So I am a mom of two beautiful kids and for almost...

So I am a mom of two beautiful kids and for almost eleven years I have dedicated my time to the two of them. I am 5'2' and 136 pounds. I didn't have very big babies but I was quite small when I had them (115 pounds). I grew to about 160lbs and had two c sections and nursed two babies leaving me with a nice little pooch and saggy breasts. I managed to get my weight down but running with two kids who are busy, working and being a mom and wife have left little time for myself. I am in pretty good health and have worked on getting my tummy flat but nothing worked. I also noticed that my breasts grew instead of shrinking! I went from having a 34C cup when I first got married to growing to a nice healthy 32G! They may be bigger but instead of looking like cantaloupes they have a ski jump look to them. I just want things put back where they were. I have three friends I have talked to who have had tummy tucks and are so pleased with their results. So I have three consults, Dr Gorman Louie, Dr Jonathan Toy, and Dr David Edwards all in December. I have been haunting this website for months now and my first consult is in a week. It feels so real! Now I feel worried that something might go wrong, guilty spending money on something cosmetic. I'll keep you posted.
Best of luck doll- Your gonna look AMaaaaazing!!!!
I think we all have those feelings. It will be fine doll. I just had my tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo yesterday. Good luck!
It's your time. Don't feel guilty about trying to improve yourself!

Pics of me now

I didn't want to post photos at first because I didn't want my photos out on the internet for everyone to see but them I thought this is a site about growth and there are a lot of people out there for support, so here I am.
We have a bad habit of feeling guilty when we spend money or do something for ourselves. You deserve to feel and look good. Go for it and enjoy the flat side. I know I am :-)
You are so right
Thanks ladies!

Postponed consult...

So my firstconsultthatwasgoing tone today has been postponed. So Dr Louie and Dr Toy will be next week.
I'll keep you posted!
You look great from what I can see!

Consult with Dr Louie

So I had my consult with Dr Louie this afternoon. My husband came with me to my appointment because he will be my caregiver for my recovery. His office is nice. Clean, slate floors and the place is tidy. After speaking with the receptionist we sat and waited. My appointment was at 11:00 but he did not see me until almost 11:30. Now I had heard the it is a bit of a wait for him, but I can see why. When I did get my turn to see him, he took the time to answer all of my questions and my husband's concerns regarding the tummy tuck. And when I asked him about the breast reduction, which was not a part of the consult, he answered all of those questions as well! He is a quiet man but very articulate and polite. I felt very at ease with him. Now off to see Dr Toy on Thursday.
Good luck with your decision making!

Consult with Dr. Toy and Dr. Edwards

So my consults with Drs Toy and Edwards went well. I liked Dr Toy because he was younger and did a TT that was drainless. But on the down side he is a very quick talker. So listen carefully. But overall a good doctor, and told me that I could get the results I wanted. I didn't go with him because I felt things were a little rushed with him.

Dr Edwards also was a very good doctor. Methodical and thorough but his timing and my timing did not mesh.

Everything about Dr. Louie's consult made me comfortable. He was very thorough and hands on ( which was kind of good and bad) he drew on me, which was good, but I have never had anyone handle my belly fat like that, not even my husband! His calendar and my schedule line up perfectly. So I have chosen Dr. Louie for my TT and BR! It feels so real all of a sudden!
You have a great foundation , have you research overseas doctor am from Canada also going in dr .. Good luck!
Picking a doctor is a hard decision! June seems so far away, but it will sneak up very fast! I'm from Calgary and I'm getting my TT on Feb.21! Good luck to us and can't wait to see your results!

A Bit Of A Setback...

Sorry it has been so long but I have been trying to nIl down a date for my surgery... But it looks like I am in a waiting game with the surgeons. Frustrating!!!

Finally, a date!

So I booked a date for everything! June 4th! Things are real now! I am really getting excited!
Wish you luck. I am so ready for my tummy tuck and breast lift
Thank you. We will have to keep in contact with each other. Our surgery dates are close together!
Waiting is the hardest part. Was for me but looking back it's all a blur. You should look similar or better than your 14 year ago pic. I told my PS I wanted to be tight as a drum. He pulled in the line above my bb tight too to give me a nice contour plus I got a hoochie lift. Didn't even know I needed one! Own side is the pubes are much higher and I've now been introduced to the whole waxing experience. It was nothing less than excruciating. Take this time to nourish your body with the good stuff. Lots if stretches and squats will help you when you reach the flat side. You're already starting with a great foundation so your results should be instantaneous :))

More pics

Just some extra pics I had...


Do you real self girls out there feel like you have to hide you surgery from the world? I want to shout it from the rooftops but it is such a taboo subject. I was in Vegas a couple of weeks ago with some really great couples and of course sitting by the pool the topic of plastic surgery comes up. I felt like I was the worst person in the world for wanting to do this! "Why would anyone want to do something so vain?" One girl said to me. She doesn't have one stretch mark to speak of. Or if you do get up the nerve to tell someone they ask you why would you do that to yourself? You have no idea that I have to tuck my skin into my pants. I am so glad I have my husband's support and a few friends who have gotten surgery done so I have people to talk to about it. If I wasn't a stronger person, I probably would have cancelled my surgery date. But I know my husband will be there, my mom will help me and I always have you great ladies on Real Self if I need advice! So a great big thank you!

Came across these two captions

Don't let the haters bother you... I get the same thing from a few people but I try to convince myself that their opinion doesn't matter and they are entitled to it regardless. It would be nice though if people were kinder and thought it through a little more carefully before offering those opinions. I feel people out if the subject comes up... if they seem open to it, I MAY share with them that I'm doing it, but if not, I keep my mouth shut. Like at Christmas time, my dad's wife brought up that she "can't believe people would carve themselves up like that... why not age gracefully?" I thought to myself... ok, she is one person I will not share this journey with :) I've gone through the whole "this is so vain, how can I justify it"... and I keep coming back to how happy I believe this will make me (after recovery that is lol!) and that the boost in my confidence will touch every part of my life... and that is worth it I think.
Your day is coming near!! I cant wait to see your results!! I wish I had your boobs!! People pay good money to have those size boobs!!!! I'm a barely C cup...smh lol. Good luck and keep us posted!!
Congrats on moving forward with the surgery.... My TT is May 16th and I have been wanting this for about 4 years now.... I was also worried about what people would think, i would always get a bad response from someone whenever I talked about it. People always say, you have a gym membership, work harder at loosing weight.... Or Don't you feel guilty for spending all that $ on yourself? I decided to go thru with it this year, I have a husband who is supportive of my decisions and I think our relationship will benefit more from the surgery. I am not confident about my body and I have low self esteem at times. He is the sweetest, he tells me he loves me no matter what, that i did give him 3 kids and he loves my body!! At the same time I wanna feel and look sexy with him again.... I cant do it with my jelly belly hanging out LOL Sorry for the long story.... Bottom line is, Haters always gonna hate !! We are bringing sexy back... Jeje Good luck with everything!'

Paid In Full!!!

So there is no turning back now as I have paid in full! I had a bit of an anxiety attack when I was talking to my husband about all the supplies and his duties. Am I doing the right thing? Should I spend the money on something different? What if something goes wrong?? All these things are running through my head.... But my husband calmed me down and reassured me that we live close to the doctor and that no one is forcing me to do this. I can decide not to go through with it. But positive thinking is what I should be doing not think of the things that could to wrong. 34 days and counting!
I had my pre-op appt today and paid for my surgery in full. I am in Calgary and will be just one day ahead of you !! Good luck! Nice to know that someone else will be going through it at the same time, in the same province no less!
I will follow your story! Good luck with the surgery my alberta sister!
'Tis the season in Alberta it would seem ;)


So I have been collecting my supplies for my sweet husband/nurse to take care of me. So what I've got is:

front closing pyjamas
men's large boxer briefs ( I don't want to steal my husband's and I refuse to wear granny panties)
wife beaters (why do we call them these??)
compression socks
front closing compression bras
various compression garments
maxi dresses and skirts (easy on and off)
extra pillows
stool softener
baby wipes
feminine wipes
hand sanitizer
panty liners
disposable bed pads
steri strips
medical tape
antibacterial soap
Maxi pads
gravol (anti nausea medication)
bio oil
wash clothes
empty plastic container for nausea
nightlight or (for trips in the dark to the bathroom... nothing is worse than waking up confused and not being able to see where you are.)
heat pad
sleep meds
vitamin C
other multi vitamins (vitamin B, folic acid)
pill organizers
Gas X or Immodium
low sodium crackers and soup
Fresh fruit
coconut water

Don't forget to document your progress through pictures and journals and sharing with everyone on RealSelf!!
Thanks for the terrific list!!! It's AWESOME.... YUmmymummy (UK). Told me about a "grabber". From amazon, helps to pick up things and pull up panties....I ordered one for $12. - think it might worth it Certainly worth a try. I'm sure my grandkids will love to play within after!!!
I'm going to look into it. Couldn't hurt to try!
Thanks for the list Nomore32g! One less thing I need to do... your list is perfect and my time is running out!

Sorry ladies...

I have been away because I was fighting a nasty virus that I needed to get rid of! No anesthesiologist would want to touch me with a ten foot pole. I am feeling much better. Is till have a bit if a cough and sneeze but nothing major.

I also forgot to add a pillow for the drive home to cover your incision sites. Finallygoingforit was asking about drinking coconut water and I heard that it aids in rehydration, digestion and helps with healing wounds. I did end up buying arnica cream but was a little worried about bromelain as I have allergy issues. It is made from pineapple and I sometimes breakout after eating it, so I decided to stay away from it.

I wanted to document my before measurement so I could see how much of a difference there is after.

Bust: 36"
Waist: 33"
Hips: 40"
Weight: 143 lbs

So other than the junk in the trunk, I am shaped like a box. I am hoping to have some waist definition after all this is said and done. I am now down to the teens!!!
19 days and counting!
Good for you.... and, so what's wrong with a little vanity... lol! I am your size, 5' 2" (was 135 before tt). AND, I looked similar to you before I was pregnant (I also had a C-section). I am 1 month po, and loving it. Must say, I still don't look as good as pre-pregnancy, but heck it has been 16 years! On your list, I didn't see stool softener, WHICH by the way, you should start 1 week before OP ! Yup, lots of hoopla about the 1st po bm! But, what some don't know is if you don't start it a few days early, it may not work. Lot's of ladies use Senna like me, other use Miralax. Most all RSFs lived, slept, set in recliners 1 week PO, either we had one, rented one, or like me, bought one. Otherwise, you will want at least one wedge pillow, so when you are in bed or on the sofa, put it under your knees, remember you won't be able to stretch out straight with tt. Some RSFs swear by walkers. I was alone po, so I bought a walker, but I didn't need it. Another really nice thing I learned from other RSFs is Arnica Gel !!! Let us assume you have no nausea, as I had none at, all most of us aren't hungry or can barely eat because our stomach is so tight, I bought protein shakes (meal replacement). You must have something on your stomach for the painkillers, and protein helps healing too. I know you are getting excited! It is a tough week or two, but you will have no regrets afterwards!!
Thanks newme. I have these supplies but of course did not put them on the list. I have tons of pillows and a zero gravity chair that I will live in. I guess I am just so excited!
Please share a picture of your zero gravity chair, so it may give other RSFs an idea (especially those of us who rent or buy one anyway). I've never heard of one!

My recliner... Sort of.

So I don't have a power recliner but I do have a great brand new zero gravity chair that I plan on fluffing with blankets and pillows to make it comfy. This week is going so slowly.
Love the little puppy!!!
He's a little crazy! But we love him!
A boxer??


Last night I couldn't sleep! Worst night ever! All I could think about was why would I tie up all of my family's finances to do something so vain! We alway have a bit saved and now I have taken that and spent it on myself! My husband talked me down this morning and told me that this is something will benefit me and we won't have to stress about financing this surgery because everything is paid for! No more stress! This is my time! T minus 15 days and counting! Happy healing!
It is OKAY to do this for YOU!!!! We always put ourselves last....I know 'cos I've been there, done that AND got the t-shirt.... I am now wishing that I had done my surgery sooner, but again, I was putting others needs first. SO, please, no more guilt, do this for YOU...You ARE worth it. If you are happier then your family will be happier too. We have to look after ourselves so that we can be strong to help others - that advice comes from my therapist!!!!
Thank you. I guess when you are always thinking of everyone else, you can't help but immediately go to that place. It is my time! And besides, there is no turning back now!
:-). :-). :-)


So I got my period yesterday... I guess better to get it now than a week from now and having to deal with that AND a tummy tuck/ breast reduction.

I am getting really excited and nervous! It's only six days left! Should I start my colace/ stool softener now? I couldn't hurt could it? I am reading horror stories of the first BM and I want that to go smoothly as possible! (pun intended) with this surgery I feel like I did when I was pregnant with my kids, nesting, cleaning and making sure that the freezer is stocked with stuff my hubby can cook for the kids. I keep going by the mirror and doing things like sucking my stomach to see what it looks like flat or grabbing it and telling it sayonara! I am not sad to see it go!! I just want to be on the other side. It's the anesthetic that makes me nervous . It is such a weird feeling going to sleep and not knowing what happens for 4+ hours! Well that's it for now.

It's happening!

I'm thinking of you !!!!! Mines August 21st ! I cannot wait to hear how it went!
Its almost time.... may God keep as bless you on your big day.

The time has come...

And I am ready. I have finished my last minute errands, got my surgery time and I even managed to get some landscaping and gardening done! I have nothing left to do but have my surgery! I slept quite well last night but I did feel a little nauseous... I can't believe it is tomorrow! I am excited and scared at the same time. God will bring me through this...
Best of luck for a healthy and speedy recovery!
Good luck!
Best of luck to you, happy and healthy healing.

Day of surgery

So today is the day and my nerves are shot. Well wishes and prayers are going up. See you on the flat side ladies!!
Hey my Alberta friend :) Let us know how things are for you when you feel up to it. Hope you're doing well.
Hope things are going well for you! You'll look amazing!
Hope that the surgery went fine, wish u a happy healing


I am on day two and I hurt so bad! I have been getting around ok, but this morning I made the mistake of not taking my anti nausea medicine... Big mistake! I have never felt pain like that in my life! I will never forget to take my meds again!

So rewind two days... I got out of surgery and I don't remember much, just my husband kissing me on the forehead. I had my drains in my breasts removed and breakfast served. Before I ate they got me to move around a bit. I sat and had breakfast, which was not so good. My surgery was an hour delayed but it went well. I got discharged yesterday and I just rested. Hopefully I will get in the shower today and get some pics of my work.
Been following your blog since day one. Can't wait to see that snatched new waist line. Happy healing!
Good to read your update, looking forward to seeing your pics
Good to hear from you! Was kinda worried when you hadn't posted... Keep taking anti-nausea meds, if that's what works. I've been in quite a bit of pain too. Bit more than just uncomfortable. I am on day 3 post-op and it DOES get better each day. Baby steps is the order of the day here!! Do what works for you and makes you the most comfortable. Hugs & best wishes coming your way xxx


Oh man I am in pain. I went to the hospital this morning because I can feel something stuck in my throat, and I had some shallow breathing. They did an X-ray and also took some blood work just to rule out clots. Everything looks fine so I will just have to wait and see how the next couple of days go. I get my drains out on Wednesday and then maybe I will feel a little better. sorry to hear how awful you are feeling. I really do hope you feel better soon. Take care. Each day DOES get better but some days can feel awfully long! Hugs to you xxx
Hey you look amazing!!!! I'm glad you're ok


I kind of over did it yesterday. My mom was over and I wanted her to see just how good I was doing... Well I am paying for it today! My abdomen is so swollen. So then of course because we were visiting, I was not I top of my meds so everything suffered... Boy oh boy I learned my lesson. Take it easy and don't try and show off!!
WOW! Must say u look awesome! Your doctor did a great job.

Update so far...

So i have been missing in action for a while because I have had some issues. Friday I headed back to the hospital because I had some wicked wicked headaches and dehydration. I tried to get rid of it with Aleve and Advil and nothing worked. So doctors gave me an IV and some extra strength meds and I have been feeling much better.

As far as my incision is concerned, I am so itchy and I can feel burning in my incision but everything is healing really well. The homecare nurses have been coming for a week now and they are so impressed with my doctors stitching and my healing!

I got my drains taken out yesterday and that was the weirdest feeling ever, but I am so glad that they are out! They were just in the way. I am able to sleep on my side with pillows propped under me, and the swelling is horrific! But i am so happy with how everything is looking. I will keep you posted.
You sound like you are doing great! A lot of swelling is so normal, that's is why it is called Swell Hell ;-) Take it easy, get lots of rest, and please don't over do now that the drains are out.
Happy healing! You're doing great!
So glad to hear from you again, was beginning to wonder..... Awful that you got such bad headaches. But you're still looking awesome and it will get better atthes welling subsides. Keep healing well!

2 weeks

So I have hit the two week mark and I can finally sleep on my side in my bed. I do still wake up really swollen. I sleep with ice packs on my abdomen and breast area. Anything I can take for the swelling? My incision is looking good but it is a bit above my panty line.

Forgot these pics

Saw the doctor

Today and he is giving me the go ahead to resume regular activities. I think I will be prudent and go slow. I am still feeling less than 100% and with the whole boob bleed (read about it in my other review) I am going to go slow. Well at least I have started with my scar therapy. I found some silicone scar strips at shoppers for 18.00. They were 23.00 at target, so good score!! My only concern is that I have a lump above my belly button. Not sure if it is a collection of fluid or a hernia but the PS said he will take a look at it in another month. Happy healing!
Looks good! Swelling sucks! I cannot wait to do my stomach next. Happy healing!!
Thanks mamakis!!
Thanks Jenn. Hope you are doing well too!

Made the four week mark!!

So I happy canada day and happy Fourth of July RS ladies! So busy this last week. July 1st was Canada day and so of course we took the kiddos out to the Parade! My husband was marching in it this year and so a lot of walking was done that day. This was my first real outing and I have to say I felt pretty good! It was hot that day but I managed to take some breaks and drink fluids. By the end of the day there was some swelling but nothing I couldn't handle with some ice and tightening my binder. Lol!

I managed to get my stage two garment on and that beast was right. Tried to wear it out on an all day shopping trip and I couldn't wait to get it off when I got home. I looked really good though...

Last night I went on my first bike ride, and THAT was painful. By the time I got home I could feel my muscles pulling and my back was killing me so I turned in early.
Healing is coming along well:-)
You look amazing!!
Holy man... You are looking AWESOME!!!! Quite an amazing shape & you don't look swollen at all in the photos. ;-)

Update so far...

So I can say finally that I am very glad I did this. I have hD ups and downs but today I was out and about for a FIFA party and I was able to wear clothes that didn't hide my body shape. I could wear a fitted shirt and not worry about bumps and rolls. Just that pesky incision on the right side that is creeping up out of my jeans. You know if I wanted everyone one to know about my tummy tuck, I would have told them, but to have this scar that is quite long and visible where there was no scar before.... It just bugs me. I go crazy if things are not symmetrical, so everytime I see it, I want to scream! I want to talk to the doc about that and hope he can do something. I am also hoping that this lump above my belly bitton is nothing as well.
Thanks for sharing your story.
You're welcome.
I have been following your story... must say u look great. I can only imagine about the scar. That side is very high. U still look beautiful, glad to c u r doing well. Keep up the good work. :)

Seven weeks

So this weekend we had a family reunion with my husband's side of the family and it was so nice having everyone compliment me on how good I looked. I usually see this family twice a year so I can only imagine how I will look when Christmas rolls around. Speaking of how I look, yesterday I went to look for a new garment because my binder is getting really ratty. I decided to try on a swimsuit or two... Wow!! Why do they put such unflattering lighting in those change rooms?! The boobs looked good, the incision was a little high but OMG where did the cottage cheese thighs come from. Gotta tighten those things up!! I did find a good waist cincher and it didn't break the bank.

So this morning was my first real workout. Hour long walk followed by a 20 minute strength training circuit. As far as the tummy tuck is concerned, everything looks good. The healing is going well. Incision looks good visually. Just hate the swelling and the high incision. The lump above my belly button is sore like when you pull a muscle. I will be seeing the doctor next week sometime so I will have a better understanding of what is going on. I have a bit of weight to lose as well maybe ten pounds or so.
I took my measurements now that things are calming down a bit.

Bust: 34"
Waist: 31"
Hips: 40"

So from my precious post, I lost 2" on my chest and 2" in my waist. No change in the hips. I love my junk in the trunk!
I feel your pain when it comes to those haters. Your main concern is what you want and need. I will have my surgery in March. I've had those same questions thrown at me. I want to feel better about me and that's all that matters. Enjoy your new body and if your friends aren't happy for you, look forward to naming new friends.
You are doing SO well. Congratulations!!
Thanks Nana! I keep looking at your photos and you look so good too!

8 weeks and a couple of days

Hello real self ladies!!

so it is 8 weeks and a couple of day and I feel good. My incision is healing nicely, it is a bit red and itchy but nothing I can't handle. I do have a bit of pain and tugging in my abdomen when I turn or stretch. I think that it is from the connection between my breast and the tummy tuck. I also feel pain when I sneeze and feel extra sensitive when I get shivers, but I'm sure other people do too.

So today I had 8 week appointment with Dr. Louie. Again had a bit of a wait (45 minutes) but he was talking to a mom across the hall who's 13 month old was having cranial reconstructive surgery so I thought I could wait. When he did see me he said that the incisions were healing nicely and that everything was looking good. As far as the lump above my belly button, he doesn't seem to think that it is a hernia or anything. He equated to a pucker or gather when he sewed my two abdominal muscles together. He said it will take time but it should smooth out. I was also curious how much flesh he had removed from my surgery. Half a pound from each breast, a pound of skin from the abdomen and he lipoed 200ml of fat from my upper abdomen and flanks. I have been massaging my tummy as much as possible to help with the swelling and drinking as much water as possible but I find that the summer is so bad for me with weight gain. Summer BBQs, camping, weekend fires and drinks with friends. I have gained almost 10 lbs back from when I started this journey.

After my appointment I decided to go and try on some swimsuits because I didn't have any kids with me, but I am not bikini ready. My boobs don't fit in an XL top and of course my incision is showing on the bottoms. It is so disheartening. My sweet hubby keep reminding me where I was and where I am now.... I just wish a two piece was in my sights. I guess I just have to be patient... :(
Well that is it for now, I will post some pics shortly.

Happy healing!!!

8 week pics

More pics

Congrats! You are looking good.. It only gets better. I just started the ice packs.. I'm hoping it helps with my swell and tightness. Do you still have tightness?
I do still have tighness but my compression garment really helps with that. I was using I've for the first month or so. It really helped.
Using ice... Dumb autocorrect

9 weeks

So I am at the nine weeks mark everything feels good. I still sleep with a pillow between my legs for support. Still quite numb and I am totally obsessing about the lump above my belly button. I feel like it might be scar tissue, but my doctor keeps brushing me off saying it is just the top of my muscles stitched tight. Idk tell
me what you think?
I would wait to the six month mark to look at it closer , hard to tell at this early stage ? You do look great doll ! Happy healing
I am so impressed! Keep up the great work. It's paying off no doubt
I will, thanks!!

10 weeks and holy crap the swelling!!!

I overdid it... Again

So yesterday was my baby girl's 11 birthday and so we went to the waterpark. I didn't want to overdo it I said to myself before we left. For most of the day I did really good, until I had a little accident. Some of the staff were moving flats of beer on a trolley and I happened to be right next to their path. I thought I was being smart by moving my lounger over to make space for them to get by. Well I must have moved the bottom part of the lounger too far because I went to put my knee on it and it fell right off. BOOM I landed hard on the right side of my stomach!!! First I looked around if anyone saw and then I got up and fixed the chair and righted myself. Well, that alone would probably be enough to bring on the swelling, but add some swimming, three waterslides (including stairs) of course salty snacks and a giant hamster ball thing.... Well you get my drift. I am going to have to jump back on my kale smoothie diet to work this out. So back to being at the 10 week mark. I want to say that I am so over the moon happy about the decision I mad about doing the surgery, but waking up every morning and feeling super swollen and goong to bed super swollen has really got me down... I feel quite sad at times that I have this stupid barrel shape that does not improve... I looked better at the four week mark than I do now... I just want to burst into tears!!! My PS says everything looks good, come back in 6 mos but honestly, I want to call him everyday and say "Really?! This is a good outcome for you?! Everything looks perfect?! I disagree!!!" Man I sometimes wish for my old tummy.... At least it was soft and not hard as Plymouth Rock! For now back to water and smoothies and walking... Maybe this week will get better... Rant over!!
I have a lump over my belly button too, right after surgery I actually had a crease in my skin from it ( you can click on my review and see the pictures I posted last night of me at 6 wks po) the crease is gone, but not the lump. Is that a ace bandage you used? did it help?
I have mixed feelings as well about having my tummy tuck.. i have to keep looking at my pre op pics to keep me motivated & encouraged. When I think back how my tummy use to look I think I should had went with lipo instead and lived with a whole lot of stretch marks instead of having this swollen hard forgein tummy now. But we have to stay encourgaed & hope for the best... Hopefully a year from here we will not have mixed feelings & be total happy with our results. Just want to let you know you are not alone.. hang in there :)
I got that lump above the belly button too, much worse at the end of the day, it is like my muscles can't hold things in still.. :-/. I do think we have to be patient, sounds like you way overdid it lol!!

11 weeks!!

So 11 weeks today and I had a bit of a milestone!! I got some
Feeling back in my stomach so finally when I itch I can satisfy the scratch!!! It is so good! As far as progress, the swelling seems to be a bit better. I am going to try and be patient with this whole lump above my belly button thing. I have been doing smoothies and trying to workout but my muscles don't seem strong enough yet. It also doesn't help that I have gained almost 10 pounds since the surgery!!! OMG I gotten get back into my routine! I don't know how you ladies are out there but BBQs, camping, parties and someone else throwing some kind of function just ruins me! And then I get into a "poor me" funk and I have no one to ble but myself I guess. I gotta kick my butt out of this horrible summer holidays cycle.
I used a tensor bandage and wrapped my upper abdomen. It helped maybe a little but I think I will just wait it out until the six month mark...

12 1/2 weeks...

12 1/2 weeks and little change. Still swollen at night, still have the lump aboveboard belly button... I did go for a 25km bike ride and I felt great after. No pulling or pain. Everything felt really good!
Did you ever ask the doctor why the scar on one side is so high up that it peeks above your jeans and panties?
I have put on weight too, so frustrating, grr! Seriously though you look great!(have you checked your before pics recently??! Someone pointed that out to me and I was like - oh, yeh, thanks for the reminder.. ;-) ...)
Yeah I really need to look at my before photos, especially the photos of my muscle repair. The stretched muscles I had make my swelling look like a cake walk!!

12 week pics

13 weeks and it is getting worse

So now I am having a really tough time with what I am hoping is swelling? I have gone back to wearing my CG because I feel like I am going to pop!! When sit down I have this huge roll that sits above my clothes. I really want to talk to my surgeon about it but on the other hand I want to wait it out. The incision is still quite high and I am very self conscious about it. I find my self always checking to
Make sure my shirt is covering everything.

I have been getting back into routine. The kids are in school and I we have been fortunate to have a beautiful late summer heat wave so I have be able to work out outside. Walking is great and the little bit of running I am doing has been good, as long as I reinforce the girls and wear a CG because I get a lot of pins and needles in my belly. I would really like to lose another 10-15 lbs. I am at the same weight I was at before surgery and my measurement haven't really changed except for my stomach which I lost 2 inches.
Hi, how is the swelling going for you? I hope it's gotten a lot better!
Sorry you are still dealing with the swelling. Does your diet make a difference??
I c what u r saying about the swelling and spot above your belly button. If it were me I would contact my doc even for peace of mind. I know they say swelling can last a long time, but won't hurt to ask questions. How is your diet? Salty foods? I know mine was bad, then changed my diet and it helped a lot.
Dr. Gorman Louie

Dr Louie is a great doctor. To the point and does really great work. If you are looking for someone to stroke your hair and tell you that everything is going to be alright, this is not the man for you. He is a straight talking and gets right down to business. He is caring, and soft spoken but he is not a coddler.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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