Finally Decided and Now I Am 30 Days Away from Getting my New Girls :-) - Guyaquil, Ecuador

Hello, I am 36 year old mom of 1. My son is now 10...

Hello, I am 36 year old mom of 1. My son is now 10 1/2 and I finally decided to take leap. I am 5'2 140lbs. I am still working on my weight however I do not want to put the surgery off any longer. My girlfriend had her surgery done in Ecuador by a PS who is known throughout Latin America and also a close friend of her family. I have done my own research and her credentials are impecable. I am currently a very small 34 B overall, however my one breast is barely an A. This is what has bothered me the most. I have always had one breast smaller than the other, however as I have been loosing weight it seems to have gotten smaller to the point where is it visable if I do not wear a padded bra. I have also decided to have abdominal lipo done to get rid of the"pouch" and muffin top. I think I am more concerned about the recovery of the lipo than of the BA.... I will be in Ecuador for 2 weeks as the doctor wants to do all the initial post op, which gives me a certain level of comfort. I am looking at this as my little sabatical. I will travel to EC by myself and will stay in a suite onsite for teh 2 weeks. I will post before and after pics after the surgey. Wish me luck.

Ok, it's 24 days before my surgery exactly 3 weeks...

Ok, it's 24 days before my surgery exactly 3 weeks before I leave. I am definately nervous and it is showing. I am a worry wart by little guy asked me today if everything was ok. Poor little guy. I told him that I was going to be traveling for 2 weeks in April (I travel for work so it's not out of the norm), however I have not told him that I was having elective surgery. Unfortunately, one of the things he got from my is the worry wart gene, so I am going to spare him as long as I can. I am going through the roller coaster of being excited and questioning what I am doing. My sister is super suportive and my fiancee supports me however I think he too is concerned and my mother, forget it, she is happy for me but is so worried that it's hard to talk to her about it. Her biggest concern is that I am going by myself and she wont be there to take care of me. My thought is if I am "chosing" to do this, then I need to not have to inconvenience anyone with my care.

The countdown continues...

So we have just pushed up my surgery date to March...

So we have just pushed up my surgery date to March 30th, I leave for Ecuador on March 28th. I am so excited!

I am 13 days away from my surgery 11 days from the...

I am 13 days away from my surgery 11 days from the day that I leave for Ecuador and I am wondering what I should be doing? What do I need to have with me? Since I have a gluten allergy and I don't know if there will be gluten free products there, I know I need to bring with me 2 weeks worth of snacks. As for clothes I have no clue what to pack. I know none of the bras I have will fit, I am going to have to buy them there. I was told that I should wear button down shirts for a while. Do I really have to? I don't own a lot of "casual" button downs which means I would have to buy them. Pj's I do figure I should have comfy ones and probably those should be button down, but I am having a hard time finding them. I travel for work an typically it's quite easy to pack, I am really have a hard time packing or this trip. Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

Ok, so I am going to try this again. I have...

Ok, so I am going to try this again. I have submitted updates, however for some reason they are not being posted.

I had my surgery on Friday, March 30th. Th BA looks and feels pretty good so far. I have my post op appointment tomorrow and the bandages will be taken off then. From what I can see so far, I absolutely love them! I got Brasil Silimed 305's...not sure how many cc's that is, but it definately is a significant change from my former A/B cup size. I had been feeling pretty good. Today I have some burning in my left breast and a pulling sensation. I will let the doctor know tomorrow. As for the lipo, well, that's a different story. I was not prepared for the pain and discomfort that this procedure entailed. The water retention is incredible, painful and uncomfortable. Also have to wear the compression piece is uncomfortable. Since I had lipo done on my love handles, upper and lower abdomen, the piece I have to wear looks like a bathing suit from the 30s which goes down to my knees almost.

I will be posting my pics after tomorrow when I get the bandages off. Overall I have to say, I am extremely happy with the BA surgery. Still on the fence with the lipo only because of the pain and discomfort. The results so far are pretty good, however I think the gym should have been my route. Ha! Ha!

Post op day 23 My breast are sore but are...

Post op day 23
My breast are sore but are getting there. As you can see they are not identical, however they are bigger now and the difference is less noticeable. I can not upload the before pictures because I put them in a secure program on my phone and now I can not get them out! Anyway, they are coming along. The lipo on the other hand has me extrememly concerned. I am in a lot of pain, burning, tender and tearing sensation. Waiting to hear back from my PS to see if this is normal.
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Nwme, thank you for York note. I did not respond sooner, things were a little hectic. However I made and through the surgery. Now I am just anxious and ready to recuperate and get home!
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omg your getting close!!!! that's awesome your going to have help like that, i kinda thought you were going to go at this alone. i was picturing you in a hotel room by happy your getting lots of help and even paid massages after"that's freakn awesome!!!!
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Thank you NWME for all your input and advice. FYI...I will have round the clock assistance while I am there, it won't be mommy but at least I will have help. My fiancé is holding down the fort at home taking are of our 3 children and my mom, well my sister her needs her to help with my niece and nephew so in the end everyone will be taken care of. When I return, i have arranged for the women who cleans my house to help me a little more, so all in all I think I will be ok. I did speak to the owner of the spa I go to in town (I don't go often, just when my fiancé gets me a gift certificate) and she charges $100 for the massages needed after lipo....that's crazy! Nonetheless all seems to be falling in to place. Thanks again.
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hi im not sure about the gluten products but i can say that you should definitely take some very comfy clothes stuff that you can just slip into. i wore my zipups workout tops and my pajama pants for the first 4days, then it becomes easier to get dressed and move around alitte more. but i would recommended for the first week try to just wear joggers and stuff like that and shoes you might want to get slip on, i just wore my comfy boots that look like slippers for the first week. its kind of hard to tie shoe laces when u cant even bend-over and you really don't want to use your arms.
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congratulations on your decision.i am very happy i finally decided to do it, i thought about it for many years but this year i turned 36 and i basically said its now or so i did. very nervous at first but the more a read about it the more at ez i felt. the pain after is not bad at all, thye give you pain medication so your good. i say the pressure was very uncomfortable but it was bearable.the recovery time is fast.after your procedure get lots of rest for the first few days lots.. i didn't do absolutely nothing for the first 3days" now its day 5 im feeling pretty good try to walk around alot by taking walks in the park. my breast are still very swollen but cant wait for them to drop ;) good luck with your procedure and keep us posted ;)
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ooo 1 more thing you should has a much help as possible, at least on your first 2days. believe me once you wake up you don't want to move and if someones there to help you around the clock that would be awesome. my 18 year old daughter helped me alot i don't know what i would done if it wasn't for her. but yea i think if people are offering to be there for you maybe you should take them up on their offer ;) well that's my opinion.and its funny that you would mention not telling your little boy because i have 3boys and i actually didn't tell them till after the their 16,20 and 21years old. i didn't tell them because i thought they would give me a hard time about it just because im mom and i shouldn't be a but yea just like i suspected they were in disbelieve that i had actually done something like that. but after talking to them and them seeing the fact that there not big porno girl looking breast,they were ok and understood why i did it and that i did it to feel better about myself. and they to have been very helpful and very attentive to anything i need..well once again good luck and stay positive try not to be to nervous
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Hello Brookeh,
Thank you for your message and info. I am so worried about the lipo more than the BA...not sure why, but's its comforting to know you were back to work in 2 days (wow). I just learned that I will have to take a trip to another city the following week for work, so this helps. Not everyone is the same, but I do believe that power of positive thinking works best. Good luck with your BA. I will certainly post afterwards as well and I hope it helps.
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april 6 is my date for BA i have to work 5 days after. ek i hope i can :)
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Wishing you lots of luck! I'm glad you'll be staying for follow up. Good move!

Let us know how it goes!

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Good luck.... lipo is not bad. i have a other blog and pics on here about it. i went to work in two days after! i will stay up dated with your progress! i cant freaking wait for me BA too!!!!
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