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After 14 consultations I finally settled on a...

After 14 consultations I finally settled on a Facial Plastic Surgeon - Dr. Hildger in Minneapolis, Mn. In 3 short hours he turned the clock back 20 years for me. Even bruised and swollen I can tell the results are going to be fabulous. I was worried that he would be too conservative and not take enough of the fat pads out. Worries are behind me. He took just the right amount. Stitches come out on the 31st. Will up date with more photos along the way. I'm a little rough right now, but in no pain.
I can't wait to see the results . How much did he charge? Upper and lower?
Congrats on your surgery you sound so positive looking forward to seeing your updates wishing you great recovery and results Happy New Year
Welcome to the other side!  Did you have a lower blepharoplasty?  Really looking forward to your updates and post-op pictures.  Day 4 is always the worst, let us know how it goes.

Upper & Lower Transconjunctive Bleph with Canthoplexy & Fat Reposition

I'm 5 days out now. Swelling down by half. Eye irritation really kicked in yesterday, finally broke down and took .25 of Oxycontin. Worked wonders. Should have done that earlier, but I didn't think of irritation as pain.
im wishing you great results and am looking forward to your daily updates and photos. thank you for posting on realself and keeping us all up to date and in the know...
You are really looking better already.
Wish u the best on ur surgery outcome.(^_^) can't wait to see the results. Welcome to self forum n thank u for sharing ur before n after pictures.

Tight and lower lids pulling away from eye.

I realize that it's still early in my healing. But around day 3 my eyes started feeling really tight. Very, very strange. Today I noticed that one eye is very irritated and red. The lid is numb and so I can't tell And today they are supper irritated and

Too tight? Canthoplexy feeling a little scarry.

Opps hit "enter" too quickly on that last Update.
Thanks for posting your experience. I am scheduled for an upper and lower bleph in 3 weeks. Are you still feeling tightness and pulling? Wishing you a speedy recovery and amazing results.
you are welcome.i want you to heal up as soon as possible...... pineapple is really a wonder food....amazing healing properties
pineapple especially... it is one of the only fruits that contain bromelain,an anti inflammatory and digestion benefits... it is a must eat after surgery to reduce swelling and increase healing....go out and get some right away....

Some Complications

Stitches not dissolving and allergy attack are complicating my recovery. Offending foster dog has been re-homed and many, many stitches surfacing undissolved and creating railroad tracks under my eyes. I've had to cut and pull out about 10-20? And the ones below the surface are creating painful pulling and tugging and an asymmetrical eye shape. I had to cut the stitches on the outside corners of my eyes as they were sewed up too small, meaning my lashes were buried under the corner stitches. Had to cut them loose, I could feel them poking and moving. Bizarre. Sadly, on my right eye I was too late and the skin had already fused. It's smaller then the left. Fix that later? Strange recovery. I wasn't prepared for the slowness nor the tight ( ponytail too tight) feeling you have afterwards - constantly. Some regrets. Too late now. Moving forward.

I'm including a new "before" photo taken just before surgery. Hard to tell from that view but my uppers punch way out in the inner corners like tiny balloons. Those thankfully are much improved. It will be very interesting to see if I feel the surgery was "worth it" in 6 months.
Oh no, I'm sorry your foster dog was creating some allergic issues!  The eyelashes part sounds really painful.  Have you talked to your doctor about any of this?  I hope your recovery is going better.

Some regrets. Ropey painful scars. Asymetry. Ponytail too-tight feeling.

Hoping this will all even out over time. I wasn't prepared for a prolonged recovery. Scars are keloiding around stitches that didn't dissolve creating tight-ropey lines in upper lids. I'm 4 weeks out and still have undissolved stitches erupting - daily. Will post pics tomorrow. Dr says it's normal to have asymmetry for the first few months. One eye is much smaller.

22 days Post Op. What do you think?

Here I am 22 days post. My surgery took 3.5 hours to perform and was Upper & Lower Belph with Fat repositioning. I was hoping to be further along with my recovery by now, but perhaps due to the degree of injury (complicated surgery) this is normal. Right eye stubbornly swollen. Do my eyes look misshapen to you?
I think you look totally normal for 22+ days out.  It seriously took 8 months for me to see my real results for a lower bleph.  Be patient!  I think you look great.
Awww. Thank you. That's a relief. Did your eyes feel totally different after? I can't get over how weird it feels. I'm obsessing. My lower right eye doesn't seem to move when I look down. So I constantly have to tip my head - as in right now to see the keyboard.
I don't remember feeling like that.  I did think I had more subtle eye strain pain, which was weird.  I still feel it sometimes, and I swear it feels like the area where the bag was is straining.  I still feel it sometimes.  And my eyes were dry a lot which caused some irritation, but it went away. 

30 days out. Dr is happy so far.

What do you think? I'm worried about the obvious asymmetry of my right eye. Surgery is a perfect opportunity to correct asymmetry - instead mine seems worse. Much more lid showing and I'm happy about that. But oh dear…I still look like I fell into the meat grinder. Redness & swelling persist.
Thank you so much for your posts. You are looking good. I too am going through a longer recovery than others and have some asymetry too. It is so helpful to read about your experience. I was feeling disheartened as other people seem to look great after 10 days and I not! Everyone really does heal at their own rate. Keep posting!
To me they the left eye margin is wider than the right. And the incision line is higher on the lid on the left eye. Placement matters and so does the amount of skin taken off in each incision. Ask your PS why he put them in two different places...he may be able to help you understand his strategy...grace60
I think the asymmetry is an optical illusion due to the scarring/redness.  If you cover up the scars on your computer screen with your fingers your actual eyes look the same to me.

46 days - 6.5 weeks out. Still painful

Thanks everyone for your kind and supportive words. I would be lost without you. As I reflect on my decision to have eye surgery which I contemplated for 6 years, and had 14 consultations for.... I realize now that I was completely unprepared for a long recovery. And I'm certainly surprised by the discomfort and nerve pain and numbness especially this far out. I guess I had read so many wonderful and hopeful stories about thrilling outcomes and "best decision ever" results that I missed the ones that were not so great. In my recovery I'm constantly aware of my "operated on" eyes. Ropey painful upper lid scars and a deep tightness that's hard to describe. Like my lid muscles got tacked up to something so that the poochy upper inner lid skin can't descend.

Every time I blink if feels like there's a tug and a lash digging into my the skin around my right eye. Ha Ha would have been handy if that area was numb! Every time I raise my brow the right eye tugs again and pulls eye upward. I suspect I will need a second surgery to correct this eye. I didn't dissolve the stitches and somethings catching in there. Bugs me. I can still feel the stitches under the skin. Also I still have swelling and my lower right eye does not get out of the way when I look down. I did my first batch of selfies today - no one around to take pics.

On a positive note...I think the architecture - the work on my uppers was good. Ropey painful scars aside, I think I'll eventually have a nice result. As for the lowers and the corners...need more time to tell.

Cheers everyone. Spring is around the corner. Thank heavens!
MNBLEPH, I think you look beautiful. Your ps did an amazing job. Best! Ishtar
Your recovery looks great! No one is perfect I have come to believe and only you will know the little differences in your face. Acceptance for me is the key to healing. I trust that I need to give it 3 to 4 months to see final results. Thank you for sharing your story.
it really is major surgery and takes at least 6 months to see a final result.some days are better than others the eyes are very sensitive and you are going to find yourself questioning your decisions on a moment to moment basis.if however,after 6 months or perhaps even longer,your doctor will probably do a smaller revision to correct whatever it is that is bothering you. yes,this forum is heaven sent helps to have people who have been through the same thing as you to vent or talk will get better

Almost 10 weeks out..

What a difference a week makes. I really feel like I'm on the "other-side" now. Progress is evident daily. Eyes are settling in. Less puffiness in the mornings. Scars are less tender and less red. I still have weird numbness, and phantom itching - go to scratch it - and it's numb. Eyelashes seem to have stopped falling out. Whew. Nice upper lid reveal. I don't think I've ever seen that much skin up there! Can't seem to rope family into taking photos - so you'll have to settle with the Selfies. What do you think? I don't think
Looks like things have settled for you now looking great , I can identify with the stitches been awkward and I had some ropey bits as well but they getting better each day , here is wishing you great recovery and results D
Thank you! Looks like your stitches have really calmed down. Got any advise? Or did it just take time?
Really looking great, MN! I was just looking at your 3-weeks-post pictures and your eyes and incisions look very much like mine do now. I've got 7 more weeks to get to the 10-week mark, but your photos are giving me hope that everything will heal beautifully in time. Are the upper eyelid scars feeling less "rope-y and tight?"

Slowly. Ever so slowly.

I seem to have hit a plateau with my healing. Still red, ropey and painful upper lid scars. And nerve pain on one side. Asymmetry still there. Hyper pigmented lesions where stitches caused irritation. Lumps, bumps and tightness pretty much everywhere. I haven't mentioned before but I have Hashimotos and the MTHFR gene mutation. Although I manage both with meds, supplements and lifestyle (I follow AIP dietary protocol) - I think these were wild cards my PS wasn't planning on. The gene mutation may have been especially problematic? We don't break down minerals like copper, iron etc..perhaps the stitches had a mineral content? Or perhaps my body - already in overdrive and attacking even my own tissue saw the stitches as a foreign body and waged war.

Moving on.
You look wonderful ! I had upper bleph one year ago, I too was desperate because I could tell that my eyes looked "operated", but I learned that it takes about 6 months for that swelling to go completely away. Pacience my dear, you are already looking fabulous...
Your eyes look wonderful. I hope you are happy because the difference in before and now is amazing.
I think you look great! My sons suffer from the same gene mutation and I do not know a lot about it....if you have web links or anything you can share I appreciate it. Also, can you use kelocote scar gel which is made of silicone? I have been getting good results on my eye and behind ear scars.
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