Breast Reduction at age 30 - Edmonton, AB

I have exactly two weeks to my surgery date,...

I have exactly two weeks to my surgery date, December 2nd, and I've been super anxious. On the one hand, I'm scared because not only is this a big deal but this is also my very first surgery ever. On the other hand, I'm very excited because I'll finally be able to shop in a normal store for my bras and they won't be hundreds of dollars each ($180.00 = maximum ever spent on a bra). I plan on adding to this again very soon. For now, here are my before photos.
Yay! We are surgery sisters! :) Btw, your "but I have large hands for a woman" made me giggle!
I've been increasingly anxious about it. My surgery is December 9th. I have to really talk myself through this. I know that it is the right decision for me, but it's still scary! I have to take my before pics still!
I totally understand how scary it is your first surgery. This was my first as well. But everything happended very fast once you get to the hospital. They give you some meds to relax you. Then before you know it they are waking you up. I hope that all goes well for you. Please keep us updated.

Recommended bra to bring to surgery.

The bra that was recommended to me to bring to surgery is a cheap front closure cotton bra by Carole Martin. It's available online (free shipping within Canada), at WalMart, and all the other stores mentioned on the photo. I was told to purchase a bra with a band size one or two higher than my current band size (i. e. I'm a 34G so I purchase the 38 band size full freedom cotton bra). If you order online it takes about 2 weeks for delivery.
Dr. Schembri is my surgeon too! How does the insurance piece of it work? Does the staff take care of all of that? I was referred by my Dr and even though it's clear I'll qualify...I'm weirdly scared I won't? We look a lot alike so I thought I'd ask :-). So excited for you!
The insurance side gets taken care of. If you weren't referred you wouldn't be covered. That being said, I've read some other Canadian stories that state they've had to pay a couple grand for the esthetics portion (i.e. shaping with lipo). I'm assuming any additional costs would have been explained at my consultation. All the other numbers were, lol.
Haha ok. COOL. You must be so excited! I can't wait to see your results.

The week before and hours after.

So this being my first surgery ever I got extremely anxious. The week prior to the surgery I started forgetting things, got a number of migraines, was nauseated, and didn't sleep hardly at all. I had to take Gravol every night starting 4 nights before the surgery because I was feeling that sick. I had to be at Misericordia Community Hospital in Edmonton at 6:35 AM so I booked a room at the Best Western Inn Westwood for 2 nights through, my fiancé needed a place to sleep the 2nd night. I ate at Hooters because their boneless wings and fried pickles are delicious. I think I got maybe 2 hours sleep the night before my surgery. I got to the hospital with all my paperwork and was asked to remove all clothing and anything metal. Then I was given a special pair of socks to prevent blood clots in my calves. I started bawling shortly after putting the socks on because it was all too real and my nerves had had enough. By about 8:30-9:00 AM I was moved to a bed that I was wheeled up to the surgery floor in. I kissed my fiancé goodbye for the next couple hours and was then on the operating floor. Everyone was exceptionally kind and caring. Each of the 8-10 staff members who were going to be in the OR with me came over and introduced themselves. The surgeon got Sharpie happy and did all his line drawings which made me think of a sewing project. I was asked what size I was going for if they could come close to it and whether I wanted more tissue removed or more of a lift. Due to my reasons for having this surgery I explained I wanted as much removed as possible without leaving me feeling like I have no boobs left in the end. Finally, I was wheeled into the OR and the anesthesiologist prepped my hand for the IV and a nurse on the opposite side started putting sticky pads on my back to monitor my heart rate. I almost immediately started getting dizzy and within not even a minute it was like I took a really long but also quick blink and I I was in the recovery room. It was done! 2 hours had just disappeared and it was all done! Needless, to say I was extremely proud of myself. I could feel a difference almost right away in the loss of weight. I was wheeled shortly after waking up to my room (which I shared with 3 other patients) and finally had my appetite back. I wasn't nauseous, but some people do get nauseous from the anesthetic. I was dizzy and once my fiancé was at my side, I kept going in and out of sleep. The following 24 hours I took about 6 T3s, I ate 2 bowls of soup, 3 sandwiches, 2 muffins from Tim Horton's and a Boston cream donut from Tim Horton's. I also had 3 glasses of water, a bottle of apple juice, and 2 little cup things of milk. The nurses were amazing and if I had to rate the hospital on a scale of 1-5 I'd give them a 10. I believe they went above and beyond and they were very pleasant and wonderfully nice to talk to. Getting the drains removed the following morning was unpleasant but quick. I asked for a shot of morphine just before leaving that morning because I didn't know what the 3 hour drive home would be like with only T3s. If there is anyone out there thinking of getting this done, do it! I'm really happy with the results and honestly wish I had gone through with it much earlier in life. I will be posting after pictures as soon as possible. Feel free to ask me anything. Facing the fear of surgery has made me stronger and now much less afraid should I need any for something more serious. I will continue updates for the next year or until healed fully.
I came to check on your review as I hadn't seen it updated since your surgery date. I somehow missed it but am THRILLED to read how well it all went for you. I must tell you your breasts were gorgeous "before" so I can only imagine how beautiful they will be now. Congratulations to you!!!
how much did you pay?
It was covered by Alberta Health Care due to the chronic back pain.

After Photos

Okay so today I was finally feeling awake enough to take and post pics. These are photos taken today, 4 days after surgery. The bruising is normal and I was told that mine wasn't actually that bad. I had my post-op appointment yesterday I have 3 final exams next week as well as a full day of flying. Today I have no pain. The tape is a little irritating and my breasts are very itchy but no pain. My surgeon said the itchiness is due to dryness and healing but that I can put lotion (unscented, non-colored, un-everything) on to ease the itchiness. I'm still on the antibiotics for another 3 days and then that's it. I still have an appetite although not as crazy as it was just after surgery. I had my first shower today are and nothing fell off :P It actually felt really good to get cleaned up. I still have gauze in my bra mainly to prevent any accidental leaks and because I don't want the tape (a.k.a. stitches) rubbing against the fabric and/or elastic band. My next follow up appointment will be in January but I will try updating with some pics between now and then. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

After Photos (Take 2)

Hey, your breast size looks wonderful :) and even if it looks like a lot of bruising to me, it is the most "beautiful" bruising i have seen so far ;) like two suns shining ;)
Hi! We both had our surgery on the same day with Dr. Schembri! You went in before me in the morning. You're looking great! I found him and the whole team to be wonderful too. Happy healing:)
looking great - bruising goes away. the size/proportion looks wonderful :-)
Dr. Schembri

I've seen my doctor once so far but he and his staff were very professional. He only needed to see my breasts for less than a minute even though my appointment took about 20 minutes. He explained a lot about the surgery and possible complications. On the day of the surgery he got Sharpie happy and all the lines he drew on me made me think of a sewing project. He was very professional and asked if I had any questions at all. He told me that his staff would contact me after the surgery to schedule my follow-up appointment which they did. He explained that I wouldn't see him until then once I was put under. Exceptional doctor and human being.

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