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Full Tummy Tuck with MR and Lipo - Edina, MN

My girls are 14 and 12. I have been wanting to do...

My girls are 14 and 12. I have been wanting to do this surgery for over 10 years. Finally at the point in our lives where we can afford it and I don't have to feel to guilty (even though I still do). I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. Trying to put it out of my head a little bit so I don't obsess over it too much.

Found this site a few weeks ago and have been going on it a lot and reading other ladies experience. Thanks so much for sharing your stories for us who haven't gone through it yet. I would rather hear all the details instead of just a sugar coated version. Makes me understand what I am getting myself into.

I do have pics of what I look like now. Just have to get them off my phone.

Anyone else scheduled to have theirs around the same time?

Looking forward to chatting with others about their experinces and becoming who we really are underneath all the extra stuff :)

Pics of the Elephant Belly

Love the fact that I can post pics so I can have an easy reference of what I looked like pre-surgery. Once I post these they will be deleted off my phone. :)

3 months

3 months from today I will be beginning my recovery journey to my body that I have been missing for over 14 years. I only made the surgery date a couple of weeks ago but feel that I truly made it in my head over 10 years ago. Now I wait and the waiting is driving me crazy. I am even dreaming about it now and wake up disappointed that it isn't done yet. Any one else do that? So now I wait.....trying to remind myself that it'll be here before I know it. Thanks ladies for all the updates. It makes me truly understand what I am getting myself into.

Giving thanks!

Happy Turkey Day! I'm very thankful for t this site. I'm very thankful for all you ladies sharing your stories! I'm sure my husband it's grateful too because then I'm not constantly bugging him with my thoughts and what ifs and on and on. So ladies have a great day and thank you!

Last Time in Current Swim Suit

I just got back to the frigid temps of MN after being in St. Croix Virgin Islands for a week with the hubby. Our best friends moved down there in September so it was great to see them. The last full day down there it dawned on me this will be the last time I will wear my tank top boy shorts swim suit. My girlfriend, who is one of my biggest supporters for me doing this, got so giddy when I said that to her. She said "I can't wait to help you pick out a bikini when I come back to visit in June." She's coming back for our annual girls weekend abd to see friends and family. I told her I can't wrap my brain around being in a bikini. I've spent over 12 years covering up as much as I can and making sure I constantly was sucking it in. For those of you who are recovering have you gotten a bikini and was it hard for you to think that you could do it again? Well at least for now it's the bulky warm snowmobile gear that'll be covering it up.

6 Weeks Left

Wow. 6 weeks and a wake up I will begin my journey to the flat side. I haven't told a ton of people but the ones that do know have been supportive. Last night I did have a very close guy friend say to me that he heard what I was doing (I'm assuming from his wife, which I am totally ok with her telling him) and he thinks that I don't need to do anything but it's my decision. I thanked him and told him that I am the one that lives in my body and I am the one who has hated my stomach for so long. He didn't give me too hard of a time. But then I do go into the thinking that maybe I shouldn't do it. I am so tired of this back and forth thing in my head. There are days that I'm totally ok with my decision and then there are days where I am second guessing. But then I go on here and I read all your updates. The one thing that I read more than anything is the hapiness of all you ladies who are recovering. You are so happy about your body that you know you should have and now you do. And that is what helps me through this up and down. I know down the road I'm going to be so happy. It's just the waiting game is a hard game to play.

3 Weeks

I am about 3 weeks out from my surgery. I have been pretty calm about it these past couple of days. I'm sure that will change at any given moment though. I got together a couple weeks worth of recipes that I'm going to make up and freeze for the crock pot and oven to help my hubby out. I still have to get some things for my recovery. We have been enjoying snowmobiling, this has been outstanding year for snow and yesterday put on about 100 miles as a family. I'm so glad we all like to ride snowmobiles it's such a fun family thing to do. I am bummed that I am going to be cutting my riding season short, but it will all be so worth it. Question for you ladies that have already gone through it, what is the main thing that you are so glad you for recovery (besides a recliner and someone to help you). For you ladies that are coming up on your surgeries good luck! February is going to be the month that I get to get a nice tummy back.


Just paid for the procedure...this to me marks a no turning back moment. Crazy!!!!!

Pre-op Was Today

So I had my pre-op today. Everything went well. Just really making it seem real. I love my dr. She had a TT in 2003 and is so excited for me and can't wait to see in Oct when I go for my yearly exam. My hubby and I went on a snowmobile trip this past weekend with 2 other couples. I told the ladies about my surgery and they are so happy for me. I love the support. The plan is to stay busy until Monday. Getting things prepared around the house and just spending quality time with the family. It seems so weird to have counted down from months to weeks now to days and soon to hours. Yikes!!


So we'll see how I feel in the morn. Yesterday I got a low grade fever and my throat was hurting and I started getting achy. I've been around so many sick people. Seems like it's everywhere right now. So I was trying to be very proactive about staying healthy. I think I'm in the losing end. I called the on call number and the on call surgeon called me back. He said in the morn if my fever is significantly higher to call and cancel. If not I can still go and see what my surgeon and anesthesiologist say. So that's where I'm at. I'll let you all know tomorrow. Please pray that I feel better. I really don't want to reschedule but will if it's best.


Well I'm bummed but the Dr and anesthesiologist agreed that need to be in better health to have a good recovery. They are going to try to fit me in next week. So heading back home and going back to bed.

New Date

So they called me back and rescheduled me for next Monday. Now I'm on my way to the Dr to see if I have a sinus infection and hopefully get on some antibiotics.


Thanks everyone for the well wishes! Yea, I was pretty sad about changing the date but my health is more important right now. The antibiotics are definitely clearing up the sinus infection. I just got a call from the PS office to see how I was doing and telling me the whole thing again of the not eating after midnight. I'm not even nervous now, just excited that it's going to happen and thankful that I got rescheduled so quickly. So I'll see you on the flat side in a few days.


On my way. Feeling so much better then I did a week ago. I'm pretty nervous. I'll post when I can. See you on the flat side!

Made it!

Well I made it! Pain is pretty uncomfortable but bearable. I haven't taken a pain pill since last night around 8:00. I would love to take them but they were making me feel like I had to throw up so bad. I really don't want to throw up. My hubby is such a great care taker. I go back tomorrow for my post op.

Someone feeling sorry for me

Here's our mutt Zues. We rescued him 5 years ago...he keeps coming in to check up on me. Such a sweet guy!

First post-op

Went to my first post-op today. Everything is going fine. Hubby was pretty impressed I haven't seen it yet. I'm finally stomaching being able to empty my drains. My next appt is set up for Monday if my drains are ready to come out by then. So just still taking it easy. Will post pics as soon as I get some.

Shower day

Today was my first shower. Took the nurses advice and laid down for about half an hour after the hubby and I undid the compression garment. I didn't get light headed at all during the shower and actually moved around pretty good. The hubby took a couple of pictures...not the best but you get the idea. He was so funny he was watching me shower and just kept saying how awesome it looked and how happy he was for me. That's pretty great to hear. It's not that he wasn't supportive of me getting it done he just didn't mind either way. So I loved that he was so complimentary.

Swelling up-5 days post op

First thing, I have no idea how to change my surgery date since I had to reschedule. So it looks like I'm further along then what I am.
Second thing, any advice on the swelling? I am drinking water, eating really healthy and watching the sodium. I feel like I'm an over stuffed sausage ready to pop out of my compression garment.

Insomnia Post-op day 8

I can't sleep....so I thought I would post. But a warning it's going to be a t.m.i. post. So here it goes:

I just had the worse day since my surgery. I reallu thought I had everything under control in the bm part of this saga......nope WRONG! I pooped on day 4 of post op with no drama. So I thought huh I got this no problem.....drinking water, eating lots of produce, taking a stool softener once maybe twice a day. Then yesterday started noticing a problem. I could kind of go but not all the way....you know? Then this evening it was horrible, turned into me doing a suppository which still couldn't release the boulder that was plugging the dam, to my husband beside himself because he didn't know what to do for me, to me calling my mom sobbing on the phone to help because I didn't know what to do. Mom to the rescue! She knew exactly what I needed to do. So she stopped at the drug store came over armed with a quick sure fire way to release the boulder. Then I felt like I was giving birth again.(which coinsidentally my oldest turned 15 today and it was around the same time I was actually giving birth) Then relief. Now it's onto major maintenance. So I drank something that helped to just clear out and now it'll be a glass of Mirilax daily. Jeepers you think I would be worn out but no such luck....oh well at least that's over. The moral of the story don't think that just taking one or two stool softeners daily along with drink lots of water and eating right is going to always help. The meds will really make it harder for you. Ok thanks for reading my t.m.i. rant. Happy healing!

2 Down - 9 days post-op

Got 2 of the 3 drains out today. Friday or Monday for the last one depending on the out put. Kind of sinks to drive over an hour to go to a 20 min appt but small price to pay for a great surgeon. Then hubby and I went out to lunch. Now I'm tired. Gonna chill for the rest of the day. Really amazing how well I'm moving around. I really imagined it to be way worse.

Drain Free!! 11 days post-op

I am drain free today. I figure I'll take more pics and post them the next time I can take a shower which he said to wait until Sunday. I have been so impressed with how this whole process has been. I really had it in my head that by now I would be doing ok but super sore and hard to move and that's just not it at all. Yes I am sore but just sore not so bad where I am not wanting to move around. I am SO SO happy that I decided to never back out of this and just charged through even though I was so scared. Any of you ladies reading this that haven't gone through it yet and it has run through your head hundreds of times to go through with it or to not go through with it....I say GO FOR IT!!! I can already tell that this is changing how I look at myself. When I feel better about the way I look I am a happier person. I am naturally built with a smaller frame so having that stomach on me has been something I've hated for so long. At one point I had a very physical job after my girls were born and I was down to 115 lbs and I still had a gut. So it proves that it had nothing to do with diet and exercise it was all about getting it taken care of surgically. I feel that if I have someone comment that doesn't know me and ask me how I have such a flat belly after having kids I am honestly going to tell them the truth! I am not ashamed of it at all!!

Feeling Fat - day 13 post-op

Totally my fault for feeling this way...but if I still had a period I totally would be having it right now. I had an ablation 4 years ago because I had really bad bleeding when I got my period. I still have everything so even though I don't bleed I still have all the other effects. The main effect is eating like a pig and craving everything that's bad to eat. Oh well part of it. I'll get back on track in a couple of days again....til then happy healing and happy reading!

Wanted to post pic and forgot

Fun day! 15 days post-op

Saw the surgeon today. Got the steri strips removed today. He put on and gave me tape to put over my scar. It helps to keep it flat. He also cleared me to start working out on the treadmill. So I'm happy about that. After that I went shopping. I am so tired of looking like I just walked out of the gym. So I got a couple of leggings and then some shirts. I loved every minute of it and told the hubby that this could be really dangerous! Just confirms that I made such a great decision! Love love love my new tummy!!

Scar 16 days post-op

Can't see much if it that tape sticks really well. I just cut the part off that want stuck anymore. I marked off in the pic the part that's actually showing. Doesn't look too bad.

3 weeks post-op!

Feeling great! I did over do it on Saturday. My oldest daughter is on the production of the Sound of Music at her school. So we were there for over 6 hours helping to build sets for the play. Then went to a friends for a bbq, had 1 drink and was in bed by 10:30. Yesterday ended up with a migraine all day. Today no migraine just tired! But besides that I'm so happy with how I feel. Yes I have swelling but it's nothing I can't deal with. I feel like my worse time swelling was about a week after. So here's some pics of 3 weeks after!

28 days post-op

Hello all you wonderful ladies! Well 4 weeks post-op. WOW! It really does go fast. Not much to report. I have only been wearing my compression garment if I know that I have a lot of walking or moving around that I am going to be doing. Otherwise if it's just a normal day with normal stuff I've been wearing a tank top that I bought at Kohl's when I had my belly that helped to suck it in. I've been kind of overdoing it yesterday and Saturday. I put in about 14 hours of helping to build and paint a set for the play my daughter is in. I am so sore, not in my belly but other muscles. I know I need to take it easy because I've seen what can happen if you push yourself too much...yikes! I see my surgeon on Wednesday, first time in 2 weeks. I do have some puffing a lot more on one side than the other and it feels harder. I'm not freaked out about it it'll be just something I can ask him. I know my body is still going through some major changes and still has a lot more changing to go. Take care all of those who are healing and keep calm all of those who are close. You'll do just fine!

I'm so happy!

Saw my PS today. Told him I wasn't wearing my compression garment all the time, only when I'm doing more than usual. He said that was perfectly fine. He was pretty impressed and took out my old pics and asked me if I'm happy. I said I'm so happy! He also told me to just keep taping my scar, that I can up my exercise routine but still no core and to come back in 4 weeks. Then I went to Athleta! I normally just order through their catalog but they have a store 3 miles away from PS office. So I thought heck with it I'm going. I asked the lady before I decided if the color looked okay and she said it looked great. So I got it yikes! My tummy hasn't seen direct sunlight in over 13 years! Still some swelling but that's getting better as the days go by. So here is my pic you ladies are the first to see me in a 2 piece outside my family because I showed them the pic earlier. :)

5 weeks post op!

Hello everyone! Not much to report...things are just moving right along. Been really busy miss being able to lay low! My biggest thing is I really have to get myself back on track of eating better and regular exercise routine. I think my problem is I don't feel like a fat slob anymore because my ugly belly is gone. I did loose weight after the surgery obviously but now it's creeping back up there....yikes! So that's it nothing more to report. Take care all of you. For those ladies who are new to the flat side it will get better. Just seems like slow going right now but then all of sudden time just goes by.
Edina Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Leigh came highly reccomended by my regular Dr. He was very knowledgable and answered all my questions while explaining everything. If you want a Dr. that will hold your hand and coddle you then he probably isn't your guy. That's why I really like him. He's very straight forward and to the point. He doesn't sugar coat anything and I love that. I have been so extremely pleased with this entire process! He is an awesome Dr. that is at the top of his field for a reason!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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You will get back on track. You didnt go through all this to go backwards im sure x
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Great results!! Congrats on the bikini, it looks amazing!!
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Looking good!! I'm hitting Athleta myself tomorrow...heading to Puerto Vallarta and need a black 2 piece.
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Woo hoo!! Have fun!
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You are looking great!! I'm glad to hear you are doing so well.
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Thanks so much!
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Wow, I love it!!! The colors are great, and it looks so natural on you! Very happy for you! Start wearing it a lot around the house so you get comfortable in it, you deserve to be wearing a two-piece! :)
  • Reply
Thanks lady! I should do that...the hubby is still waiting for me to model it for him..hahaha.
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Yay, bikini! I know the feeling, I bought my first bikini EVER, surreal! Keep it up girly!
  • Reply
Thanks!! It's very surreal. It's weird to look in a mirror and think that's me!!
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Yay! You look wonderful! Congrats on the healing and feeling good. Enjoy the two piece :)
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Thanks...take care!
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You look great!
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Sounds like your expectations are very grounded. You are doing fabulously...
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They are...I know I will never be a model, though I do feel closer to one now! :)
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Thats fantastic!
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Glad you're feeling so well! Please do take it easy! ;)
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Will do!!! Take care!
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GREAT RESULTS! Love how your TT came out!
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Thanks...me too!
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Looking awesome!!! Your scar looks so great! So happy for you!
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I agree with everyone else. Everything is looking great!
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Thanks so much!!
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