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Well, today is two days away from the day I've...

Well, today is two days away from the day I've waited for, for so long! I am a 34 year old wife and mother of one. Due to health issues and genetics I've had bags for as long as I can remember...I'm so excited and nervous for my lower blepharoplasty with fat transfer! I am to the point that I "hide behind my glasses" to hide hide the bags... I feel/hope that this will restore my once beautiful eyes...ill keep you all posted on the surgery and recovery! Here goes nothing :)
I'm turning 33 in two months and getting this done next month with Royce Johnson. Looking forward to following your progress.
Well unfortunately I have disappointing news :( my surgery has been rescheduled to June 17th die the need of an aneastesologist needing to be there to monitor and control my bp
You have such beautiful eyes! Good luck with your surgery. I can't wait to see your updates!

Patiently waiting

Hi all....I'm still patiently waiting for June 17th...when I went on Kay 6th for my blepharoplasty my blood pressure was too high and had to be rescheduled for when an anesthesiologist is on site. So far I'm very impressed with Dr.Campbell and his team...not once did they seem annoyed or like I had waisted their time...they were very kind and patient.. In the mean time my son and I took a couple pics on Mother's Day :) hope you all had a good one!
I am 5 1/2 week post lower bleph. surgery and I am SO HAPPY. I no longer look in the mirror and see bags underneath my eyes jumping out at me. They were all I could see in pictures that were taken of me. I know you will be glad you did it also. Cannot wait to see your progress. Good luck!
Looking forward to it :) how's your progress at 5.5 weeks?
You can check my pictures. It was very easy surgery pain-wise but I had a LOT of swelling esp. underneath my left eye which was the worst. It looks SO MUCH BETTER. I am thrilled. I do have a small "bag" in the corner of my left eye remaining I am hoping will go away.

On my way to healing

Finally! Upper and lower lids done today..other than nausea feeling great...swelling and bruising of course. But finally on my way to not seeing puffy lids
Ooooo wonderful! Happy healing!!! :)
Thank you soo much

Day 2

Day 2...overall not feeling too terrible :) cold compress every hour..a lot of bruising/swelling and some nausea. Pain is a 2 on scale of 1-10
Hang in there! Looking forward to following your posts!
Thanks :)

Day 3

Today feeling not much pain..mostly from fat grafting and nausea from anesthetic

Day 4

Day 4 started out pretty rough..kid punched me in the eye by accident :( and difficulty in going #2 as I was worried about stitches (lovely side effect of general AneSthetic.. But overall coming along nicely

Day 5

Today only minor pressure from stitches and swelling...bruises turning yellow :)
Looking good! You are healing nicely:) Keep up the good work!
Thank you :) I'm getting so excited!
Thank you :)

Day 6

Still ridiculously swollen and bruised but coming along nicely..I have been drinking a lot of water and sleeping elevated

Tomorrow is one week

Doing really great so far..stil lots of bruising and swelling if course..some pain and pressure.
Your eyes are so beautiful! I can't wait to see your final results once all the bruising goes away. You mention fat transfers...where were they injected?
Thank you so much..we transferred from hips through the nose.
Is the fat to add volume under your eyes or somewhere else? You are healing really well!

One week!

Feeling amazing!

Day 9

Stitches out and a little make up for a job interview..still quite swollen and bruised, but definitely coming along
Your eyes look great and so do you!! I can tell that you've lost a lot of weight.
Thank you so much! This is definitely a process that requires patience lol..and what the don't tell you is that your eyelids will be numb :( that was super fun trying to put on that make up lol

11 days

Getting ancy for the swelling and bruises to go away but definitely coming along :)

2.5 weeks in

Feeling great, although there is still minor pain on cheek bones, a little bruising and swelling
wow! you look amazing!
Thank you so much..still upwards and onwards with the process

4.5 weeks

So here we are at 4.5 weeks in.. Everyday is a new day :) I still have a little bit of bruising/swelling and tenderness..but definitely coming along

5 week follow up

Ok so u saw the surgeon today..I am still having some bruising and minor swelling but..he gave me a copy of my before pic and I'm stunned..I've put two pics side by side..his before and one from last night
I think your results are amazing!
You look wonderful. And it will only get better!
Thank you so much :) I'm looking forward to my laser session on Friday to tighten the skin back up :)
Dr. Campbell

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