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Pixel Laser on Face - Help Me my Skin is Worse Than Before.

Help me! I had pixel laser done on my face on...

Help me! I had pixel laser done on my face on january 9th about a week ago for a few ance scars and uneven skin texture. My skin has healed and the dry skin has come off but i've noticed indents in places that were fine before, i have come out of this experience with worse skin than going into it.

If you have ever had a tattoo the treatment feels kind of like that but its hot. It hurt for about and hour or 2 after than my face turned red and very tight and dry for a 3 days.

What should i do now to fix my scars and the new indents the laser gave me? I feel hopeless.

Hi cvillian, The doctor wasn't edited out, haelelram decided not to provide their doctors name . It is their choice whether to or not, but if you PM them they might tell you. Hope that helps. :) Thanks, Britt
Why was the doctor edited out?!
Thanks For the info!
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Well my skin looks worse than before i got the treatment done.

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