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I am a 36 year old mom with two great kids ages 10...

I am a 36 year old mom with two great kids ages 10 and 8. I have always been bigger on top (34c when I got married and have only grown from there) but haven't really thought about a breast reduction until this last year. I made three appointments this past winter and chose Dr Gorman Louie. He is a very quiet, older man but he made me and my husband feel very comfortable. I have to admit that this website has been a go to for me in the evening. I read up on all the reviews I can and really want to make an informed decision. So I am a 32g right now (I'm not sure why I am still growing in this area) and I want to be much smaller like a c cup. I ask my husband what he wants because I want him to be involved as much as possible because this affects him as much as it affects me. But I don't want him to feel like he has the boob lottery because he has always liked my bigger chest. Can anyone help me? I really want to be able to shop at an ordinary bra store and not have to spend $120.00 on a bra.




So my period came yesterday which makes my breasts feel like giant bowling balls on the front of me. They get so swollen! But at least it should be done before the surgery comes. I find myself going into stores and looking at the little itty bitty bras and thinking " I can't wait to buy you! You are so small and cute! 10 dollars?! That's a great deal!" Not like the 125.00 bra I bought last and it didn't even last... Good riddance 32Gs. I will not miss you...

Day of surgery

All done!!

welli made it through RS ladies. A bit groggy but good. Will post pics when I get a chance.


This was all I could do. I am in a lot of pain and I am so swollen. I am trying to get up and get around but the Tylenol is hard on me. I'll keep you posted

The girls

So the girls are starting to settle down, but my right boob is bigger and has some swelling on the incision. I am rally worried about necrosis. I see the PS on Wednesday. So I will keep you posted


So I saw the doctor yesterday and he says that everything is healing really well. Just to look for leakage and incision separation. The swelling and bruising will subside over time but overall everything is looking really good. I just hope that I can settle into a nice smaller cup size bra. They still seem so big to me... Oh well, happy healing everyone!

The girls at 2 weeks

So things are looking good. The swelling is going down but I still feel like they are invading my airspace. They are so perky!! I hope they settle down a bit more.


I took my first set of bromelain and set out with my family for a soccer tournament. I was out for about 20 minutes and happened to brush my hand against my yoga jacket... It was wet. I opened up my jacket and realized that my right breast was bleeding quite a lot from the t incision. I don't know what happened?! I think it was the combo of the bromelain and Advil? But I stopped the bromelain right away.... scary!

4 weeks.... Give or take.

So I am at four weeks and everything is going well. My incisions have finally closed up and the silicone sheeting has been applied. I have to say I am feeling a bit worried. My girls look quite boxy and the right one has a large lump in the bottom. Scar tissue or fat necrosis? Well I will keep massaging it and wait and see...

That stubborn righty...

This is what happens when I raise my hand in the air. I have this awesome dent in my right boob that doesn't want to settle down. I just want her to act and behave like her sister lefty! Is that too much to ask?! Plus I can feel a tugging on my abdominal muscle on the right side when I raise my arm... I am done with the "poor me" rant...
Dr. Gorman Louie

He is straight to the point, precise and not a coddler. He will not hold your hand and stroke your hair and tell you everything will be alright. But he does his work and does it well.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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99% off breast reductions I've seen look boxy. Hopefully it'll even out. You're still looking good and healing very well
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Well I don't know what I like more, smaller boxy boobs or my old round saggy ones... We'll see.
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Thanks for the encouragement!! :)
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Ijs. Not trying to put you down. Just saying it's normal.
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Oh no put down felt at all! I have to just be patient... And if you know me I am not a patient person!
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Neither am I. Lol
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very common to still be swollen and have lumpy tissue at this stage, give it until 4 months for all to settle down you are looking really good.
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You look good
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The Bromelain should have caused that, maybe it was just a tear or rubbed? The Bromelain helps with swelling and great for digestion, there isn't anything in it that would cause harm. Hope it stopped blessing, you look fab by the way xx
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Shouldn't have lol
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Congratulations! You look great.
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BROMELAIN is what helps with the Swelling and I got Mine at a Health Food Store as the Drug Stores didn't carry it - ( or WalMart either ) ......... and it is 500 mg Capsules and take One of them - 3 to 4 Times a Day - BETWEEN MEALS - and WITHOUT FOOD ! Or it will not Work for Swelling. For Bruising - there is ARNICA ( 30 c ) Tablets that you can get and they Dissolve under your Tongue - and they also make an Arnicare ..... Arnica Gel - that you can rub on your Skin - but NOT on any Broken Skin or Incision Lines. The BROMELAIN - just about saved me - as it helped me MORE than any of the Pain Meds. Cause - the main PAIN - I HAD - was FROM the Stupid Swelling ! And Ice - Gel Packs seem to help a bit too . I Hope you start to feel better !
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@ wendy, how long do you suggest taking the bromelain? @ nomore32g, you look awesome already..
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Ok I am on the hint for bromelain!! Thanks Wendy!
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On the hunt, duh.
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I STILL Take the BROMELAIN ! Was 4 Months Out - Yesterday ! I take it 4 times a Day - 6 Hours apart.
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You're Very Welcome Hun !
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you will have swelling for up to 4 months and your breasts are sisters, not twins, they have had individual surgery and will heal as individuals. If you are talking about fat necrosis, it is a normal part of the process for many people, just dead fat cells exiting the body. Try not to be overly anxious, if you are resting, keeping everything clean and dry, and avoiding reaching, pulling or lifting it is unlikely that you will have complications
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My right one is swollen, also. And I see my PS on Wednesday as well, so I'm sure it will be ok. I have drains in mine, so it may be because of that. Hang in there!
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Wishing you a speedy recovery. Looking great!!
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congratulations, lots of rest!
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Exciting, looking forward to hearing how you do, get plenty of rest
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Best wishes for a speedy recovery!!!
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That's great! So am I. Here is to a speedy recovery!
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