TOMORROW is the day!! Nervous - Edina, MN

I have had insecurities about my nose since I was...

I have had insecurities about my nose since I was about 6. I also have breathing issues and other functional issues with my nose. I thought why not get everything fixed at once. I will have a septorhinoplasty on June 9th and I am terrified! I also am a mom to a toddler, so that should be fun! :)
Good luck!! :) I hope its everything you expect! I'm in MN and considering it so I'll follow you :)
Very exciting! You are gorgeous already (and I mean that). This will really refine your look, though. My tips are to keep lots of cool beverages and lip balm nearby as your mouth will get super dry from breathing through it. Be really careful that your toddler doesn't bump your nose as it's healing. And remember that things will get better after the first three days. Here's a post I wrote a while back about things I wish I knew before rhinoplasty.
I love your possible after photos! You are already beautiful, but I can see how this will make it so your nose will be the last thing people notice about you... or they just won't notice it at all!

3 weeks out!

I'm three weeks out for surgery and more terrified than ever. It's becoming "real" as I send in finances and receive all the paper work for the actual surgery. Eek!

Any ideas from people who have gone through this, when should I start taking arnica? I already have it but have no idea when to start.

Any tips on things ill need after surgery!?

Thanks all!
I was told to take arnica 2 days before surgery. I would also ask your doctor.

Do NOT YouTube!! :)

So the other night, I YouTubed "Rhinoplasty" NOT do it. Why did I do that? I am usually one to believe "the less ya know, the better". In this case, it is so true. I keep having flashing images in my mind of the surgical procedure. Id probably want to back out if I hadn't already paid thousands of dollars towards the surgery. Eek! Does it disgust anyone else to think about what they actually do while you're out? I need help calming down about this whole thing. My nerves are getting to me and Im only 9 days out!!!
I watched the videos too, but thankfully i didnt do it until AFTER my surgery. Don't let them worry you- you won't know any of it and will be fine :)
:/ I torture myself. I almost barf just thinking about it! Ha
Thanks so much for the post! I recently moved to MPLS and am considering rhinoplasty and my gut keeps telling me to go to Dr. Hilger. I can't wait to hear more about how everything goes!

Chair or bed?

So for those of you that have gone through the surgery, did you sleep in a reclining chair? Or a bed for the first several days?!

Thanks everyone!
Since I don't have a recliner, I bought a wedge pillow for $20 at Wal-Mart to help keep me in a inclined position. Also bought a neck pillow. Debating whether to make small sandbags to keep myself from rolling on my side in my sleep. Haven't had surgery but such for next week.
I slept on a bed and it was very hard on my back. Unfortunately I didn't have a reclining chair.

Thick Skin

Does anyone who has completed a rhinoplasty have thick skin? If so, how did it turn out? I have thick skin I guess so I'm hoping it doesn't with hold the results from being awesome....
U sound like I think! I'm a mom of an almost 4 year old. I also made the mistake of watching the videos and I also keep seeing the images flashing!! I keep wondering if I will feel it since I'm so aware of what they will do eeeeee. Also I wonder if I'll be able to parent my daughter well enough while I recover. Thanks for sharing your story! I'll b watching.

Let The Count Down Begin

I'm going in on Monday at 7:30AM! I am SO anxious. Not normal for me. I have everything ready that I possibly could but I still don't feel "ready".

I am worried about the pain post-op and that it will turn out as I hope. I'd hate to do all this for nothing. :/ I am hoping being I had a baby and had a 4th degree tear this pain won't compare :)

Any more tips would be great! Love having this community!!
Your big day is almost here, good luck!
Thank you! Don't remind me. I am honestly a horrible mess of emotions. Odd to be so terrified of something that I am electing to do!' Ha
^same as you

Up Next!

Words can not describe how nervous I am. I believe I am the next one on the site to be going under the knife :) going into the surgery center on Monday at 6:15 AM! Ahhh!!

Good thing I have almost all of it paid for, otherwise I'd probably back out! SO scared

I also got a nice big blemish on the tip of my nose so I'm sure it will be HUGE when I get my cast off :/ grr.

My stomach has been acting up so much due to nerves. :( not fun

Prayers please!! :)
Just think of it like I did- cast will already be off in a little over a week lol. And your surgery is early in the morning which helps too. Maybe you will be like me and wake up on the big day and the nervousness was mostly passed. It's really not bad at all (at least with me and I had septo, bones broken and tip work plus hump taken down). You are already so pretty so imagine how good it will feel when you aren't insecure about your nose anymore! It's a great feeling. About your earlier question, I would definitely sleep sitting up for at least 4 or 5 days. Its hard on the back but still more comfortable that lying down when your nose is stuffy. I personally had a hard time even after a week because I felt pressure when I tried to lay flat. Good luck on Monday and congrats :)
Thank you so much! I will be completely done with the surgery in less than 24 hours! woo hoo!!
Hey MN girl! I am sending you prayers! I understand you being nervous but remember this-- our bodies are absolutely amazing!! We can take out a whole organ and live without it, amputate a limb and heal just fine, replace all the blood in the body; our bodies are stronger and more amazing than we sometimes think. Plus modern medicine makes it all better and faster so if you give yourself time to heal you will come out stronger and happier!! You already look beautiful so I'm sure this will just be fantastic!! Good luck and keep thinking positive thoughts ;)

I can't believe it!

Seems like this day would never come but it is in about 10 hours! I am SO nervous I might throw up :/ I'm mainly nervous because I keep thinking about what they will actually be doing (thanks YouTube).

I'll try to keep you all posted. Prayers around 7:30 AM would be fantastic!!
I'm thinking of you and waiting for you to post an update!
Thinking about you today. Good luck and can't wait to read all about it. Your new nose is arriving today :)
Praying for you, and thinking of you. Post as soon as you can. :) you will be ok!


Hello all! I'm done. It took longer than expected but I'm glad he took the needed time.

The nurses were splendid! I'm in a lottle more pain than expected, I think from the turbine procedure. But so far my profile even already looks so much better.

Signing off to rest. Please pray for me!!!
I'm getting same procedures done in Singapore next week, extremely nervous! Thank you for sharing your journey, look forward to all your updates:) Happy healing:)
Hope your recovery goes smoothly and you get plenty of rest!
Did you have dizziness after your surgery for a while? And did your teeth hurt? SO odd

12 hours post op

So my pain has actually lessened in the last 12 hours since finishing surgery. The most annoying part is the gauZe you have to keep on, the stuffiness and sleeping in a chair! But it's not too bad

The bruising is coming. It's not horrible though. I've been applying arnica and taking the pills.

For those of you on MN, Dr Hilger is so good that one of his nurses had also had her nose done by him. That is his area of expertise. The nurse said she's seen about 20 other doctors perform rhinoplasties (as that's all she assists with)... And she chose Dr H! That speaks volumes.

Good so far!!! I can't wait to see the final results. It's already surreal!
Glad your pain is subsiding. Pamper yourself and enjoy the healing moments! Congrats on having the surgery behind you. :)
So glad everything went well!! :) and now I hope your recovery is smooth and painless!

Post op question

So... I have had a lot of swelling! A lot! I can hardly see ha! I've been cleaning just inside my nose and noticed the base of it seems extremely wide!! Anyone else notice this or feel this way about their nose? I hope it's just swelling. Yikes!! :)
I hope you're doing okay!! :)
I just got through my rough stage after surgery last Friday. It's seriously a breeze after day 4 minus the itching I'm dealing with under my cast. I, too, notice that the base of my nose is very wide... Strange because that was the main issue we were fixing. I am certain it is swelling and will soon subside. Good luck in your healing! Drink lots of water and sleep as much as you can.
I wish you a fast recovery. Take it easy.

3 Days Post-Op

So it has been three days since my surgery. I think I am finally starting to improve! Although, I still haven't pooped despite taking stool softeners!! Haha. Any pointers?!

As you can see from the pic, my eye swelling is finally going down. I still have quite a bit of drainage from my nose so still wear the gauze to catch it.

All and all. This has beena bit more challenging than I expected. I think it's because of the scale and amount of things he had to do to my nose. He broke it in several places as well as placed in some grafts. He also made my turbinates smaller and correct my super messes up septum.

I shall post more updates soon! Oh, my husband had just washed my hair in this pic! Yay!!!
I bet you really start feeling better tomorrow. Just keep taking it easy and resting plenty, don't push yourself too much. Are you also taking a fiber supplement? Maybe try that too. The worst is over, soon you will be feeling back to normal and thinking of nothing but your gorgeous new nose!
Thank you so much. Yes today still has been hard. I'm starting to get a little depressed. To be honest, I am terrified to get my splints out and my cast off. I'm just afraid if the swelling. It looks MUCH wider at the base than it did pre-surgery. Ugh :( Any I will try fiber. I just took more stool softeners! Sheesh. I should be good and soft! Thanks for the encouragement. I really need it today.
This might be tmi- But I had to give myself and suppository because nothing else worked. Within 15 minutes I was going to the bathroom.

Some Input and Encouragement Needed

Hi ladies, so I am getting really nervous. My vast comes off in 3 days but I don't even want to see it :( My tip looks SO wide and bulbus I can hardly stand to look at it. I know I have thick skin and my tip hasn't been in the cast at all so all the swelling has gone to the tip but I just don't know what to make of it.

When the splints come out does the tip get narrower at all? My tip is still completely rock hard. I can't even feel it.

Also, when did everyone's nose stop dripping stuff out? I am 4 days post op and I still need the gauze tapes below.

I'm praying I didn't so this all for nothing :( starting to get so worried/depressed. Any input would be very much appreciated
Hi. I had some of the same worries as you. In my case, the splints did make my nose wide. It will feel softer and a little more slim when they come out. But it will be swollen so don't freak out cause thats normal. If you look at my photos you can see my nose right after my cast came off and it's much bigger than a couple of weeks later. Mine looked very wide too until it settled a bit. I'm sure it will turn out to be beautiful, but unfortunately it takes time. Good luck!
Thank you!!! A lot of your more recent pics didn't post. Could you message me a few? The last pic you posted looked great!!!! That is so encouraging. Mine currently looks like yours did. Thank goodness for this community!!
Try not to worry too much about what you are seeing now. It's going to take your new nose at least a year to fully settle down into its final shape. Try to focus on relaxing and recovering, and trust the work that your doc did for you. I'm at day 7 and I feel like I don't look like myself, which is scary. But I know I'm still really swelled up so I'm trying not to overthink it.

Just a tip pic

Hi. I don't think you should worry about the tip being big. You're obviously very swollen right now. I am 3 months post revision and my tip is still hard and swollen. I also have thick skin. Just continue taking the stool softner and it will get better.
Hey! I am on day 4 post op and am def feeling a lot of the same things you are! My right nostril is still dripping and occasionally my left. My nose isn't packed but I feel like the tip so so big right now due to swelling and my nostrils look so wide like I'm snarling at someone 24/7 lol hopefully that will all go down I'm nervous though so I feel you! I also have not been able to go to the bathroom yet which is driving me crazy!! Has anything worked for you?
Oh we are right along the same timeline :) I haven't been able to poo yet! IV taken laxatives and even did a suppository but neither worked! I don't know what will work. I haven't been eating as much but still... Good luck!! I hope your nose stops dripping and your swelling goes down too. I'm pretty snappy too. My poor husband and son. I'm blessed to have them!!

A little less swelling

The swelling finally seems to be going down a bit. Amen

Just thought I'd share a profile shot of before and after. Obviously still so swollen. The slight up turn will calm too but so far I think I'm going to like it. The projection is perfect

Forgot to add the pic for my last post :)

PS. I stopped needing the gauze strip on day 4 and I think my nose dripped/ bled a little once or twice after that. So, it should be soon for you!
Just wanted to give you some support/encouragement. I did not have splints inside my nose, so things might be a little different as far as recovery, but I can tell you things get way better! At 2 weeks post op, my tip is still swollen and numb off and on. Days 5-10, I was depressed because my swelling was bad and made my nose look slanted. I am no longer worried as I see my nose changing shape and size each day! I don't think you have anything to worry about at only 5 days post op. Your new nose already looks great!! Congrats :)
Thank you so much!!!!


Other people have problems smiling normal right? Like your top lip doesn't move when you try and smile?! I'm 6 days post op and feel like Frankenstein!! Haha
Looks very good. You are beautiful
Thanks! SO nervous to get my cast off! Eek
Haha yes I still can't smile either it's horrible!

Cast off day!

SO nervous to get my cast off and splints out!! My nose still drips so much I can't keep the gauze off. Hoping that changes.

My tip is still SO swollen! I'm scared to see the rest. I'm actually hoping he will tape it for a while longer. The tip is up turned a bit too. So odd.

Wish me luck! This went by so fast! Glad the worst is over!
Happy recovery.

Just a Tape Tip :)

So, I had my cast removal. And while I am happy with the profile, I was REALLY disappointed by the tip of my nose. While my cast was on, it did not even cover my tip. If you look back at my photos, my tip was still completely exposed. SO, during the whole week I had my cast on, ALL of the swelling went to my tip and it became like a ball at the end of my nose...literally. When the cast came off, it was just HUGE at the tip. I almost started crying right there in the office.

If you look at most people's photos with their casts on, they have tape that goes under their tip. What this does is creates shape in your nose. Differentiating your tip from your nostrils. So...for the next week 24/7, I Will be taping my nose like in my picture. And then for a couple of months just at night.

I have only been doing this for 2 days but look at the difference already! It is quite stunning on quickly you can change the healing and shape of your nose. If you haven't had your surgery yet, suggest this taping under and around your tip to your surgeon and if you have had surgery and you aren't happy with your tip shape, tart taping! You can find tons of tutorials online :)

Happy taping friends!!
looks great! I feel your pain on the sweeling
You look great! I've been fixated on the thick skin, large tip problem. I'm just thinking it'll be another couple of months for me to see what I will end up with. Thanks for the tip taping tip!Lol. Think I'll try that tonight

Holy Tired Toad

Took a relatively short walk today. First walk or anything active in two weeks. I feel like I ran a marathon! Then I randomly crashed while trying to type an email. Anyone else get crazy tired still even almost 2 weeks post-op?! Is that normal?!
I'm 3 weeks Po today and yes, still very tired. I have no desire to go anywhere or do much of anything. That's been one of the more shocking parts of recovery for me.

So Discouraged

So I am still very discouraged by my front view. I love my profile but there is absolutely NO definition in my tip. It's like I am wear a skin colored ball on my tip. It looks worse than before my surgery.

If you look at my pics, from the bottom it looks like it has a nice refined shape. Then straight on, it's horribly bulbus. I have been keeping it taped still 24/7. When it's taped, the front looks a lot more refined.

I know my dr didn't tape with my cast on so maybe that's why there is still little definition? I'm just so frustrated and am almost regretting having the surgery in the first place :(

Sorry about the NO makeup pics
Trying not too take pictures. :-)
I see a huge difference. It looks much more sleek. I think it's just still swollen. Hang in there. I'm trying to snap pictures and just wait it out. My surgery was 6/4 and every day it's smaller and a little straighter.
I def see a difference. The taping must be working. My nose was just as swollen as yours and continues to go up and down each day depending on how I sleep and the amount of activity I do. DO NOT WORRY! And don't compare yourself to other people. Thats what got me all depressed at first. I saw my doctor today for my 3 week po and he said my swelling amount was very normal (and great compared to some). He doesn't expect my nostrils to even out for another month or two. So, its a long process, but at least we have support to get us through it. You are not alone, and I promise, you look great already!

Good bye for now

I'm not going to be on this for a while. Just getting too discouraged and obsessing about what I imagine is going to be a LONG road for me. This has been far more difficult than I'd ever imagined. Thanks for those who have encouraged me. I've loved following everyone and their journey. Blessings!!!
I wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to your updates in the near future. XOXO Be blessed!
In a few weeks your swelling will go down and you will feel better m sorry its hard right now for you. You look great And you're a very sweet person also.
I understand taking a break. It will be good when noses aren't on our minds all the time. I'll be thinking of you and praying you recover quickly. Sorry this has been so tough. We will get to the other side of it!

Ok, let's try this again...

I'm starting to feel a little better. The swelling is SLOWLY going down. I mean slowly! I usually wear tape during the day and night to try and help with that.

I think my biggest mistake is comparing myself to others on here. I assumed I'd love my nose the second my cast came off, when in fact... That is usually not the case at all (although, if you do.. Great!). :)

I keep forgetting that my surgery was over 4 hours long! My surgeon said average is 2. I had my septum fixed, turbinates reduced, tip work, small bump shaved off and an open procedure oh and I have thicker skin so it's going to take a bit to heal.

I've always been a perfectionist on myself. So of course, I was expecting immediate perfection. More than the physical aspects of this all, I think the mental part of it is the most challenging! Especially when random people come on here and say rude comments (I don't understand why that can't be monitored more closely).

Anyways, I'm finally seeing some progress. Is it great?! No! Is it in the right direction?! Yes! Il keep on keeping on believing that my surgeon is top notch and I will be thrilled with the end result.

Hurry up and leave swelling!!! Any day now! :) oh and I still can't smile with teeth yet. SO not cool ;) Hay healing all!!
It looks like the swelling has gone down and your nose is looking really good. Please don't get frustrated and don't worry about some rude comments from mentally ill people. They have been posting these nasty comments everywhere including my blog. I alert realself staff immediately and they blocked their accounts and removed the comments.
Thank you!! Yes I report those people too. It is such a sensitive and personal thing to have plastic surgery. Then to add that on too of it :/
Hey you! Your nose is looking so nice! It already fits your face very well and will only get prettier. I love your nostrils. That sounds funny to say, but mine are so uneven still that I keep looking at everyones. Your incision scar and tip swelling are very similar to mine @ almost 1 month PO, so rest assured, you are healing better than some! I still sleep upright because my nose is huge when I wake up if I don't. Just like you, I cant wait for my tip to drop! I got my smile back last week (although its a bit crooked with the swelling lol), so you should be getting yours back in a week or so. I hope I check back later and see you smiling a happy smile and loving your nose! :) Thanks for sharing your progress.

Possible Infection/Reaction to Stitch?

So, I have his weird skin tag thing sticking out on one of my nostrils. I sent the pic to my dr and he thinks I might have an infection or a reaction to a stitch. Awesome :) so I have to go in tomorrow to see the dr. If they even think if touching me I'll probably faint! Haha!

Oh and has anyone had grafts done in their nose? I forgot I has those done too. They hurt a lot and the most. Grr

Here are some pics from tonight. The first pics I've ever taken at night. Finally a little shape is coming through. STILL swollen though.
This is going to be a weird comment... But you has bone structure like Sandra bullock!
Thanks!!!! Ha. If only I could look like her :) she has been one of my favorite actresses all my life.
Its so pretty and you are so pretty. What cheekbones!

Happy 4th Starting to See Improvement!

Happy Fourth everyone!

I haven't posted in a while so thought I would. The nose is still pretty far without much shape but it's getting better! I'm finally feeling comfortable in public. I STILL can't smile normally.

Hope you're all doing well!! Cheers!
Your nose looks great !
Thank you! I can't wait to see it once all the swelling goes down!
Wow, you look great! I can see a very nice improvement ( sometimes its harder to see it for yourself). I think it looks so natural :)

For Those Who Are Discouraged...

If you read all my posts, I had times when I was really down with my nose (and I still have days...) However, I wanted to share a side by side photog if what 5 weeks can do.

So look how horribly swollen I was!! This was day two after cast removal and then on my one month post op date.

So if you're hating your nose post-op, just believe it will get better! Mine was almost like a ballon on my face! :) had a Dr appt today and he said there is still about 50% swelling that needs to go down! Whee. Got a steroid shot in my tip to help.

Enjoy! :)


Photo updates? I often wonder how things are progressing with you.
Thank you for sharing the swelling comparison! I will have my surgery soon and I know the swelling will freak me out. I will have to remind myself of the changes that a month can make!
You look beautiful! Glad to see that you're happy with how the swelling is coming down. This really is such a long recovery process.

2 Month Update

Someone asked for updated photos, so here ya go. It was a "bad nose" day. I was outside all day long walking around with my toddler in the sun. And I ate a lot of salt yesterday, but it is still looking better. I have a bit of uneven swelling yet but it will go down. One thing I still am eagerly awaiting, is to get my smile back! Because I had a TON of swelling post-op, the area between my nose and my upper lip is still a bit stiff. Yikes! I am without a doubt happy I went through with everything. I am so much more confident in how my nose looks. Most days it looks great and it is only going to get better! I keep looking at the last post I made with the side by side pics and there is a huge difference!
Hey! How is your progress going? I am getting ready to maybe book a consult mn... Yikes! Hope you're doing good
Thanks for updating, looking good! I'm happy you are happy with your results. I'm scheduled in 1 week on Aug14th.
Whoa!! You look gorgeous!!!
Minneapolis Facial Plastic Surgeon

Did a lot of research. A few friends used this Dr. I also called several other doctors, and they all referred me back to the same guy. I think Im in good hands. I just hope my expectations are met :) Now that I am post op I just wanted to add that Dr Hilger has been a better than expected Dr. My husband has called him a few times with questions and every single time Dr Hilger himself calls my husband back within minutes! I haven't come across this before with a Dr. We have been very impressed with his caring nature and general interest in me as his patient.

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