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I am 32 and have wanted to get rid of my dorsal...

I am 32 and have wanted to get rid of my dorsal bump... aka witch nose since middle school. It's genetic, and my grandmother has the same nose. My family always said it was part of who I am, and my nose shouldn't define me. I agreed to a certain extent, but always felt self conscious, hate getting my picture taken, and know I would feel more confident without it. My husband has always told me I'm beautiful but I just can't accept those words as truth, knowing how my nose looks. He loves me no matter what I choose, yet knows how self conscious I am and says if it will help me feel more confident, then I should do it. We plan to have a child in the next year or two, and I want to get the rhinoplasty before starting my family.
I consulted with my doctor last week, and he really put me at ease. I got a 3D image of my face now and what we expect it to look like afterwards. No bump!! He will also take the tip in just a bit, as he said the nose can look really long once the bump is removed. It will be a closed surgery, which I am happy about. The cost is $6000, which can be paid interest free for 24 months. I have to say I am relieved, since I don't have that just laying around! I scheduled my surgery for May 6, which is the soonest I could take a week off work.
I was nervous to tell my parents that I am doing this. My mom has always said I am perfect the way I am. I know that's what moms are supposed to say and I'm sure she believes that, but they also know how much I've hated my nose and want to improve it. My parents took it surprisingly well- I thought my mom would cry for sure, because she cries about everything. But they were supportive, and my mom asked if she could bring me to my surgery. Since I have to be there at 6:15am, my husband was okay with that!! :)
So now I wait. I will post a few pictures of myself now, with my witch nose. Unfortunately my scanner isn't working so I can't post the after pictures until after the surgery!
I've been reading other's experiences and have started a list of essentials for after surgery. If anyone has anything they used that was a lifesaver, please let me know! I will post more as the datasets sooner and I get more nervous!


I had a unsuccessful rhinoplasty in my early 20's and really want a revision now at 30 but also want to start with a family knowing I won't do it once I have a baby. I absolutely hate when people catch me in photos with my head turned because I've got the witch nose. I wish you the best of luck and will be checking back to see how things went. The only thing I can remember really bothering me after my surgery was getting a terribly dry throat, especially while sleeping, and constantly needing to have something to drink within arms reach.
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Thanks for posting your review. I am glad your husband and mom are supportive of your decision. I am having my revision rhino on March 25 and I already told my fiancé about it and he is very supportive. Looking forward to reading your updates.
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Pictures and date change

I added a few before pics from my wedding last summer. Needless to say I didn't order these to be printed!
I also found out that I couldn't get time off in April or May to get my rhinoplasty, so I am on the cancellation list for the end of March, otherwise it is scheduled for June 17! I'm not too excited about waiting that long, since that will delay baby-making! Lol!


I just saw your pictures and I felt I had to post, because my nose looks virtually the same as yours. Mine has the same shape, just a tad longer. I'll hopefully have it fixed at the end of June or beginning of July. Best of luck with the surgery and with the baby-making : )
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Thank you! My doctor said that when the bump is fixed, it gives the illusion that the nose is longer, so he is going to shorten it slightly. That might be what your doctor says as well!
Love your wedding hair! So pretty. Here's a list of supplies that might help. I hope you're able to get this done this month, but if not June will be here soon! It's funny because I got a rhino (revision) in March and three months later was preggo (June). That was 12 years ago now, but it's a similar time table to yours. :) Please keep us posted!
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I couldn't get in at the end of March, so June 17 is the official date! Time off approved! 3 months though... I'm not the most patient person. Ahhh!

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