I have vitiligo and wanted to know which one of...

I have vitiligo and wanted to know which one of these products would be best to use on my skin I gonna try menquinol a guy told me to use on ioffer, so if there is a person who Is using lighting products to lighten the skin because of vitiligo. Thanks so much I have used monobenzone 20% and nothing happened it burned my skin my vitiligo is spreading more know someone please respond.

who has tried this? ?

I want to know who tried monobenzone and what we're your results , I only tired it once but I left it by heat and it dried out , so would someone respond also I'm New here thanks for anyone comments or help idea's

hydroquinone 20%

I just ordered hydroquinone 20% today online , I will take before and after picture to show improvement this seller is an has good reviews of people who has bought the same item


The website is ioffer.com any skin lighting agent you want mzcarolina sales we'll menoquiol hydroquinone and other stuff

got item today

We'll guys the hydroquinone 20% I've ordered is going to be here today, I'm going to take before and after picture to show you guy's results then on pay day I'm buying piona set , and show results of that thanks for the support guy's, also does piona make your skin peel?

kojic soap

i'm buying the soap also it's called kojic papaya , i bought 2 bars also , i have used it before and great results , i bought 2 so i wouldn't run out , like last time and it last a long while soon i'll be buying the piiona , a woman on here told me abouot it comes with soap serum and bleach lotion , so great all in one awesome. i will keep you guys updated.

here's my know pictures

Pictures before the hydroquinone takes effect. I Will take more when I have someone take them


The whiter spots is vitiligo, but the peeling is the one time use hydroquinone 20% and yesterdays kojic soap, I'm happy so far, my chest broke out after using kojic soap on it and burned and turned extremely red, I told you guy's I'll keep you updated,

aquaphor and why? ?

My arm is soar from peeling it's raw , I put aquaphor on it all better,

peeling arm

Pictures of the perfect arm it peels perfect also, you can see the peeled skin around the new skin

skin color updates

The cream hydroquinone% is working fast, I used 4 times and skipped day's cool huh, look at pictures of my arms before this picture, great

look peeling is Great!!!!!!

This is the great peeling of my arm parts is lighter and rest is Brown, the hydroquinone is working fast, on me I use on face neck, arms chest and back for know, my legs are already light when the rest of body catch up to legs, I'll start using it on legs, and I'll show more pictures, we'll guy's ill be back with a update on more of my lighting of my body to match vitiligo patches I already have. Nice chatting with you community
Where did you by the hydroquinone and what does the bottle look like? I plan on using the piona. kojic acid soap and the hydroquinone but I don't know exactly where to find it.
Ioffer.com, mzcarolina

helper creams for irritation

2nd day arm is clear and new skin is soft as ever, no more burning, or itchy ,
I'm going to be buying monobenzone next month and I'll keep you updated on my results. This will be my first experiences using it
Where are you buying it from i have a site isis , and monobenzone. Biz, check these sites do you have vitiligo, sweety

great moisturizer

Skin stays soft while lighting agent is working two vitamins e for five dollars, Wal-Mart, I asked a great pharmacists. Works better put on a few mins after hydroquinone, cause it dries skin out, along with the bathe wash i have, I put in bath water

site's for you all I used

Hey guys I'm giving you all sites to get real products from skin lighting agent and completely turning brighter, lol the site are i offer com, and isis cosmeticecticals , I've told two people on here about it, badassgirl , and another woman, these are real products that work, I've bought from i offer com and first use there was improvement. Still continuing.


For vitiligo patients only, monobenzone , a girl with vitiligo, after 8 months ain't she pretty but you have to use spf 80 sunblock , at all times when completely bleaching skin , and even when you are lighting up use uvb and uva protection for your beautiful skin , well any question ask, I looked up a lot stuff , hope you guy's like the update, I can give, we'll holla at me, thanks for stopping by and checking me out on my skin lighten project
Did you have any side effects using the hydroqunione?
Just a break out I snowed to you all

glutathione shots

The headline here is that for skin-whitening, glutathione is not FDA approved. , I just read this


I'm still using the hydroquinone til I'm out , I'm know applying it on my arms only to get them light as my body and face.


I'm still using the hydroquinone til I'm out , I'm know applying it on my arms only to get them light as my body and face. The spots are my vitiligo , and new spots that came , I've found benoquin on eBay , real stuff, i will stop using hydroquinone when it runs out , and start benoquin , I wonder how long or time will it work.


Hello, guy's , I have more spots to me it's great I'm lighter a lil bit , there's no dark spots round my arm's, when I buy more of a cream I would let you know

platinum fade cream

This is another item I'm using platinum , medicated fade cream , with hydroquinone in it

skin beautifying milk

The back of the box instructions and what's in it

surgeries ginny pig

If any doctor is looking for a person to use for skin lighting products, or breast implants, or getting rid of cellulite and tummy tuck, or anything, hit me up, email me ***@gmail.com , I would love it, I can't pay for any of this, but would love to be used and to show this community my great results, wanna be beautiful again. Sincerely A, S

Is isis cosmeceuticals still operating? How long do they ship orders? Plz reply
Is it still operating and how long to ship order

menoquiol is it permanent how can I make

I want to know if any one know what all can I use in menoquil to make my own from 100% menoquil do I mix whole powder in , I know i put alcohol in it with a lotion but can I add vitamin c powder, and can I put more of what I want in it I know i put trentin less than 1percent tell me some one what all can I use I want fast safe results and is menoquil permanent
Hey is the monobenzone better than the hydroquinone 20%
Monobenzone is permanent , hydroquinone I was told would color would come back,

hey tall a website that's Real!!!!!

You all can get real skin lighting and bleaching creams from this website , www.guesso.com, real neoprosone with the soap and g&g teintcream for 8.99 , only 9.99 shipping now matter how much you buy.


I heard good things about the product nadinola and neoprosone I have nadinola im waiting on neoprosone I will tell you guys about it after a week of use

got my stuff today

i have my neoprosone today it has the active ingredients in it , i have applied to hands first . i'm about to mix in my nadinola fade cream ,
There Is a product called "extreme skin bleach" being sold on ebay and my friend swears by it! It took all her darkness away..she looks light and even. Thing sells for 60-100 per jar but it's awesome! I'm using it too! 3 days later I'm already lighter! Love it.

neoprosone results

i have lighten one half a shade using neoprosone on my arms only , im happy i want to try the xtreme bleaching kim on here talked about when my arms is as light as my body i will use all over and show better results
I used the hydroquinone 20% n that shit is strong as hell n stripped my face like a damn peel. ugh. shit scarred me in areas off my face. I was using apricot scrubs too often n putting the cream on my face. Big mistake. dont try that. n just be careful if u do have the hydroquinone 20%
yes i have used it it is strong it lightened my face big time and middle parts of my arm

new stuff

i bought haloderm , lotion , and haloderm creme in a tube and haloderm soap , and g g teient in a jar , i'm now going to buy the extreme bleach from ebay a girl told me about , to put in the jar of g g teint , i will keep you guys i got it friday , and i started using it , no irritation at all , but i will take pictures so you guys can see

my items

all item im using I will post pictures my legs are way .. lighter than my arms from being in the sun but its slowly working

halodermn halo loion creme usage

I've been using this 4 month on and off , the halo soap really dries out your skin , and I apply lotion or g g tient 2x a day , some times then I turn around and use my caress for moister or apply skin so soft 4 moister , hee' a picture my legs are way..... ligter than my arms everything else is lighter except of my arms they are a lil lighter ,, but c tell a difference.

haloderm usage and lotion , g g teint , and haloderm creme (tube)-50acid

ive been using this product off and on so here's a picture , my legs are lighter so are my stomach , we'll long story short , my arms are a lil lighter , but still darker , and I hav'nt been using it every day , it';s been off and on . I'm going to keep using it another month and I show a body picture when I use it every day , and I will be back to post another picture.I USE 50 ACID peel on tummy to reduce stretch marks and its peeling , and it's lighter , the stretch marks havn't done any thing yet , but I will be back..
please update us
ok dear

still uing , way lghter legs ,

no changes yet im still using the products though , g g teint said give it a week i'm lighter certain spots on my arms cause i'm using it on arms til they lighten up , like my legs my legs are way lighter ,
NUR76 Skin Lightening , has any 1 , tried this I've seen reviews from a lot of people , I want to try it along with what I'm already using , but my stuff is working great , my arms are more yellow , im already yellow but its pretty I will take a picture outside so you all can see , it glows , also , my tummy and legs are way.. lighter again I say , I keep them covered with pants and long shirts but it's hot out so I'm not going to walk around like a nun , lol , joking , I can't wait 4 winter and using my product's because you can get more results not burning up ya' arm's in the sun. we'll hit me up some one who's willing to try this and who has tried this. ??

haloderm soap , gel , lotion , g g teint , and acid peel 50% . my works !!

im giving pics , my body has gotten lighter from haloderm soap , and gel haloderm and lotion haloderm and g g teint , my arms have lighten up but not as much as rest of body and acid peel on tummy , my tummy looks good no dak spots at all from stretch marks I take a picture 2day im kinda chubby , , lol
This mite sound really stupid But how to apply hydroquinone 10% I'm having a big day in 3 weeks and I wanna lighten my body I'm so scared I would turned out having black and white spot patches kind Like i want even tone
Monobenzone is very dangerous:; It can work..... although not for all: I have Vitiligo:::: and I have used monobenzone:::: it works well on some area and other suddenly reverse back with super darker skin::: You can never stop using monobenzone when u start":: If you stop: You will get dark!!!! and if you don't have chronic Vitilgo(Patches all over body) It can also give you ridiculous patches___Ugly once____ make ur situation worse than it is:::: Also if you use it over 20%, You have a very high chance of turning pink! or Purple!!!!!!!! As a Vitiligo Patient: I now eat lots of natural food::: Fruits! Multivitamins! Glutathione liquid L-Glutathione (6x,9x,30x,60x) 2 oz(I buy mine from pureformula . com and also use different agents for light the darker surrounding of my patches, which works well for me. Monobenzone::: Must be administer and you have to be watch by a skin doctor to make sure: You Progress. I have a friend who uses monobenzone 20 cream mix with natural grape seed oil mix 50/50 and it work well for her::: I am not taking the chance again!!!!!!!! DO UR research!!!!!!!! pls....
wow , it says its safe 4 those who has vitiligo

holderm soap , lotion , and peels , i'll show tummy later on

more pics , what u guy's think. working , or no , just look @ my last pic's , it's even staying off in the sun , , whoo hoo , guy's i want something to increase arm's to lighter to mix with the haloderm

look guy's !!

i used to have dark spots on my arm's no spots , just the vitiligo , i will keep using and keeping you guy's updated

slow progress is better

TRUTH!!! A slow progres is A great progress , to fast leaves spots like hydroquinone done to me and another female on this site
When you exfoliate do you apply the lightening cream after? Almost like a moistrizer or are these done in different weeks?
I used high percent of HQ+Kojic+Deoxy Arbutin+Alpha Arbutin+Retina A+Peeling regime+Grapeseed oil+Glutathione serum+Glutathione Homeopathic liquid drinks+Vitamin C. Hi CXBABE, I couldn't agree more, don't bleach if your broke...I have seen a few of people that I know bleach, looks good for while and then, it's like what the hell happened....they could not afford the up keep. What % of HQ did you use? Also, did you mix the following together HQ+Kojic+Deoxy Arbutin+Alpha Arbutin+Retina A. I know a few different website that I can order a few of these ingredients, do you have a preferred site to order the ingredients from.. Thanx
A Quick Story:: There are only few secret/regime out there to a lighter skin and one has to know how to use it...... Many don't know and they keep/kept applying all this ridiculous companies products/spending out their last penny on useless products this foolish companies makes with very minimum input and they provide no effect..... You will live on it for ever and still not get any solid results, rather damage yourself/skin...... If anyone wish/want to bleach their skin/lighten their skin::: It does not matter! Its a matter of choice! anything you want in life, Go for it. Anything that makes you--->happy.... Go for it. But if you are going to do it/slash go for it,---- Do It Right!!!!!!! Most of this big companies items don't works.(They are out to get the Mula and give you nothing but emergency room for it(Damage your skin from prolong usage of rubbish)! You wanna bleach or lightened? You can do it in less than 6-9month and be flawless, then start maintaining afterwards. Super Bleach and start maintaining. I have/had Vitiligo under/rear/underarm/kneck/ spotted face:::: So I bleached.... All the way baby. I got tired of people asking me silly questions about spot on my face/arms. I used high percent of HQ+Kojic+Deoxy Arbutin+Alpha Arbutin+Retina A+Peeling regime+Grapeseed oil+Glutathione serum+Glutathione Homeopathic liquid drinks+Vitamin C and take Vegan base multivatamin daily+I take healthy vegan base herb+Constantly exfoliating+love cool water.... I use protection anytime I am stepping out... cover up. I love to eat::; Healthy Natural - No Can/No Processed food. No sugar+I get most of my sugar from fruit n love natural honey/other natural source food..(I am addicted to Vitamin C fruit lol. I avoid artificial product.. I am mostly a fruit/slash veggie eater....I avoid oily dishes---- I only do virgin olive oil/pure grapeseed oil. I dont eat nuts much. I am Super flawless. I avoid any of the chemical above getting into my eyes, I am super close to my doctor! I dont do sun!!!!!( I am purely a night chick!!!!) I do not swim in Chlorine pool, I don't wear the same cloth in a day/week! i change bedsheet 3 times a week.... White sheets all the way...I do not use chlorine or use high chemical detergent or anytype of chlorine soap to wash my cloth--->(Believe me, when I do my laundry- after the laundry---> I rewash the clothes without detergent or soap/I re-use with just water-- to make sure all chemical are out of the clothes!!!) I do not smoke/hang around smokers! I dont drink Soda/Prep juice/put anything with alcohol in/on me--- I love water- No tap water..... I do not wash dishes/laundry without gloves! I don't use benzoyl peroxide for acne or any other product-if i get acne(doctor prescribe topical antibiotic/oral and I drink lots of water----straight up) and much more.... Wow I became Unique Chick.I don't ever put phone/anything close to my face....... I do only bluetooth--- No chance for bacteria transfer.... I use bluetooth. I only touch my face when prepping after sanitizing... My man can't rub my face lol. If you aint got no money-Dont bleach/lighten..... Its a journey!!!!(because if you go broke-you go dark- LOL). If you are trying to lighten do it once and for all..... I just couldn't imagine myself applying 2-4% Hq on my body or other counter rubbish on my skin, Gosh!!!! for how long???___No effect!. I went for the big deal.... It ain't cheap.... Vitiligo aint no joke either::: So I spend/spent.... I fix the shit.... Bleach it up...lol. The last thing I need/needed on my face/body was a patchy skin.... So I Fixed It. This my story .... Don't do anything.... without proper research/physician assistance.

I was getting photos therapy and it blistered me and made the sun hurt even more .

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