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I have been wanting a tummy tuck since after my...

I have been wanting a tummy tuck since after my first child was born 3 1/2 years ago. I now have 2 children and am going for it. It still does not seem real to me. I am sure once I shell out the money next week it will start to kick in. I just hope all goes well and I can be back to my normal self as soon as possible to run after my 2 little ones. I would like advice from anyone who has had it done and has little ones at home.

Added before pictures

added before pictures

I just read about a woman who tied scarfs to her bedposts to lift herself upright! Guess you'd have to have bedposts to do this, but I thought it was clever.

Thanks so much for posting your before photos. Can't wait to see your afters. Keep us updated!! We'll be thinking of you.

Unfortunatly I don't have bedposts, sounds interesting though! I will keep you updated! Not sure how soon after surgery I will be able to post since I don't have a laptop :(
Good luck with your surgery. I had my Tummy Tuck June 2nd - Best thing I have ever done for myself. Few tips that helped me a lot - If you have a recliner plan to sleep in it for at least the first week - If you dont have one then plenty of pillows to prop you up but I tried that after a few days and it was to painfull to get up after laying down. You will most likely need help with the little ones for 2 weeks. even though you start to feel a lot better after the first week you cant be up and about for too long - your back gets really sore. I went back to work on day 13 which was tuff but doable. The first couple days keep up with the pain meds, dont wait until your in pain to take them. Fresh pineapple is great for healing - eat lots of it! Congrats.

So my surgery is paid for..still doesn't seem...

So my surgery is paid for..still doesn't seem real. Less than 2 weeks away, time is going by quick! It has been a bit stressful around here since I just lost my job and I can't really start a new one until after my recovery from surgery! I'm sure everything will work out just fine though!

I recently lost my job and am looking for a new one but I don't know when I will be able to start after surgery. How much down time until I can work??
Your gonna LOVE Love LOVE your new tummy! I am excited for you, Dr. Leigh is such a talented PS, you are surely in good hands. Remember to keep eating healthy, stay away from alcohol and do lots and lots of squats and lunges to ramp up your lower body to compensate for your lack of stomach muscles! Good luck! Can't wait to see your post pictures!
I can't believe my surgery is less than 2 weeks away! I am glad I will be in good hands! Thanks so much for posting your story..and I hope I love my new tummy too!

One week until my surgery!! Thought I would post a...

One week until my surgery!! Thought I would post a little info about me in case there is someone similar to me who can give me some advice or learn from me after my surgery.. I am 25 years old, 5 feet, 100 lbs. I don't exercise often, I hope to start more often after my surgery. I tried yoga for the first time a few weeks ago and loved it! I had my daughter at age 21(she is 3 1/2 years old) and my son at age 23(he is 17 months old). I am a single mom and they are with me 24/7 so I am worried about having to tell them they can't hang on me for a while! My daughter is very smart so she will understand but my son won't. I am also a clean freak(kind of OCDish). I am probably going to be stressed out looking at how messy my house is going to get with me not being able to clean like I do constantly! I am just hoping I have an uneventful smooth sailing recovery(doesn't everyone)!

Good luck on your surgery!! Thought I'd stop by and say hi. I just uploaded some postop pics (scary). I'm really swollen so I'm trying not to judge yet, atleast until the swelling goes down. I hope everything goes great for you and cant wait to talk about it!
Thanks! I just got a call from the surgeon's office to remind me of my appt. I have to be there at 6:15am on Friday! Let me know how your 1st post op appt goes.

Hi there.  Sorry about the job loss. You may find these questions and answers about Tummy Tuck Downtime to be helpful


So tomorrow is the big day! I know I already...

So tomorrow is the big day! I know I already posted before pictures but I wanted to post ones from the day before my surgery. Unfortunatly my tattoo will be gone after surgery. I wish the one on my back could be gone instead..I don't like it anymore. Anyways..I will update this sometime in the next few days. Wish me luck!!

Good luck tomorrow!! I'm so excited for you!!

So I am home now. I have been napping/laying in...

So I am home now. I have been napping/laying in bed watching a movie. Eating fine. The pain was kind of bad at the surgery center afterwards but I feel fine now. Keeping up on the meds works great. Walking around a bit. My mom is here to help me get out of bed and empty my pain pumps. I have a catheter in and my mom is supose to take it out tomorrow afternoon. Things seem to be good now. I hope my tummy looks good!

Yeah!! Hope everythings good with you. Congrats on your big day!

The first night went well. I set my alarm for...

The first night went well. I set my alarm for every 4 hours to take the pain meds and my mom came in to empty all my fluids. I can't wait to see the results. I guess the doctor decided I didn't need the lipo on my back/love handles(I wasn't very happy about that but I supose he knows best! So I just got lipo on my inner and outter thighs. I only weighed 98 lbs going into my surgery so I'm sure he didn't want to take too much fat off of me. My first post-op appt will me on Monday with another Dr. because mine is out of town.

Just checking in...wondering how you're feeling.

Thanks! Things are going good..hope things are great with you as well!

I had my 1st post-op appt today(Monday). It went...

I had my 1st post-op appt today(Monday). It went well. One of the 3 drains came out. He said the other 2 will probably come out on Friday and I can remove the pain pump on my own in a day or 2. There is an indentation above my belly button that my sister and mom said looks like another belly button. My doctor is out of town but the doctor that I saw today said there are probably internal stitches that will dissolve and that will flatten out. I am still wishing more lipo would have been done! I have been getting up and around on my own fine..going to the bathroom is a hassle when having to take the garment off but it gets easier and easier each time. All together..I am happy with the amount of pain I have had. I thought it would be way worse.

i am feeling good. i haven't had a whole lot of pain so that is wonderful! just taking it easy right now..can't wait to see the results after all the drains/pumps/garments go away! thanks for checking in with me!

I went into the docotor today(5 days after...

I went into the docotor today(5 days after surgery) to get the pain pump taken out and one more drain out. Just one more drain to go. I drove myself to the doctor. This is the first day I was alone with my kids for most of the day. It was a little hard.

3rd drain came out today(1 week post-op)..yay! I...

3rd drain came out today(1 week post-op)..yay! I am free of things hanging off of me! He took the icky tape off of the incision and put clean tape on. He also took the stitches off of my belly button. I have become a pro at picking things up with me feet haha. I can't stand a messy house and that is the only way I have been able to pick things up! My doctor will be back from out of town next week so I will see him finally! Just to check if there is any fluid build up and I am also going to ask him why he decided not to do as much lipo as planned!

How is it going? Hope all is well!
You look amazing! Thank you so much for posting these, it's very helpful. Exactly 2 weeks left before it's my turn and having your pictures/feedback has been really awesome.
Thanks! Good luck on your surgery..can't wait to see pictures!

I had a check up appt yesterday. It has been 2...

I had a check up appt yesterday. It has been 2 weeks today. The appt went well, doctor said everything looked fine and I didn't need to have any fluid sucked out of me! I have been starting to see some stretch marks come back under my belly button so I am not too happy about that. I liked how it looked a few days after surgery! My tummy is still pretty swollen so I guess I will have to wait and see what it looks like once the swelling goes down. Doctor said I can stop wearing the garment if I want. It felt weird not to wear it so I wore it today but I might try to do without it tomorrow. I have been doing normal activity for a few days now(and normal for me is cleaning the whole house). Doctor told me to come back in a couple weeks.

Hey girl! Are you still doing good? I haven't seen any recent photos so just checking in. Hope you're doing well!
hey! im doing good, swelling has finally started to go down! i will try to pst pics soon. how about you, are you still thinking of getting the scar revision? the dr. told me to make an appt for the end of this week to make sure all is going well!
oops i think i just replied to you in my comments instead of under your comment. here it is again.. hey! im doing good, swelling has finally started to go down! i will try to pst pics soon. how about you, are you still thinking of getting the scar revision? the dr. told me to make an appt for the end of this week to make sure all is going well!

Posted 1 month post-op pics

posted 1 month post-op pics

2 months post-op pictures added

2 months post-op pictures added

My tummy looked just like yours prior to my TT on September 24th (9weeks out). Just wondering do you have stretch marks now below your belly button? It is hard to tell from your pix, btw your tummy looks great!! I am asking bc I have them and was a bit disappointed my ps couldn't cut those out but he said I would have been pulled too tight had he done that and my skin was too thin for that.
yeh i do..kind of sucks but its a lot better than it was before!!
i don't know, i think you should be fine. i got mine free from the surgeon. i didn't choose a size, they just gave me a medium and it seemed to work fine. sorry i am not much help on that one!

Love my tummy! i will add 6 month pictures at the...

love my tummy! i will add 6 month pictures at the end of this month! i am now getting my boobs done in 2 1/2 weeks! can't wait!
Hi Tifrose519. I was wondering if you had your boobs done by Dr. Leigh, too? He's my Dr. Would love any insight you have on him. Your stomach looks fantastic!
If you do, you can't tell at all! I would be ecstatic about your results! GOOD FOR YOU!
Loved your review. Very helpful! Thanks for sharing your experience.
How was recovering with the kids? I have 4 kids, my youngest will be 3 at the time of surgery, oldest will be 9. I am just so worried about having to pick one up or do something around the house and ruin everything!
Thanks for any input!
thank you! do you have someone to help you out? my family was very helpful when i needed them for the first few weeks. i was up and cleaning the house in less than 2 weeks i think (still couldn't stand up straight but i am a clean freak so i had to get things done haha). i didn't lift my kids at all for about 2 weeks because i didn't want to ruin anything. just take it as easy as you can! you will be so happy with the results! good luck!
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Dr. Leigh is awesome at explaining anything you want to know. I am very happy with the results. He does a great job! The staff members are very nice and helpful as well!

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