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I know everyone is wondering about this new &...

I know everyone is wondering about this new & improved treatment for Cellulaze. I was too, up until just about 6 weeks ago. I looked it up online, and without any hesitation I knew this is exactly what I NEEDED to do. After my consultation and my doctor letting me know there were 2 different options, I chose Cellulaze. I'd like to say that Cellulaze chose me. Especially with the doctors office being just a few miles away. By the way... this won't be your average review, because I'm sort of a story-teller.

Let me start by saying, I have had cellulite since I was about 14 years old. I am now a few months shy of turning 25. I will never forget the first time I had ever seen it on the back of my legs. I was sleeping over my grandmothers house & I looked at my ass in a mirror, turning my head around as far as the eye could see. Disturbingly, I had noticed what looked to be like dimples, on my upper thighs. I ran directly to my grandparents bedroom and started screaming that I had bumps and indented marks on my legs. My grandmother said, "Well, turn around then, let me see." After turning around, my Grandmother said to my Grandfather, "You'd better look at this, there's something the matter with her legs." My Grandfather, being from a family of overweight sisters, simply laughed. I forgot, I had asked the woman who had nearly been 98 pounds her entire life. As a matter of fact, no sister of hers, her mother, grandmother, or any aunt of hers had ever been over 115 pounds, including being pregnant... Oh, how unfair. *Luckily* for me, with genetics and a super-unhealthy diet combined, I was cursed with his side of the families wonderful thighs...... Not. Thats alright because he was the greatest man to ever live, so I completely forgive him for that!

While always struggling with cellulite, I ran, and walked, and kept eating too. Do you ever try and try to feel better, like say, start eating massive amounts of salads and start running/speed walking/yoga and then look at your cellulite, and give up? Well, thats what I kept doing. (My personal favorites are never letting a boyfriend see the back of your thighs, and then stepping on your tiptoes on the beach making pretend thats going to hide it. Haha.)

I have most certainly been one to buy every single cream, every single little thing, you name it, I have tried it. Once I saw this, I knew it was meant to be. The only part that "hurt" was when I was getting the local anethesia applied to my legs intravenously. Other than that, you'll be fine. The doctor gave me an awesome garment (a nice expensive one) & arnica beads, and a prescription for Percocet. I highly reccomend only using the painkillers for no more than 3 days. When you do not take them, it speeds up the healing process!

Best part of this entire entry, is that I got this procedure about 5 weeks ago, and my confidence has already boosted. Minus the fact that I've consumed the entire contents of my refrigerator & FREEZER, due to my *friend* coming tomorrow, I feel better already!

Today was my follow up, and the PA said that I look about 20% better. Hey, 20% is better than negative 85% that I would have probably felt, let alone looked, had I not had this procedure. She says next time I go to my follow-up I will be about 20% better. (Fingers crossed! And hey- thats 40%! I'll be almost 10 weeks out around then. Around June 9th will be where I should be seeing my full results, the PA said. I am excited. Its about time I walk on the beach and enjoy my body for the first time in my life!

Oh, and my incision marks are absolutely gone. The PA said there is virtually nothing there. I don't even see where he went in. I will post pictures, soon. I have a problem even taking them. Next month, when I go on May 16th I will definitely post all the ones they took at the office. (March 9th, April 12th, May 16th) For all you picture junkies, get ready. I don't care if my legs aren't going to appease your cellulite appetite- but they are surely doing me justice!

Stay tuned.


I'm so glad you are happy!  Thanks for sharing your story. :)  I can't wait to see your pics.

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Thanks for starting your story. That is great that you are already seeing a 20% improvement. How did you do with the garment wearing??

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P.S. Looking forward to your pictures!!

Hi, I am about 2 weeks shy of posting my pics. I...

Hi, I am about 2 weeks shy of posting my pics. I might post some later today, not sure yet. I need to figure out how to crop them on my iphone. I just wanted to say, if you really want your legs to start looking good you NEED to be proactive about this. You need to get up and be positive every single day, no matter what bruises, or lumps, or discomfort. That will only bring you down! You need to massage your own legs EVERY SINGLE DAY, its your body, don't be afraid. You also need lots of arnica, and lots of bromelain. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I don't want to hear anyone whining and crying that they've waited forever to have smooth legs and then be caught at the Burger King drive-thru. This is your second chance ladies, you must exercise and eat healthy if you want this to work. This isn't magic..I am going broke at the moment because I'm doing an overload of shopping Boiron products on Amazon, which everyone needs to do, I will post every single thing I ordered later. I know how it can be expensive, but it's worth it. I am doing everything in my power to walk on the beach with no shame this summer.

Ohhhh.. and my legs.... They continue to get better every single day. I massage them at night, and I scrub them in the shower. If you want to get better, you need to help yourself. If you're just going to sit around and wait for a miracle, you're out of your mind.... FYI you NEED to want it, you have to do your own research, find your own remedies, see what works best for YOU, and DO it.


Your post-op pics look great! I'd love it if you would add some pre-op pics as well so we can compare the before and after. Its hard to know how much improvement there was just seeing the afters.

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I had my butt done on April 25 and during and after the treatment I was in so much pain, today was my two week check up the doctor said it looks good, I am still numb and tender. the doctor said it will be like this for a while. tomorrow I get back to the gym. the worse part now is waiting for the results and not knowing if it was worth the pain and money.
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Girl, tell me about it. I am running and doing yoga about 5x a week and I feel like I have been stuck. I keep looking at the back of my legs, turning my head exorcist style and I keep seeing the same two legs, with the same indents, but I have to give it to the side of my thighs, they are keeping my spirits up. Pretty sure there is almost no cellulite on the side of my thighs anymore. Fingers crossed. This Saturday will be 10 weeks since my procedure. I am really basing my results around Mid-June. Come on legs!!

It's almost been 20 weeks!

I am about a month shy of seeing "full results.." Just a few things to say.... If you plan on getting this surgery you need the following, and in this specific order:

Kinesio Tape
A new pineapple addiction
Positive attitude
More exercise
More Arnica (try Arnica pellets, oil, Gel.. or all 3)
More Kinesio Tape
Don't lose hope

Update on my legs: Great improvement. Truly, I feel it was worth it, because my surgery wasn't such a big investment ...with my doctor giving a more than generous price. ..I am soo much more confident & happy with myself. I have been working out VERY hard, and I should credit that to the success as well. I still have what looks like bruising a little on my right thigh. That sure does bother me. I am getting over it though, I'm giving it 4 weeks to disappear & then I'll start to be annoying and question the doc. Otherwise, they did say 6 months! MAKE SURE YOU WEAR SUNSCREEN IN THE SUMMER! ESPECIALLY ON YOUR BRUISES! If not, YIKES!


what is the Kenesio tape for? Do you wear it under your garment and when?
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What is the Kenesio tape for? Do you wear it under the garment?
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I love that you included hope and a positive attitude in your list of things needed. :)

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Cellulaze done almost 1 year ago - Results & My Doctor is just too awesome

Cellulaze was awesome. It really helped my legs. Taking your vitamins, exercising 5x a week, eating healthy, and maintaining a positive attitude throughout are what really makes the results that much better. Dr. Lombardi has got to be one of the nicest doctors I've ever met! I had a few veins come from the procedure over time and he brought me back into his care & did a few N-Lite procedures completely free of charge. He doesn't give up until his patients are 100% satisfied, that says so much! His staff, even down to the front desk are some of the most professional in the field. He is truly intelligent. Not only do I feel that he is a master at what he does, but he knows how to run a business. I was upset about a few veins that came about and he wanted nothing more but to make me happy. What a business he runs!

I really want to have my breasts done.. since forever. I will be waiting until after I have children to have that procedure done, and I will MORE than DEFINITELY be using Dr. Lombardi. So professional. His staff & he actually CARE & make sure you're happy, which in my book, is what matters the most.

Can't wait to have those kids and get my dream breasts!

Oh yes, and if you are having doubts about Cellulaze, you have to remember to WORK OUT after surgery (not directly, obviously) ! SQUATS ! LUNGES! RUNNING! WALKING! SWIMMING!

Also, its definitely a recommendation of mine to have the procedure done in Oct, Nov, Dec (winter months) definitely no later than January so you can without-a-doubt see results for the summer.



would like to see pics, I also have have had ugly cellulite since my teens and I've never been over 112lbs. I really want to get this done!
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Any updated pics?
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The kinesio tape is hard to explain. You'd have to google it, I don't want to give a half-correct answer. How was your procedure? What did you end up doing? What doctor did you see, are you from NJ?
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