My Journey Through a BA & BL PO 2 Wks- with Dr.Rex in Fall River MA

So a little back history, I am currently 31 yrs...

So a little back history, I am currently 31 yrs old and have an 8 year old whom I breastfed for 3 years. My breast have seen better days!! After going from an A to a DD while breastfeeding and back down to an A again, my breast have been deflated. I can't currently wear bras or even bathingsuit tops without the skin sagging out or under... Its horrible! SO after a great gift from my grandma, I am on the search for new boobs.

I have had one consultation so far, that was with a surgeon at MGH which I was not too impressed with. She was very quick, didnt show any previous work on patients like myself, and HIGHLY suggest I need a lift which scares me to death because I do not want the scaring. I am awaiting my next appointment with Dr. Rex in Fall River for a consult and see what he suggests for my situation.


I have a few friends in Boston who all saw Dr. Jason Cooper who works out of Tufts along with MGH. The work I've seen on 3 friends have been great. 2 were breast lifts with implants. Hope this helps :)
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Hi, I have my BA next week and I think yours look quite similar to mine:-) I'm not having a lift and over 375 overs so hopefully if you see my after pictures it would give you a good idea what to expect! Good luck with what ever you choose x x
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If u r worried about scarring, click on my profile and go to my review. I am only 16 days out and can't hardly even see the cut area, much less a scar. I luv the new tata's.
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I had my second consult yesterday with Dr.Rex in...

I had my second consult yesterday with Dr.Rex in Fall River. OMG was this such a different consult. I really really like Dr.Rex a lot. He let me take my time, he fully explained everything (esp the reason WHY i need a lift!!). I really wanna book it right now, but my dad really wants me to see the guy in Providence as well. I just dont want to get more confused. Theres really no difference between the doctors, education wise. They both went to brown, both certified... etc...

SO! During my visit, we definitly decided on 400cc looked the best!! I do need the lift because my nipples ARE below the crease of my breast. MAKES SENSE!! He also did 30 times more measurements then the last dr at MGH. He showed me pictures of lifts he has done, one even being his wife who had the SAME breast shape/size and coloring as myself and they came out amazing. You could barely see the lift scars. He even told me that he wouldnt even do the surgery if I told him I didnt want the lift at all because I would be back within 4 months because the breast would not hold. I can definitly see where I do need it! So im ALL go for the lift.

The only thing that I am having a hard time with is the SALINE OR Silicone.... I really dont know which to choose. My friend just switched hers to silicone.... i see so many switch to silicone or wish they got silicone. Money is not the option...i want the best results... AHH!!!

So I will see if i can still make this appt for surgery June 22nd.... still go to the guy in providence and then really choose. I dont want to lose that date becuase im losing my windows to do this operation. EECK! Its getting closer!!!

Posting pictures of myself in 400cc taken at his office!! BOY was he patient with my friend and I!!!

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OK ITS MADE!!! JUNE 20th it is!!! 8am surgery.......

OK ITS MADE!!! JUNE 20th it is!!! 8am surgery.... AH its real now... and im scared :/


Wow that size really suits your frame! I still didn't have the lift but although droopy my nipple was above my crease so thats why I think I got away with just having the implant:-)
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Wow u r going to look great. I love the.shape u have. Dr. rex does an amazing job. I love my boobs and.everyone thinks they are real. I wished i would have got the silicone. They feel more real. I will switcjed next time i get them done.
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Hey jenn~ Sounds like you found a great doctor. It's important to follow your gut instinct and choose a surgeon you feel most comfortable with. I think you are going to look AMAZING after your BA! I had mine done in January. went from a small, deflated B cup to a full C and feel awesome!!! I have silicone, chose it over saline because it feels much more natural. Thanks for sharing your story & Good Luck:-)
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OK!! Made another appointment on TUE, the 12th to...

OK!! Made another appointment on TUE, the 12th to check sizes and silcone vs saline ONE MORE TIME!! And pay...

Those are just driving me NUTTS the past few days. Starting to get wicked nervous that im gonna pick the wrong things and wish i did the OTHER, or wish i went bigger/smaller. I am looking at pictures constantly which is probably the WRONG thing to do.

On a good note, I did talk to a girl at my gym and we found out that her friend went to the SAME dr!! And she is thinking about the same dr when she loses more weight. Its like a sign!!! Theres just been so many people with great things to say about Dr.Rex.

EECK!!! Less then 2 weeks now :)


yay!!!! now for the week wait. rofl he gave me valum to take... so... hope it helps. picking saline!
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Congrats making your appointment!!! So excited for you!!! what kind are getting?
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Just throwing my 2 cents in about silicone vs saline
I had debated the issue myslef.
Safer vs. more natural feeling?
I decided to go with silicone for these reasons
1) feel more natural
2) if ruptures will stay in one piece- silicone will not run or go anywhere
3) If I had saline and it ruptured, my breast would deflate within 24 hours. I would need something more than my inital surgery costs to get it fixed and I would need to do it immediately or live with lopsided boobs until I could afford to fix it.

Number 3 was the biggest reason, further enforced by number 2.
Ultimately it is your decision. You need to decide what you are willing to "risk". I read a review where a lady had saline and they kept rupturing. 2 or 3 ruptures in 1 year. Can you imagine the cost and the recovery time for each surgery????
I decided NO THANK YOU! I'll take silicone and have less worry.
There are youtube videos on silicone vs saline.
Check them out-
Good luck!
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SO!!! 6 more days til the BIG DAY! I saw my PS one...

SO!!! 6 more days til the BIG DAY! I saw my PS one last time with my mother. My mother tried to talk me out of doing it AGAIN. Not gonna happen. Sorry she feels that way... we are such two different people. I feel wicked good about this!! Scared... but good. Love Dr.Rex... I just hope he is as good as I hear from everyone else. He did write out my scripts that day, and I did talk to him about how nervous im gonna be so he did give me valiums for the night before. That is gonna be the longest night of my LIFE!! SO... One more week of crossfit... I have made so many gains, I just hope I dont lose them. Especially my pullups, but im keeping positive. My goal is to STAY at this body weight... AND PRAY i can get back to things little by little and SOON. ROFL We will see how it goes ;) All set for 400cc SALINE!! Moderate plus profile.

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5 more days now... Trying to NOT drive myself...

5 more days now... Trying to NOT drive myself crazy. I keep second guessing the size. I think I will just tell him "Don't be afraid to fill me up a little more!! ROFL" SO we will see... I need to stay OFFLINE til its over because that just drives me even more crazy with all the pictures of everyone esles. But getting excited!! My mother tried to deter me from doing it... she wont talk to me at all about it. I am driving my boyfriend slightly crazy with all the boob talk. But all in all... I feel good!! I can do this!!!


I think the sizers look great, very proportioned to the rest of your body. I know what you mean about feeling a little crazy about the size and everything. It's all that I seem to think about! I have my pre-opt tomorrow and i'll add photos to my review. After I decide on the size (hopefully tomorrow) I'm done looking at others pics because I think It'll make me keep second guessing myself. You look great and I'm sure if you keep the nutrition under control you will bounce right back into your workout routine. Maybe a little more bounce than you had before! :) He He! One consult I had said no more push-ups & fly's, hard when you crossfit. I'm not sure if that's the general thinking but he said for sure no sooner than 3 months because it can displace the implants. Did your PS say anything about that? Do you eat Paleo style too? I know a lot of cross fitters do... Good luck! I wish you the very best in your recovery and fabulous results!
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Another 2 cents- get 25cc's larger than what you think is the size you want.
I have pics on my site showing what i look like with sizers in- looks too big and unattractive, however that is the size i got counting on the idea that they look smaller in. And I found it is VERY true! See for yourself! I have a pic of me pre-op, pre-op with sizers, and post-op all with the same tank on.

Anyways, good luck and whatever you decide to get - I am sure you will LOVE them more than what you started out with, right?? Lol
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Thanks! yes i discussed this with him. He also has the option of ADDING in cc with the saline... which he will if it doesnt look like the sizers. :) He did that with my friend too. Very excited!! AND YES... they will be WAY better then what i have right now regardless rofl

2 more nights... today I feel like I wanna puke....

2 more nights... today I feel like I wanna puke. All weekend long I was so calm... had a great Father's Day... WAS SUPER EXCITED. Now the nerves are just kicking in. I CAN MAKE IT!! This time next week... Ill have boobies that I HOPEFULLY LOVE LOVE LOVE.


My recovery has been good . My dr doesn't let me do much . I went back to work after 10 days . I'm a waitress so a lot of reaching lifting and other . I hope when I go on the 25 she says go do what ever u want . Going crazy want to ride my horse ad alot of things need done. . I feel really good .
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Hi ! I went with saline . I love them mine are soft and feel natural . Your big day is almost here . You will love your new boobies . Good luck on your surgery . My mom loves mine . She said she would love to get it done . I'm happy for you
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Thanks! im excited. im actually happy with the saline choice :) 2 more days!!! ACK How was your recover?

Im alive an well.. but def in loads of pain. I...

Im alive an well.. but def in loads of pain. I think i metabolize the percs way too quickly. Called my lovely PS though and i can take an extra one on top of the two and valiums.

Really loved everyone though! Had a wonderful experience. To those going in, NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT!! Just relax. its not as bad. When i came out, I wasnt in too much pain. Its just now (6 hours later) that its SUCKING!!! Was hoping id be one of the lucky ones, but i think its just because im small on top. The nurse mentioned that when she did my IV.

Im all wrapped up! I dont think I look that big althogh everyone around me says they do. He ended up putting in 420cc... That makes me happy. YAY. I will be able to see and take pics tomorrow.

Also... I didnt realize how much my upper back is KILLINGG!!!!!! Ugh... Just gotta get through these 3 days. Maybe ill be the lucky one where i get better tomorrow.

LOVE YOU ALL THOUGH!! Thank you for your support Will update more tomorrow.


Woot woot! Happy day! Hope you have a fast recovery! The first few days are the worst, You are going to be so happy!
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thank you!!!! doing wonderful... better then I thought. will update when im not so looopyyy rofl
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Hope all is going good today !
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DAY 2: Little better today. Getting cranky from...

DAY 2: Little better today. Getting cranky from the pills. BUT all in all, lots better then yesterday. Taking a shower was wicked hard. I felt super sick... I think just taking off the bra made it all rush to me. I wanted to PUKE! cant wait til this is over though. I was super scared to see what it would all look like. AND OMG!!! I am so happy. I think they look amazing. I think they will look very natural... great shape. My Dr. did an amazing job on the cuts. SO far so good. I am very very happy. Well worth all this hell! rofl Bareable hell.

SO for all you ladies worried. DONT BE! nothing to be worried about. Its not pain you cant handle... the results are worth it. I am happy I got the lift. yes it was a shock knowing i would need it, but happy i did that. Just find the right dr for you. Will keep more pictures updated as time goes on!!! Off to go spend the day watching movies with my bff!!! And keep drugged up. Trick is to time it all so you dont feel the pain.


They look good so happy for you!
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They look fantastic and when they drop they are going to look perfect I think:-)
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You look totally awesome !!!!
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DAY 3 PO: Hey everyone!! Everything is going...

DAY 3 PO: Hey everyone!! Everything is going wonderful so far. Had to get up... couldnt lay down anymore. ROFL getting up in the morning is kinda hard because everything gets all still over the night. Then you have to get used to it dropping when you sit up. All in all I feel great. I will be happy when I dont need the pain meds. They make me too sick (although the zofran does help) and also too tired. Im not one for liking to feel tired.

There is still a lot of tightness. I just think I have a small chest. Im excited my nipples didnt stretch. Will get to see more today if I can withstand a longer shower (i hope so!!!) hahaha.

One thing I have noticed is im SUPER DRY MOUTHED! AHH... I have been drinking TONS of water but cant seem to keep up with it. All in all I feel good. ONE MORE DAY DOWN!! rofl

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So got in the shower tonight! YAY so much better....

So got in the shower tonight! YAY so much better. Feeling better. Kinda constipated which sucks. Even with the colace. SO BLOATED!! AHH shoot me. but got some more pics. Still wearing the strap to keep em down, but also got a new zip up sports bra from Dick's by UnderArmour that is way more comfy. To my surprise (im a 34 band), I had to get the LARGE! AHHH

Stopped the Percs... wasnt feelin too good on them and taking the motrin now instead with the valiums and Zofran.


So happy your happy ! Have a great day !!!
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DAY 3 POST OP: OK....dealing with the horrible...


OK....dealing with the horrible CONSTIPATION! KILL ME SERIOUSLY... havent gone yet. Im in pain. Colace sucks.. trying milk of mag now. off the Perks cause I cant stand the feeling of them and what they are doing to my constipation. Motrin is working enough for me with the valiums.

Other then that Im great!! Visited the Gym this morning... miss everyone. Sat and watched everyone do crossfit, iced... enjoyed being out. Came home and napped. will update more later tonight when I can.

thank you all for your well wishes! DOIN WELL!! for those worried going in... nothing to worry about. its a breeze ;)


I'm on day 5 Post Op, so we are close together. I took some stool softner (colase) 2 days ago and finally went yesterday! It's gotten better. I've been trying to eat lots of fruit etc. The thing I miss the most is working out. I can't wait to go back. I feel pretty good as well, but my boobs feel very engorged, like I need to nurse. lol. I get more of my pains under or the sides of my breasts. Good luck and you look great :)
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yay!!! how do u lije yours??? did u get lift? yeah mine hurt under too
Your looking really good :-) !
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DAY5 POST OP: Was able to finally get some...


Was able to finally get some black tar out of my butt this morn at 5am. BLAH!! Need to pick up some more milk of mag and colace. Seriously this constipation is worse then the boob job!!Heed my warning. ROFL Never been in so much pain.

AS FOR BOOBIES!! They are great. Trying NOT to do stuff but its totally hard. People are too slow around me. The pain pills make me cranky. Left side is GREAAT other then the fact that when i get up or move that side i hear things (bubbles? air bubble? Popping? Swshing? NOT SURE)!!!! Right side def high and tight. Could be cause I work out and just use that side more. IM HOPING. Im so nervous for complications. TRYING to be patient. I know everyone tells me I look wonderful already. I WANT THIS OVER!! Left nipple i feel, right not so much yet.

Nipples... no feeling yet but zingers now and then. I did have feeling first day. Now not so much. Bruising def setting in. Fine with me though. I always bruise. Gotta keep up with MOVING AROUND!! I know fi I sit I will feel worse. Especial in bowels. I am so thirsty all the time. UHm.... I think thats it... :)

STILL WOULD DO IT AGAIN!! Im happy! And again to those going in. NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! Wish i didnt worry.

Pills im on right now: Colace, Milk of mag, Valiums (need em to relax muscle, he normally doesnt give but I requested), Perk at night only and if im in WAY too much pain and only 1/2 of one and MOTRINS/Advil. Seems to do the best. TRYING to ice... doesnt seem to help plus I cant feel through the bra. Taking a bra break right this sec actually. Need to breath.

Next first op Appt on TUESDAY! Not soon enough rofl

9 Comments right side is high and tight too! I thought it was bc I do more with my right side??? So are you working out now?
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LOL DEF no working out. I do go out walking though a lot... also went to gym to go watch the WODs. I miss my friends ;) ROFL But def taking it easy. My right side is DEF high because i do more with my right hand/arm. :)
I had a gurgling type sound right after the surgery when i moved them around.lifted my arms, pushed on a certain area, etc. I think its the antibiotic and "wash" they inject in there during surgery, plus our own body fluids including some blood perhaps.
Try not to dwell on that.
And be SUPER careful! You dont want to hurt your new boobies and ruin them. I can hear the impatience in your writing! lol VERY important to let them heal correctly. You dont want complications later because of it.I heard another gal had ripped out her stitches b/c she couldn't take it easy.

I guess I couldve warned you more fully about the constipation rather than just mentioning stool softeners but I thought you had surely read about it in other peoples blogs. Have you tried Ex-lax?
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So lets see... POST OP DAY 6: WOW its already...

So lets see... POST OP DAY 6:

WOW its already day 6... its been a blur. day 1 to 4.... ROUGH!! Bearable so dont be scared everyone who hasnt done it yet. Be vocal and call your PS if your worried or need something. Mine has been WONDERFUL!!! LOVE HIM. Can NOT wait to tell him tomorrow. ROFL

My shower yesterday was 10 times better. Honey shaved my legs ROFL... water felt great. Cant shave underarms. UGH!! The angle is too weird. they need to drop!!! BIG TIME rofl. I am moving my arms So much better and can put my tanks on thank goodness. Love the UnderArmour bra at Dicks that I found (zip front) size large. ACK! Mostly because of boobs, not band. Im still a small 34" band. Will do til everything drops, stops swelling, and softens.

I hear popping in left (the side thats softer and moving down more). been told its normal. Right is hard... sucks... but i think cause i use that side more in life that muscle doesnt wanna relax.

MEDS im taking: Valiums (as little as possible) and switched from IBprofen to Tyelnol now (after speaking to office). FEEL GREAT!

Tired from driving today. Daughter had camp and friend. Went SLOW!!! Wasnt too far. Tomorrow ill have someone drive me to my appt since its too far. But now im in bed and beat!! rofl

FINALLY pooped last night. Peeing black tar from my you know what. Fine with me cause now im at least not looking 9 months preg with a belly bigger hen my boobs.

Getting boobie greed!! looking at pics i thnk they dont look big. ROFL IM MEGA emotional on top of everything else. I def DONT regret doing this. Just everything seems to be hitting me day 6.

GOOD NEWS... i have interview for job on wed. Had to tell em i cant lift for 4 weeks for "minor shoulder surgery" . Only a per diem phleb job..... but i need SOMETHING!!! Wish me luck. Will fill in more!!! AND more pics later... i love pics. ROFL I Hope im helping someone!!!

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DAY 6 POST OP: FEEL AMAZING!!! Morning boob not...


FEEL AMAZING!!! Morning boob not so bad today. THANK GOD!!! Was able to prop up on sides sleeping too. YAY... Still just tylenol when i start feeling it. about every 6 hours. Valiums to relax me... i notice that wicked helps. Still bloated as not normal yet on poopin!! BACK TO MY PALEO DIET thank god (i think thats half the problem, im so used to poopin 4 times a day) I know thats prob TMI but letting you all KNOW! HAHAHAHA

Let ya know how POST OP goes today at 2!!!!


Once a day is awesome!! But most people dont even do that. I feel more WONDERFUL going more. Cant wait til im back to that. Releases bloating too. YUP! its all because of paleo :)
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WHAAT??? 4 times a day?!?!?! LOL
Giirrl, Is that normal??
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Hahaha yes... its actually healthier for your body. Poop is getting rid of toxins in your body. Same with pee... Problem with people today is they dont eat food that our body properly processes so they dont poop for a couple days at a time. SO BAD!!!!

1 Week, 1 Day Post OP: My post op appt went...

1 Week, 1 Day Post OP:

My post op appt went AMAZING! He showed me to squeeze them from the bottom every morn and night and thats it. He sat and MOVED EM about kinda hard which kinda made me wanna pass out!! ROFL Be prepared. HAHAHA He did put Metapore (i believe thats what its called but its skin looking like tape) around my scars. THe nipple ones i keep on, shower with. The underneath inciscion i removed, shower and replace. Supposed to work the BEST on reducing scars.

NO MORE BRA! YAY! The strap was taken away. I can go braless, or I can wear a sports bra(still to bed cause feels more comfy) and even got one at VS yesterday. The woman there helped me. She was very nice!! Im like "I need to be measured... OH I have no bra on right now"... She looked at my boobs and was like... WHAAT??? Really?? ROFL Then she said "OHH lots of women have had the procedure (she was very professional and helpful)" She did tell me that when it all settles, shes heard I could go down one cup size. I HOPE TO GOD NOT! I want the cup size I have right now dmn it. I think its hard to believe that though. They are so high right now and the muscle is still pretty compressing the implant that it should drop and fluff to still the same!!

DEF GOT BOOBIE GREED!! Just keep lookin at PAST pictures. Kinda wish I did 500cc... even 600cc... but then maybe I wouldnt have liked it (when i really think about it) because these will be still easy to RUN.... do Crossfit... etc. AND... when i decide to have a baby and need em redone again... ILL GO BIGGGERRR!!!!!! hahahaha

As for activity... Im pretty good!! For a week I couldnt reach up to get things (had one day where i couldnt get food and no one left me anything I could reach!!!!!) That sucked. My appetite still is wicked minimal... either from still feeling neaseaus or just not working out like I used to. I have to choke down food. I get pretty tired by 5pm. Yesterday I drove everywhere (oh drove at day 5) and even did the mall... out from 9am to 5pm... SO YEAH WIPED!!!

PS said I can get back to gym monday doing gentle stuff.... lunges squats situps as long as nothing bothers me. I have to wait 3 weeks to run. And lifting then as well!! AND should be able to do pullups, pushups, EVERYTHING I did before. He said his wife (who had two BA now) does all the HEAVY Kettlebells with no prob (thnk god cause i do 53# KB). He did mention muscle distortion but its not a biggy. I asked about displacement of the implants.... He said NO THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN!! SO! MORAL of the story... FIND THE RIGHT PS!! Make sure they know YOUR life style. I am so happy I went with my gut on this surgeon. Hes AMAZING!! And hes very sweet... gentle... little shy... but loved it because of it :)

SO! Will update as I progress back into CROSSFIT (or if I have any problems, knock on wood I wont)!!

DONT BE SCARED! DO IT if your unhappy with your look and body... Science is just AMAZING today!!!


I think that you'll notice that when you drop they seem to be bigger because you no longer have the implant riding high, it will have dropped to the fuller part of your breast. For me, they dont physically look bigger when i am naked, but under shirts they do. I think its b/c when they r riding high they are actually kind of compressed against your body still. So while you still see the bubble up top your size will likely continue to change.
They look great, congratulations!
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Thanks!! I hope NOT smaller... thats all I care about ROFL When the VS person said OH PEOPLE GO DOWN ONE SIZE... i wanted to smack her. I did NOT want a C.
Well that could be true if you get measured when you are still swollen. Some girls jump the gun and get measured early. Which is not a big deal, but can change how a person looks at boobie implant progression.

But I measured my bustline at 2 weeks approx and now 6 weeks. I went from pre-op 37", to 39" while they were still relatively high, and now 40.5" at week 6.
PerfectMe's photos are good proof of being swollen and much larger to shrinking to a smaller size. I dont remember what time frame hers was. I had rapid recovery so might not have been as swollen as some people get.
Ultimately, we will just have to wait and see how yours turn out! You had a lift too. My guess is that as yours drop and relax, they will look bigger. They are pretty high and tight right now. I judge that by the amount of top bubble you have.
They are gonna look so good, i am excited for you!

Will update when I get time!! BUT Adding pics :)

Will update when I get time!! BUT Adding pics :)


You look hot Jen! I am envying the bod! =)
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You look great :-) !!!!
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2 WEEKS POST OP!! I made it!! Been trying to get...

2 WEEKS POST OP!! I made it!! Been trying to get on enough to write up a little about what is happening. But everything has been going to smoothing and really getting back to normal after day 8 to now, that I haven't had a chance.

Days 8 to 11 I spent the weekend at a Crossfit Competition. It was so much fun!! Drove down FRI to CT and stayed two nights. Spent all day sat at the comp and really felt NORMAL!! IN ALL... Maybe a tylenol here and here. The valiums stopped working with relaxing my muscles so havent taken them anymore. The only ODD thing that started around this time was when I squeezed and released my left breast, it almost is like a suction sound? Ok.... only I HEAR it. Or feel it. Or really can't describe it. ROFL There is no pain with it... so. I just continued to wonder until now. At Day 14 this morn waking up, it seems to have disappeared!! My friend said it was prob an air pocket... I thnk she was right! Thank goodness for her cause she just laughs at my freak outs at this point.

OH also to warn you.. if your anything like me, Youll still be having nightmares some nights. I dunno if the pain pills intensify the dreams or something. But Ive dreamt my stitches falling out (then everything coming out and I had to put it all back together), My right implant moved to my stomach, and then I also dreamed i tattooed acrossed my beautiful NEW BOOBIES! (where i swore that I didnt remember when or where i did it and it was such an ugly tattoo, would NEVER do that either) hahaha. Crazy things!!! The sutures were the worst. BUT NONE OF THAT HAPPENED!!! Its actually been so amazing after that first real WEEK.

So... left is def low and out of my armpit. I can actually FEEL it moving more to the center and down. It happens to be more SORE because of it. Not unbearable... i dont take anything for it. My right is still high (i really think this is due to this being my stronger side) and more in armpit, but starting yesterday I can also feel it sore in my chest and underneath like how the left was a week ago, so im taking this as a sign that its starting to drop and move to place as well.

Still using Micro Pore tape!! I think its amazing. Also holds it all together. I actually replaced the ones around the nipples so I will post the full INCISION pictures right now. I would do a lift again tomorrow!!! I kinda hope they dont drop to TOO natural. I like the in between.

I did go to the gym for the first time yesterday!! YAY! did a mini WOD (my thighs are sore today waking up... success!! thats what i wanted).

My first PO WOD day 13:

took approx 20-30min (didnt wanna out do myself so I went slow to judge how I felt)

10 each leg 2X - Bulgarian One Legged Squats NOT BAD! Was playing around with which side was better on my body. Keeping balance with chest up hard to not fall over. Can use dowel to keep out and balanced, but found putting on my back like a back squat helped best to keep balance while doing it.

10X3 GHD Back Extensions - These were great, but when upside down i had to hold boobies!! ROFL AGAIN! Rest in between. It was hard to catch breath a little when heart rate goes up. Not to mention the way your chest feels weird.

GHD PLANK Tabata Holds 8 of 10sec on, 20 sec off. HARDDD!!! Im not good core anyways, but I tend to i guess tense my chest... SO be careful.

THEN! TO END!! 150 AirSquats.... I kept it simple and small.

So been going topless... bought one VS bra with no padding 34D!! And my under armour coobie type bra as well as the zip up super support one. I kinda ma not a fan of the super support. And as people are asking... will your boobs form to your sports bra... AHhhh I think not ;) they will move to where your body anatomy is pretty much nothing you cant prevent other then, dont do anything that will HURT YOU! And you will know.

Nothing right now hurts, hurts! Ill get ZINGERS... or nipples burn. But nothing big. Strength in arms is getting back just about now in that I can open pill bottles, doors, CHOP VEGGIES! (who would have thought), and also reach up in shelves.

The sucky things, DONT SNEEZE!! OMG... It feels like your whole chest is gonna rip off your ribs. (your first sneeze) I actually just sneezed again (thought DMN IT not enough time to stop it) and wasnt AS BAD as that first one. But def OUCHY!!

AND OH!!! The only thing I really need help with... SHAVING MY ARMPITS! Because the implants are still far out, and in armpits, it creates this impossible hole and i have to kinda stretch the skin while my boyfriend shaves for me. Hes been so good through it all, really!! He's hysterical and really needs to stop because it hurts to laugh, well its SORE to laugh with your chest heaving ROFL.

I GO SEE PS TOMORROW! YAY! Can't wait. I get 4 sutures out... not excited about that but cant wait to hear its all perfect (and when i can get back to CROSSFIT!!!) Still going by what he said last time. Light stuff now, 2 more weeks for running and go by how you feel after that. Waiting patiently, but wicked anxious to do handstands and pullups (my two FAVS). My friend Jen is also going with me for a consult. (Two other girls in my gym will be going now too!!) Its a PANDEMIC! rofl i tell em all... DO IT!! Its not as bad as you think. Know what possibly COULD happen, and know its not forever.

Will upload pics too ;) Hope they are helping!! I know thats what helped me decide the most.

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He cut the two sutures!! Said everything im experiencing is NORMAL and moving along as planned and well :) Cut my two Sutures!! No tape for a couple days to get rid of the glue (thats the purple ugly crap in the pics) and then use it again till i see him in 4 weeks to see how things keep going. Will continue to drop and come outta armpits. Suggests GOING BRALESS most of the time to help the process. (THNK GOD cause id rather BE braless).


Do you know how excited I AM!!??? SOO happy!!! Had my 2 week PO today Went through all my concerns!! DOUBLE checked even mentioned how on here, everyones PS said lateral displacement, etc.... WAIT or NOT AT ALL (to heavy lifting, PU, etc).

YIPPIIIEEEEE!!! Of course I will go as how i feel (dont wanna HURT MYSELF!!!) But def will not sit still for sure ITCHING for crossfit back!!!!

Actually... those 150 air squats DEF made me sore to walk down stairs and sit on toilet (MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!)

NOW... OFF TO THE POOL!!! LOVIN my bathingsuits... SO GOING IN THIS TIME!!!


Jenn, thank you for sharing. Thanks for your candor. I look just like you did, pre-op. It is when I bend or lean over (esp during sex) that it hits me worst. I am having my surgery in one week and am thinking about posting my story. Yours is inspiring. Thank you.
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Congrats girl!! U look great :) totally can relate with the negative breast tisssue !! Not anymore ;) Woohooo for boobies
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Yay !!!! Happy for you !
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DAY 15 ------------------ OFF TO THE POOL!!...

DAY 15

OFF TO THE POOL!! rofl Thought id try out this VS top i bought 4 years ago (yes another one I didnt ever end up wearing)... Its like i have a whole closet of stuff never worn because of my boobs... WOW!!!

LOVE IT.... had to take the padding OUT of course. Will update pics of scars as PS told me to peel off the purple glue stuff... AND WAIT TIL YOU SEE!! WOW... I have a feeling by a year out... You will see NO CUT at all :) SO pleaseeddddd...

Now if these babies would drop more... id be even more happier! ROFL But ill be patient ;) OH!! CROSSFIT TONIGHT BTW! Def still sore from my squats though ROFL. Missing 2 weeks already is gonna bring me back a bit :/ OH well... LOVIN boobiiiesss


Hiya jen~ lookin' good girl!!! Congrats on the new bewbies. They are super pretty ,your PS did a great job. I see you fill out a bikini too. It's fun showing off in a bikini ....luv turning heads at the beach Lol CONGRATS :))
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YUP! The worst for ME... was during sex :( Thats ALL I SAW! Are you getting the lift?? (I AM SOOOO happy I did) even with the scars so far!! YAY... Your surgery is coming. You must be going through the " AM I reallly doing this?? I should cancel?? What if something goes wrong?" Phase... LOL I was crying at that point before. Was horrible!! Now I look back and think... i was worried for nothing!! (knock on wood everything continues so well) but most of the time for this procedure everyones fine. AND STAY OFF BAD STORIES! rofl of course the bad people post their bad ones. ;) SO YES! POST YOURS! I wanna watch how well it goes for you....

GOOD LUCK!! IT will FLY by!!
yay!!! I LOVE finally having boobies :) hahaha

18 days PO ---------------------- SO!! Feeling...

18 days PO

SO!! Feeling great. I DO get tired still and little sore. SLEEPING is still sucky. I mean I try to move to more tummy side and can now put my arm up overhead, but not back to sleeping on my stomach. BOO!!!

Right side still high and tight. Little tighter then my left which makes me nervous, but HE SAID its all normal. I hope to darn so!!! ROFL STAYING POSITIVE!!

Most people at family events.... DIDNT NOTICE!!! So... guess i picked a conservative fit for my body size. ROFL Thats a good thing ;)

Just waiting for this DROP AND FLUFF... hope it doesnt take FOREVER!! Not much more to write. Awaiting til wed to start running, actually its more on my energy level then anything. I FEEL wonderful and have to remind myself i JUST HAD SURGERY 2 weeks ago!!! Give myself more rest... ROFL

Crossfitters.... REST??? WHATS THAT!??? I'll rest when im dead ;)

OH adding more pics of SCARS and how they are doing. I peeled off the purple stuff. Gave two days to dry and now back to the tape!!!


Your scars look f______ amazing! Ha! Thanks so much for sharing your experience and I look forward to reading more : )
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_________________ 3 weeks PO and 3...

3 weeks PO and 3 days

So yesterday we went up to CF1 which is the headquarters here in MA for Crossfit. Did a couple WODS with everyone!! (mind you im only 3 weeks 3 days post op and havent done two wods in a day in over 3 weeks!!)

SO heres what we did... Actually surprised myself in doing LOT more then I thought i could. OF COURSE scaled things and listened to my body (even think it helped to drop my right boob rofl)

WOD 1:

Team of 3 (did it with my 2 other girls from my box)

500m row EACH (while one team member rows, you hold a 45#(scaled down for me) bar in rack position)

50 Burpees split between you and your team (hold 45# barbell in overhead posititon) this is tough for me since mobility in right shoulder is a little tougher. BURPEES feel odd, but YAY i can do them and actually did most of them because thrusters I knew would be hard.

50 Thrusters split between you and team (while team members hold DIP position) Holding the DIP was hard, I actually had to use box to get up into the hold, but actually ALL the girls needed that help rofl so i dont think it was my BA.

I think our time was 16:49

WOD #2: THE CHIPPER! ack Had to scale a lot...

30 of

GHD situps (i did situps on floor cause didnt wanna push it with the pull on my ribs)
Deadlifts (which i did 95#, usually do 155# no prob)
Double unders (NO PROB!!! rofl)
OHS (which i had to do front squats with 35# bar, cant even do OHS now poo.. I used to do 55# OHS previous. I have to get that mobility back again)
Pullups (which i did RINGrows... HARD! UGH)

Dont even remember time... 20min?? as I was last with everything ROFL I dont care. LOTS of fun... I feel sore (the good sore).... BOOBS FEEL AMAZING!! No pain.. left feels like its apart of me already which is cool. Right, still needs to drop , so feeling the kinda DROPness feel to it still.

Im working on mobility and stretching for my chest which REALLY seems to help overall! LOVE MY PS! hes so great... (yes HE OKAY IT ALL!! if your wondering).

As for yesterday, realized cant do rope climbs because theres too much of a pull like when i hang from pullup bar... so those will have to wait a bit. Im thinking in a couple weeks i should be back to pullups and everything else!

JUST KEEP MOVING!! OH and boobs makes handstands SO MUCH EASIER! I can hold a handstand mid air no prob so my progress on handstand walks are going SO well


Wow, I can't believe you are already working out 2 weeks post op. I'm 5 weeks post op and can't take it anymore, so I'm going to try to head back to the gym today as well. We do tons of burpees, pushups, mountain climbers, weights, etc. Hope I can do it just like you did. Dr. didn't want me to go back until 6 weeks, but I figured 5 weeks is close enough, right? lol
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Wow, your workout sounds insane!!! Lol
I have no idea what your abbreviations mean or what crossfit is still, but it sounds intense!
You go girl!
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_------------------------------ 4 WEEKS...

4 WEEKS po

So put my progression pics together.... SO hard to tell.... left I love, right i still hate!!! ROFL of course things cant be perfect. Taking it easy the past couple of days, HOPING my right side muscle will RELAX and it just wont. I think its just ALWAYS friggen tight. :( I WISH it did what the left was doing.

I do have pain in that right muscle... feels like SHOULDER pain or top of my breast and to the side. Its def the MUSCLE. I dunno whats up! Awaiting til I see him Aug 7th... HOPING that maybe in one more week, it will start feeling like my left. I see so many people having problems with their rights as well.


Hey Jenn,
I see in week 4 you got tape back on the nips. Did something happen?
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hey! Nope... nothing. I actually had to use the tape for 6 weeks. I just took it off for some pics and sometimes not for others. ROFL I gotta update my pics though... I go tue for next appt though. See what he says on the right. Its starting to drop, but still a good finger higher. UGH
"Taking a shower was wicked hard. "

I totally remember how it was taking a shower for the first time or even removing my bra/strap for the first time! I felt like I was going to seriously fall over! Reading that brought so many memories back of the first couple of weeks!

Glad you are healing well! I am totally stalking you all over the place! =P
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AND... I have Capsular Contracture in my right breast. I KNEW IT!!! That right NEVER felt right or ever felt like the left. He said it just HAPPENS and im one of the 5% he said. SO! Here i go no the waiting til oct to see if it resolves itself and if not, I have to go back in for a capsulotomy where he gets rid of the scar tissue. Its a quick procedure with local, but I do have to pay the surgical fee :( POO!

ON the bright side of things... im not in any MAJOR pain although I do FEEL it. Its like a tightness and the breast doesnt look like the other. It is a good 2cm higher then the left, but thankfully not SO noticeable in person. AND its fixable! rofl

Heres to waiting!! Will upload more pics later to show. ALSO.. a tall tell sign is when you lay on your breast it feels like a huge softball. And i read that somewhere and YUP! thats what it friggen feels like :(


Lookin good Jenn! I really like seeing the progression pic- really makes it easier to compare!
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HEY!! So its been awhile!! THE LATEST NEWS! I...

HEY!! So its been awhile!! THE LATEST NEWS!

I went in for surgery Last Friday!!! Sept 18th (i believe)... and my PS had to remove scar tissue that built up around the implant on the right side. This kept the implant a lot higher and in an odd shape. ACK!

TODAY I went in for my 1 week POST CAPSULECTOMY/OTMY and he said there was a lot more scar tissue then expected. He had at first said a stage 2 CC... but it was more like a 3/4 after going in. Other then that, he said its all looking well again. He SAYS it shouldnt happen again... heres to HOPING! I know anything is possible but thats ok. Deal with it then!

My scars look amazing!! Even PS said that im healing very well. I really havent done much to them... its all because of PALEO AND CROSSFIT!! ROFL IM so healthy because of it. :)

BACK to lifting this week! (just had to take a week off from this last revision for CC)... I can run next week! YAY... not too bad. Left boob is STILL gorgeous and well!!

POSTING some pics!! The pic of BEFORE and then 1 day after. It will take a few weeks for the right to still drop and the nipple to then point upward. You can TOTALLY see how much lower it is instantly.


Thank you for your excellent review ! I will be having my procedures with Dr. Rex in couple of weeks. I am also a gym freak.....but older than do look great.
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Hey Jenn in Boston, thanks so much for sharing your story! I also am really into crossfit and thinking about a breast augmentation. I breast fed two kids and now look deflated. My biggest fear right now is that I won't be able to comfortably do pull-ups, muscle ups, rope climbs, and all that fun stuff. :) How are you handling all of these things? Do you feel like your implants hold you back at all?
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Hey there!! I am all back to Crossfit. I def think I am not as good as I was before but I live them so much. I look so much better the before. It is diff to get back but if your determined you will have no problem. My hardest is ring dips and push-ups. Rope climbs pull-ups and everything else are fine. Two thee girls at my gym do great with theirs. I really think everyone is diff. If you plan on entering the games and make cf a career... Don't do it. But if its just enjoyment... I highly recommend getting them done. Well worth it!!
Dr. Rex

LOVE Dr. Rex!! I think hes amazing, caring and a great surgeon. Been easy to get ahold of. Hes truthful and it has been a wonderful experience so far. Will post more about him as time goes on!! Called him when concerned about pills, post surg stuff and hes WONDERFUL!! easy to get ahold of. office is wonderful. HIGHLY recommend this surgeon!! I had heard so much about him and glad I went with my gut. He has a great eye and his cut is amazing. I am so happy with my inciscions (that was the part I was most nervous about). His office is very pleasant and the surgical center was amazing. The nurses there very helpful and wonderful. WONDERFUL post op care! Recovery... He has active recovery which is wonderful because most surgeons are "DON'T do this, DON'T, CAN'T!" Hes realistic. Now my friend is going to get a REDUCTION/LIFT that will be covered by her insurance!! IM SO excited for her and can't wait to see how that all goes for her.

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