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I'm very excited to have Tumescent Liposuction...

I'm very excited to have Tumescent Liposuction done on July 1st, but also scared because it will be my first surgery. I'm going to have it done by Dr. Scott Ross out of Minnesota. He's been a Dermatologist/Cosmetic Surgeon for 30+ years.

I'm 26 years old and have had 2 children. My stomach has drove me crazy for 7 years now since I gained almost 70lbs with my son.
I'm under the impression that there is a chance my skin will not be completely tight, but with my age, I hope it will retract back and become tighter over time.
My biggest concerns with this are the pain and swelling after. I have only got work off for 9 days and am hoping that will be enough.
Would love any insight on how to help the pain/swelling heal faster and also the best methods for fixing lumps/bumps that may appear.

2nd Day Post Op

Had my surgery on Tuesday at 730am. They took out 1300cc. I felt fine and was home by 11am. That day was okay. I should have slept more, but think the meds kept me awake.
My doctor prescribed me 325mg vicodin. It took the edge off just fine.
I slept through that night and woke up at 830am. I felt great. My biggest complaint is how swollen my mons pubis is. It is bruised and plump ha.
This morning I woke with the worst pain yet. The vicodin has taken some edge off, but I'm going to need more from my doctor ( only got 20 ). Here are some pictures so far. I'm liking my results. My fuppa seems almost gone and you can see how swollen and bruised my public area is.

Day 6 post op

Feeling frustrated. Don't seem to see much for results. How long does it take to notice? Need to set up appt to get stitches out next week. Hoping the dr will have some answers for me. Pain is fine just tight and swollen didn't need any vicodin yesterday, tylenol was fine.

Really am hoping I'm just going through a normal depressed state after surgery with mo results yet. My hopes are dwindling. Really want this to work.

Uhhh... :(

2 week post op

By looking at pictures I see results, but in the mirror, I'm not as happy. Still swollen Dr says. Hoping he's right.

Doubtful at 1 1/2 months

Feeling doubtful at this point. The symmetry is off as you can see in one of my new pics and also dents and thick scarring on my lower area. My outlook at 2 weeks seemed better and now after "swelling" has gone down I assume, the results are minimal. My last dr visit was at 2 weeks and he said that I was still swollen and hadn't seen much for results. Now, I'm thinking that wasn't the truth and minimum work was done. I have no change on my sides or above my belly button. Feeling scammed :( anything I can do?
Dr. Scott Ross

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Hi,sorry about this. It still may have time to settle in the 6th month and if not maybe get a new ps to do revision and use smart-lipo to tighten up the abs. Smart-lipo tighten my skin very well underneath arms. Try to wait for the 6 month mark and see what changes you have made. Take care.
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Minimum work was done. Dents, bulges, asymmetry,unhappiness, ripped off, same story by all of us who used that dang groupon. There is a reason he does groupons.
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We have to do something! :(
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I am right there with ya and having the same issues and the same dr. I emailed you hon!
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I would definitely go see your doctor and see what they say- do you see any difference at all?
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Hardly? What can I do after signing the consent for surgery and that it's not about perfection blah blah?
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Well I think there is a difference between "not perfection" and needing a revision (and I'm not saying you need one but if you are this unhappy you should be talking to your doctor about it).  It is normal to discuss your healing and your issues with your doctor post-op.  You are only 1 month post op so you should be patient, as hard as it is.  Definitely keep taking pictures as you heal so you can see the changes (it is hard when you look at yourself in the mirror every day to see the subtle healing).  I hope you start to see results soon.
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Where you awake or sleeping during your surgery. I go in on Thursday how happy are you now? I too see dr Scott Ross.
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Asleep still swollen and slight bruising. Not completely happy with results yet on love handles or upper abdomen.
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I am having my surgery with him on the 31st. I'm having stomach, hips, flanks and inner thighs.
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I think the pictures show progress! He told me it would take 3 months to really see the results.
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Good luck!  

Here are some great resources to review while you wait for your surgery date.  They are not specific to tumescent lipo but are still full of good info:

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Thank you so much. I'll take a look. :)
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:) Anytime!
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