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Today is the Day - Edison, NJ

I'm here in doctor office with my boyfriend &...

I'm here in doctor office with my boyfriend & daughter appt is @ 8:00am. Here for tummy tuck because I just can not stand these stretch mark any more after two kids who are now grown 26 & 23. I've decide to do this just hope I'm very pleased with out come. I do have faith in my doctor he it's also on this site. I Will try to post some pics today of befores

posting before pic & day of

Will post More as I progress

didn't finish posting pics

bandage removal

Talked to my PS staff to find our what I should be doing on this third day. One thing they told me was to take offs the bandage, so I did then felt my stomached it was hard if this a problem shield


Should I call my PS, anyone know anything

belly still swollen

Hello everyone adding pics if my tummy, its still swollen I feel & hear the gas in me been taken my stool softner& mom its breaking up the constipation. Its differently a relief when I go.
I'm not s worried

continue from previous message

I'm not so worried I'm patient I know it will go down sooner or later I c my PS on Friday

Go to see PS first Week

Going to see PS today pray my drains will come ou not much drainage in a couple of days.


Yuppie had 1 week post PS Appt. He said everything is looking good. So now no more drains, thank god. I really couldn't sleep cause they started burning sensation whenever touch . Will post pics tomorrow.

still swollen but its okay

I'm posting some updated pics. I'm still swollen but it okay I know it won't last forever & I'm patient. scar doesn't look bad, I'll be using scar cream soon. My PS say to use merderma. Do after this Friday when I see him for my two week checkup I
will be picking some up. Is this the pint when you start massaging the scar? Has merderma been good for anyone...if do can I see the result if you don't mind.

still a lil swollen but no regrets at all

i wake up in morning not that swollen but during the day i do swell up not huge but i can feel how tight my tummy gets. I have notice if i sit at my desk for a period of time i will get very tight, so i will have to get up a walk a lil to make it my comfortable to deal with. I can still see some stretch marks, but compare to what i had i can deal with it, also my PS said once the swelling is all done they will go away. Love my belly and BB and love this site. Alot of women on here help me make this decision and get through recovery. Love you guys. Posting some updated pics. I know its been awhile so i posted pic i have been taking. Sorry no caption.

Im also addicted to working out

im so addicted to working out i cant stay out of the gym, ive even gone as far as working on my abs, and there is no pain( thats bad cause i will continue) but i havent gone as far as to go to an intense ab class. Sorry to say PS has not okayed that yet. But almost 2 months po, not overdoing it either but need to get it in. The only thing i havent gotten back into is boxing or playing basketball again but im really itching to get back to it. I see my pS on oct 4 hopefully positive results, but i really feel awesome. I use Mederma for scar but i think i need something else been using it for bout 3 weeks. Would like to see a lighter scar,lil to dark for me . Anyone have any suggestions?
Edison Plastic Surgeon

I have alot of faith in him. His staff is great they say he takes his time with his surgery. Him & his staff are excellent, I would recommend him with high honors

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Be careful with your workouts. it's great to get back into it!!! I was cleared for light exercise week 3 but didn't really have much energy to give to anything until almost week 6 .. I went back to work after 2 weeks and the long days took it all out of me. Just past 8 weeks now, feeling great, all my energy is back and I'm working out almost as I was before surgery. SLOW to work the abs! Still feeling that out lol Did a small set of crunches and felt no pain at all, just huge swelling that night which was back down overnight.
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Yes i will be careful i do go slow i dont try to over do it. Any pain and i stop, i know i have other things to do besides go to gym when i should be waiting for PS ok to do so, but i really cant help it.You are right afterward it swelling and overnight its gone.
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You look brill xx
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Thank You
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looking good
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Thanks...I need to update photo
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You look great! as does your scar!!! :) Congrats on the drains not overstaying their welcome! lol :)
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Thank you very much...yeah I was glad they came out in one week...you went what 2 weeks I know that was miserable, but I'm So glad for you that they are gone. I'm gonna look@website for the garment you talked bout..do you have pics on here?
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Yes! I have pics of the garmets I bought... on my profile. As well as links to the websites! The stage 2 is just awesome! I was going to get the above the knee but I was afraid of a big mid thigh bulge so I got the below the knee! It's just awesome and I feel very secure wearing it! Couldn't ask for anything more comfy!
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Sorry I guess the pics are in my review? not my profile! Still new to this lol
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Your incision looks great!!
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You look great! Happy healing!
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Thank you very much...I wish you the best on your upcoming.
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Congrats on no more drain :).. I remember how happy I was that day also.
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O yeah loved it...I actually saw my tummy go down one side@ a time... That's a day we all will remember..thanks
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Yay!!! That is great no drains!!!
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Thanks...I know that's the best part for all of is..
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Hey there hope your healing is going okay. I know day 5 was a hard time for me. Your almost back to normal and congrats for getting everything done.
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Thanks I'm feeling so much better of course no more pain, just the burning sensation in tummy. Do you get this ?if so how long did it last? Sometimes that makes it so hard to sleep
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How have you been doin?
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I have got a tingly burn that i feel i need to rub. I was gonna ask my PS tomorrow.
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Im doing okay. Your pics are looking good.
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What did you PS say bout the tingly burn
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Glad to hear your doin good....thanks...back to work Monday Lil scared I work I'm office but I'm very know for walking back and forth, I don't Deedee that happening
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He did take my tape off the check my incisicion. That looked okay so he said its probably my nerve endings reconnecting and nothing to worry about.
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