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I am a 51 yr old mom of 7. In the last few years I...

I am a 51 yr old mom of 7. In the last few years I quit smoking, began "clean eating"started running 5-10 k every other day.
Joined boot camp 3X a week began yoga so I'm a 7 day a week work out girl.
I've have lost approx. 30+ pounds. I am in the best shape of my life!
But still everytime I see a pic of myself or look in a store mirror that has glories can't lighting I am reminded of my ugly under eye bags.
I know it may sound frivolous but it screams ugly too me. People have commented "oooo you look tired!" Or "are you sick?"
That in my head translates to you look like crap.
My hope is the surgeon can eliminate the bags!

"glories can't" should be "fluorescent" in my...

"glories can't" should be "fluorescent" in my first entry.

"glories can't" should be "fluorescent "

"glories can't" should be "fluorescent "

I have waves if anxiety. Long runs outside in the...

I have waves if anxiety. Long runs outside in the cold helps relieve the stress.
Most scared about anesthetic. I'm afraid I won't wake up.

Surgery this Monday, March 18. I am so scared. I...

Surgery this Monday, March 18.
I am so scared.
I feel like I've done my research
I have an ocuplastic ps.
What scares me most is the being completely sedated.
Some of these stories scare me.
Pray for me Monday!

Tomorrow is the surgery. Please pray for accuracy...

Tomorrow is the surgery. Please pray for accuracy & success.

Post op day 2 miserable.

post op day 2 miserable.

Day4. I have a bit of a hemmorage in the eye(...

I have a bit of a hemmorage in the eye( lining?) on my right side.
treating it with steroid drops and lac lube.
Hoping to get upper stitches out soon.
Every day is a little better.

Today my eyes are just tight and itchy. It's slow...

Today my eyes are just tight and itchy. It's slow going. But I did anticipate this.

It's day 9 postoperative. Still have bruising....

It's day 9 postoperative.
Still have bruising. Tried to wear liquid foundation ( HD from Sephora )and it covers the discoloration quite well- but I have to say I would rather be makeup free right now. My eyes need to be more healed.
I ran 3 k for the first time since surgery yesterday and today outside on soft snow road. No difference or damage that I can see.

Today I woke up with really wonky swelling under...

Today I woke up with really wonky swelling under my left eye. So i Iced. It's better. Had a breakfast date and that eye would not stop watering. It figures!It's calmed down now.

Day 7 went to my family doctor (on the advice of...

day 7 went to my family doctor
(on the advice of my PC)
to get the nurse to remove a wee stitch they missed.
Day 16 today and found another tiny blue stitch tonight.
Took it out cleanly and carefully Myself tonight. Its fine- but i wonder if this is normal.
will bring this up to PC next week.

I meant P. S. Not pc 0.o

I meant P. S.
Not pc

Every day is a wee bit better than the day before...

Every day is a wee bit better than the day before.
Although I slept funny and left under eye had strange swelling like a marble size puff where my eye bags used to be .
Ice packs for 30 minutes -Gone!

5 weeks post op here. I am happy with my surgery...

5 weeks post op here.
I am happy with my surgery.
I do still have raised bumps on the outside bottom corners of my eyes.
I know I need more time and any weird glitch can be fixed.
At times I get tremors under right eye.
I am still happy I got this done- especially when I look back at my before pic.

8 months Post

Barely think about it anymore. I'm going in for a wee adjustment on ins side. Other than that this was so totally worth it!
Be brave!

It's Almost A Year Post-Op!

It's coming up to the one year mark!
I don't regret having upper and lower bleph done. Best decision ever.
I do have to go back for a wee bit of tweaking. Dr is not completely happy with the little bulge/ mark under my left eye. I couldn't care less- the wretched bags are gone.
I'm happy!
Dr. Wolfli

He is a plastic surgeon with a specialty in ocuplastic surgery .

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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wow, you look so young after your surgery. good for you.
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Thank you for all your posts. Going in tomorrow morning for upper and lower. Feeling really nervous.
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Thanks for the update! I have that same set of "luggage" you had...so looking forward to getting rid of said luggage....your results look fantastic!
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Ur results r awesome! Without the bags, now u can see ur beautiful blue eyes. Thank u for sharing^_^!
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Thank you for your continued updates!! Planning to have mine done now in Sept. Had to postpone due to a trip.
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Good golly, miss molly 7kids!!! You look FANTASTIC!!! I wish I heal as quickly and gracefully as you did, when I get mine done. BTW -- what will the "wee bit of tweaking" entail? When are you going to get that done? (Nothing is visible from your photo)
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Question: was your lower eyelid surgery done externally or thru the trans (I can't spell it) method (i.e., inside your eyelids)? I can't quite tell from your photos...
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Well what can I say... This helped me immensely!!! I too am 51 years young and headed to surgery in two days. ARGH!!! I started running in my 40's and am so proud of the changes my body has taken Very frightened of missing my running and workout routine! The down time will have me climbing the walls... I am completely fine with my face except for my eyes. There truly is no solution but to have the lower bleph. I have tried copious amounts of creams and Botox under the eye needs more ... So I thank you for your post!!! Your post gave me the courage to do this!!!
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Hey 7kids!  Thanks for the update.  What is the adjustment you are going in for?

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A little bump under left eye corner.
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Hi there - your eyes look fantastic :) nice job! I just had mine done and its day 3 today and I'm a bit worried about the shape of the eye holes because they feel smaller and look a bit unequal at the corners - I noticed yours looked quite sore and 'joined' at corners on day 3 but then they relaxed out to later correct shape - is that right? I'm a bit concerned mine are too tight now at the outer corners and the holes will be too small - did you have these kind of concerns at day 3? My upper and lower lids are joined quite far on on the left eye but its hard to tell if its just the gunk and the tape holding them together at the point or not.
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(I meant quite far 'in' on the left eye)
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Mike as you can see day 3 is swollen tight and aweful. Forget judging anything about your surgery for 10 solid days. Just I've and be calm! It will be all good!
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Mike, I couldn't even post the picture of my 3rd day, my eyes were so swollen my eyelashes faced backwards... Towards my face! Black and blue from my cheekbones to my eyebrows. Stitches everywhere! And over the next few weeks things got better, then weird, then good, weird symptoms like itching, blurry vision (turned out to need artificial tears every hour) twitching, intermittant pain, stabbing from nowhere. So stay away from mirrors and steel yourself for some serious patience. Lots of ice. :-) I'm sure you'll be pleased.
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Thanks 7kids - ~I'm day 12 today -they have calmed down a lot - and the bags n hoods are gone/better but I seem to have swopped them for big scars / foldl lines at the corners, which dont look great either. I'm hoping they reduce and fade to less noticeable levels. thnx
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hi there - yes, I'm having tyhe itching and blurriness from tear type liquid often over the eyes - but happy to put up with this kind of stuff if the eyes continue to mend back to a normal ish look - bags n hoods are gone but I now have quite noticeable scars/folds at the corners which shout "eye op here!" to everyone - so I'm hoping they fade / reduce and if they do i'll be very happy :|
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You look amazing! Aren't you delighted? AND you woke up (read your first few posts) have you done anything special to help the healing? Seven kids? And isn't it funny we wait till we're done with them to take care of ourselves?
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I'm not even done with kids my youngest is 7. :D I just got so sick of looking at eye bags. I thankful to God and my surgeon for waking up!
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6 weeks today. Tremors have stopped.ive actually stooped being constantly aware of my eye surgery. Very grateful to have had this great community of people to learn from and to be supported by.
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Your surgery was definitely worth it, you look amazing. I had a nerve last week ticking but went away after a few days.. Drove my crazy.
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Don't you two look gorgeous!
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Wow! You look great! I can't even tell you had surgery in the last few photos. It's been 5 weeks since my surgery and my incision lines are still tender, still red and raised. I can camouflage them with makeup but feel they are very noticeable without makeup. I hope mine will soon look as good as yours. Thanks for sharing!
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VaVaVoom....You look great! So glad all went well for you. Thanks for sharing.
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You look awesome! I have been wanting this for the last year, and I keep coming back to your profile for inspiration. If I could be assured mine would turn out like yours, I would have it done tomorrow. I'm just too scared to pull the trigger. I may message you for some questions, if that's okay?
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