1 year old pics update

I have 2 gorgeous kids, 3 and 10 months old. After...

I have 2 gorgeous kids, 3 and 10 months old. After I had my first child my stomach was ruined. I got to 38 weeks pregnant with no stretch marks then they came thick and fast until I got to the stage I didn't care as I just wanted the baby out!! My skin was left all loose and wrinkly and I hated it. However I knew I would have another child and now my baby is 10 months we have decided we are having no more and I want my body back! I went to see a surgeon a few weeks ago after returning from holiday which made me feel even worse seeing other mums with "perfect stomachs!"

Reading everyones stories on here has really helped. I know someone who has had a TT at the hospital I am going to so that has helped to know someone who has went through it. It gets me down I have friends who have kids and their stomachs are fine but both my babies were over 9lb so maybe I paid the price!

My husband wasn't happy to start with but I have his full support as he knows how much it gets to me. I can't wait now!! I have my pre-op this week so maybe it will start to feel a bit more real and I also pay for it this week!!

I am 5ft 4in and currently 145 pounds.

Just back from my pre-op with my surgeon. I...

Just back from my pre-op with my surgeon. I thought I would be nervous by now but I'm just so excited to get my body body. I'm happy as he is using dissolvable stitches and says he normally takes the drains out the day after! He said some of his colleagues don't even use drains. He also checked my muscles whilst I lay on the bed and said they were together but he will know more during the operation so I'm happy about that also as it means the recovery should be easier.

We're going down south for the weekend tomorrow then I will have 1 day to get things organised before going into hospital for 2 nights on Wednesday, CAN'T WAIT!!!

Body back...

body back...

Getting a bit nervous now but mostly excited. The...

Getting a bit nervous now but mostly excited. The nurse called me today to go over thing, kind of made it a bit more real. Just back from a weekend away and have so much to do tomorrow before going into hospital for 2 nights on Wednesday! I have been eating so much its like I think "do it while you can" so looking very bloated. The nurse told me to get some constipation tablets so that it will help afterwards so I will be doing that tomorrow!

Hi everyone. Well home today, stayed in hospital...

Hi everyone. Well home today, stayed in hospital for 2 nights. All went well, not actually been in much pain at all more just uncomfortable. Got drains out this morning, that wasn't fun just the tugging felt horrible but not that painful. Stomach just feels tight. Nurses really looked after me at the hospital, showered this morning too, sometimes feel a bit light headed and tired but putting that down to the medication. I was given anti sickness drugs so haven't felt sick which is great as had read about it so much I was scared of that.

I knew there would be swelling but its disappointing to look down as straight after surgery, about 2 hours after I woke I looked and it was super flat. The swelling probably started about 6 hours later and the stretch marks that used to be above my bb are now below it and are still raised. I really hope this won't cause more wrinkles as this was the biggest reason for the op but the nurse did say the swelling will go down and can sometimes take 6 months to get the full result. I just need to be patient I guess! Going back on Wednesday to get my dressings changed. In the meantime I'm going to bed for some rest and get my spanx on hopefully this will help the swelling.

3 days post op and feeling ok. Was able to sleep...

3 days post op and feeling ok. Was able to sleep on my side last night. Wore my spanx most of yesterday and all night but took them off this morning as felt so tight and uncomfortable, will get them back on soon as think it helped with the swelling. Stomach feels all numb, the nurse told me to take the dressing off my bb today but it feels strange so may get my husband to do it. Feeling ok so far though, adding a pic.

4 days post op and things much the same however I...

4 days post op and things much the same however I weighed myself this morning and I have put on 4lbs! I'm hoping this is due to swelling, this happen to anyone else? I didn't ask how much the skin weighed, I thought maybe 2lbs or so but can't help feeling this laying around in bed all the time will make me put on weight too and the stretch marks under my bb are a bit puckered, the nurse told me this should go down but its so depressing to have been through this and paid so much money to still have them!!

7 days post op today I have my first appointment...

7 days post op today I have my first appointment with the nurse so I will see the full scar for the first time. I want to ask when I can start using scar treatment, how long will the dissolvable stitches take to heal in my bb and I also have some stretch marks left that are looking a bit puckered especially when I sit up I want to ask if this will go down when the swelling and bruising does as they annoy me. Not so much the marks in themselves if they were flatter it would be better, scar is also a bit puckered though so maybe is the swelling. I can't wait to get walking again I feel my thighs are getting flabby sitting around! I went out yesterday though for the first time and felt great. I can walk pretty much straight with my spanx on but when I take them off I'm hunched again so they definately give me good support. All in all feeling good though and just taking paracetomal mostly, going to try without it soon but muscles ache a bit sometimes no rush. Feeling alot better than I thought I would though! Posting a before and after pic 1 week after.

8 days post op - went shopping today for some new...

8 days post op - went shopping today for some new undies, think I over did it a bit though started feeling a bit sore and really tight. I think I feel fine but then get sore later in the day so think I'm being a bit ambitious at this stage. Not that I could at the moment but I am wondering when I could get back on the treadmill...just fast pace walking or something as I'm not a runner - tried on a dress that fitted me fine before surgery now its so tight on my ass!! Thinking now I have a flat tummy the weight is going elsewhere lol

9 days post op. Think the blues have kicked in....

9 days post op. Think the blues have kicked in. Sick of having a big swollen hard tummy, feels so tight. Feel I'm walking straighter but getting me down that I can't do anything, hubby doing it all he has been fab I have him off work for another 9 days but we have an 11 month old so I will have to lift her by then. I didn't get any muscle repair or lipo and did mention this to my surgeon, just said to be careful! Can't wait to feel normal again :(

11 days post op Sleeping really well, can lie on...

11 days post op
Sleeping really well, can lie on either side with a pillow between my legs for comfort. Sleeping with my spanx on helps really supports me...feel tender without it, better with it on. Stomach getting more bruised now, hoping its a case of worse before its better as still brick hard like I'm preggars! On a lighter note the microtape seems to be helping the scar a bit as on wednesday i thought i was going to have "dogears" at either end and its flattened quite a bit so hopefully the rest will go like that too. Can't wait to see my surgeon in 4 weeks!

12 days po and my swelling is getting really bad -...

12 days po and my swelling is getting really bad - it was quite swollen when I woke up this morning to the point its a hard pot belly - at least when it was flabby I could squash it in my jeans lol. So hard trying to deal with this. I have bruising that goes up above my bb now also but I know its early days :(

19 days po - bruising has gone down a bit but...

19 days po - bruising has gone down a bit but feels quite tender to touch now. Stretch marks still sticking out so hoping this is the swelling. Sleeping really well can turn pretty easy in bed now, not on my stomach yet though. Back to work in 3 weeks hoping the swelling has gone down a bit by then.

3 weeks 1 day po - not really that much to report....

3 weeks 1 day po - not really that much to report. I'm kind of back to normal, doing light house work no hoovering or pushing buggies but have to lift my 11 month old sometimes but getting alot of help from family and friends. Incision been burning a little in the middle and I think the scar has evened out a bit, seems to be puckered only at 1 part now so hopefully this goes down soon I will be much happier when not so bumpy. Still some bruising which makes my stretch marks look worse. I think the swelling is improving slightly but still there, still wearing my spanx during the day but not at night.

3 weeks 3 days po Can sleep on my stomach - yay!

3 weeks 3 days po
Can sleep on my stomach - yay!

Feeling really good in myself. Started walking...

Feeling really good in myself. Started walking again. Still wearing my spanx for support and to help with swelling. Seems to be getting better every day.

4 weeks 3 days post op and scar looking much...

4 weeks 3 days post op and scar looking much better. I was worried about the bumpiness and puckering in the middle, that is no longer an issue. Its really evened out, even at the sides where I thought I'd be left with dogears, its all flat now so really happy. I've had to put some cotton wool in my bb as its getting really shallow, seems to be helping slightly. Back to fast pace walking, see my ps in 10 days hopefully get the go ahead for the gym but feeling really good and swelling improving. Just wish I could stop eating so much, need to realise I've had a tummy tuck stop eating so much crap as I seem to have these love handles now I'm not happy with look so wide aargh! Can't wait to get working on them.

Now 5 weeks post op and swelling gone bad again. I...

Now 5 weeks post op and swelling gone bad again. I had a wedding on Sunday so on my feet most of the day, eating and drinking alot then decided to go a long walk yesterday and all of a sudden I'm blown up like a balloon again when it was going down so a bit disheartened, felt fine but obviously not so going to watch what I'm doing and try to watch the diet also.

Hi everyone. 6 weeks today since I had my...

Hi everyone. 6 weeks today since I had my operation. Saw my surgeon today. Expressed that I'm not happy with my love handles, didn't think I had these before but wondered if it was because I focused on my horrible tummy that I didn't notice these? Or am I putting weight on here now as not going to the tummy? He said that this can happen. I joked I should have had lipo on my sides at the same time and he said he could not do that, so obviously different in America as I see alot of you did have it.

I mentioned I use cotton wool in my bb as seems shallower. He thought this was a bit strange lol he said it will be due to the swelling underneath that it appears shallower but this will go over time so I'm not going to bother doing this now. I can go back at any time to see him now, I will probably go back in 6 months. He said to see how my love handles go, some of it will be swelling but as I am young exercise, concentrating on this area he is confident it will go so no need for lipo. (I can't afford it anyway!!) He said to me they are not as big as I think but I will be focusing on this now as after surgery you find other faults (so true!)

He ok'd me for going back to the gym and doing sit-ups but to take it easy to begin with. I told him not as tight as I was so definately want to work on my upper abs and love handles now, try to remember and do some sit ups every night infront of the TV on days I can't go to the gym! I'm back at work now after a year off on maternity leave and going well, no longer wearing my spanx as swelling much better although after a wedding last week I swelled up like a balloon it was horrible! Hope everyone is well. I will take some pics soon.

Forgot to mention I asked if he weighed the skin...

Forgot to mention I asked if he weighed the skin and fat taken off, he said 2lbs which is what I've lost on the scale! I thought it would have been around 2-3lbs to be honest but would like another 5-6lbs off and def rid of these love handles to feel happier.

Hi girls. Not updated in a while, been busy back...

Hi girls. Not updated in a while, been busy back at work now. No new pics to add as can't say I think I look any better. If anything I am probably more swollen now than in the early few weeks with on the go all the time. Doesn't help with my eating, I try to be good but find if I eat something like fish and chips with salt etc I swell up like a balloon and just makes me even more depressed!

When I had my 6 week check I mentioned to my surgeon wasn't happy with my love handles. He said he was confident exercise concentrating on this area would improve it rather than resorting to lipo. To be honest not wanting to go through it again with all the bruising and swelling that goes on plus the fact can't afford it but although it is alot better than it was I'm not thrilled with it. I will always have stretch marks under my bb and when I wear jeans yeah my tummy is flatter but I have fat sticking out the sides now. Whether I still have swelling or not I can't imagine it being TOTALLY flat like how I thought it would look. I still have the ridge going on over my scar and my scar is bright red now but I know its meant to look its worse at the 3 month mark. Really hoping by time I go on my first holiday abroad in May I'm really happy with it and the scar.

Anyone any advice on scar treatment? I have read a few of you using silicone sheets from makemeheal.com? I was using tape until this ran out so just using bio oil now.

Hope you are all well.

Taken some pics this morning, feel slightly better...

Taken some pics this morning, feel slightly better as looks better on camera than I think it looks when I look at myself in the mirror! Been 11 and a half weeks now and I think with being a busy working mum I struggle to find time to exercise but walk whenever I can so I need to remember to fit in some sit ups every day, feel I have a "pot belly" when I sit down not sure if this is extra skin as a few have said but hoping this tightens it up a bit as not going through anymore surgery!

So its been 6 months since my op.I'm really happy...

So its been 6 months since my op.I'm really happy with my results and im back in the gym trying to shift 10lb.This has made me so much more confident and i'm so glad i did it.

I can't believe its been a year, well almost 13...

I can't believe its been a year, well almost 13 months since my surgery! Its definately been worth it. The scar is really fading now and looks good. I feel everything is softening a bit now, doesn't help I've put about half a stone on which is unusual for me but I'm noticing my stomach is getting a bit more relaxed and not as tight so I will have to start working at keeping it flat. I have a tiny little roll I feel when I sit down now so will have to get this extra weight off and start doing some sit ups! All good though and so glad I did it, especially when I look back at the old pics and remind myself of how horrible it used to look! I would love my boobs done next so will have to start saving!!

Hi, just adding a few pics. I have put on about...

Hi, just adding a few pics. I have put on about 5lb so I haven't added any side shots as feel they look the same as 6 months ago! I never really got rid of the "ledge" which I'm thinking is down to my weight? I have also found an old pic I'm going to upload. When I look at that then where I'm at now I'm so happy I did it. Its all about diet and exercise now to maintain it and I know this. The scar is starting to fade in the middle. I just wish all my marks at been below my belly button then I wouldn't have had any left :-(
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Hi Fluffy, can you tell me the surgeon you had and at which hosp? Did you have it done in Scotland? Great results... Any recent scar pics?
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You look great!!!!!!
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Hi, thanks for sharing your experience, I am having a tummy tuck and br soon. Do you have any pictures, I would like to see what one year post op looks like especially the scar.
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Hi. Do you have 1 yr post op pics?

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Hi Fluffy, I think we have similar body types. I too was very unhappy with results a few weeks ago. I had a muffin top and paid a lot of money to have a flat tummy. If you are still stuggling with a ridge, have one also. I use a rag under my binder accross ridge. It has made a huge difference. It puts additional pressure on that area according to my ps. I had lipo of my flanks and still see no results from that. Hope it is still swelling. Good luck and I hope it gets better for you. You look great in your six week pics!!
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Hi Fluffy, i am using Dermatix on my scar which i find very good,it is not cheap here in the UK but ebay was a lot cheaper. Hope this helps.x
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I too was not happy with the "rolls" ect. I did have lipo to the flanks done with my tt, but it wasn't what I had envisioned for myself. PS blames it on extra skin, and it was. I went back and had a body lift done and had the extra skin taken off. No more muffin top. PS touched up the prior lipo to my abs that I think he missed the first time, with no charge to me. I am very happy at this point, even though it was more money.
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Thank you for your kind words girls. It is getting better, I think I will post a pic tomorrow of me in my jeans to show you what I mean re the love handles! Going to buy a hula hoop and start doing some sit ups every day.
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3gmom, I don't recall who else got lipo, but I did. my ps. told me I would benefit from it, I had considerable love handles, but mine were more like a blob than a handle! It seems that you can often get a nicer shape if they can contour your body with the lipo. It takes about an hour longer and adds about a thousand dollars to the cost.
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Just curious...did you get any lipo? I'm reading that some do and some don't. Or some just get Flank area and not on top and vice versa. I know that I did have lipo but when I go Tues I'm going to pin the doc down on exactly where for my own peace of mind :)
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Hi Fluffy, I know what you mean about the love handle thing. I have them too and definitely DIDNT have them before surgery. Like you I had no lipo, but that was because I didnt need it, and my PS agreed saying that I was not "hippy at all". Looking at your pre op pics, you didnt have them either. I can't see them on your post op pics, but I do believe you when you say you have them, mine don't really show on my picss either. In my opinion it has something to do with redistributing the fat that was around our upper abdomens, since we had no lipo to upper abs this fat was pulled down along with the loose skin and then gets deposited as a roll further down, looking most obvious over the hip area, since we had no fat here before. Some of it may be swelling I suppose, but mine definitely feels like fat and I hate it. I know I wasn't skinny when I went in for my surgery but I did expect to have better results than I have. Started to diet and trying to exercise to get some of this flab off, I did virtually nothing for six weeks and now feel like a blob!!! You look fabulous anyway, but i understand how you feel, take care and happy healing. x
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Fluffy, I know you are frustrated by what you are seeing, but hon, there is such a difference in your body from preop to postop. We are both about the same time out, 6weeks, you are still VERY swollen. Don't get too discouraged right now, just be patient with yourself, this may resolve to some degree which you may find acceptable by the 3 month mark. I think you look great. *cute bra too! :)
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I think that you look great! I think that you look so shapely and petite. You don't look especially "love handily" to me lol! You're still so fresh out of surgery that it's too soon to tell. I've tell myself everyday "be patient and buckle up! This is going to be a long wild ride of emotions! And to not expect ANYTHING for at least 3 months and then around 6 months". This helps me. It's not without difficulty to be this positive, as I am not a naturally positive person. But once again, you look great :)
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hi hun, I had lipo on the hips at the same time as my tt. So don't know why your ps said that it can't be done. I'm so glad you're feeling great. You're looking fab. I think you're concentrating on your hips now that you don't have a tummy. I've just scrutinised your photos and I can honestly say that your hips look perfect to me, they don't look big AT ALL
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Hi Fluffy, great to see your update! I am 5 weeks and 1 day to day, post op. I know we are back to back with our tt/s. I was realy swollen last night, huge! But,I am a teacher and I am on my feet almost all day. I was so tired this morning I could barely get out of bed!!! I don't know how you ladies are working out yet, I just don't have the energy!. I gained 5 lbs the first 3 weeks, I know it was swelling, I am down 10 now and almost 2 sizes and I am still swollen so I am sure in time it will be great. I had my drain in for 3 weeks, I am amazed at how varied the PS do that, didn't you say you had you had yours out at 2 days?! Wow! Looking good girl.
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I haven't done the marble thing as I don't have any just been using cotton wool or squashing toilet roll in it, only started a few days ago don't see a difference yet. Do you have the same problem?
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hi fluffy, just wondering did u do the mable trick or the finger trick into ur belly button so that it can deepens little??
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You're looking gorgeous, your stretch marks seem to have settled down and all the bruising is gone. How is your incision looking?
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Thanks Sassy. Its looking a bit brighter but evening out. I have one little bump left in the middle hoping it evens out. I kind of felt it burning for 2 or 3 days and that was the rest of it in the middle evening out so happy with that. I just changed my tape the other day so will change it again in a couple of days and put a pic of my incision up. Not so happy with how my sides are looking but I don't think I look as wide on the day 3 pic so hoping this is swelling or I wish I'd got some lipo! Meant to say also my bb is getting really shallow so started stuffing it with cotton wool lol I read a few people have had to do that.
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after sur.how r u feel.Is it ok with ur pysical relation
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Fluffy your pic in the spotty outfit is great. I think your stretch marks will come down a bit once the swelling subsides. Glad that you are now able to turn over in bed and that you still have a few weeks at home before returning to work - lucky you. Keep well and keep your chin up :) Lots to be happy about !!!
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Hi there. I just came across this blog and fluffy your story is exactly like mine. I had surgery on aug 5th, so today is 10 days PO. I had diastasis recti 9a pretty severe case of it). My surgeon had to tighten my muscles all the way up tp the rib cage below my breasts. then i had a mini tuck and they removed 2 unches of skin. I too have an 11 month old but cannot pick her up till 4 weeks out from surgery date. It's been Pretty hard on her. I also have a 3 year old. I just got my drain tubes out this morning. that was the most annoying part of the first 10 days. I am not sure what to think about my scars. They also look like dog ears on either end. I hope that goes down. My tummy is really swollen still but my surgeon told my husband when I came out of surgery that i had a stomach so hard that a quarter could bounce off my tummy. I am guessing he's talking about the inside bc the outside does not look like that. My belly button is a little wrinkly from the strectch marks and to be honest I think my belly button looks worse than before i had surgery. Guess i just have to be patient. I have not worn spanx bc my belly is so numb it feels weird to put anything too tight on. But i have been wearing the belly band that they gave me after surgery. The same one I got when i had my baby. Anyhow it was very nice to be able to read someone's story that's similar to mine. Thanks and good luck with the remainder of your recovery.
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lol Sassy laughing at you as we're on the dregs from the freezer too hubby says to me the other night "we could just have a chinese" I said I've just had a tummy tuck for goodness sake!! Not that my diet is perfect, its anything but but its hard going with the 2 kiddies I'm having to lift my 11 month old now hubby back to work today, I'm on the end of my maternity leave as I wouldn't have been able to take this long off. I hope we can look back in 6 months time and say what were we worrying about!! The nurse said to me it can take 6 months to get a really idea of what its going to look like so Christmas is my goal. x
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Yes I was thinking Christmas too as a time to assess my result. We UK ladies should organise a xmas shopping spree or night out somewhere - stay over, hotel, the works and we could compare tummies!!
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Wow what a great idea to meet up for a shopping spree and to compare tummies. Pity I am so far out of the loop.
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