9 months!!

After having my first child at 18 my body changed...

After having my first child at 18 my body changed ALOT! and now Ive decided to go ahead with the procedure..

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I'm 28 years old 5'3 128 lbs having my tummy tuck...

I'm 28 years old 5'3 128 lbs having my tummy tuck on May 23rd 2012!!, before having my first child at 18 I was always small around 105 - 110lbs, I blew up to 183 lbs with my first child.after 2 years I lost all the weight...this left me with horrible stretch marks and saggy skin, I looked into a tummy tuck back then and did a lot of research but did not have the money to go through with it, I had my 2nd child at 24 Only gained 20 lbs with him & lost it right away.. I have been able to pretty much keep my weight off but I hate having this skin!! I now have the money & decided to go through with the procedure, It's right around the corner & my nerves are going crazy! lol I will post pics soon!

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I'm scheduled to see my PS for my pre op today ,...

I'm scheduled to see my PS for my pre op today , they will go over everything with me.. I was told to stop taking my multivitamins and I feel so tired without them! Surgery is 10 days away and I'm def nervous. I just hope everything goes smoothly & I get thru this with no problems. I think being under for 4 hours scares me the most. i will keep posted after i see my PS tonight...


Hey! are u nervous because I'm stating to feel it now! and its a week away.. I do look forward to my new stomach though!! :)
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Hello, I go in a day before you. We will be just fine. Let's get this done and move over to the flat side! I am ready!
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Everything is ready to go , this time next week...

Everything is ready to go , this time next week ill be under and getting my flat tummy, I bought a recliner last night because i was told it was easier to sleep in for the first week or 2, I filled all prescriptions needed for after surgery, I been working out hard the past week to prepare my body. & its gonna be a while before I get to do it again ...I have been thinking about it non stop & I'm getting more nervous as the day gets closer. I'm keeping positive & hoping everything works out good...My house is clean & my pantry is stocked! .. I think its gonna be a little depressing sitting in the house almost the whole month of June.. but hopefully I'm back & going by July so i can still enjoy the summer!

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So surgery is only 3 days away & honestly I have...

So surgery is only 3 days away & honestly I have lost a lot of sleep the last couple days, I guess because I'm nervous & cant stop thinking about it... I think I have everything ready as far as what i will need to be comfortable after surgery.. Just a lil more to do around the house... My Bf took some time off of work to help me.. I'm trying to just relax and tell myself everything will be fine & you will be back to normal before you know it.. some times it works and sometimes I find myself freaking out a little bit.. It really does help to speak with other woman who are doing this & have already went through it... I will update again before I go in on Wednesday! :)


OMG ladies it's tomorrow & I'm SO nervous!!!
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hay lala83..your going to do great..being nevous is all a part of it by everything i have read on here..then again i think with any surgery we get nervous..im so excited for you...your soon going to be on the flat side..congrats :)
Thanks again .. Ive waited a long time for this, I just cant believe it's actually happening! :)

It's surgery day!! I'm getting everything ready...

It's surgery day!! I'm getting everything ready and I'm heading out, It's about a half hour drive & I have to be there for 7:30 am, I couldn't really sleep last night with the 900 things running through my head! but I'm staying positive & hoping for the best !! I know my nerves will start to kick in more once I'm actually there... I will try & update as soon as I am able to. :)


Thanks ladies! everything is good so far ,, very little pain just sore.. I have yet to take a pain killer .. the drains are a pain in the butt and I have to pee every 10min lol & its kinda hard to walk and get up.. but I'm looking forward to the end result.. I will post pics and update as soon as I can :)
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Good Luck!! Hope all is well!
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Good luck today!!!!! I'm sending you lots of positive vibes!
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I did it!!! I was a little nervous but i actually...

I did it!!! I was a little nervous but i actually had a good first day... the thing that bothered me the most was the ride home!! I had to pee every 5 mins & it was intense! mind you I got out of the dr around rush hour and i live 30 mins away so traffic was hell... when I got home I had to get up to pee every few mins & I drank lots of water .. the first night was not so bad , I didn't have to take any pain meds and I was wide awake so I didn't sleep much , It wasn't til the next day that it hit me.. I was very swollen & sore .. so i wind up taking pain meds for but for only 2 days and that was it.. Today I'm 5 days Post op and my last pain med was Friday night...I have 2 drains in that are a huge pain in the butt.. & I hope I get them out on wed at my 1 week PO appt. I feel ok while I'm sitting down , but walking around is hard, I cant stand up straight still and that is putting a lot of strain on my back, My bruising has gotten better from the LIPO but I'm still swollen and sore.. I get shortness of breath when i walk around because of all the energy it takes me to get around.. but i try and walk around a lot anyways ...If had a really big appetite which sucks, but i try & eat healthy.. I'm craving sweets so I eat a lot of fruits.. especially Pineapple...because I heard pineapple was good for the bruising & swelling.. I also read a lot about arnica gel (sold at GNC or health food stores) and I have been rubbing it on my bruising & swelling for 2 days & have noticed an improvement...I feel a little depressed at times which i know is normal .. because of being restricted to the recliner all day .. I cant wait to get out again... My BF went back to work today and my 5 year old son is home with me, thank god hes good & we prepared easy meals for him for me to just take out of the fridge until the BF gets home.. well thats all for now & ill update again in a couple of days.. :)


glad to hear you're doing well! Congratulations
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1 week post op today & I feel so much better.. I"m...

1 week post op today & I feel so much better.. I"m walking around a lot more , did a little cleaning .. i still cant stand up completely straight so it puts a lot on my back and i have to sit down after a couple of mins.. I Had my first post op visit yesterday , My surgeon is on vacation this week so I saw the nurse, she took out one drain & told me to call Thursday to possibly have the other one removed because she just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to collect anymore fluid....I also seen my stomach for the first time, & what a difference!! I took pics & will post them sometime today... still very swollen , as I know this will take some time to go down. I will see my surgeon on Monday... well my back is sore from sitting up to long so back to the recliner I got for a little while.. will update soon...


I added new pix 5 weeks PO :)
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Wow u look really good!!!
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thank u!

I am almost 6 weeks PO & I've been standing up...

I am almost 6 weeks PO & I've been standing up completely straight for almost 2 weeks now.. i feel amazing !! I even had a girls night out this past weekend, after being stuck in the house for a month I needed it!! I bought some clothes , nothing crazy but i do fit comfortably in a size 5 jeans with no skin hanging over! it was such a great feeling! I weighed myself and I'm 123.... I went into surgery at 128.. I do however have a huge appetite , but I'm starting back at the gym today & def looking forward to it! I need to work on my legs & arm now!! lol.. i posted 2 new recent pics at 5 weeks.. I will post more as I continue to heal... I really have very minimum swelling now and my scar is healing great i use scarguard on it 2 x's a day and sometimes a little mederma, the scar is not raised and its like a pink line ..I think ill post a pic of the scar so you all can see.. so far I am VERY pleased with my results .. will update again soon!!


You look fabulous and im sure you are feeling wonderful! Go girl
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you look great .. happy continued healing ..
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Hey, congrats on your surgery. Love the results! I also like to have a tummy tuck, but just can't find a good PS. Ugh... Its so depressing. I just want it done already. I waited 11 yrs for this. I just moved to New Jersey and I would love to know which PS you had. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks -
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