First consultation done!!!!

Hello everyone. I'm new to this site. I'm...

Hello everyone. I'm new to this site. I'm originally from Cuba, living in Canada. I'm 20 years old and had a baby, breastfeed for over a year. My breasts are very saggy, they look very bad. i've always been small, and im planning to stay small with the AB, as I am thin, about 104 lbs and I dont think I would look good with larger breasts! I just want them fuller and firm. I've been thinking about it over and over. Your stories make me more secure and has helped me to finally make the decision! I'm nervous about the negative sides, but very excited to have my breasts back and even better.
I so far called one of the best surgeons in Edmonton, he's very busy. So the receptionist just ask for my address and she would send me a package with all the information and procedures etc, she said they'll probably won't be able to see me in 3 to 4 months maybe more, because there's a waiting list. Im just waiting for the mail to get home and will call back, and see what happens from there.
I would like to get some information on your own experiences with saline or silicone. Under or over the muscle. And if I dont know what to choose, although once I see the doctor he'll let me know what's best for me, but i'll like to hear your own experiences!!
Thank you so much!!
Will be updating as things happen..


Boo... 3-4 months? (although you did say he's the best) But unless he's the only best surgeon in the country, I'd recommend at least calling around and going to other surgeons for a consultation. I mean, if nothing else, at least you'll be better prepared to ask questions in your real consultation with Dr. Mehling. I'm going with sillicone for the softer feel. My surgery is Oct. 30th. Then agian, if you look at my profile, I've searched all the internets has to offer high and low, I consult Dr. Google at least twice a day on boobs, and check for wish pics on Tumblr at least once a week. I dont think there is one more thought I could possibly put into boobs that hasn't already been written about! Haha! Good luck, let us know how your decision making process goes! ~silly hugs!~
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Thank you so much for your reply and support!! I actually dis listened to you and called another very good doctor here in Edmonton. They gave me a consultation for dec. 19!!!! Im very excited. Wish you the best with your surgery ;)
I am 14 days PO today with saline, under the muscle 550 HP. I know that sounds large, but for me to be proportional with 42" hips I needed these to balance it all. I love my saline implants. I had some gurgling during the first week but not any more. And, when my hubby touches them he says they just feel like me. I was a 36b-c to start so I started out with a lot of my own breast tissue. I also chose saline because I feel that it is safer and personal expense for MRIs every 2-3 years can run upwards of $7000 so I feel it is prohibitive. Best of luck!
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Decided to go for it !

Just a little update. I called Dr. Mehling today (the recepcionist actually) and I asked how long I would have to wait for my consultation, she said about 4-5 months and after the consultation I might have to wait another few months, she sAid it could take up to a year I SAID WHOOOOOTTTT !!
So I decides to call another surgeon and they gave me a consulation for decemberrrr 19!!!!!!!!!!!! Im soooo excited super excited !!! I really couldnt wait that long with dr mehling ..
I will be posting some wish boobs and some of my own... Which is embarrasing because I dislike them very much, but it is much helpful to have those there, in order for you to be able to give me more advices etc.
Anyway I do want to have the silicone.. Whatever is most natural, and size still dont know as im not too familiar with the sizes of implants... Im gonna have to google that as well!

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More wish boobs!!

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Great site for pictures!

Hello! Just wanted to share with those that are still deciding on size, kind of implants etc etc, just like I am! Buu..
I was googling (im addicted now) and I found this site I find it very helpful. It has helped me with sizes. I now think i should be choosing a size in the 300's just not sure
Might go for 350 or 375 as I dont want them too big but I do want them to be noticeable. Still deciding on round or tear- drop ughhhh
Cant wait for my consultationn !!!!! Hopefully the doctor will help me decide! i do know i want silicone..

This is the site !!
Just click where it says GALLERY
And it will give you the options to choose size and more ;D


So excited for you! Getting my BA has changed my life! I am SO much more confident now and I love the way I look! I got mentor high profile silicone 350cc in left and 375cc in right (I was asymmetrical). I got the high profile because of my petite frame. I think my breasts look great! So I think you will be okay with 325cc-400cc. I love your wish pics! They are similar to ones I used. Another good site I found for wish pics is and you can search by cup size increase, age, weight, etc.. All the pain and money is worth it, I promise!! Good luck and keep us updated!!! :)
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Thank youuuu!!! Ur comment made me feel so much better about my decision. I took a peek at your pictures and wow they look greattt, very beautiful.. You can clearly see the difference of the first days post-op and a month + after !! I might use your picture as my wish boobs hahaz I think i will be fine between that yes. Thank u so much for that other site!!!!! Take care and hope you keep enjoying your girls! Looking good ;)
Thank you!! And as far as the type of implant, I would go with round. I have heard a lot of scary things about the tear drop implants (except if the PS specializes that type of implant). I heard it can rotate within the pocket and that wouldn't be good to have an "upside-down" boob! :O lol You can message me if you have any questions or if you want to see the pics I used for my wish boobs. I got them all off the site I shared with you (I didn't find this website until after my surgery!!)

First consultation

Hellooo so my consultation was suppose to be dec 19 but my ps's assistant called me and booked me for dec. 5 !
I finally met dr Campbell. He was great. And im very thankful I found him. He measured me, showed me the different sizes and kinds of implants, showed me before and adter pictures, talked to me about how everything would work, where the surgery would take place, how long it would take, what to expect after, etc etc.
he is choosing high profile for me, i dont remember what he said about projection, but i'm going to leave it all to him. He really knows what he's doing, and I already trust him. For the size he said i would be good with size from 290cc - 370cc somewhere in there... He did say he didnt want me to look like I did have implants. He told me try the rice terick thing (lol) which I will try...
He said I would go from a small A to a full B.
I just have to make the final decision and decide to go ahead with it.. He said in within a month he can do my surgery. Wooow im so excited but confused, unsure, anxious, scared, not sure if to do it or not, omg I'm sooo nervous!
Price ranges from $8600 + !!!
Im very very confused... Im going to bed now and overthink everything i've already think about lol
Good night ladies !!! Please any comments, advices, anythingggg is much appreciated :)
Congratulations to all that already hve and are enjoying their new girls, good luckk to the ones that are already scheduled for their surgeryy, and to thoseee still thinking about it like I am well good luck to ya'll as welll!!!! :) PEACE !

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Dr. Blair Mehling

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