?
If i partially bend while holding onto the counter..is that ok?

so hard not to laugh! Especially at my 3 year boy who's doing all sorts of retarded things at the table! i find i can't even sit with them at the supper table because my stomach can't handle it!lol
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Good idea for travel lol. Well I know that when I had my C sections I had pain like I was blowing stitches or ripping something inside. I also remember being told to support my abdomen when laughing coughing etc. Talking to your PS is probably your best bet. Laughter is good for the soul lol, but probably hard on the incision.
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