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Long story cut short I had a tattoo done in my...

Long story cut short I had a tattoo done in my forearm about two years ago, I hated it and decided to get a shiny new tattoo next to it thinking It would make me like it, which I don't. I absaloutly hate it and for the last 3 months I won't wear anything short sleeved, not even to bed! I'm getting so down about this so I book a consultation and have been quoted £90 a session from a laserase clinic. I have now booked my first treatment in for 21st of feb and I'm terrified! They won't let me use numbing cream at this clinic but they have cooling machine, how do you guys feel about the pain? I'm beginning to think I should cancel as I'm so anxious about it all :(!! I'm hopefully for complete removal and she said it should take between 8-12 sessions for remove it. I've been reading everyone's reviews for months and you's are all so inspirational and speak so positive about the situation. I hate myself for getting into this position


Hi there, hope you are feeling better, did you end up going for your removal?

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aloha Abbieh1602, I understand your nervousness. I was going to have part of an old tattoo lasered off, but was apprehensive about the pain, the healing and so I went and had more added to the tattoo hoping to like it. As the artist was bandaging it up all I could think was "well this gonna be lasered off". And six weeks later I began. My nervousness turned to laughter at the first session. Fear is our biggest blockade to happiness. I hope you proceded with the sessions. This forum is great with helping others and it's helped me. Most of us have our own review (myself included) and we're open to private messaging to help/support others in the forum. Thanks for sharing your story and please update. I'd like to know how you got along. Wishing you all the best. aloha...k
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*Abbie (Apologises).
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Dr Robertson

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