So So Happy with my Mommy Makeover.

I'm 49 I have had 3 c sections gain lots of...

I'm 49 I have had 3 c sections gain lots of weight with all 3 pregnancies. I am getting a TT and BL. I am so excited and can hardly wait!!

37 days to go. I am having a hard time focusing on...

37 days to go. I am having a hard time focusing on anything else! I talk about it everyday to my husband. I have even told my nail tec about it lol I wasnt going to tell anyone. I am on realself reading post after post. I go in for Pre-Admission Clinic on Tues the 28th. I still havnt told my mom about the surgery lol 49 and still scared to tell my mom. I plan on telling her today. I dont want her to worry :(.

I compete on performance horses and I'm wondering...

I compete on performance horses and I'm wondering how long after surgery will I be able to compete again. My doctor said 6 weeks but by reading some of the updates/posts 6 weeks seem it may be too soon.

I'm continuing to follow the Dr. B Diet. I can't...

I'm continuing to follow the Dr. B Diet. I can't seem to drop past the 119 lb mark. 35 days till surgery and I need to at least maintain my weight. I'. 4'11 so my goal weight is 110 lbs.

Well I have to get pictures posted! I gotta take...

Well I have to get pictures posted! I gotta take them first! I’m so stoked about everyone’s before and after photos! I can't procrastinate and miss out hehehe!

I woke up a 3am this morning questioning if I am...

I woke up a 3am this morning questioning if I am doing the right thing, spending all this money. I get teary eyed feeling selfish. I asked my husband again if he was sure he was ok with this. He said Honey you have given me 3 beautiful children, You do deserve this. As far as the money goes you quit smoking 15 years ago that alone would pay for it. I love him soo much.

I went to my pre surgery clinic yesterday. Watched...

I went to my pre surgery clinic yesterday. Watched a little 30 min video had my height and weight checked. talked with a nurse about the proceedure. She informed me surgery was scheduled for 5 hours. WOW!! I thought it would be 4, but better he takes his time and does things correct than rush through things :)!! She made it sound like he would be going up through my legs. Im like WHAAT. I think I need to talk to my PS again about what is going to happen. I mean he has to do what he has to do but I want to know what he has to do.

29 days left. I have been looking at everyones...

29 days left. I have been looking at everyones pictures and reading the post. I am in awe! Oh how I wish I would have done it sooner. Everything happens for a reason.

We have had about 1.5 feet of snow over the last 2...

We have had about 1.5 feet of snow over the last 2 days. Of course I have a Dr, appointment in the city today which is a 2 hr drive. Highways are in poor condition! If I cancel I may not get my info all finished before surgery. I will go extra early and take it easy. Hope I don't ditch it.

I had my GP appointment today. I have some blood...

I had my GP appointment today. I have some blood test to do and a cancer screening test. So a few trip to the city within a week. The weather is suppose to be better.

21 days left to go! I am actually feeling very...

21 days left to go! I am actually feeling very calm about everything. Reading the reviews on how everyone is doing has gotten me looking into everything on healing trying to find anything to help make it smoother. I got my pictures posted today. They are not the best a little blurry. My photographer was well a volunteer so I couldn't fire him. Posting the pictures is a little scary as they are on the internet and will NEVER go away. The picture most defiantly put things into prospective and make me realize that YES I do want this! Hubby thinks that maybe staying at home for a few days is not going to be the easiest thing to do..... maybe he should just stay working. I should quit telling him about everyones pain post or he may chicken out.

I got my A OK from my GP yesterday! YAY! I’m all...

I got my A OK from my GP yesterday! YAY! I’m all healthy and ready to get this done. I have been telling my family members and friends. Last night I was thinking maybe I should have kept my mouth shut. I told one person and he called my house last night and was teasing my husband about my soon to be new body. The guy said things that kind of piss me off. I have been telling people because I am so super excited and feel so privileged to be able to get this done. But maybe this should have stayed MY privilege! I have open up my journey to gossipy people. Well what’s done is done. Note to self "be more choosy on whom you tell. No matter how excited you are".

Well 2 weeks away. I had a sleepless night of...

Well 2 weeks away. I had a sleepless night of doubts. I got up this morning needing the reassurance of my honey. I am scared shitless of the recovery. I am 49 not 29. I am still working out with Jillian Michaels every day. My weight has stayed down so far. I am at 116.8 this morning the lightest I remember ever weighing. I go see my PS on Wednesday. That is his pay day and I have a few questions for him. I want to know if: I get my money back if something unforeseen happens. Does he do "warranty work". What about a pain pump? I’m going to let him know my RBC is a little low. It seems I should have more questions for him but I don’t. I’m open to any question suggestions of things anyone else has asked thier PS.

I look at my nearly naked photos and think OMG lol. I feel like deleting them. I see I stand crooked, I will have to make sure I stand straight when the PS marks me up or I may end up lopsided.

Saw my PS today, paid him and we had another chat....

Saw my PS today, paid him and we had another chat. He took pictures and we discussed what he was going to do. I asked him again about the BL which is actually a suspension. He said I didn’t have a lot of tissue so I will not get a larger (full) top area. I asked him if it was possible to get a BA later on. He said it would be best to make that decision now. I am hopeful that I will be happy with the suspension BL because that is the way I am going to go. I'm sure it will be better than what they are now! And my new tummy will help out girls to. Oh yah 11 day to go!

I picked up some more supplies today. I got the...

I picked up some more supplies today. I got the bathroom aides: shower chair, tub grab bar, toilet seat thing, a grabber/reaching tool. Granny panties (I hate panties should be interesting). I got size large I hope that is right. Protein shakes just six I will get something from the herbalist. I should get some hummus that is a good source of protein. Ex S Tylenol, Benadryl, new sheets for the hospital bed, Ice packs, socks hahaha

I must like to torture myself by adding more...

I must like to torture myself by adding more photos. OMG I sure hope Dr. Toy can make me look better. Starting to panic a little again. I just am having such a hard time beleiving that all "THIS" will be made better. Just seems like a dream. Ok I need to wipe my tears!

I have started myself on a few things. Iron...

I have started myself on a few things. Iron because my RBC is low, I started that about a week ago. Spirlina and Rosehips for rebuilding and repairing. 4 arnica sub lingual every few hours for swelling and bruising. I have removed all garlic from my diet, did that about 2 weeks ago. Going to get my hair cut today and pick up anything I think of that I have forgotten like pill organizer.

I just got the call from the hospital. I am to be...

I just got the call from the hospital. I am to be there at 6am Monday, surgery is at 7:45.

I'm getting ready to spend the next 2 days with my...

I'm getting ready to spend the next 2 days with my honey! Our daughters college grad is tonight so supper out. Last chance to get all dressed up before surgery. It's going to be a great weekend. I hope everyone that can enjoy it does and everyone that is recovering has an easy time

I got my bottle of citric nitrate drank first half...

I got my bottle of citric nitrate drank first half @ 12 & the last half @ 3 OMG it is working. It is sure going to make not eating easy.

Well I need to write about what has happened so...

Well I need to write about what has happened so far on my journey. The morning after my surgery April 3 (I was a patient so I stayed in the hospital)3 of my PS internes come in to see me a six thirty in the morning in the morning. The nurses had my CG's and bandages removed. This is the first time I get a look at my new tummy and breasts. My breast look great (at least I think they do) my tummy on the left side was flat and so so smooth. With my tan and the way the light from my overhead hospital bed shawn my tummy looked like smooth milk chocolate, but my right side had a lump that was from my belly button down to the incision. The intern one who was a woman said that I had what she had thought was a hematoma. OHHH FU...K I thought to myself. Over the last about 18 hour the nursing staff had been monitoring my Blood pressure and it was LOW, I was very nauseous OMG couldn’t eat, I was able to drink ice water. So as of 6:30 Tuesday morning it was no water or food. I was put on the wait list for emergency surgery. During the course of the day I was sent for ultra sound to see how much blood I was losing/lost. I had 3 hematoma's 1sm one at the drain site (which was leaking), 1 small one on the far right side of the incision and the large one was 10 cm long. When I got back to my room from the ultra sound the nurses mad up my bed and my surgery bra was gone. So now I have no surgery bra. I let everyone know nurses, resident PS doctor whom finally came back to me and said ok the best thing to is to get your husband to go buy you a sports bra. I was left without all my GC off for the day. I did get my husband to get me a sports bra which wasn't but on because I could get anyone to remove the intravenous so I could get it on. They had to give me 2 units of blood to bring up my blood pressure and hemoglobin. That made me nauseous. Anyways what a shitty day. I had a panic attack at about 9pm I felt like I couldn't breathe I had to rinse my mouth with ice water. At 10 pm I was bump from surgery due to other life threaten emergs. I had a 2 hr window that I could eat I was still nauseous ate some toast and through it up. I was able to keep down the ice water. The next day Wednesday I felt a little better I wasn’t as nauseated they found the rite pain med to work for me. Finallly at 8pm I hear them call my room and bed number called for surgery. Man I felt like I could have ran to the surgery floor. I was prepped and went into surgery. My PS met up with me there he had in his had a black sports bra he said it would be in my room waiting for me when I got back. Dr. Toy explained everything to me about what was going to happen. When I woke and got back to my room my husband made sure I had a bowl of chicken noodle soup for me which I was able to eat. I had talked to the anesthesiologist who was different for the first one, before he put me to sleep I told him that I was very sick the last time. He was tell me about this toxic gas that is widely used to put people asleep that is VERY hard on the Ozone and is often found to make people sick. He doesn’t use it because it is a gas that never goes away just hangs around destroying the ozone. So If I ever have to go for surgery I will be finding that out.

Days 6,7&8 post op. Easter weekend. I seem to be...

Days 6,7&8 post op. Easter weekend. I seem to be doing ok. I am swollen and burised my right side is the woarst. The hospital sent my info to the Home Care people. Home care called me and asked if I could come in to get my surgery sites cleaned. So I went in on Friday and the RN had not dealt with plastics before so she had no idea on what to do. And well I didnt realy know much other than the basics. She wanted to take of the steri-strips off my breast so she could clean them. I said no I don't think your supose to do that. She said my one breast didnt look to good it was puckered. My husband piped up and said it's swollen. She said I should take a picture and send it to the PS. So I will do the dressing change myself now no point driving 50k one way Im sure I can do it my self. I just need the supplies. My drains could be removed but can't get in till friday. They are draining 5cc/12hrs.

I ate rice last night and had a little coughing fit OM friggin G did that hurt. I held a pillow on my tummy for more pressure, I leaned against the back of my couch. I loosened my CG and moved it down on my stomach it was painful I was finally able to cough up some flem (gross haha). I notice when I got ready for bed I had a leak spot at the left drain site. NO MORE RICE FOR ME.

Day 8 PO. I'm still sleeping on the hospital bed,...

Day 8 PO. I'm still sleeping on the hospital bed, but I sneeking for a cuddle with my honey for a few hours. I still can't stand up straight. My surgical tapes on my breast has dryed blood under it. I would sure like to get that cleaned up. Not sure if I can spray them off with the shower hose because I still have drains in. I have lots of bruising and swelling. The night is the worst. I have been using ice packs on my back flank area. I am lucky and still have my husband home. He has just been the best support I couldnt ask for better. I had freinds show up to see me last evening. We travel with them so they know how much I wanted this and she was thrilled with my new picture.

Yesterday I was going to get my drains removed so...

Yesterday I was going to get my drains removed so I thought I would take some pain meds before getting that done. I have to different types so because I had on B of a head ache I thought I would take the Oxy's instead of the tromethamine. I took 2 and OMG it sent me for a loopy 2hr ride to the city. I had no pain though lol. Note to self I only need one. I got the drains removed and belly button cleaned and new steri strips put on my breast. It sure felt good. The nurses said that they thought Dr. Toy did a nice job. They talk about his work say that he does great work. Made me feel good. So now this am I am quite swollen in the abdomen. Has anyone else had this after removing the drains?

Today is day 10 PO. Yesterday I was bloated all...

Today is day 10 PO. Yesterday I was bloated all day; no bm is the morning so I took a stool softener. I'm not sure if it was from the salty chicken stew I ate at a restaurant or the Oxcy's I took to get my drains out. I laid around all day watched tv. I felt so tight and just uncomfortable. I went without pain meds all day. I went for a walk around my yard, I live on a farm so it is a large yard. My horses were happy to see me. Anyways I just got more bloated I felt like a balloon about to burst. I got back into the house and tightened my CG. That did help somewhat. at least I did feel like I was going to burst. I took an Oxcy before bed. They do work but I don’t like how they make me feel all loopy. I had a BM today and feel better than yesterday already :). Does anyone when driving use a seat belt?? We have seat belt laws here and I dont think I should where it.

I'm off to see the ps first time since surgery. He...

I'm off to see the ps first time since surgery. He won't be able to lift up my flabb this time hahaha! I will be getting my tummy steri strips changed I think. Yesterday was the same as Wednesday tummy was very tight I just took it easy all day.

I saw Dr. Toy today he said everything is healing...

I saw Dr. Toy today he said everything is healing nicely and looks great. And yes I am swollen. lol I book another appointment in 2 weeks. I really like my PS he is just one of those people who are just genuinely kind. The nurse changed my steri strips on my TT. I felt pretty good today just a little constipated and bloated. I sure wish I could stand up straight. How long before that happens?

I am swollen my left side more than my right. That...

I am swollen my left side more than my right. That being said my entire torso is swollen my bra that I put on just for the photos is very tight and was cutting into me.

On the positive side I am able to move around way better today. I slept on my right side for a few hours last night. I can get up and down easier. A few big steps on the road to recovery YAY!!

2 weeks today. As I have been saying SWOLLEN ugg....

2 weeks today. As I have been saying SWOLLEN ugg. I decided to post a new picture.
My right breast burns when I take off my sports bra and when I raise my arm to wash my hair in the shower. Not sure whats up with that. It is more swollen than the left so maybe that is why. The left breast is good.

This morning I feel as though I am actual walking...

This morning I feel as though I am actual walking unhunch YAY!! Kinda funny that I noticed that it was like it just was. I'm not sure if I just woke up straighter or what lol. Very little back pain this morning. I started the arnica montana yesterday (hmmm maybe it is helping allready naaa can't be) 5 pills 3x per day under the tounge. I order some CG's today from Leonisa I hope they dont take too long to get here. I took a T3 last night I had a great sleep. I slept 7hr which is normal for me. I then crawled into bed with my honey and spooned for 2 hrs.

I should mention the little crying session I had last night, I had a shower and looked at my naked bodie and started crying. I was so swollen. Painful right breast down to my baboon Vjj. My husband snapped me out of it. He is just fantastic, I am blessed :)!!

Day 18 po, Getting up and down way way easier now....

Day 18 po, Getting up and down way way easier now. I slept in my bed for 6 hrs on my side. Last evening I was having some kind of spasms in my left side. They were like being kicked by a baby. I could watch my skin go up and down, that was kindof creepy. I watched the new 2 in half men last night OMG I LMAO. I dont know if Im suppose to laught that hard. I'm not sure if I like my breasts or my BB yet which is dumb because my old ones were not nice. I am still swollen but it is not as painful as before. Steri strips are still on. The hole from the drain tube is still open and leaking a little bit.

Day 20 po, So excited to share. Yesterday I was...

Day 20 po, So excited to share. Yesterday I was able to put on my samll jeans that I wore prior to surgery. I tucked in my T shirt and like friggin magic I had a flat tummy with NO NO muffin top. Ok this has to be the best feeling!! I went to watch my daughter ride at a barrel racing Jackpot, had a 1/2 a light beer. Went grocery shopping at Wally World. Went out for super. I was OMG very sore after all that. Got back home got into my jammies took a mussel relaxer and rested for the reat of the night. Feel ok so far today. Anyway I am so excited about the jeans and T Shirt. Happy Healing Girls It all comes together. One day at a time.

PO day 23 went to see Dr. Toy. He removed all the...

PO day 23 went to see Dr. Toy. He removed all the steri strips. He was very happy with the way my BL was healing. He said my BB is perfect. He put gauze on part of the TT incision because it still has a spot not healed where the right drain was. I am still to wear CG for the TT so that it will take down the swelling. I asked about the marble he I could but he feels that I don't need. I think it would gross me out anyway. I have a sentsitive BB. I asked him how to get rid of the scab, I want to pick it off he said leave it alone and it will come off on it own. I asked him if I could wear a normal bra now (Im thinking underwire) he yes you bet so all this pictures of pretty underwire VS bras are going throught my mind. Then he he added no underwire though! Book an appointment for Jun. Went to VS to find a non underwire bra yeah very sad I came out with a sports bra lol. Then we went to Red Lobster and pigged out. I had a great day!

Well I'm 4 weeks PO now WOW time does fly. I have...

Well I'm 4 weeks PO now WOW time does fly. I have had a busy last few days so I haven’t been posting. But most important went shopping and bought a bikini. OMG I can wear a bikini! Holy crap how exciting is that!! Hahahaha actually need jeans but thought the bikini was most important. I think it’s part of the healing.

I finally received my Leonisa items. I wore the...

I finally received my Leonisa items. I wore the body cincher for about 8 hours yesterday. It felt good, but when I took it off all the swelling had pushed down to my abdomen so that didn't feel so good. I think 8 hrs. was too long. It sure made my waist tiny though.
I also purchased the above the knee full body shaper, it fits very tight now I know what you girls mean by feel like a sausage omg. It is crotchless I'm not sure I want to use it that way but it is hard to pull down. I like the butt part of it. They don't flatten out your ass like other types do. I also bought a bra it isn't pretty by any means but I ordered it before I started buying sports bras. I have now so I will use it. Im hoping it will help me with posture as I am still not standing 100% straight. Happy Day Girls!!

I was out last evening well actually most of the...

I was out last evening well actually most of the day. I ate "bad" and had some drinks with friends. Last night I swelled up had a very uncomfortable sleep. My right breast hurt for most of the night and now my weight is up 1lb. Kind of sucks. I felt so good just wanted to celebrate. I have also found a lump on/just above my TT incision it is about 2" long and the size of my thumb. My tummy is feeling very tight. I hope everything is ok. I think I remember having something like this when I had my C section it's been so long ago I can’t remember.

5 weeks PO today. My next PS appointment isnt for...

5 weeks PO today. My next PS appointment isnt for another 4 weeks. I want to start riding, but my family isnt with me on that one yet. My hart fells ready :). I am losing the internal stiches. I have 3 spots that are still infected on my tt incision, yesterday 2 stitches migrated out of one, so I think that maybe the trouble.

I rode my stationary bike for maybe 10 min...

I rode my stationary bike for maybe 10 min yesterday. When I got off my legs felt like spagetti. I carried an arm full of dried wood, it was too heavy I felt the strain. Yikes I'm out of shape. I think I'm getting out of control with my life style. I had 1 light beer and clam. I read the salt content after I drank it OMG tons of salt. No more of that. I had unsalted cashews for a snack. Low salt nachos with lowfat cheese and salsa for super, I'm not eating as good as I was pre surgery. I must get in control or I will be fat before I get to show off this new me. I was very swollen last evening. The hard lump seemed bigger. I think I will send a note off to my PS today just to let him know. My weight is up 1lb this morning :(. This should be the kick in the butt that is needed!!!

I have been using paper tape on my TT scar, it is flattening it out pretty good. On my BL scar I am using the gel once a day.

This has not been a great week for me; I have been...

This has not been a great week for me; I have been swollen for most of the week. I have a hard lump just above my tt incision. I feel like I have back and hip fat, or is it swelling. My scar is not too bad on the left side but the right still has 4 spots that are not closed completely. My left side above my hip I can feel the muscle is tight like string so my sides are still not symmetrical. I’m getting bored good thing the weather is shitty.

The one thing that has been positive this week is...

The one thing that has been positive this week is my weight. It went up 3lb and now is back down yay!! Sure playes mind games with me. I start to panic, because I worked hard to lose the weight. I love food, I'm the type of person that can eat even if I'm sick. The weather is finally nice so I am going to do some stuff outside today. Hope all you ladies have a great day and a Fantastic MOTHER'S DAY!!

6 weeks PO for me. I was able to take my horse for...

6 weeks PO for me. I was able to take my horse for a short ride yesterday. It sure felt good. I did yard work, drove the quad around, harrow a small pasture. I had a good day. I rested and put my feet up several times throughout the day. At the end of the day I took off the CG and I did swell. This morning all is good so yah one day at a time, everything in moderation. LIFE IS GOOD!

Today My upper abs are burning WTF is going on now...

Today My upper abs are burning WTF is going on now. So going back over what I did yesterday.... I went grocery shopping was in a hurry so I packed in more bags at one time. Brush out 2 horses. Rode one horse for about 10 min. Everything else was just what I do normally. I wonder if I did too much yesterday of if it a combined over the last few days :(. I hope it doesnt last too long.

7 weeks PO not too much to report. I feel good....

7 weeks PO not too much to report.

I feel good. I have more energy. The bumps are getting smaller and the holes have closed up on my TT incision. the CG are still a big part of my life. I look good, ok ok GREAT in my clothes!! lol on that note I don't have a problem walking around naked anymore. That is the best feeling ever. Sex life is FAN fringin TASTIC!!

I still swell daily. I have AB pain like I have been working out. I get a tightness in my tummy that is very tight and hard feeling. Hate that wish is would leave SOON.

Happy Healing Ladies

11 weeks have gone by now, wow! The first thing...

11 weeks have gone by now, wow! The first thing that comes to mind is I still swell.... grrrr. In the evening when I do too much and at TOM. My last PS appointment was good. I can now wear any even underwire bras. He said that the lumps on my TT incision will go away just takes time. He suggested to use the paper tape on the incision so that is what I am doing. I can’t stand using the silicone gel it takes way too long to dry. Any way life is getting bake to normal BETTER than normal. I am very excited with the new body. I love buying clothes now!! OMG it is so easy now! I am also looking at getting into a new career so life is very busy. Take care everyone enjoy the new you!! This has been the best thing I have done for myself!!
Dr. J. Toy

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So curious.. what are you using tape on now? and for what?
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I agree. Once my breasts were healed, I never thought about it again. My incision was under my breasts too, so I never even see a scar. I am happy with my tummy so far because it is so flat, just waiting for the open wound to close up from the second surgery, then I think I'll feel normal again. Of course, that scar will not be the same as the other side, so that will have to be fixed, but that will be in a few months. Time will tell. Thanks!
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You know coming out of my mommy makeover surgery, my biggest complaint the first couple of days was my breasts. Which surprised the surgeon. Now, of course, it's the tummy. It seems the tt is more a chronic bother, whereas the breasts was just initially, and now just a stinging sensation every once in a while. The first couple of days after my surgery, I was wishing I had not done both surgeries at the same time because both my arms and abs felt incapacitated from sore chest muscles and ab muscles. However, I know had I just done just the tt and not the breasts, I never would have gone back for the breasts later on. So, I'm glad I did it all at teh same time. Also, the breasts give you instant gratification, whereas the tummy takes a while with all the scarring and swelling and binders you have to contend with. Good luck!
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You look amazing! Sorry you had a hard time in the beginning. I did too :/ I can't imagine two procedures at once. I got breast implants in 2008,and almost did my tt then, I would have died. The breasts were SO bad, so painful. Got my tt on May 9, and had to have surgery again 13 days. Outside of the complication, the recovery would have gone better than the breast surgery, but that's probably because I didn't have any muscle work done, only skin. The reason my breasts implants hurt so bad is they had to manipulate the muscle to get the implant under there.
My first thought when I saw your most recent picture is that there is no way she is 49! That is a ROCKING bod, girl!
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Hi there Time to do something, first of all thank you for your very kind words :)!! I read some of your journey and am so sorry you had to go through a 2nd surgery. Sound like all is going good for you now though and that is super fantastic.
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Glad you are doing so good. I can't wait to see newer photos! You look phenomenal!
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wow, you look fabulous!
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Thanks RubySparkles :)
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hi! how are your BL scars? I'm afraid of the lollipop scar but I've been reassured that it fades with time but since I'm of mixed raised with the tendency for keloid scarring , I'm a bit nervous about my BL. I'm also doing a mommy makeover in Sept 2012~
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hi miamimom, My BL scars are fading. It's funny though the scars dont seem to bother me. My husband doesnt have ANY issues with it either. I will post pictures soon. to show what the scars are like now. I have not been diligent in putting on the scar cream. I think it's normal to be a little nervous before surgery. Talk to your PS about your concerns and do lots of research on creams.
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Yup I am at 4 months and my abs are just now ready for working out. (with care) i use to do A LOT of ab work so my abs were strong and flat. but it doesnt make any difference.. they still hurt if you over do it. To much streaching pulls on thoes inner sutures before the body is fully ready thats what the PS said was going on. then thoes muscles will get inflamed and sore and then your going to regret it if you continue to push it... I honestly think I wold have healed sooner if I would have just chilled for a full 3 months. I mean think of how mush thoes tummy muscles do. Getting up on the horse ...tummy ... packing groceries..tummy..
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Hi and Congrats on the MM! Its a long recovery period-but so worth it iin the end. I did want to add my .02 about riding- I ride Grand Prix Show Jumpers- and had a few major and minor set backs with my MM, but it took me 4 months to get back on a hoirse and it was the longest 4 months ever! Be sure to listen to your body!! I got back on to soon and reopened a wound.

Goodl uck! I hope your recovery goes smoothly from here on out!
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I hope that you feel better soon. I thought that once you were at the 6wk mark you were cleared for any and every kind of activity. Yikes. Hubs will be home for 1 month with me then I am on my own during the am caring for 3 small kids, one in diapers.
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Thanks for your kinda words, WSL, you are right. There aren't a lot of us out there with just BL anymore. I'm glad you're still happy after 6 months.
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You look wonderful btw. Awesome curves!
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Do you think that taking breaks during the day helps to keep your swelling down vs going at it full force and non stop?
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I was still swollen at the end of the day, but I wasn't in pain from the swelling, I didn't get huge. I was uncomfortable but I felt good. If that makes scents. I think having breaks helped where I was swollen. For instance my back was not swollen. When my back/flank area swells I'm in pain.
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You look really great. I had my surgery April 17th so tomorrow I'm 4 weeks post-op. I was wondering what you are doing for your scars. After the surgery my PS didn't have anything on the TT incision I just wore old t-shirts under the binder. Then it scabbed over and now all the scab is off except where the drains were. The scar looks really good but I want to start doing something to help it heal and be less noticeable. Why did you use the paper tape? Are you using any creams?

I go see the PS this Friday. Hopefully she'll let me get into a regular bra< I'm still wearing the surgical bra.

Thanks for all your info.
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Yay for a flat tummy and perky girls! Happy for you! You are one busy little bee around your property.
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Oh Lord I hear ya. I have never not been able to eat. No matter what my appetite is always there..
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Hurray for good weather! It makes such a difference. Got out there and enjoy the weather and your new rockin body waited soo deserve it! Happy Mother's Day to you to!
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