Tomorrow's the BIG Day! - Edmonton, AB

I have posted before regarding my concerns on...

I have posted before regarding my concerns on sizing! I am now going in tomorrow and have decided on 425 gummy bear silicone under the muscle! I am very nervous I can barely eat!

I am scared ill end up looking like a bimbo! Spent my whole early life as a gymnast was flat as a board then I got a bit chunky! I'm 5'3(ish) was 150lbs and had boobs finally! Then I lost 25lbs and my boobs went too! I have wanted this since I was 16 as I always hated the shape and look of them! Found out during consultation i have a mild case of "tubular breast deformity" I tried on sizers twice to really make my decision!

Still just in panic mode as I keep reading how some people have healed poorly or have a hard time working out... I am a gym rat! The thought of 6 weeks off devastates me!

I hope that's not the case for me and I heal just fine! I am just both apprehensive and excited that I will finally feel like a woman!


Good luck! Hope everything went will. Update when you can.
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Good luck!
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You will look great, I think that size is perfect for you. Please post pics asap for us after you get it done.
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Well here I am 1 day post op! Pain isn't...

Well here I am 1 day post op! Pain isn't unbearable but it has definitely worsend since yesterday! It mostly feels really heavy on my chest! The don't look as big as I thought! I'm actually glad about this I was worried I'd look like Pam Anderson!

The surgery went so fast just under 1.5 hours I was pretty sedated so dont remember much! But my doctor was wonderful the whole time! All the staff were! I would highly recommend them!!

Left side is more swollen than right but the homeade ice packs of dishsoaps work amazingly!

My boyfriend has been amazing through all this too gets mad If I get up! I go see the doctor for the post op, I will keep everyone posted!

Thanks for all the support and kind words

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Hi guys! Thanks for all the encouragement! I'm...

Hi guys!

Thanks for all the encouragement! I'm glad I joined this side lots of emotional support! Shouldn't have been running around this afternoon as I was in a lot of pain earlier this evening! The tamradol medication I had didn't work for me so I got Percocets! Saw the doctor today and he is impressed so far says hopefully my swelling will go down faster!

Here's another pic with no bra! I can't wait until they're normal! They look square to me now... :( hope that goes away!


Robyn--did you end up with the 425's? Can you tell me what was your bra size before the implant? I am close to your size and weight, so it helps me to see. I also have a slight tuberal breast shape as well...thanks!
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I chose 450's which according to my PS would give me the look of 425! I was a 32b or 34a prior! They are a lot smaller than I thought they would be!
Stunning! can you get a side shot for us? and trust me, they are enough for you! I'm going for 397 allergan style 15, mod profile....

Hey everyone! Day 3 now! Not feeling too bad...

Hey everyone!

Day 3 now! Not feeling too bad at all! Dog jumped up on bed last night though hurt like hell I think scared me more than anything so I freaked out!

Showered last night too! felt great, but im so annoyed of needing constant help! my boyfriend showered with me... i feel like i could do it myself! My arms up dont hurt, more if i stretch out and too the side!

My back is in pain... I think it's just from sleeping, do any of you have suggestions on how to alleviate it?

Ill post a side pic and a nudie before one too so you can all really see the mess my chest was before! Haha

Happy Healing Everyone!


You look great!
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You look great! My back hurt more than my chest for 5 days, and still bothers me now and then. I've been using a heating pad and find it really helps.
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Hiya robyn~ naughty pooch! LOL I bet he just wanted to look great already. Good luck on a speedy recovery:-)
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Hello Again So I went back to work today (I...

Hello Again

So I went back to work today (I have a desk job) hasn't been so bad! The drive was the biggest pain!

Been noticing some slight itching on incision site as well as feeling sore... Is this normal? I figured its probably sore since this is the longest I've been sitting up straight in days!

I also noticed my neck and traps hurting... I feel like I'm constantly shrugging my shoulders... Maybe overcompensating for the weight?! Does anyone else have these issues?!

Also uploaded some more pics! Side shot before and after! Hope this helps in showing where I was and where I'm at!


WOW you look amazing! and your before shots look a lot like mine, I might have slightly more breast tissue than you, so I'm going for 394 silicone Allergans. My waist is slightly shorter and i have a bubble butt so this should balance me out nicely.
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Often my back would hurt worse than my boobs. It takes some time to get used to the weight of your new buddies, but it'll get better. Give it a month and you'll be feeling significantly better. The good news is you're already looking great. Congratulations!
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Looking good!
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Hey all! Well thought I'd update since I was...

Hey all!

Well thought I'd update since I was back at work, had been driving and I'm now one week post op!
Been getting better by the day! However we had a massive snowstorm on Wednesday! My bf came to pick me up from work as driving was hard enough let alone trying to maneuver with sore ta-tas! Well I slipped getting out of the truck, he caught me but my arm did push into the door as I too tried to catch myself! Caused instant pain!! Bawled like a baby! I ended up icing it some more as I could see it swell a bit more! It doesn't hurt like that now and the pain was gone for the most part Wed night?! Should I be concerned?

Took tape off incisions last night too and switched to new stuff! I attached a pic! Please let me know If you guys think I'm healing ok! The incisions are super itchy too... I heard that's a good sign!

Pain sometimes shoots but that comes and goes... Is this normal?

I will upload a full shot later as I think my left is more swollen than right! Want your input!

Thanks guys!!


Looking great! What size do you think you'll be when done dropping?
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I tried on a bra for fun... I fit in a 32 d! So if I'm that this swollen I'm hoping around a full c small d
You look great!! I definitely don't think you need to be concerned about catching ps told me that the advise you from doing this just b/c it slows down the healing process and can cause pain and increased swelling (which will eventually go away). I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old and he told that even though they dont want you lifting and things like that, he said that if I had to lift them then I could if it just had to be done. He said that it wouldn't mess up my results but I would just be in more pain and prob have extra swelling. And I am 2 weeks post op and still get stinging pains every now and then....espeically when I first wake up!
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Hello All! Well I am almost at the 5 week...

Hello All!

Well I am almost at the 5 week mark! Incisions have completely closed and now I only get the occasional sharp shooting pain and still have minimal sensation around nipple and lower breast! Will this return?! It feels kinda numb like!

! I go see my doctor in 2 weeks! I'm excited to start working out again!

My breasts seemed to have dropped lots... Maybe not?! But to me they don't seem very high! I'm nervous they'll end up looking saggy!! I've uploaded a few pics to show where I'm at!


Very nice......they seem to be doing what they are suppose to do.....drop and fluff as they say. Congrats. My BA is tomorrow..
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You look great!!
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You look great!! I'm thinking about going with that size.
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Well it's now been 2.5 months since I had my...

Well it's now been 2.5 months since I had my surgery and all is well! They have dropped and i seem to be a D can fit a DD and C(not comfortably) as well depending on manufacturer! This really proves its impossible to guess what your bra size will be!

Im back at the gym in full force! Cardio and weights... But sometimes doing chest or back exercises ill get a shooting pain... Can I ask others if this ever goes away? I feel like ill never be able to do a push-up again!

What is everyone else's workout experiences?!

Happy healing everyone!


In April of Last year you noted that your nipples were not 100% but better. Have you gained any more sensation ? I have decided to make a consultation w/Dr Chong, as I have read many good things.
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Hi, I live in Edmonton as well. Would you still recommend Dr Chong for breast augmentation? I cannot figure out who to go with, this guy has good word of mouth from wha Ive been reading. thanks
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He's amazing! I have more I want to do and will be using him for fat injections in my lips!
Dr Feng Chong

My girlfriend used them for her BA an loved the results! He is a top rates surgeon in AB and has wonderful reviews! He put me at ease the whole time!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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