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Sooo I really never had much to start with. Weight...

Sooo I really never had much to start with. Weight loss, kids, nurssing, and working out hasn't helped. So I reached outand its happening pretty quick. I'm 28 so with this issue being on my mind 10 years I wouldn't say I'm jumping into things theoretically. Omg when they asked what size, in my head I'm thinking "there's a choice?"...no I'm not that nieve but when they asked what my current size is I asked if negative was an answer. I want normal not porn star

I am very anxious, trying not to think of the anesticia...if your reading this and been through it please leave feedback..be real but could use support.
Need to try to sleep..key word try.. no coffee tomorrow, this should be fun :-\

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So i had my surgery today. I never did get to...

So i had my surgery today. I never did get to sleep last night. I must have talked my self in and out of it serveral times that i was doing the right thing.

I have to point out that i have anxiety issues to begin with.. so with a quck surgery appointment, no sleep,food,coffe, or anxiety medison i was emotionally a wreck.

The surgery staff was extremly helpful.. took thier time with me and listened to every word i had to say.

when i was talking and when they gave me the anestetia (cant spell sorry) i was much calmer..but still a little scared. what they say is true you fall asleep un noticed. When i woke up the nurse was there helping me. i was still very groggy but felt great all things concidered.

the nurse brought me down stairs in a wheel chair..all the way to my friend and the car..she waited , helped me in even putting my seat belt on!

Its been approximatly 6 hours since surgey. im relieved to know im not in real pain just mainly discomfort. they told me 2nd day would be worse ..but as good as i feel now im not too worried.

My story isnt over. The healing has started. pre surgery i was a small 34A, ( i say negative but thats not medically correct) had the 280 put in..Like i said i dont want to be huge just normal..and the bigger implant would be harder to heal and deal with..coming from what i had (or didnt have) i will not regret not going all out.. simple movements are not so easy or imposible..lol im not gonna push thats why i use word impossible..

Sleeping on the back is gonna be hard i have instinct to turn..but my instinct not to turn kicks right in. its crazy too cause all i WANT to do is eat healthy and drink water..as if my body knows ;)


Very nice. I m glad your surgery went well.
I will have may this Thursday!!!y, till today I was OK, but I m starting to be nervous how everything will be. I'm small b now (34 b) and I choose 270cc saline., I want to look natural. Once again thank you for you're story
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No need to be nervous..I was so scared I was crying.but I saw how other girls went through it.I wasn't afraid of the pain but the anestecia..I'm on day 6..honestly no pain just discomfort and can't turn and reach as much... no worries and keep me updated
Wow congrats for ur BA. I had my surgery done the same day as you sept 13 around 11:00 am. Good luck on your recovery!!!
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A week ago at this minute I was in sugury...today...

A week ago at this minute I was in sugury...today I am working.went back yesterday.no heavy lifting but I drive for a living. If I had to I might have been able t go back sooner. Switched to over counter pain pills. Still nothing more than minor discomfort..only reget is I went to small


Thank you... It is obviously I big decision.
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I think 220cc is a full cup size..I personally think the saline implant has more advantages..and the nipple insertion is easier. And heals nicer
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I think you look fabulous! You are very petite. I have had a consultation and the PS advised me to look at Saline, under the muscle with an axillary incision. We did look at many different sizes but we willl narrow it down during my pre-op appointment. He did start with some rather large implants and I worked my way down to the size that I currently am with a push up bra. But now I am reconsidering that after he thought that the implant was too small and would look awkward (that size was 150cc.) LOL I am no thinking that I would like to be augmented up to a 34C and I am not sure what CC size that will be. I could have the BA as soon as October 4 but I have a conference that I have to go to on October 24th and my husband is nervous that something could happen so he wants me to wait until I get back. So now I am looking at the 2nd week of November. I wish he wasn't so nervous about it I would like to just make a decision and move on with it. I think the more time I have the more neurotic I am going to become.
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