The RN Explained everything I needed to know about...

The RN Explained everything I needed to know about Botox (thought I had had it before, I wanted to hear the whole speech). I had the crow area done and the forehead. With her delicate touch, I hardly felt half of the sticks when she was doing it, and had no bruising.  I paid $1200 area on Park Ave, and $625 in Great Nk and Port Jeff. I would ONLY go to This provider from now on!

I AM A BELIEVER .. It was 6 months before I had to...

I AM A BELIEVER .. It was 6 months before I had to go back for another round of Botox, and WITHOUT a doubt, I went back to Darlene at laser techniques in Eastport NY. It is so convient that it is right off Sunrise hwy on my way from NYC to the Hamptons. This time I took before and after. WAIT until you see the difference! I would NEVER go without botox again!

Darlene Heimmer RN

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but why would u have this procedure done by a Registered Nurse??? Any injections to the face, that is so dangerous and cause muscle damage and paralyze you even, should be done not ONLY by a medical doctor, but also a medical doctor thats board certified. The idea a Nurse is allowed to do that, no matter what "training and seminars" they took, is mind blowing! I'm shocked!!!
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I have been going to an RN for over a year for Botox and Juvaderm. I have complete faith in her knowledge and abilities. I have heard of many "botched" Botox procedures from plastic surgeons. I feel just as comfortable with an RN as a physician.
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Ooooh yes, sorry, I did not realize you were in Minnesota.. Finding someone to trust/who's experienced is the most important.. The $4 factor always plays in, but ultimately it is about getting a SAFE procedure.. I am VERY glad and lucky that I found Darlene.. Do you live in a rural area? It might be better to go nearer to a large city.. Just a thought.
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I wish I had that kind of $$$ and lived where you live so I could go and get a consultation. I live in Minnesota and honestly you never knw who you can trust!! My sister and hairdresser both had Botox done and both had been scammed and had been diluted with saline!! Thanks and again you look great!!! I wish a doctor from Minnesota would be reading this but that would be to easy and also the woman I go to right now said since my skin is so thin and sensitive below my eyes that I'm better off finding a over the counter serum to use. I have tried the amount of several mortgage payments on crap like that, all that stuff are scams!!!
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I am looking at your pictures and was wondering how the heck your wrinkles below your eye disappeared?? Did you have something else done besides Botox because my eyes look like yours in the before picture and after Botox they did not change! Please let me know if you had injections below your eyes, I go back for a follow up on Monday. Thanks and your eyes look GREAT!
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I would love to know this as well. I've only had Botox once, but the majority of my lines are under my eyes (where my cheeks scrunch up when I smile). I got a little botox under my eyes & it gave me a little bit of eye bags - would love to know if you get eye bags when you smile after these injections, or if like SORTKWIK asked, if you tried a filler as well, cause your after looks phenominal!


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I have not posted about underneath my eyes for that is a work in progress, and I wanted to see what the outcome was.. Darlene has been working with a laser for under the eyes, not with botox.. The lines and bags I had there have greatly diminished over a period of almost a year.. Obviously she will tell you that all results vary with each person, but I will say that she is the most informed, understanding, honest and helpful person that I personally have met in the field and a VERY reasonable cost.. For more information PLEASE feel free to contact her for she always has time to give an assessment for your needs.. I continue to go to her between two to four times a month depending upon my needs and events.. (Side note: she has three different lasers, please make sure to mention me so that she knows which treatments you are inquiring about.)
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Thank you very much :)

It is always good to hear that the time and money pay off! I have responded above to SORTKWIK's question which should clarify more.. I always suggest to contact Darlene for a more in depth answer, but I can say that I am VERY pleased with my results..
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I have been getting Botox injections about every 4-6 months from darlene, and never once have I felt ill afterwards.. Darlene has such a gentle touch, I havent had any bruising either.. But these are my experiences. I am not sure why these other women feel ill.. Maybe it is where they are going, and perhaps they are getting too much done? I do not know about the actual botox they are getting, maybe it is old? But I know darlene at laser techniques is east moriches always gets a fresh shipment almost every week. I know I was worried the first time, but I had her do small amount just to try it out, and it was great! I think it is like anything you do the first time, you wonder about the unknown. All I know now, is that I HAVE to have it.. LOL .. Hope this helps! :)

Also! She has a summer special going on right now! THREE areas for $625 !! I think she is the best!
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I was just wondering if there was any reaction after the feeling sick. I read a lot of post where women are saying they are actually getting physically ill from Botox. That is another reason I'm holding back from getting it done.
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The first time I got Botox, I had some Juvaderm injected also for my marionette lines. Later that day I had a tummy ache. After a couple hours I felt better. The tummy ache came back the next night. Each time since, I have felt not so great, but it's less and less each time. Some of it could be psychological I think.
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I would absolutely die without my injections. My doc does it right and without any pain every time. If you find someone you like, stay with them!
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Thanks Rabbit_214 for the response.
Both eyes (R & L)look great!
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I don't want to sound like a nit picker, but are the pics of the same eye or both eyes? It looks like the first pic is from the left eye and the second pic is from the right eye.
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I changed the photo so that the before and after are of the same (right) eye now .. Thanks for that question! All to happy to clear it up!
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Hi Rabbit,

Welcome to the Botox community! That's great you had such a positive experience. Since everything worked out so well are you going to continue getting Botox in the future? We would love to see pictures if you are comfortable sharing. Please keep us updated. 

Thanks so much for the review,


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