Going for Punch Excision,Silkon-1000

I have posted a review on Fraxel Re-Store and I...

I have posted a review on Fraxel Re-Store and I had an okay outcome with it but I still have about 12 very tiny hole on my face that I can't stand! I am having the cut out through excision and I am also getting silicone microdroplets and than another laser after all this is over. Thoughts??? Anyone do this and have good results?

ME -before





Well, I got the procedure done! Not fun.... this is what I look like today. I will have the bandages taken off in a week


The Procedure was a bit nerve-wracking. It hurt and I was scared. It wasn't fun and I wouldn't recommend it if you can't handle pain! I would give the pain about a 5 out of 10

Letting the bandages breath

Nervous tonight

Anxious but waiting for skin to heal ! I'm getting the stitches out tomorrow :)


Healing has begun :) Im so excited.... its already looking better

Next Steps

Planning on Fraxel Repair in about 2 months followed by another round silicone...... This is going to be quite the adventure! Hopefully I heal up before Summer

Storm caused me to cancel my appointment

Still have my stitches in . Boo

Recommended Procedure!

I would recommend this procedure if you are younger , because you need to be able to heal from it!!! It looks as if its going to be a success :)

Post Removal of Surgery Stitches


1.25.14 (Midday)

So, I am definitely excited to report that my ice pick scars are gone in the areas that were excised. I now am dealing with areas that are pink and some small marks that I believe will be very easy to cover up with makeup. Had an appointment with my doctor, I am going to let the area heal until 4-1-14. I will hopefully than have a better idea of what needs to be done next. The silicone Really helps- I cant believe what it does to the skin. It makes it look very "smooth and poreless." I'm not sure if I will get more silicone but I am considering it :) I know I want to get a few Fraxel Restores or a Repair done. I am applying medical grade Vitamin E and bio oil to the area 3 times a day. So happy I work from home :) Its healing well. I don't think I'm going to risk getting anymore excisions at this point, 90% of the ice pick scars are gone and I think fillers will fix the rest! I think if you have bad scarring, excision is a good first choice, followed my lasers, and/or fillers! I've spent a lot of money of Fraxel but they can't remove the steep marks and indentations of an ice pick scar, so if you have ice-pick, I do believe this is the best choice. I tried cross-method and it made my scars worst, so I don't recommend that procedure. Feel free to write to me with questions or comments!

PS! THIS IS VERY HARSH LIGHT :) You are seeing the very worst of the scars that I have right now, and they are much better than before.

So I was thinking last night

I just want to let people know more about my thoughts on this procedure. It is not for everyone. If you want to just get excision done and think it will look okay immediately, I wouldn't recommend it.
It helps with the dark shadows and textural issues immensely though! You know when your really digging your skin and than you step out into sunlight and your like, Yuck?! This procedure helps with the dark shadows in the sun and you aren't nearly as self-conscious as before. It smooth's the pore area and the holes aren't present.
This procedure will leave a light scar on your skin, and I'm struggling with it as we speak but I know it will take more time (And money) to get the desired look.

I will not go for any more excisions. If I could do anything, I would go for a fat transfer and than 2 fraxel restores followed by a round or two of silicone and I believe I would be truly happy.

Its probably the next steps for me.

I want everyone to know I do like the excision and if you want my doctors name you can inbox me but its not for light scarring, its for deep scarring and you need to have patience with it....

Counting the days until 4.1.14 :)



Breaking out a bit from the Vitamin E


Noticing textural changes, for the good. Face looks better in harsh lighting, just some discoloration that I'm hoping will fade in time!!!! Definitely going for a facial in a few weeks and going to go for Fraxel RE-store

8:30 pm

Can't wait for the redness to fade

Its getting better




I think Excision is better for more virgin skin. IE= skin that hasn't been fraxeled or altered yet! Just My Opinion

One side is perfect !



********UPDATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE *************


harsh light

This is very harsh light... The other was softer. I'm not making it up. Real changes :)

3rd Silkone Treatment

I just went for my third round of silicone today and all I can say is wow. Really major improvement. Will do a few more this year. Pictures to follow

My phone is odd

I'm going to take more photos tommorrow in different liggt



3rd round

Going for fat transfer next month

Hey everyone

I started this journey in hopes to help ppl like myself. I tried to do a lot of research but I was very hasty with my decision s... I spent a lot of money on lasers.. do not do lasers first. Do them last. To anyone that has pitted scars I recommend excision plus subscision. .. than fat transfer than lasers. It's a process. It's going to cost a lot of money but find a reputable doctor and tell them exactly what you want. I can give you guys recommendations as needed . And good luck on your journeys


Finally got a great picture... no makeup..... there is some redness still ;-)

Results speak for themselves

I'd say 60% improvement overall. What do u think ? No makeup.. harsh light.

went back to my surgeon

Getting 2 more fraxel to take care of the redness! Can't wait

My Experience is going great! Doctor and staff are wonderful and I am healing up very nicely! I can't wait to see the end result

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Good luck with the Fraxel treatments!
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You are the best judge as pictures don't do u justice. I can only compare to your original photos and unfortunately I am unable to see that much of a difference. In fact it is so deceiving that your BEFORE pictures look a bit better. That being said YOU are the one that knows your face intimately and truly knows what the difference is. Thank you for taking the time to post to help others in your same situation and best of luck in all u do.
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My before definitely don't look better. Sry. Keep the negative thoughts to yourself. In fact.. don't post on my thread anymorw. Thank u
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Thank you for all the info you have reported to us. Can u pls tell us the difference btwn excision and subcision?
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Hey express.. excision is direct removal of the scars and subscision is a gentle needle that does under the skin and breaks up fibrous bands of scar tissue and flattens out the scars
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Oh thank you Victoria, that helps a lot.
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I've done several rounds of silicone injections for acne scars myself, and I suggest waiting more than the 1 month intervals that are usually recommended. Sometimes the collagen production can lag, meaning that it can suddenly grow larger after a couple of months. It takes patience to wait 2-3 months since everyone wants to correct their acne scars as quickly as possible, but trust me you don't want to risk overcorrection and lumps.
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Your correct. . How was your experience?
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punch makes it worse but you can than get them fraxeled and filled
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70% improvement.. Some areas turned put better than others
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Thanks for sharing your experience. The pictures are so helpful! I was considering TCA cross for a small boxcar scar on my cheek but your comments really have me thinking twice. How big were the punches you got? My scar (well, the boxcar one anyway...not like there is just one scar on my face) is about 1mm in diameter. Did the punch make any scars worse? Many thanks!!
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Ice age send me some photos I'll make a recommendation for you. My scars were small... If you are a non smoker go for excision plus subscision/fat transfer
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Looks like that one side healed beautifully. You must be very happy.
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Looking better and better Victoria. How did u decide to go for Fraxel Restore out of all your options?
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Restore is good for Italian skin ! Ill start Fraxels in about 2 months
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Well, since I am of Italian descent also I would be interested to know why. Thicker skin? oily?
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Italian skin can become hyperpigmented, like darker , if you use Fraxel Repair
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Awesome news!! Thank you for your update and keep us posted on your progress. 
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I just want to echo what you said about Fraxel...I spent $4000.00(I live in New York) for one procedure and I did not see any difference. I went to an award winning plastic surgeon so that certainly was not the problem. It just doesn't work for most people and especially for pitted scars. Thank u for the feedback about cross method, I did not know that. Looking forward to your pictures in the future.
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Express If you post a pic or send me a picture I can help you better
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Fraxel is good for hyperpigmentation and surgery scars and pore size, not ice pick
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Express, you start to notice an improvement with fraxel about after 3 months....... to a year!
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Express.. have you done any other procedure s?
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Yes, many. I had fraxel which cost $4000.00 and I saw almost no results. I have had temporary filler and it did not look better becuz scar tissue is tough and inflexible so the soft skin around the scar raised more than the scar tissue filled in so the scar in fact looked worse.I am speaking of pitted type scars. I Dermaroll myself and actually got the best results with that. OWNDOC.com for products. I had silicone micro droplets this year and saw improvement in some but I have scars it doesn't work on so the doctor would not inject them. I am going to go for a consultation for excision on the ones I have left. In the meantime the dermarolling has benefits so I continue to do that. BTW, in the right lighting I have been told by people that I have beautiful skin but I know that if they were to see me in natural light they would see my scars. It makes me feel like I have a secret that will be found out.
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