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I have always wanted bigger boobs but felt that I...

I have always wanted bigger boobs but felt that I was pandering to the desire of the "playboy" image. I was teased by my family for having small breasts and my first husband constantly told me to get a boob job. Thank god he is an ex! Anyway, I have finally decided that the pain of worrying about my breasts has got to end. Therapy, self help books and acceptance of what I have, doesn't cut it. So I have surgery scheduled in 2 days. I am excited but now am super scared! What if I regret it?

My husband has told me that I am doing this because I am insecure. Two weeks ago he asked me for a divorce. I have my sister to help me with the recovery process. It's funny cause I just found out a month ago that she had implants put in 5 years ago, and I never knew(only her husband knows)! She loves them btw.

I am hopeful for an even higher level of confidence, I have confidence in myself, just some unhappiness with breast size. How do I deal with the negativity I am getting from my soon to be ex-husband. And the worry?

I am getting 280 cc silicone under muscle with an under breast incision. Yikes tomorrow! Crazy how time flys. I've really enjoyed the posts on this site. So much encouragement and I love hearing the love you all have for your new boobies! Tomorrow am is my big day! My sister is driving me and watching me for the first day! So nice of her and she is soo excited for me, as she just loves her BA. Thanks for the great encouragement and information.

OMG, so you dealt with a family who teased you, an ex who told you to get a boob job and now an almost ex telling you you are insecure getting breast augmentation! You definitely need to surround yourself with some more positive people. It sounds like your sister is being supportive. Have you settled on what implant type/size you're going with?


Surgery went well. Was home by 1:30 in the...

Surgery went well. Was home by 1:30 in the afternoon. Took Enodocet, a narcotic painkiller, and gravol, an anti-nauseant, and basically slept all afternoon. Pain is only bad when I walk around or move arms. My sister has been wonderful. Making supper and helping with my pets! I have only looked at my new breasts briefly. They seem so big! I am soooo not used to that look! I look forward to filling out tops better, just hope it doesn't look too obvious!

I don't want any one to know, so have told my kids that I hurt my back and have to rest and not lift things.

My surgeon ended up putting in 330 cc Naturelle silicone implants under the muscle.

Here's to a fast recovery!

Some pain today. My breasts seem larger than I...

Some pain today. My breasts seem larger than I wanted, but my sister assures me that it is probably some swelling. Feel pretty good if I keep taking the pain meds. Hurts a lot to get out of bed. Feels weird to have larger breasts. Will take some time.
Congrats! How funny! I was just talking to someone about how my all my exes seem to have the same thing in common... the word "no" ~

So good for you to sticking to what would make YOU feel better about YOU!

Yay! Hang in there lady!

btw... sounds like the hubby is feeling threatened and insecure... not you deary....
Good. If I keep up with the pain meds. All in all excited to have the pretty breasts I've always wanted! Am hoping recovery goes quickly. It's getting out of the bed that is the worst. Thanks!

How are you feeling?


Day 3 - Less pain, have stopped the narcotic pain...

Day 3 - Less pain, have stopped the narcotic pain killers, as I would like to go to the bathroom soon! Regular ibuprofen seems to help. But my breasts seem larger than I pictured. Also, had a shower today, felt nice. The implants are really high right now and kinda look funny to me! How long before they 'drop' and look normal? There is a lot of tightness, but not alot of pain. Thank goodness. I wonder what the final product will look like and will I like it? I know it is so close to surgery that there must be a lot of swelling and settling down that needs to happen.
Thank you Racecar. You are a doll and an inspiration. Like you, I questioned myself for years about pandering to an image.... Good riddance to that ex of yours, what a loser. You deserve better and, darn sure, you will get it and the boobs will help, being brutally honest! God bless you and your sister! Your new boobs look fantastic and not too large -- very classy! Not stripper boobs and very natural looking. You did so well! I hope i do as well as you -- I am scheduled for this coming thursday morning in NYC. I am still second-guessing myself but stories from people like you do help me so much! Thank you, friend!
Thanks Eileen! You will do fine. I can't wait to hear about your experiences. I appreciate your support, it means a great deal. Even though this is all anonymous and we don't know each other, we still have this shared experience and the thoughts and feelings that lead to this decision. I'll be thinking of you on Thursday! Best of luck!
Sounds like recovering nicely. I sense things will turn out just fine for you! Pics look great!!! Very nice job with incisions! I get my newboobies next wednesday! Soooo its really nice to see and hear doing so well. Best wishes and warm thoughts to you!

Went to my Moms for dinner, was tired. But just...

Went to my Moms for dinner, was tired. But just sat there and ate. I wore a loose shirt and no one noticed. But I noticed! Wow they are big today, way too big. I don't like them at this moment. Boy I hope they go down in size. I never wanted to be in the D zone. I don't know what to think at this point. Today is the day I'm questioning my decision, big time (no pun intended!).
Hi. I am 1 week and 2 days out from my BA. It is taking a lot of getting used to when you start out an 34 A and I am now I'm a full 34 C. I am still really tight but not really in pain. Sleeping is still tricky. It's definitely a process of healing and mentally accepting the changes that your body is going through from the BA & the healing process. I think you look great and if you give your body time to heal I'm sure you'll be really happy!:) You are not alone in this process!:)
Thanks pachie! So needed to hear that! I look forward to the settling and final size!
Heya, I just wanted to let you know what my surgeon said during the consult. She said she doesn't like hearing that a woman thinks her size right out of surgery is perfect because they always get smaller due to the swelling and the settling over time. She prefers to hear that a patient thinks they're too big because once they're likely to be happier with the size once they're all healed and have shrunk down to their final size.

I haven't had my surgery yet so I can't speak from experience but all of the ladies on here will also assure this. They do get smaller and much less high and hard over time. I'm sure you'll love them, just give it a little time =)

Day 5 (or 6 depends when you count from!). ...

Day 5 (or 6 depends when you count from!). Feeling pretty good. Sometimes stabbing pains but they don't last long. A lot of really tight feelings and general squeezing on my chest. I know that I have been overdoing my arms, but it is so hard not too. I had to get groceries, my daughter carried the bags and pushed the cart but still opening doors and such. My underarms are sore now. Will try to rest more tomorrow! I just want to tell you ladies with a supportive SO. You are lucky! Be grateful! I wish I had that. I don't and telling my kids I hurt my back does get me a little bit of help. But boy would it be nice to have someone who loves me hold me and rub my back! And do the groceries. Enjoy that if you have it!
Still waiting for swelling to go down. But it is only day 5 and it is hot as hell here and I've been doing too much today. All factors.

Take care.
I think he was looking for a reason to leave. I'm sure I'll be better off! The massage is a good idea, once I can lay on my front, I'm going! Or just do a mini massage on the back. Good luck tomorrow and can't wait to hear about your progress. Take care.
Hey Lady ! Chin up! Book yourself a massage with someone that understands what your needs are. I will be far from home my first few days and plan to do just that. You really don.t need the added stress from lack of support or lack of touch. Let someone do for you! You ARE worth it! You look beautiful! Stay positive! I.m sensing there is much you aren.t saying but you must take the time to let your body heal.

I have to ask.... if you didn.t get a breast augmentation would your husband still have wanted a divorce ?

Blessings of peace warmly surround you!

Today i fly to florida and tomorrow is the big day!

Had one week post op today. He says everything...

Had one week post op today. He says everything looks good. The swelling should go down and the implants will drop and look more normal. I'm to start pressing down on the implant for 10'secs about 3-4 times per day and press in on the outside as well. The pains and shooting pains are normal, nerves starting to heal. I'm also to put paper tape on the scar and change weekly for about 2 months. And take it easy for the next 4weeks, which will be hard as I'm a single working mother. My kids aren't little but they still need groceries, etc. and lots of driving around. Hope it progresses quickly! Still hoping the final result looks more like I imagined it would!
We all need to do what is best for us. This whole experience has really made me a better person, I think. I now know what these women I used to envy went through! It's not for wimps. And despite the non settling and some swelling, today I actually felt sexy in my new boobs. Cool.
well said on all points, kimboobs
and I hope everything went well for you...Thursday (tomorrow) is my day

Today was good. Have some breast tenderness on the...

Today was good. Have some breast tenderness on the right side under the armpit. Hurts to move my right arm much and of course I'm right handed, so I just naturally use it. My nipples are really sensitive today. Seems like that's normal from reading other posts. I am kinda liking the look I have now. No padded bras!!! And I feel sexier. My breasts still are swollen and high but it's a huge difference from trying to get the bra not to gap. Went for a long walk today and was shopping. I'm resting now cause my boobs were telling me I was overdoing it. Here's to trying to take it easy!!!

Feeling pretty good today, not much pain. Haven't...

Feeling pretty good today, not much pain. Haven't needed pain killers for a while. I still get the odd sharp pain and I have to be careful how much I lift or move my arms. Not quite used to the size yet, still hoping for some reduction in swelling, but on the other hand - kinda like having them! Ha! Such a change, actually feeling boobs while you do things.

Posted a picture to how I'm looking today.
No gurgling noises, but sharp pains sometimes... Starting to settle. I should post a pic today to see the difference! How are you doing? Feeling ok?
Hello racecar... how are you? You getting the gurgling noises when you move also? I think it means hungry... he he he... things settling a bit more for you?
My doctor and I didn't discuss profile. I just wanted natural looking. Sorry. I paid quite a bit for mine, comparing prices with you American girls, but I needed a surgeon close by to deal with follow ups and possible emergencies. Oh well. Only money as they say

Feeling a little sore in the breasts and inner...

Feeling a little sore in the breasts and inner arms. Probably overdoing it. I walked lots yesterday and was busy all day today. Hard to make myself relax! Anyone have really really sensitive nipples? Even hurts to lightly touch them? How long will that last? My boobs are looking better every day and I can't believe I have them!
Hi racecar! I.m doing very well. Drove yesterday (saturday) so that was four days post ba. Did fine. No issues to speak of. Boobs look oblong as they sit so high. My luggage i had people lift and move for me but the walking from rental car drop to my boarding gate really tuckered me out. I should have had them drive me to it in the little airport carts. I could really feel my heart pounding and felt like total crap for about a half hour until i was able to get my heart rate resting again. I gave myself plenty of time so good thing i was thinking. My nipples are sensitive but not hyper (yet) had burning sensations in right but i.m safely assuming that since it.s my weaker side that will drop sooner so i.m getting more activity there. My only issue is that since my pec muscles were strong and tight to begin with they aren.t too thrilled to have been stretched and so it.s a chore to breath sometimes. It seems as though had to reteach myself how to breath again. Do you have this too? I.m just taking tylenol now and it.s perfect. I do indeed have to watch out for doors and door frames as my new boobies come out more.. so that makes me laugh when encountering them. My boyfriend is like a little kid on Christmas eve and has been an absolute sweetheart since been home. Very glad to hear starting to settle! Mine look hysterical so high and oblong! Ha! ?.... Hey! Hug to you! Cheers to life!
Kimboobs, so good to hear you are doing well, I had that tightness for about a week, felt like someone had a tight grip around my chest. It felt like breathing in was a chore. It's better now. I'm still waiting for things to settle down, my left one is lower than the right. Can't wait until they even out and look even and more natural. Nice to have a support system with your boyfriend. So good to hear! Best of luck and can't wait to hear your updates.

Breasts feel pretty good today. Not too much pain...

Breasts feel pretty good today. Not too much pain even though I went shopping for a few hours. My left breast has settled down even more. But I am still waiting for the right! It's dropped a bit, But looks way higher. Probably it's because I'm right handed and those muscles are tighter. I am doing the massage that my PS suggested but haven't seen improvement. Also wondering if I am doing it right. Is this normal? Like the look of the left one that has settled, looks less scary and more realistic and sexy. Be nice to have a matched set! Btw, my husband is missing me. He doesn't know about my surgery yet, as we have been separated for a while. He knows I wanted it and tentatively booked it. Wonder what he'll think. Hmmmm. I know it doesn't really matter to me, although his reaction will tell me a lot about our future!
Glad to hear ! From your update sounds like all will work out wonderfully! I.m a week behind you so I enjoy reading what encountering and what to expect. Im mostly left handed so my right is already softer and has more give where my left will likely be stubborn. I hope all works out as you want it with your husband. Sweet peaceful blessings to you...

Feeling good, no pain. Still some settling to do....

Feeling good, no pain. Still some settling to do. Trying to do the push down and in massages that my PS suggested 4 - 5 times daily. I am told that time will help and really settle things.

My husband and I talked about my surgery yesterday and went for a long walk. He loves my new set but was really quick to point out that he really loved the old ones. Nice reaction. Thats cool. We actually fooled around and it was fantastic. None of that insecurity about how they look in this position or that. That God! A really good bonus! And all the sensation is still there, so I am so grateful for that.

My big hope is that they drop and settle soon. I tend to be impatient, so this is a good lesson!
I have my consult with surgeon on Monday July 23rd. Enjoyed reading your posts....wish me luck! How long from your consultation until your surgery?
nice update - I relate! Your husband is a doll! Good going on all counts.
Feeling good today! boobs don't hurt at all, still a little high, with the right being higher. I am hopeful they will even out! How are you doing? Your picture are fantastic! It's kinda fun having boobs! I could get used to this. I told my husband yesterday - he didn't know , problems, but we are sorting them out - and he loves them! Thats cool!

Worked a long day yesterday - man I was sooo sore...

Worked a long day yesterday - man I was sooo sore when I was done. I had to lay down and go to sleep. Worked again today, and still sore. My arms especially!

Have some new pics - will post soon. Still riding high - especially on the right!

Husband likes them, although he says they feel "fake". Well, they are still tight and swollen!

Any ideas about when standing at work will feel better? When do the implants start to drop and soften? Wish I had the answers!
I am loving having something to fill out my shirts with, and they look pretty nice. I am glad I did this. Just need more patience.
I am sure they will even out, just give the some time. My big day is 2 weeks. Btw if hubby only comes back for the new girls after leaving you than he is so wrong. Speedy healing.

Feeling pretty good. Have some really sensitive...

Feeling pretty good. Have some really sensitive nipples though! yikes - just having a shirt touch them is so painful. I had a few 'zingers' yesterday. man that hurt too. Have been sleeping on my side for the past 2 nights. Seems to be good and so nice to get off the back! My right boob is still high, the left is looking more normal all the time. I hope I even out soon! It worries me a little but I am only on day19. I'll try not to dwell....

Love hearing about all of your progress!
Yes Scrappy37 I do see where you are coming from and I do feel I was wrong to jump in like that. Again, I was trying to offer my "eye" and assistance from the doctor's perspective but I can see that all I did was make her feel bad and that was the last thing I wanted to do. I hear about alot of doctors telling their patients everything is fine when its not and this bothers me. Yes doctors do breast augmentations differently. I have noticed by watching films of other doctors at work that I really do go about it diferently than anyone else I've seen except for the person who taught me alot of what I know. Is there a private e mail thing here? I'd love to send you some of my work so you can see where I'm coming from. Also if you knew me personally, you would know I don't have a cynical or sarcastic bone in my body. as far as I know, I've never intentionally hurt anyone in my life; certainly not a patient. I'd like to direct you to some critiques of my work too if you're interested.
Sure, I always have an opinion, sometimes its an asset, sometimes its not . LOL

If you hover over my name in my post you will get a pop up where you can see a persons profile or send a private message.
I didn't mean to be negatve. I was supporting the patient by telling her to go back and have the doctor adjust the pocket. There were many comments by the patient above regarding her observation that the implants were riding high. So she agreed with me on that point. But if she's happy, thats the most important thing. Good luck to all and thanks for the responses.

Feeling pretty good, looks better every day. ...

Feeling pretty good, looks better every day. Despite some negativity from a stranger, I feel confident I will be satisfied with the final product. Wish I knew how to block someone though!.... any way?

Any how, worked today and felt much better. Still tired, but way less arm pain. I still have quite sensitive nipples and "sore" areas on my breast. Not sure. I get my period soon, maybe my natural breast tissue is reacting to hormonal changes?

Thanks for all the support from my fellow "realselfers"! Muchly appreciated!
Aw, racecar, I'm sorry you felt you needed to remove your pics. As a fellow high-rider, I'd have loved to follow your progress. Hope you're doing well and will keep us posted!
Hey racecar! What's the good word? Happy Boobie girl?! You must be by nowww! Hope you're well... just checking in on you. I had to remove my pics as some perv was creeping around. I have MUCH to say about that but I shall refrain from doing so on your blog.
I also had to deal with being teased as an adolescent. I was the only one in my family that had small brests. Mine stopped growing at a small B and everyone else had mid C's to high D's. My classmates were the worst. Not only did I grow up small brested, but i was a fat kid too. I was full of self hate. I was dealing with alot of depression and my family only made it worse. I'm 38 years old and i still don't like looking in the mirror. This drives mu husband nuts. I'm told by so many that I'm beautiful, but I don't see it. Growing up with so much negativity towards me, it kinda stuck. I look in the mirror and all I want to do is cry. Is there anyone out there who can help me? I don't have the money to pay for any of the surgeries that I need.
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Had another procedure from him, liked his manner.

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