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Hi realself surgery day is only 3 weeks...

Hi realself surgery day is only 3 weeks away from today 6/8/2012. It can't come fast enough...I wasn't planning on blogging on my excperience but seeing everybody else inpired me to do I'm 29 with two boys I've been wanting a t.t ever since I had my first son now after my second child my stomach is in need of one I'm 5'1 and 155lb I've always had very large breast but I could always use a lil more junk in the trunck ppl think I'm crazy for doin the bbl excpecially my bf but trust when I say this he will absolutely luv the new today i finially will be posting some... today i finially will be posting some before photos ....gettin closer to my surgery day.. in the 2 week bracket ..LOL..HEYYYY!!

So tomorrow I meet with my Ps to discuss...

So tomorrow I meet with my Ps to discuss everything were doin and I have tonz of questions for him but my main concern is talking about how many cc where adding in the booty...I'm shooting for 600 cc I don't want anything less so wish me luck ladies!! ;)

Well today was a very productive with...

Well today was a very productive with dr.wilke in whom is great...he answered all of my questions and more!! He had told me that depending on how much fat we take out we can shoot for 500 to 600 cc I told him 600 was around my goal so keep our fingers crossed ;) oohh and paid in full today as well so now I can just enjoy my last two weeks and lay on my belly and butt as much as I J/P

Blood work done today now I'm good to go!!!

Blood work done today now I'm good to go!!!


QUIK SOMEBODY CALL THE DOCTA! Lmao O wait we already all did!!
Well It's a rap I'm on the flat side betta watch out
I'M home now with the love of my love which is nursing me back to health and doin a fine job I might add!!
My advice too everyone don't leave the doc office with out them im not sure if everybody all ready does but I would definitely make sure u do is
1 A catheder in place...
2 A pain pump thing that nums your belly every so often it might cost a lil more or maybe not but its a must must so find out
And those who r gettin the bbl laddies not b frighten or discouraged right when u get home I didn't ever think I was gonna find a postion to lay but your sides will b your bestfriends !!!

And forgive me ladies I don't have a computer st...

And forgive me ladies I don't have a computer st home so I will get some more before n afters up as soon as I find a

I just wanna apologize ladies for iys been awhile...

I just wanna apologize ladies for iys been awhile since my last update just been taking a easy....yes the more I do in my day the more my body tends to tighten up at the end of the day...I'm walkin almost str8 up now... still taking my pain meds I don't kno for me they just make it easier to go thru my day other wise I still have some mild pain and. Still a great amont of discomfort ...but I have to say Dr.wilke is a genuis...I look efing amazing I absolutely am in love with my results...a str8 bomb u will b happy to kno my surgery sisters I will b posting photos on tues so check em out...ttyl

Hi everybody...just wanted to do a quik update.....

hi everybody...just wanted to do a quik its been 4mo since my big day...i feel look great i feel great...but i do wish more of the fat would have booty looked sooo juicy with in the 6 week period..but after the 6weeks ihad lost i would say 30 to a good 40 percent of it...i mean it still looks good now but im just saying i wish more would have stayed i only had 500cc to into each check thinkin in the near future i might b doin another fat transfer but i have told anybody yet they all ready think im post more pic soon..k ttyl
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Hopefully youre healing well.Im having a tt on 6/12/2012. Cant wait getting excited 1 more day.
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Yes I had a consult at 2pm
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Did u go today the 7th??
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The place is amazing great atmosphere , and my PS is very nice
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Thank u miss marley....I hope he tells u good news today...I really do like that place I have already meet with my ps 3 times already so I'm feelin at ease a lil bit...but still can't believe the time as come!!!
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Hey I hope everything goes well for you , I have my first consultation with Dr. LEIGH at the same place tomorrow :)))))
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Thank u miss 12 ....yes I still can't believe its only days away or even that it is happing!!! And I will definitely keep everyone updated!!! ;) ;)
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good luck on your surgery!! you will soon be on the flat side...:)
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please keep us posted.
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Good luck, u will have a lot going on at once. You will be happy on the end but, the beginning is tough, do you have a support system?
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Thank u bfullme ...gurl ur stomach looks so nice and for it to only b like 9 days post op that's awesome!! YES my b.f is very support off he's gonna b there every step of the way and my kids will be gone for the first 9 days enough time to get my drainz out and re cooped alil well happy healings ma keep us posted!!
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