Surgery done 2/25 - Back in for cleaning/restitching 3/18

Well, today I had my consult with the plastic...

Well, today I had my consult with the plastic surgeon. I am 40 years old and have been thinking of getting my breasts reduced for many years. I am 5'6" and 152 lbs. I have lost about 25 lbs in the last year, with no change to my breasts. I have had back and neck pain for years and spent countless $$$ on massage. I did also do PT for my back a few years ago and am currently doing PT for my shoulder. I wear a 42 DD bra, but have never been fitted properly, so I am very likely a smaller band size and a G cup or more. :-/ The dr. Is talking about taking me down to a C cup. I think I may ask for a small D/ full C. He gives me an 85% chance of insurance approval. I should know in 2-6 weeks. I feel so brave and empowered that I am actually pursuing this option.

HI! Just wanted to let you know that I used the same dr. as you. Overall I was very pleased with him and also the results of my BR. I had my reduction in June 2012, so coming up on almost 9 months. I was 41 when I had mine, and about the same breast size. I am now a B-C cup and couldn't be happier. The pain and numbness is totally gone!!!! I hope insurance comes through for you. My insurance covered mine and I wieghed more and am currently in the process of losing. Your current weight is where I am trying to get: so I have about 25 more lbs to go. Any type of documentation of previous problems will help with insurance. Good Luck!

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Good luck! Just keep thinking positive and it will come together! I was recently approved! I feel like that took a little longer then expected but now I have my surgery date of 2/1 so now I feel like everything is moving together quick! Its exciting just stay positive! Best of luck! And congrats on your future approval!

Surgery done yesterday, now I am sitting in the...

Surgery done yesterday, now I am sitting in the hospital waiting for breakfast. I have only taken three pain pills so far. It really doesn't hurt too badly. Maybe I have a high pain tolerance. I don't know. The surgery itself took about three hours, started at 8:30am and I was in my hospital room, semi-coherent by 1pm. I had general anesthesia, and so my throat is sore from the breathing tube. Other than that, no bad side effects except intense itching, which I didn't know was a side effect of general anesthesia. Benadryl took care of it though. I've had some IV fluids and antibiotics, and I have drain tubes in. My chest feels tight and swollen, and is encased in a surgical bra. The pain is more of an ache, with stinging along the stitches I guess. I haven't seen anything except gauze and the bra. Supposed to get out of here today, s I'll post more later.

Tomorrow I see the dr. for my first follow up. I...

Tomorrow I see the dr. for my first follow up. I assume the drains will come out. I don't know if the stitches will yet. I have had very little pain from this surgery. I'd heard it was quite painful, but I can lift my arms, move freely, just about everything. I am trying to take things slowly to to compromise my recovery, but I feel really good. I'll post more tomorrow after my follow up visit.

I just got back from having my drains and stitches...

I just got back from having my drains and stitches taken out. It didn't really hurt, a few stings here and there for the stitches and the drains didn't hurt at all. I am a little itchy right now and a little feeling like I want to treat these ladies like glass bubbles for a while! I can take a shower now, which is awesome. I was given some betamethasone cream for the scars and also told to put petroleum gelee (given to me by the dr.) over that, starting next week. I have a little bleeding/drainage from the drain spots and some stitches. Next follow up is in three months.

Forgot to add that I asked and found that I had...

Forgot to add that I asked and found that I had 650 grams removed total (about 1.5 lbs.). Wow!

So, I just found out today that I will need to...

So, I just found out today that I will need to have my right vertical and the connection part of the anchor cleaned out and restitched on Monday. It has not healed up correctly. No infection that I can feel, but the incision is full of yellow slough, and it won't heal well without intervention. So, same day surgery on Monday. Sigh. And I have to sneak in a quick new, pre-op since mine will be 34 days, not under 30. And this was a complete last minute surprise to me, I mean, it needs to be done, but trying to get ready for all this on a Friday for a Monday surgery is a pain. I am glad I am not working right now, so I have the ability to do this.

Holy cow. Just saw the hospital bill and updated...

Holy cow. Just saw the hospital bill and updated my total. Thank goodness for insurance.
Eau Claire Plastic Surgeon

I saw Dr. Rucker for a birthmark removal and that's when I started thinking of the reduction. He doesn't talk very much, I guess I'd call him taciturn, but all instructions were written down and he did a BEAUTIFUL job.

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