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Hello! I have spent hours and hours looking at...

Hello! I have spent hours and hours looking at everyone's profiles, and it has been SO helpful. I wanted to record my own journey to be able to reflect on it and also so hopefully it can help someone else too. A little bit about me: I am almost 30, 5'6" and weigh around 145lbs. I work out a lot and quite intensely and do my best to eat well. I weighed about 50lbs more in high school, but lost that by the time I was 20. I gained about 45lbs when pregnant, but was able to lose it all, though it took me a good year and a half! We are only having one child - we had thought we would be one and done before we had one, and after much thought, have decided to stick to that. Anyways, I am someone who is constantly stressing over my body, so I've finally decided to take the plunge and put what are hopefully the final touches on my body, so I can just enjoy working out and eating well to maintain. I am scheduled for Tuesday, August 26th with Dr. Leigh at Edina Plastic Surgery. I will be getting a tummy tuck, breast aug and lipo of my trunk and inner thighs. I actually met Dr. Leigh 8 years ago when I went in for a breast aug consult, but ultimately decided to wait on that until after I was married with kids and knew what my body would look like then. So here I go!

I am a worrier and over analyzer, and I am definitely going crazy waiting for the date. I have so many worries and my emotions are all over the place. Some days I'm so excited I wish I could go tomorrow. Other days I start over thinking and worrying and wondering if I really even need this. Ahh...I know I want it and will be so happy with it, but the waiting is awful. I'm scared of dying, which I know is unlikely, but I went to this other consult who scared me because he said he wouldn't do more than one of these procedures at once because it is too unsafe. I know it's super common based on here, but he freaked me out. Also, I am planning on silicone implants, but then I read all of the warnings with MRIs and now and reconsidering. It seems like everyone is getting silicone now, but are you all planning to pay to get MRIs every two years? That seems crazy. I'd love to hear your thoughts on that.

I plan to get some before pics up soon, but just wanted to get started. Thanks for reading!

Tomorrow's the big day!

Ahhh...I can't believe tomorrow is the day, it seems surreal. I am definitely super nervous, but I'm feeling better about some of my fears, since I met with my dr again and asked another 45 minutes of questions, LOL. He made me more comfortable with my decision to do silicone (see more detail in the comments section) and talked me through all of the risks/fears I was worrying about. Today, I'm just trying to get everything organized. I'm super Type A, so I'm trying to have everything planned and prepared for. I have to be at the surgery center by 6:15, so it will be an early one for me! Anyways, just a short update before the big day, but here are my before pics. I tried to scribble out any identifying info. Sorry for the crazy mid-styling hair! Wish me luck that everything goes smoothly!

Made it!

It has taken me a while to get back on here to update, but I had my surgery and made it to the other side! I'm 9 days post op today, and I'll try to do a quick recap:

Surgery Day: Arrived at 6:15, filled out some paperwork, changed into gown, robe, cap, stockings and booties. I was supposed to pee to do a pregnancy test, but was super dehydrated from not eating or drinking before surgery, so the anesthesiologist put an iv of fluids in to get me hydrated. Did the pee test and walked into the operating room. I barely got onto the table before I was out. When I woke up, it was wierd because I thought I was stuck in a dream about the recovery room and thought I needed to wake myself up to get to surgery in time. They said it took me a long time to wake up, and that I was moving all over the place when I first came too. Apparently they were yelling at me to try to wake me up, and my hubby said he could hear them in the waiting room! I remember being SOOO tired and not being able to even keep my eyes open, and they just told me to rest. When I finally looked at the clock, it was 1:15, and I remember thinking that was much later than the 11:30/12 they said I'd be up. Got into the wheelchair and they wheeled me to the car. They offered me a pain pill, but I wanted to wait until I ate something because I was afraid of getting sick. They gave me crackers and a sprite which I sipped on the way home. Got home and took my meds and got on the couch. I had the Exparel pain blockers so I didn't feel much pain in the incisions or much pain at all if I was sitting completely still. I had a catheter, which I wasn't sure if I wanted at first, but let me tell you - sooo worth it not to have to get up as often! I of course still had to get up every few hours to walk around and march my legs, but I was able to hydrate as much as possible without having to get up to pee every hour. Getting up this first day was pretty rough. My hubby had to help me and my muscles were so sore. I also had this spot on my upper right hip area that burned like crazy whenever I got up. I read about it on someone else's page and perhaps it was a drain hitting a nerve not sure.

Post op Day 1-2 were much of the same. Super tired and slept a lot. Lots of pain getting up and down. Had an awful dizzy spell in the morning of postop day 1, so I'm trying to eat more iron before I get up (found out I was mildly anemic during preop). Had my first post-op on post op day 2. The dr had me lay flat on the table while he looked at everything, which was shocking since I hadn't stood up straight since surgery. He also showed me how to massage my breasts and it was super painful when he did it so caught me off guard! He said I should start standing straight now and not to worry about my incision.

Post op Day 3-4: These days started to get a lot better. Was finally able to start getting up and down myself, stand fairly straight and move around a bit. Pain wasn't awful, but I could start to feel a little bit more as the Exparel started to wear off.

Post op Day 5-6: Things were looking up these days. Went to Kohls with the family one day and Whole Foods the next day (with 3 drains in and all). I was tired afterwards but felt ok. Nothing much changed these days.

Post-op Day 7: Had an appointment with my dr. He took out all 3 drains. He said it shouldn't hurt but the first one killed - it felt like a burning/cutting sensation on my abdomen. The other two didn't hurt, just felt really strange - I couldn't believe how far in there the drains were! He said everything was looking great and that I should take it easy since I wasn't moving around so well - he doesn't want me to overdo it. I started having a weird discomfort in my upper calf on my left leg and of course started worrying about leg clots. I told the dr about it though - he looked at it and did some stretch test, and said he doesn't think it is a clot. So I will just watch it to see if it gets any worse or changes.

More updates

Day 8 I felt like I backtracked a little bit. Maybe I overdid it, but I was super uncomfortable. I thinking more feeling is coming back in my abdomen also because I've noticed more little twinges and there are two spots that have this uncomfortable pulling sensation. Calf is still bugging me too, so I may have to get that checked out again.

Day 9 I felt a bit better again, but am trying to really take it easy and not overdo it.

I forgot to mention that I did get the raised toilet seat, which was really nice the first few days after the catheter was out. I'm fine on the normal seat now though, so probably could've toughed it out those first few days. I didn't get the recliner or hospital bed. Slept pretty comfortably on our sectional couch the first 2 nights and then moved to the bed, both with lots of pillows. Would probably have been easier getting off of a recliner though. I really didn't buy too much though. Dr provided garments, gauze, bra top, etc.

Lastly, I never drained very much at all. The most I ever had was 25 in one drain and that was the first day. After that it was barely anything - 3-10 per drain and we just changed twice a day. The Dr said this was one of the lowest amounts of drainage in his 27 years, so I'm not sure why that is or if it is good or bad.


Managed to get a quick pic. This is day 9 in the evening, and the most swollen I've been so far. I have terrible bruising, but you can't see most of it (back and inner/back thighs). Implant size was 339cc. I was worried they would be to small because he decided this size in surgery (had talked about 375/400) but I'm so glad he went down because I was worried about them being too large. I think these will be the full C that I want when they are fluffed out. They actually aren't very swollen in this pic. It seems like they swell more in the morning and the rest of me swells in the evening.

Anyways, I can already tell that I will love the results when I'm all healed up. I'm thrilled with my scar placement. Bummed about the vertical, but I knew that I'd likely have it, and it was stitched in a special way so it will hopefully mostly disappear in time. I've seen entire scars high than my vertical, so I will take it!
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Thanks for the great update, and you look absolutely fantastic! super shape! Happy dance time!
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You will have lots of healing thoughts and prayers for your day! let us know how you are when you are able. You will do great, and look amazing!
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Hi there. You sound just like me. At this point i am not even sure I want a TT. I want the results but without the pain and scar. So did you decide to go with saline or silicone. I had heard about the MRIs but thought that was not a requirement. Let me know what you find out. Good luck with everything.
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Hello! I know, it's stressful. I know that I always overthink things, so I'm trying to stay busy because I start obsessing over it otherwise! I am just making sure to super communicate about scar placement with my doc, but he reassured me that he makes it a priority to be able to wear a bikini and not show the scar, and I looked at a TON of his pics to analyze his scars, LOL. I was set on doing silicone for the implants, and my doctor actually never even mentioned the MRI's, but it was in all the preop info the clinic sent me. But, when I met with another doctor, he stressed that they were necessary, and pointed out that the FDA recommends them, so then he made me worry about it more. I'm just having a tough time thinking that everyone is getting those that often, when soo many people are getting silicone right now. I looked online and it seemed like doctors' opinions vary on if it is truly necessary. I am meeting with my PS on the 12th to look at sizing again and ask a few more questions, so I will readdress it then and hopefully make a firm decision. I will let you know if I learn anything new.
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Yes...that sounds great. Keep me posted:). So far all I have learned is that saline has a lesser of a natural feel to them and are less expensive but most of my wish boob are saline.
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Welcome, and thanks for posting your journey. Just a few more weeks. Excited for you!
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