38 Mother of 2 * 2002 SubMuscular Saline Implant * From 32B to 32DDD * Implant removal, no lift, and no capsulectomy

When I got my saline implants (2002), they were...

When I got my saline implants (2002), they were fantastic—I went from full A/small B cup to a FULL C/small D cup. I was very happy with my results. Since then, I have gained a little bit of weight and now my breast seem huge to me. My bra size is a 32DDD. They still look OK though….but why don’t I feel so OK when I look at myself in the mirror? I feel so…fake? Not myself?

Basically, I just don’t want them anymore. I want them out of my body. I want when I read a book to my 5yo that it isn’t uncomfortable for him to lay on my chest. I want to wrestle with my 15 year old without having to worry about my breasts. I want to look good in clothes that AREN’T sexy (tight, formfitting). I want to have sex with my husband and let him handle me as roughly as he wants to without fear I may rupture a breast. I want to buy a NORMAL sized bra! I just want to be natural.

The intensity of these feelings have gotten stronger as the years have passed. A few weekends ago I googled the question (what happens when you remove breast implants) and looked at the photos. I was surprised to find that lots of people look great (better even) after surgery—for some reason I always had a picture of puny raisins in my mind. Then after a few other word searches I came across this website. And let me tell you, you ladies on here have given me something to hope for and the courage to do something about it!

I called my doctor today to get some prices for the procedure and spoke to a lady in the office. I had pretty basic questions for her: how much does it cost, will they look normal and what do most people do. She told me that it would be pretty impossible to say what would be needed without the doctor seeing them (fair enough). She said I might need a lift and that they could put smaller implants in me. I told her that I really don’t want other implants. She wanted to know why I wasn’t happy with them and I told her I just wanted to be natural, that I was a different person when I got them and they just aren’t me anymore. She also told me I could go into his office and they could deflate them….

ME: What do most people do after they have them deflated?

HER: Have them replaced.

ME: They get new ones?

HER: Yes.

I think that sounds awful.

I plan on making an appointment with my doctor to have my breasts evaluated. I will continue to post here, on the off chance that I can help some other gal out there who is thinking about having this done.

I’m optimistic.
Hi. I totally agree with everything in your post! I feel the exact same way. I am having my implants deflated on Thursday (I will post pics after as well), then the surgery (removal of the shell) next Thursday 3/6. Good luck! I'm sure you will look/feel fabulous without your implants.
I'm so excited for you!!!!
Argh! Yes, you CAN have them removed and you CAN look just lovely without implants. Sorry, but I get a bit cranky with doctor's offices who aren't open to simply removing implants because maybe, just maybe, that's what a woman wants. Anyhoo, I totally get what you're saying and we are here for you through this journey. If you need to go on more consultations to find a supportive doctor, then please go for it. There are doctors out there who are happy to do exactly what you ask.

Keep us posted!

Still haven't scheduled consult --- stalling

Hello ladies! Thanks again to all of you for sharing your photos and stories. It really is such a help.

I haven’t made my consult appointment yet because I’m a little nervous, and a lot busy at the moment. However, I have contacted my doctor’s office with some questions I have – still waiting for a reply:

Dear XXXX,

You've been very helpful and patient. Last we spoke we discussed possible options for my explant procedure. You mentioned that I could have them deflated and I am most certain I don't want to do that. I'm pretty sure I want to have them deflated and the shell taken out on the same day because the appearance of them may shock me more with the shell still in there.

Has Dr. B had a lot of experience with doing explants without replacing the implants? Some doctors specialize in explant procedures alone, the closest one being in Texas. I'm just nervous that he is going to try to talk me into getting new implants to be completely honest.

I’ll let you guys know what they say. Still waiting for a reply. How about any of you? Do you think this matters?

A response from my doctors office

"Good morning. Yes Dr. B has performed implant removal without replacement but to be honest the majority of our patients choose to have the implants replaced or their breasts lifted with an implant replacement.
However, the choice is yours as to whether or not you want to have your implants replaced. Dr. B will inform you as to what you can expect with your results if you have your implants removed and he will not try to persuade you to do something that you are not comfortable doing. I will be happy to schedule a consultation for you at your convenience. I look forward to hearing from you.

A response from my doctors office

"Good morning. Yes Dr. Brou has performed implant removal without replacement but to be honest the majority of our patients choose to have the implants replaced or their breasts lifted with an implant replacement.
However, the choice is yours as to whether or not you want to have your implants replaced. Dr. Brou will inform you as to what you can expect with your results if you have your implants removed and he will not try to persuade you to do something that you are not comfortable doing. I will be happy to schedule a consultation for you at your convenience. I look forward to hearing from you."
It's amazing to me that after you state to the doctor that you no longer want implants they continue to push them on you.... Having had implants, getting them removed, and having a breast lift 2 years later I can tell you that you will be much happier without them. Don't leave the shell in. You don't want the foreign material left inside your body to cause health issues and develop scar tissue around it.
Yeah, I for sure don't want to leave the shell in. I can't get in for a consult until May though. I think I will give him the chance to talk to him and see what he says instead of relying on what his staff says.
It's crazy how once we get the idea of having them out of our bodies... there's just no reprieve from any other option! hehe! It's like our bodies are doing hand stands and jumping jacks trying to cheer us on with the choice!! :) Good luck with everything!! Your breasts are perfectly shapes.. I bet they will look amazing after removed.

Consultations Scheduled!!!!

Per the advice from a couple of you fabulous ladies on this site, I have scheduled with more than one doctor.

Norman Levine, April 17th, 2014
Derek Shadid, May 15th, 2014
Juan Brou, June 3rd, 2014

Doctor Brou did my original implant and I was going to only schedule with them, however I am a little uncomfortable that they keep talking to me about re-implanting over the phone and they haven’t even seen my breasts. They are very nice though. I guess that it keeps feeding into my fears that I won’t be happy with my results. I’m already nervous about having this done in the first place!

Anyway, at least I have got them scheduled.
Hello gorgous! I haven't breast fed or anything, but your nipples are about the same height as mine, I am so glad I didn't do a lift. I think you will have similar results as far as positioning goes. The first surgeon I wanted to see told me I would need a lift, she showed me a bunch of photos and seemed convincing at the time, I'm really glad I found someone who told me he wouldn't want to do a lift without seeing the outcome without first. Your breasts look great, I think you will have a great outcome!
Thank you so much! It's a lot of info to go through and all these reviews and comments really help.
I know a plastic surgeon whose wife had her implants removed (no replacement) and 6 months later, she is thrilled with the results and does not plan on having a lift! She also has 4 children that she breastfed! Unfortunately, I have no idea how old she is or how big her implants were.

2 days until 1st consult - Reflection

It’s so funny how the mind works. I remember before I got implants I literally obsessed over getting breasts. I obsessed about how much prettier I would FEEL with big, beautiful breasts, and how much more confident I would feel about myself. And it worked for a while—not that I had a low self-esteem before. But I received a lot of attention after my implants. As time went on, I began to realize that this wasn’t the kind of attention I wanted. Who’s notion of beauty was I trying to conform to anyway? And then I began to feel obsessed with getting them out. Staring at photos of flat chested models all day; models with the same bodies I had and was so desperate to get rid of.

Today I came across an article on Scarlett Johansson that was of course accompanied by a compilation of photos of the voluptuous actress. Upon looking at the photos I realized that I might miss them (the implants) a little when they are gone. I think I will mostly NOT miss them though. But I’m pretty sure a little part of me will. I think that’s human nature though, right? The grass is always greener. Your neighbors garden less weeds than yours. Your sisters kids are better behaved than yours. Seattle has better love music venues than Oklahoma…well, that one is actually true…. Ultimately, you just have to be happy with what you’ve got. Or you will go insane.

Just a little reflection.

An update: I still have my implants in. I have my 1st of 3 consults on this Thursday. My last consult is June 3rd. So, I’m still at least a couple of months out from my ex-plant unless I just fall in love with a PS before June.
Thanks for sharing your story and your most recent update. Good luck with your consultation this week. You may want to ask about a partial deflation, it helps with the retraction of the breast tissue and allows for a less traumatic transition (at least for me.)
I may do that as I think it is only a $150 in office fee. Thanks for bringing that up.

1st of 3 consults last Thursday

I went to my first of three consults on Thursday. Dr. Levine was very pleasant and had a likable bedside manner. My husband really liked him. His recommendations were first that I did not really need this procedure because I had no complications. He mentioned that he had only ever taken out implants that looked as good as mine did one other time. I honestly don’t think he could wrap his head around the concept or my explanation of why I wanted them out. He seemed genuinely concerned if I would be happy with the end results. I assured him that I had done a lot of research and seen a lot of photos to know what I was getting myself into.

His recommendations were that general anesthesia would be used. A partial capsulectomy would be done to remove the front part of the capsule and drains would be put in. He said if the capsule was not removed it could cause irregularities in the breast down the road.

My husband, as I mentioned, really liked him and agreed with him regarding the scar tissue/capsule removal (my husband is a doctor of chiropractic and understands this medical stuff better than I do). He said that over time the scar tissue could contract, and said scar tissue does have a tendency to do this. So I don’t know. Although my capsules are pretty thin I’m wondering if over the span of years I could have problems down the road???

2nd of 3 consults - But pretty sure he is the one.

I went to my original PS today which was apparently Dr. Gonce. I don't know why I thought Dr. Brou put them in?!?!?! Anyway, I really liked him although he was concerned that if I would be happy after. He brought out my old photos to remind me of why I had them put in in the first place. I told him it was a really bad tactic because now I want them out more than ever! I love my pre-BA boobs! Like many of you I am looking at these photos (I didn't have any pre-BA) and wondering what the HELL I WAS THINKING!!! I love them now... Oh well. I suppose I can grow from this. Dr. Gonce basically said the same thing the last PC said; that he would remove the anterior portion of the capsule under general anesthesia and I may or may not need drains (actually the other guy said I would certainly need drains). Anyway, I really liked him. He was just as I remembered, but 12 years older. Anyway, he gave me a copy of the photos taken pre-BA and post-BA surgery. I can say that I really like my BA boobs now about the ones in these photos because they look all tight and unnatural. They've settled down more but I still want them out, especially after seeing these photos.
Oh, my gosh reading these comments, it's so true I chose a women PS thinking she would understand better about not wanting implants in my body anymore,I could not have said it enough times, even after I've had them taken out and the right one is missed up a little,she still tries to push me into implants to fix the problem. She told me before I had them removed that she did fat grafting so either or! But after removal she has seemed not so confident in fat grafting. was suppose to have several of her fat grafting patients give me a call. Had my explant done in Nov.2014 haven't heard from anyone yet, and have asked three times!! They are salesmen for sure! I even wrote to the FDA because like I had said in my first blog. My Doc. who put my implants in twenty two years ago put an implant in me that was suppose to be silicone as he promised how safe they were, then when my new PA before removal asked what my silicone implants were called and I told her misti gel, she said she had never heard of them, so I started researching them. They were not silicone filled, but filled with another material. They were removed off the market apparently Less than a year after being put in me, No one called me to let me know that I had those in me, been at same house and phone number all these year! My research said they were actually called misti gold .Called old PA talked to nurse it took her awhile to listen to my story because their trained to give you the whole scoop on how safe they are. By the time I got my story out to her, which took two one hour phone calls , and she finally got it that the doc. put something else in me, and verified with another nurse who had been there twenty some years that the implants were filled with something else, she was very apologetic and she was sure the doc. would help in anyway he could and was concerned about me, I replied he never called.I tried to do a lawsuit against him, Talked to about twelve different lawyers, but all seemed to be connected some way, There partner new him, they used him as a reference ect. So Like I said earlier Wrote FDA to see what I was dealing with, Guess what no response! surprise anybody! money hungry people! So kinda gave up on law suit at least for the moment. Anybody experience fat grafting to the breast and did it stay or die off?
Oh my gosh! It sounds like you've been through a pretty awful ordeal! It makes my complaints seem so petty!
thanks, no your complaints aren't petty, we've all just been sucked into this idea that we are not good enough and manipulated by the media and insecure men ect.. We are!!!

Implant Removal Scheduled October 2nd with Dr. Brou!

Just to recap:
Age: 38
Two children (one before BA and one after)
I breast fed 2nd child for 10-11 months
Implants are 12 years old
350cc and 375cc smooth saline implants
Sub muscular

I had my final consult today. Dr. Brou and his staff were so friendly and Dr. Brou did not really try to talk me into getting a replacement after he examined my breasts. Before he examined me he did mention smaller implants and possibly a lift. I told him I would rather do nothing at all than get replacements and after examination he said I absolutely did not need a lift and he thought I would have pretty good results with just the explant. He also said he would leave the capsule alone-meaning I would have less recovery time. He mentioned that when he gets in there if he thinks the capsule needs to be removed he will do so at the time. I must say I am somewhat relieved because, as you can see from my pre-BA photos, I didn’t have much breast tissue. I have more now than I did then because I gained some weight and I breast fed for almost a year. I did forget to ask about a partial deflation but I think I want to do that as well so it gives my breasts some time to contract pre op. I’m open to suggestions though!

Do you guys think I am making the right decision? Should I go with a doctor who wants to remove the capsule? Just to recap all my consults:

1st Consult
Dr. Levine - $3500.00
Remove Anterior Portion of Capsule
Incision in breast crease

2nd Consult
Dr. Gonce - $3400.00
Remove Anterior Portion of Capsule
Possibly drains
Incision in breast crease

3rd Consult
Dr. Brou - $3000.00
Leave capsule in (unless on surgery day he thinks it needs to be removed)
No drains.
Incision in breast crease

I already scheduled my implant removal but now I’m second guessing myself. All three docs said I have very thin capsules and no evidence of capsule thickening or contracture. I had very small breasts before and I’m OK with having small ones again but I would like to minimize as much as possible. Feel free to weigh in with what you think.

Also, I would like to thank all you ladies for helping me get to this point. I don’t think I would be going through with this without your stories and support. I honestly did not know it was an option (or a desirable one anyway).
Yes you are most definitely making the right decision! I left me capsules in and had no drains. The recovery time was super quick! If you want to break down the scar tissue from the capsules later you can take enzymes and your body will do it for you! Good luck! Very excited for you :)!
Naturalmama - can you share more about taking enzymes to break down scar tissue? I too do not plan on having the capsules out (explant for 9/15/14) and will not have drains either. I'm glad to hear your recovery was easy.

It's getting closer

For my small chested ladies!!!! ****third party link removed***

Can't wait to hear how things go! If you're still second guessing, it's a good idea to have implants taken out (and/or if you want them replaced) every 10 years or so. I had mine 26 years and envy you that you are going to do it so early on in the process. Your capsules are thin, yay! That makes a big difference. You're smart not to wait until the capsules are thick and calcified. As the FDA even states, they're not lifetime devices and mine were proof of that. I love mine now that the implants are out. I'm going to get a lift as well. That way I'm not going to put anything in my body and they will look even better than they do now. And yes, I'm one of the ladies that likes my boobs SOOO much better than with the implants. Wow, tank tops have never looked SO good! :)
I really needed this. Thanks so much for your post. I really needed the encouragement and confirmation that I am doing the right thing. A good reminder that at any day one or both of these implants could go south. I'm still nervous but resolved!
Great buzzfeed.com link! Thank you so much for sharing it, and I wish you the best of luck with your explant!!

Sorta freaking out a little! They will be out 10/02

I’m sorta freaking out. I originally had my surgery scheduled on 10/02 and moved it to 10/16. I had my pre-op appointment yesterday and discovered he was blocked out on the 16th so I was moved back to the 2nd! It all felt so real last night. I was looking at myself in the mirror and thinking I still look pretty good and my breasts haven’t caused me any problems. I was thinking that after they are out I probably won’t have enough breast to have a ‘crease’ to hide the scar. But mostly I was hoping I don’t F my body up. Like, I look good now, why would I mess that up? It’s kind of like when you have long hair and you resolve yourself to getting that pixie you’ve always wanted and all the sudden your hair looks great any way you fix it. I know this is totally normal. I’ve read all these REAL ladies wonderful stories to know that this isn’t uncommon, to second guess yourself (especially since there is no real medical reason to have them removed.)

About my appointment. My doctor came in and made a comment about how beautiful my breasts look. :/ I didn’t need to hear that. It is taking an incredible amount of courage to pull this off, especially considering that I may look worse after. However the fact still remains that I am not happy with my breasts and I want to be natural. I’m a completely different person than when I had these put in and I don’t need them anymore. Yeah, they look great. Naked! They still make me look fatter than I am unless I wear some barely there outfit (which actually may not make the rest of me look so good).

Yes. And there is the fact that I am about 30-40lbs heavier than I was when I put them in. I know this. And I know I will be happier with my OVERALL body once I lose this extra weight. I’ve been putting off losing the weight because I think a little extra fat would make them look fuller after they are out. It’s probably just me but I always feel like this is what the doctors are thinking. None of them will say it though. They just discourage me from having these water balloons removed.

About draining them before the appointment. I have an opportunity to have them drained 40% on Tuesday (and a slow leak for the remaining 60). I would have had it done yesterday but in giving me all the facts about complications with infection and such (which he said did happen with one of his patients) I changed my mind. Now it may have changed again…or it’s undecided. I’m hoping you ladies can really help me with this last question. Should I have them deflated? Or should I just wait and have them taken out on 10/02?

I’m so sorry this update is all over the place. I am in fact all over the place right now. And, I’m also sorry for any grammatical errors this may have. I just needed to get this out there.


Here is a tunic I bought online. Although, this had done little to discourage me from wearing it! I bought this Ralph Lauren shirt. Here is a photo of what the shirt is supposed to look like and what it looks like on me. I'm really glad you can see my skinny neck in the photo so you can get a better idea of how disproportionate my breasts are to my body. I'm actually wearing a minimizing bra in this photo!
Hey girl! I haven't been on here in quite some time but when I logged in I saw you had posted lately. It has been a little over two months since I explanted and I could not be happier. Every time I lay on my stomach without two hard lumps on my chest and every time I cuddle with my babies without having to push them off my chest or move them to accommodate my big fake plastic boobs, I am so grateful for my natural body and the decision I made to explant. I have never looked back. Sure, there are things I wish were different about my boobs. But I never get caught up in the "why did I do this" or "I wish I wouldn't have done this..." My big fake boobs made me love and accept myself more now than I ever would have, had I not had my those awful plastic bags of silicone reminding me that I don't need to change who I am and risk my health and sanity and waste my money to know how beautiful I really am.....naturally! Good luck. Please keep us posted!
I don't regret it either, even though I still have some problems with right breast, shape ,pain, and itching. just knowing those toxic things are out makes me soooo happy! Learning more more how God see's us than how we see ourselves!
Thank you so much! I'm getting a partial deflation today. Kinda nervous. I hate needles. I'll post some before and after photos.

Partial Deflation

Yesterday I was super scared to get my partial deflation. I have an actual phobia of needles. I didn't look but I felt light headed. I felt pretty ridiculous when I didn't even feel the needle. I guess the gauge of the needle was practically hair thin and it didn't hurt. AT ALL. He took 120 cc off each breast which is about 40%. I brought my surgical bra (which I'm super disappointed in) and was able to fit into it.

I purchased 2 Amoena surgical bra's and the clerk recommended a Medium A/B. It doesn't fit snugly around my chest and since I spent $50 for each of them I'm going to have to return one for a Small. People really underestimate the size of my upper body. I have really long thin bones and bony wrists and shoulders and I carry all my weight in my hips and butt. My wedding ring finger is like a 3.5! Anyway, the bra isn't snug enough and I'm glad I found out now, before the painful procedure.

Also, I'm working on a blog post for after surgery care and supplements and such. I'm putting the finishing touches on it now and hope it will be ready to publish in a few days. It's hard to say because I work full time outside the home and blog on the side for fun.

I'll post my after photos on a different post in a few minutes.

BTW, zero pain with the deflation, in case I didn't already mention this.
I so get your example of how clothes should fit and how they actually fit once you get them on. My surgery date is the day after yours. Good luck and I will be following your progress.
Thanks. Yeah, my clothes are fitting better already!

40% Deflation - Day of Procedure

In the doctors office.

40% Deflation - 1 day

These are from this evening. Sorry about the wallpaper. In process of taking it down.
Thanks for that informative post!!
Thank you so much! I really hope it helps somebody.
I think it's great that you are doing a blog to share this valuable information. Personally, I would add ORGANIC fruits and vegetables as there are so many toxic chemicals added to our produce and when healing from surgery, I think it's best to feed our bodies the MOST nutrient-rich foods possible. There is a minor typo to correct: CORRECT the word lost with lots - "A lost of the items I listed above are from their October and November 2013 Paleo menus." Keep us posted on your journey!

Supplements to help with wound healing and skin elasticity

Here is all the important information from a previous post condensed into the most important parts.

If any of you ladies can think of anything else that will help with this (I'm blank on lotions and such to use) please feel free to leave a comment.

List of supplements that promote healing, skin elasticity and recovery:

1. Gelatin (Collagen Hydrolysate) – this super-food can be taken as a supplement. Great in coffee and tea because the collagen hydrolysate form of gelatin dissolves very easily and doesn’t gel up. It supports skin elasticity, and wound healing (among many other health benefits)! Seriously, start taking this stuff now! If you are using this every day you probably do not need to also supplement L-Lysine as this food contains it.
2. Unflavored Gelatin –This form of gelatin has all the same health benefits I listed above. I like to use both in my recipes and this form may be a little harder on the stomach than the one above. Use this in Popsicle recipes and jello recipes. Popsicles melt more slowly with gelatin!
3. Fermented Cod Liver Oil – among the plethora of health benefits this supplement has, wound healing is among them. This is a great supplement to have for everyday use.
4. Astaxathin – for inflammation and general skin health.
5. Probiotics – with all the digestive issues that pain medication (and antibiotics) can cause, it is important to help things along with this healthy helper. Slow bowl motility and the killing off of the healthy gut flora are the biggest side effects of pain medication and antibiotics. You can get probiotics in several forms: pills, yogurt, kefir soda, kvass, sour kraut, and kombucha.
6. L-Lysine – this amino acid helps protein production, increase calcium and, most importantly, builds collagen. Collagen is excellent for wound and post-surgery healing because it protects connective tissues and heals injury.
7. Arnica – A topical, herbal pain reliever.

List of foods that promote healing and recovery:

1. PROTEIN! This is the number one food that will help you heal after surgery. Plan your meals to have plenty of this!
2. FRUIT and VEGGIES! And a variety of them. This will help your body heal by delivering much needed vitamins and nutrients. If you are eating 5 servings (and a variety---which is the spice of life) you shouldn’t need to take a multi-vitamin. Plus the vitamins and minerals found in food are made for our bodies and are far more absorbent than anything you can find on store shelves.
3. FIBER! If you are eating LOTS of fruit and veggies you should be covered here.
4. TURMERIC! This makes a great addition to almost any soup and has strong anti-inflamatory properties.
Good luck with your preop today! I can't believe how close it's getting. I didn't actually realize that our surgeries are only 1 day apart either! Mine is scheduled for Oct. 3rd at 7:30am.
oops! Wrong shared preop date. Sorry, I got confused with someone else.
Well, I wasn't going to correct you... :) But yeah, mine isn't today. Thanks for the thought anyway!

Some small chested love

"According to Wilde, there was some concern at Paramount over Audrey’s flat-chested, almost boyish figure, which was certainly an exception among American stars during the primacy of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. ’I had the unfortunate task of informing Audrey that the studio might ask her to pad her bust off-screen as well as on. But she was adamant that she would change nothing in her appearance - she would be herself or no one at all. Of course she was right. She started an entirely different look in America, and in 1953 she was the one incomparable newcomer. The press had never seen anyone like her."
Does that blue green shirt fit any differently since implant puncture? You have perfect nipples. Playtex nursers. I hope you dont plan on a lift for I think you boobs will be beautiful after explant. Your nipples are above your crease so the explant result should turn out very pleasing to you. Xxx
My children certainly never had any trouble latching on! I haven't tried on the shirt but my implants have deflated quite a bit. Every time I look in the mirror now I think, I could live with this size. I could live with smaller too (will have to). They are smaller every day and I love them more every day. Cannot wait for this Thursday!
Great post...id like to know which movie stars has had ba


I haven't told many people about getting my implants out but when my husband and I were at soccer this last weekend with our youngest one of the parents is an anesthesiologist and he told me he had a vasectomy a few days earlier. So, for a moment I thought I was going to be brave enough to say I was also getting implant removal surgery but chickened out and only told him I was "having surgery." Then later that day my husband was telling him about this app called Dropbox where you can upload photos from your phone for storage and when he went to show him the app photos of my breasts were the first photos on there!!!!! How embarrassing.....!!!!!!!

My surgery is THIS THURSDAY. I'll post the last photos in a couple of days. It's getting real!
Good luck today! Thinking of you!
Thank you!
Good luck today. Thinking about you and sending positive thoughts, prayers and energy your way for a successful surgery.........

It is done!

They are out and I feel absolutely fabulous! Honestly.

The worse part for me was getting the IV. I am terrified of needles and they put the IV in the top of my hand which freaked me out even worse. Even after it was done I could feel it but I can't say it really hurt. It's in my head.

After surgery my throat was soar and when I would breath deep it felt like fluid was in my lungs and it made me cough. My throat is only soar today and I am no longer having those small respiratory issues.

I am so glad I had them deflated too because this gave me time to get used to having smaller breasts gradually.

And I can tell you that I absolutely LOVE my flat chest. I love my small boobs and how soft they are. I am looking forward to a little fluffing to get rid of the C shape in the top of my breasts but if the fluffing fairy doesn't seem to find me I will be OK with that too.

Lastly, I am in absolutely no pain except for the incision sight. Even after sleeping all night when I wake in the morning I only feel minimal pain at the incision sight. Absolutely a piece of cake compared to having an augmentation.

Again, I am sooooo happy and so grateful for all the love and support you guys have shown me on here. I couldn't have done it with out you!


Cannot wait to start working out and rowing and doing yoga. I had to miss this season of rowing because of this upcoming surgery. So I am looking forward to getting back out on the water and starting to live a normal, implant-free life! I LOVE ME!
You look awesome!!
Thank you so much! I feel awesome!
You look great :) congrats!!

7 Days Post Op

I still feel great. I am surprised that my breasts seem a little bigger or fuller than they were a week ago. I wonder if this is fluffing or if there is fluid inside because I didn't have drains. I'm not concerned either way. They actually turned out to be bigger than I thought. I've been eating better and I'm looking forward to getting in the gym although the pounds are already starting to come off without strenuous exercise.

One of my incisions seems to be a little angrier than the other one and I think I remember feeling like I pulled something on the 1st or 2nd day. I am not concerned about this either because I am now mostly pain free aside from the occasional odd position pain.

So, here are my updated photos. Still the believe this is the best decision I could have done for my body.
Any updates for the 1 month mark? Was there any fluid build up? Did the doctor say what happens to the capsule over time? Thanks in advance for sharing!
I haven't hit the 1 month mark yet. My 1 month appointment is on November 4th. He did tell me that the capsule would be re-absorbed into my body over time.
I'm so happy for you and you look beautiful. I to I'm looking to explant hope my outcome is as good.
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I honestly couldn't ask for a nicer surgeon. Dr. Brou listened to what I wanted, although I think he may have thought I was a little crazy to want to remove perfectly normal (no complications) breast implants. But he listened to what I wanted and I couldn't be happier with my results. The same evening of my surgery about 9pm at night he called to check up on me and see how I was feeling. I thought this was a really nice touch, even though I wasn't able to speak with him. I would 100% recommend Dr. Brou for implant removal surgery.

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