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Tight T-shirt--yeah that's right

I just took pictures of myself and OMG I did not...

I just took pictures of myself and OMG I did not know I looked that big! Looking in the mirror and looking at pictures is very different and humbling. Now I'm even more motivated to do this. My biggest reservation is that I have 3 preschoolers. My husband is a saint, and we decided that now is the time if I'm going to do this. I have 3 daughters so the idea of them finding out down the road is difficult. But how I'm justifying this is that my general doctor recommend MR so part is reconstructive, RIGHT?

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Does anyone out there see me as their "tummy...

Does anyone out there see me as their "tummy twin?" I am planning on losing weight prior to tt--this is my heaviest, not including pregnancies. I don't plan on having tt until December. I'm 5'3" at 170 lbs. my ps didn't mention my weight's an issue, but I can't help thinks its not for optimal recovery. He did say don't lose more than 15-20. Lbs. Any advise?


I do NOT think your PS is expensive. Mine was $8800 with NO lipo. So $3000 more with lipo seems extremely reasonable for a good doctor. This is not the time to get cheap! Go with the best -- this is for the rest of your life!!!! You made the right choice :)
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I have a great product that I can give you info. about (works really well and gives great results) You will be where you need to be in two months for sure. Private message me if you want more info. I did it and went from 182 to now 161 from mid July to now (i was not as aggressive as i could have been with it, but it works!)
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Okay, I set my date. I'm not sure if it's the...

Okay, I set my date. I'm not sure if it's the best--the day after Christmas. The reason I choose that date is because it will maximize the time off my husband gets from work. But now that I've set it I'm thinking 1) Will the ps have a hangover? 2) Will I have a hangover? (More likely a food one.)Well nothing like making yourself curb your eating knowing your going to have major surgery the next day. Is this a really bad day?

I am slowly coming to terms with having this procedure. I know I have to lose weight and I'm doing that. But I also know that when I got to my prepregancy weight, I was no where close to being able to fit into my prepregnancy clothes due to the muscle separation. Also when I did gain weight ALL of it went to my trunck area. I don't know exactly why, but I think that having twins, then another a year and a half later, I was in survival mode for so long that hormones played a part in how I regained the weight. Who knows? But I do know that when I was a healthy weight, I was so discouraged by how clothes fit and how I looked, I kinda gave up. Life was too stressful/exhausting and I turned to food.

Life with 3 preschoolers is still busy, but NOTHING like before. So, now I'm able to take time for me and have a procedure that will allow my to have a fully functional core again. Not to mention being able to have fun buying clothes again. Thanks for everyone writing posts and sharing their expereinces--it makes coming to terms with such a big decision easier.


Congratulations on setting the date and moving forward to a new and better you! I am less than 2 weeks Post op but am very, very happy. The first week is really tough recovery. Hangover, heck there will be many hours you won't remember anything! Anyway, our body types looks sort of similar. I was 155 presurgery (but had been up to 179 the year prior). I will post more pics in a few days but I am now under 155, in less than 2 weeks and absolutely cannot believe how my clothes fit! Good luck. Feel free to send me a private message if you wanna ask more....
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You have set the date! Yay! You are right to maximize your husbands time off work. Besides, its Dec 24 th when people are whooping it up! You and your PS can recover all day the 25th, then go to bed early to ne fresh for the big day! :)
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OK I LOL'd when you said will the PS have a hangover! Let's hope not! Congrats on your decision and I look forward to watching your progress! :)
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Feeling a bit underprepared since I've been so...

Feeling a bit underprepared since I've been so busy with the holidays. But here it goes! Wish me luck!


Good luck! you will be so happy!!!
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Good Luck :) Can't wait to see the after pics !!
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Difficult to really tell anything, but my husband...

Difficult to really tell anything, but my husband says I'm flat. Will post more later.


ok I am 5'4" and 174 lbs no butt and tiny legs I fit a size 7 on my legs and bottom but wear a size 11 to 13 to fit around the belly. Ring a bell? I was hoping to have a tummy tuck this year but a bonus didnt fall through so waiting til next year ans gana try to lose 30 lbs prior. cant wait to see your after pics.
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Thank you for sharing!!! It's inspirational!
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Thank you!

So far so good. I have been keeping up on my...

So far so good. I have been keeping up on my medication schedule. I am taking Percocet with a muscle relaxer. The only thing was this morning, when I tried to take a walk, I almost fainted. I'm pretty sure this is because I haven't been eating very much. So I just had a peanut butter Sandwich and I'll try to get up later.
My doctors appointment is at 1 o'clock today. So maybe I'll be able to get more pictures up. I thought I Would be in more pain So really happy That I'm not.
I have three drains. But they're not outputting very much. Don't know if that's good or bad.
I think I Recall someone writing that the Worst days are day 1 to day three is the hardest. Is that right?

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I'm really happy with how the doctors appointment...

I'm really happy with how the doctors appointment turned out. He said that he took off about 8 lbs of fat and 3 lbs of skin AND closed my 6 INCH diastasis. Also my drainage is pretty minimal.
I had no nausea and I try to take a walk every 1-2 hours. ( I think someone said 30 steps.) This is really helping my back and recovery. My husband has been my primary caregiver, and he's wonderful despite my constant demands. My girls are a little confused why the cant hug me but we've been keeping them busy with family and classes. So far, I'm so happy I did this.


You look fabulous!!
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It sounds like e have similar pregnancy backgrounds, you look fantasic!

Things are going fine. The only thing that is kind...

Things are going fine. The only thing that is kind of bothersome is that I can't seem to catch my breath. I need to take short rapid breaths. In order to feel that I'm getting Enough air. Is this because my compression garment is tight?


Please check in with your doctor when I had shortness of breath from are vinous surgery I was having an allergic reaction to Vicodin. Don't take this lightly.
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Hi TwinPlus 1, I'm a Respiratory Therapist I work with post op pts daily. So even though you feel the need to breathe shallow you need to take deep breathes to prevent any pulmonary complications. Take 10 slow deep breathes every hour while awake. Your garment may be causing the shallow breathes if it is tight but you just had major abdominal surgery and it hurts to breath deep. If you need to you can support your tummy by hugging a pillow when breathing deep and if needing to cough.
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Twins, I think you should call you doc, today! Shortness of breath can be a sign of a blood clot, probably your tight compression, but just talk to them to be sure! Just my opinion, I am not a plastic surgeon, but in health care and this needs to be discussed with your surgeon!
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Thanks to everyone that commented on this. I did...

Thanks to everyone that commented on this. I did call my ps and he said the reason I was having difficultly taking deep breaths is because they closed my over 6 inch diastasis I therefore had to get used to breathing in less space. Anyway, today, my breathing is back to normal. I agree though that shortness of breath is nothing to take lightly.


Thanks :)

My husband brought back this T-shirt from Puerto...

My husband brought back this T-shirt from Puerto Rico about a month ago. I was horrified to see that it was a tight T-shirt. Doesn't he know that I've been avoiding tight T-shirts for the past five years? So, I balled it up and hid it the back of my closet never to be reminded of it again. Today, I'm rocking it!


I would love to know what you weighed on your actual surgery date?
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You look amazn
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You look amazing congrats
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