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8 day post op pics. Could not be happier!

I have 12 year old twins that stretched my skin...

I have 12 year old twins that stretched my skin beyond repair!! Then had two more single pregnancies on top of that. I have wanted a tt for 12 years but finally got the nerve to book it. I'm very excited, but also very scared. My youngest will be 6 months old when I have the procedure and he is my main focus. I hope I don't have unrealistic expectations as far as recovery goes. I'm hoping to feel pretty good by week two. I love this forum because it is full of information. Everyone's experience is so different, but sooo helpful to ease my nerves.

I'm 3 days po and I must say it is going better...

I'm 3 days po and I must say it is going better than I expected. The first 2 days were horrible because of the anesthesia fog I was in. Today I feel much better. In definitely more awake and can move around a little more. In not that hunched over and I love the feeling of a new flat tummy. I can't wait to heal and wear clothes that I could never wear before!! Good luck to everyone.

Today is 1 week post op and I feel great! I'm...

Today is 1 week post op and I feel great! I'm almost 100%upright and my drains come out tomorrow. I actually managed to stay awake all day yesterday! Personally, I think the worst part of this procedure was the anesthesia coma I was in the first two days. I just couldn't stay awake. The pain is definitely tolerable. If you have had a csection it is similar in the amount of pain however the pain is surprisingly not at the incision. It is in the abs. I'm so excited when I look in the mirror. I used to buy Gap curvy jeans. Now I can get the low rise I used to get when I was 24! I lost 4 lbs and am still swollen. I'm sure I will be back in a size 2 in no time. Can't wait. This was the best thing I've done for myself besides getting married and having kids!:)

It is 8 days since I had my TT. I am beyond...

It is 8 days since I had my TT. I am beyond thrilled. I am so happy already I can't even imagine in 1 year! I knew there was a waist under all that skin. I work out and lost my pregnancy weight but never looked "fit" because of this skin. My life has changed forever. Thank u dr. Cuber

I am 17 days post op and am feeling better each...

I am 17 days post op and am feeling better each day. My only complaint is tightness above and to the right of my belly button. I feel more hunched now than I did the first week. In the morning I am totally upright and as the day goes on I'm swollen and hunched. From now on only salads for me!! Aside from that I am very happy. I have jeans on for the first time today and I'm definitely happier. Even though there is still swelling I feel better in them than before TT. I'm just so tired of alternating my vs PINK sweatsuits!!
Edison Plastic Surgeon

Had a small procedure done by him and he was meticulous. I was very pleased.

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Do u have a before pic?
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Hi, you look great. I have my surgery coming up in February and I also have a baby at home. She will be 10 months old. How r u handling things with the baby? Are you able to lift him? My biggest concern is my baby, not me, lol.
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Thanks. Congrats on your upcoming tt! I will be honest recovery is definitely more than I anticipated but definitely doable. My husband stayed home for a week and a half. My ps said I could lift under 20lbs after one week. I know I am probably overdoing it with the lifting but I can't help it. He's only 6 months. I do get very swollen towards the end of the day and have some zings of pain but it is tolerable. I have 4 kids and although it is very hard to sit down or rest, my body tells me that have to. I have a really high pain tolerance and did everything after 3 cesareans but this is different. Not necessarily harder just different. My only advice is to take as much help with the baby as u can. U will definitely need full-time help the first week. Hope this helps. Good luck and feel free to ask me anything. It will be well worth it in the end. Happy mom,happy family!!:)
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Looking good for so soon, you're going to look amazing in a year.
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You look great and it's nice to see another Jersey girl :). Anything you feel like you couldn't live without also did you purchase a cg? I go in the 29th for a tt and bl. Happy healing
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Hi pink 1111. Congrats on your upcoming surgery. I started out with a binder from my ps. It is now a little big, which is good and bad. I did purchase a cg but find it so uncomfortable. At 2 weeks po I started wearing spanx all day and my binder at night. That is just what I feel is most comfortable. I highly recommend tons of pillows, low cal snacks, and plenty of liquids. The first two days I was sleeping on and off and lived on water and crackers. U will need to eat something with all the meds. If u have any more questions I would be more than happy to answer them. Good luck and please keep me posted!
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Thank you and I definitely will keep you posted. Thanks for the advice and that's what my Dr uses a binder. So I'm just gonna go with that for awhile :) I bought a bed contour backmax support someone recommended it on this site. I'm not getting general anesthesia i think its called Tumescent anesthesia with sedation so I hoping the frist couple days aren't that bad. But this site prepares you for EVERYTHING! Lol
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You look great!
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Hi Deb hope all the best for you on your surgery, I am now 11 days PO, so far so good. I as well have twins so I know how busy you must be. Best of luck. Angelsluv
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sorry on typos having problems w/my keyboard....lol
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Hi Debm I had a full TT and BL last Fridat the 28th and it has not been too bad thank god. I also have twins 3 1/2 yr old and 3 older boys (22, 27 & 28). I was very nervous before surgery bit that s normal, my Dr made me feel very comfortable. Good luck on your surgery and we will speak soon. Angel
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