Rhinoplasty and Ear Surgery 17 Year Old Girl - Edgewood, KY

It is two nights before I go to Dr. Devinder S....

It is two nights before I go to Dr. Devinder S. Mangat for rhinoplasty and ear surgery (ears pinned back). I am exited, anxious, and nervous to undergo these procedures. I have done a lot of research on Rhinoplasty and believe it is a good decision for me with college approaching in the fall. My nose and my ears have always been an insecurity of mine. I have edited photos for years, and hardly ever wear my hair up because of this. When I go to school I want to be self confident and worry free, which is a big part of the decision to undergo this.

Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf! I believe today is your big day! I'm thinking of you and sending positive healing vibes your way. The first few days/nights are the hardest, but it gets way better after that. Please let me know if I can help you navigate around the site in any way.

Dr Mangat is a very experienced surgeon. He and his staff will take good care of you. Good luck!
I think you're making the correct choice. Sometimes its difficult to look at ourselves objectively. Your nose does not bother me and probably anybody else but obviously if it holds you back you must take control. I also feel my nose is bulbous and it does bother me, so I'm getting it fixed as well. A bulbous nose cn be difficult because you don't want to end up with the pinched look. Do you have any nose "inspirations" or "models"? good luck and when is your surgery?

Day one! Just returned home!

Sorry it's so late, but today I had the surgery and it went very well! The most pain is my ears and the nose is mainly just irritating. I'm having a lot of blood drainage but apparently that's normal! Thanks everyone for the comments it really means a lot! I go back to the doctor Thursday to get the head wrap taken off, I took a few peaks at my nose and all though its swollen it looks a lot better than it did
Hi, I have kind the same type of nose like yours. I dont have a bump on my bridge but my tip is big and undefined compared to my bridge, and I always wanted to have a surgery to correct it, but since it is the front view I think it is difficult to find a surgeon. I wish you all luck and hope yours will turn out with the best results.
hahaha you already look awesome! Can't wait to see without the bandages :)
I actually think you looked beautiful before. Oh well. You'll only look more beautiful from here on out.

Day two!

It's is the second day since my surgery and I'm feeling much better this afternoon than last night. Sleep was very difficult last night mainly because of my ears. The ears are much more painful than the nose but I get my bandage for them off tomorrow morning! I cleaned my nose with a q-tip and hydrogen peroxide on the outside and It
Wow you look great so far! You don't have any bruising at all. Keep us posted!
Dr. Mangat was very confident with his work. I suggest going to a surgeon that only does face work and has years of experience! And thank you for the comment!
Thanks and me too!

Day three, so much better

Got my head bandages off!! I feel soo much better now. My ears still hurt a lot but my nose is fine!

Day 4

The pain has gone down a lot! I got to take a shower today and in getting more of my apatite back! Can't wait to get the cast off Monday to see the results.
I'm on day 5 of recovery, your nose looked very similar to mine! Can't wait to see our results :) good luck pretty girl!

Day 5

Late at night but feeling great! Only one more day until I get my cast off YAYYY!!!
Thanks!! You were very pretty before and I'm sure even better now!!
Thanks I will!!

On the way to get the cast off!

Finally get my cast off. So exited!!!

Final results (very swollen though)

I'm so happy with the overall shape! Everything went so smooth and I'm so happy. I couldn't have gotten anything better
Your nose looks great. It will continue to lmrove every day. Congrats. You did it girl!
So excited to see your results , it's swollen so I'm waiting for the shape :) using your updates as inspiration since my nose is bulbous too. Looks great from the profile already
wow fantastic result!! Both side and front ant it's just 6 days after the op!!! very well done!!!

7 days post op

Ok so I know it's just the second day after my cast is off but I'm starting to get a little freaked out on how big my nose looks as a whole. It looks so much bigger than it was before surgery and the tip looks really round and sticks out like a ball. It's probably just swelling but I'm just getting very worried
It looks way better than before . I can tell it's swelling and will go down. Before it might have been thin on top but the bottom was not. Now it is balanced. Luckily the avatar look will go away, hang on!
Thanks lol I do look kind of ridiculous right now and I'm just stressing about how big the tip is, I'm sure I'm just over reacting though!
Thank you!!

Day 8

Still looking Incredibly wide :(

Day 9

Looking better
Cincinnati Facial Plastic Surgeon

He is a very nice and experienced doctor. I have a lot of trust in him for this procedure

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