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Before I went to my consulation I reviewed many...

Before I went to my consulation I reviewed many doctors and sizes. My goal cup size is a D+. I am extremely nervous that my outcome will be smaller than I want since my doctor couldn't predict a cupsize. I originally had liked the size of the 500cc silicone implants but my doctor told me I could only use saline implants since im under 22. He also said I couldnt go any bigger than 400cc. So I guess I have to trust my ps and go with the 400cc's.
Current cup size:full 34a
Height: 5'4"
Rib cage: 31"
Surgery date: October 31st, 2013
400cc mentor saline implant moderate plus profile
Good luck on your surgery! Mine is set for tomorrow, let's check in on how things are going boobie bud!
That is an awesome price!
I recenty had surgery and got saline under muscle implants.. I love the way mine have turned out. I'm 5'3", 150 and was bottom heavy so I went bigger to give myself a proportionate look. This size worked for me because I have a good amount of breast tissue already and a cup size different with the left being the smaller breast. Feel free to look at my review. Good luck with your upcoming surgery.

a few hours after surgery

I arrived at my 6:15am and I was being wheeled out to go home at 9:00am. I wasn't in to much pain he had me wrapped in a gauze which hurt my incision pretty bad. My incision was through the armpit and I had 400cc Saline moderate plus profile implants. By the time I got home I couldn't even take my own seatbelt off. I was very thankful for my boyfriend I couldnt have recovered alone. It felt like 2 bowling balls were placed under my skin and they were hard to the touch also. My armpit incision would sting randomly but I researched that it could be the nerves reconnecting and that was causing the stinging pain.

post op day 1.5 frankenboob!!

i had my first post op appt today at 8:00am. I had my bandages removed and a sports bra put on. He didnt say anything about massaging them even though the implants are riding quite high giving me the dreaded square look and there about an inch away from my collarbone. I slept good but when i woke up it was a 10 on the pain scale walking around and taking a shower seemed to help me. I haven't taken any pain medications just 2 ibuprofen this morning. The pain is mostly when I flex my pec muscles on accident it feels very odd. I just want this week to be over.

Post op day 2, 9:09am

I woke up a few times last night in a little pain. I could still fall back asleep just fine. My armpit incision is improving and i haven't taken any pain pills since around 12:00 before bed. My breasts still feel quite swollen and hard but that is to be expected.

Post op day 2 9:00am

I woke up a few times last night in a little pain. I could still fall back asleep just fine. My armpit incision is improving and i haven't taken any pain pills since around 12:00 before bed. My breasts still feel quite swollen and hard but that is to be expected.
Congratulations! I really think you will wind up with the size you wanted given your stats and the size you got. Remember to be patient!  Some of these reviews do a really good job posting the progression pictures over several months time.  It has really helped me to look at those and realize how many stages they will go through before they finally "Settle in".

post op day 3 11:25am

This update I wanted to tell all about the pain because some girls on here make it sound so easy and painless but it is a frustrating slow recovery. One word... ZINGERS. they are so painful for about 2 seconds they seem to be brought on by sitting up from the laying position, or if I lift something that's heavy. My plastic surgeon didn't mention them but I have seen reviews that it is normal to feel zingers. My pain scale would be around 4/5. It's more of an annoyance than anything just feels so tight and swollen on the upper pole of my breast. Morning boob is also something you will experience after surgery, what happens is your muscles get tight after sleeping in one position so gravity pulls the girls down once you stand up. Oh good luck bending over, its such a pain it feels like your implants are going to bust out of your skin.. I have been taking 2 ibuprofen every 6 hours since post op day 1 the pills made me quite sick. Also i take one antibiotic 4 times daily.. I can't tell if my breast implants have began dropping yet, but I will add a photo so you can see how much they change everyday.

post op day 3 extra pictures..

post op day 3 extra pictures

Post op day 4 10:09am

So another day with my bowling balls i had this weird hope that i would somehow wake up one day with nice soft implants. But there not much different than yesteesay. I hate being so impatient to notice a difference. The morning boob was no where near as bad as the other days and i am able t get up from my bed all alone and quickerr than usual. My bf had to go back to work today so i am all alone.. Yay!! It seems as if my right breast is dropping and softening a little where as my left is still high and tight.. Hope thats normal.

Post op day 5 10:00 am

So the pain is the exact same as yesterday nothings really different. When i woke up and i stretch my back or chest it hurts sooo freaking bad when you stop stretching. Other than that they dont feel much softer either just gotta be patient!
I got mine yesterday. There wrapped in an ace bandage so I can't see much but the nipples are way down. This waiting game sucks! :) thanks for posting the day by day pictures it's really helpful

Post op day 6

Im pretty much pain free now just have to be careful lifting and squeezing implants. Ive been noticing the top of my breasts get hard and soft throughout the day it seems odd to me. Definitely noticing progress in the softness but there still really high and my nipples have yet to center..
Please keep posting pics. It is so helpful to me since I'm also getting Saline I want to see how they progress. Thanks

Post op day 7

Im going through this whole depression stage they call "boobie blues". I just felt that i went too big or the implants will never drop and look more round. I don't have another post op until 4 weeks post op.
I'm 3 days post op and mine look horrible. It's super depressing. Like everyone keeps saying give it a few weeks to drop and fluff :) your not alone I'm totally feeling the same way!
Yeah its a frustrating process!! Just wanna see the change already :)

Post op day 8

Didnt get around to posting pics untill today because i had to work a double shift. Yesterday wasn't much different. The more i move around the more they soften up it seems. No pain just a little bit in incision.
So how have your boobs progressed? How are you feeling?
I was thinking about going him to get an augmentation as well. Did you like him? since there wasn't much reviews about him.

post op 3.5 weeks

Sorry for not updating for so long but the changes are so suttle each day that when i took a picture it didn't really look any different. I had no pain at around 1.5 week. I was lifting and being a little more active than i should have been. I'm still worried that I have hardened scar tissue around my implant because when i squeeze my breast i only feel the natural breast tissue/fat and than underneath i can feel a hard implant... i hope i didn't make the wrong choice of going with saline. :( on the bright side my 2nd post op appointment is on december 3rd.. can't wait to get his opinion..
better each day, slowly seeing the results.
He's a great surgeon but he has a VERY strong opinion. Also he doesn't give much post op advice, so i had to look a lot up online myself. Overall he gave the result i wanted.

3.5 weeks cont. ^^^^^^

I forgot to mention that the purple bra i tried on at victorias secret is the body by victoria bra in size 32D. no pushup btw :D!! I was just so happy to finally wear a bra that fits correctly again and didnt notice it was to small when i got home so i might go for a 32DD next time.
your creases needs to be lowered otherwise they will not drop if your surgeon tells you anything else go se another one.
Hello I just want to see how are your boobs coming along? Updated pictures?
So glad you updated!!! Your boobs are looking really nice. I think you are progressing a lot. Seems as though Saline just takes longer to settle. Lots of patience is required I guess. :-/. I'm getting mine in 10 days!!!

5.5 month update!!

The first 2 weeks of my recovery I will never forget, I thought I was stuck with hard, square looking boobs. After all the nights of sleeping on my back I finally have my reward. My implants are so natural looking and feeling. No pain whatsoever. I couldn't ask for better. Dr. Smith did a great job, and my scars are almost gone. The only thing I have changed since surgery is my sleeping position, I used to sleep on my stomach but it's not comfortable anymore. I wanted to mention that I never used a band to push my implants down, because that was not necessary for me. If I could give one piece of advice to someone looking to get implants.. just don't expect to look great straightaway after surgery, and have patience. ;)

5,5 before and after shots

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